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astroknight Girlfriend For Hire 4 starsGirlfriend For Hire 4 starsGirlfriend For Hire 4 stars
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Girlfriend For Hire

Girlfriend For Hire

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Girlfriend For Hire:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Girlfriend For Hire overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Girlfriend For Hire Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Girlfriend For Hire Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Girlfriend For Hire Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Girlfriend For Hire Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Girlfriend For Hire DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girlfriend For Hire A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/1/2011
Good afternoon porn fans. Got a new title from director Stormy Daniels and it features a solid cast led by Kirsten Price who graces the screen twice. You add in Phoenix Marie, Jenna Presley, Sammie Rhodes and Raven Alexis to form an impressive cast. There is a story here and it centers on Rocco Reed and Kirsten who are opposites in matters of the heart, at least to start the movie and events thrust them together and we'll just have to see if she can changes his evil ways! But not before we get some hot'n'sweaty sex! Time for some highlights. Let me say as the opening frames of the movie start playing when you can start off with Kirsten Price getting naked and climbing into a bubble bath you on the right track!

Jenna Presley:

So we go from Kirsten enjoying a bubble bath to Rocco having a little party which gets a bit loud causing Kirsten to get out and confront him-- yeah they hate each, for now!! The night ends without any fucking and we even get Rocco going over the next morning to help Kirsten out with some plumbing issues before he returns to Jenna who stayed the night. The two decide to have a little nookie time and open with kissing and some good touching as Jenna's body is revealed. Rocco does a good job working down from her big tits to lapping away at those pretty pink pussy lips- we get a superb close in shot of the oral here. Jenna is nice returning the favor with similar results both visually and energy wise. Reverse cowgirl leads the way sex wise and the boobs dance nicely. A good finish in mish yields more boobage and Rocco's load shot up her lower belly.

Sammie Rhodes & Raven Alexis:

As the first scene wraps up Rocco's mom calls and reminds him about his dad's Bday coming. She wants to invited someone from church for him but Rocco tells her nope he's bringing his girlfriend which surprises Jenna and the two have a brief spat before she walks out leaving the front door open where we see Kirsten and Raven arriving back after shopping. Raven thinks Rocco's pretty cute and wants to ask him out but she notices that look in Kirsten's eyes when she's talking about Rocco and besides Kirsten thought Raven was a lesbian! Why she thought that arrives in the form of our second scene which has Kirsten walking in while Raven's face is buried in Sammie's pussy-- so you see where she got the idea!! Kirsten leaves quickly the two have a laugh and then Raven resumes licking pussy!! A little dirty talk here from Sammie and then we get nice shots of both girls boobs as they finish getting nekkid. More good oral from Raven along with using her fingers for added stimulation. Sammie returns the favor and we've seen over the last few years just how good a g/g performer Sammie can be so her oral and finger work was top notch. Raven gets in more hot oral sex including Sammie riding her face, that was awesome. That was a good way to wrap the scene.

Kirsten Price:

The plot resumes with Kirsten and Raven continuing the talk about guys and Raven still thinks Kirsten's got a crush on Rocco. Speaking of Rocco we get some amusing shots of him on the cell trying to line up a fake girlfriend to go to his dad's party. Rocco gets so desperate he asks Kirsten who is expecting her male friend at any time so this will have to wait. So we move on to the date with Kirsten and Marcus London who is all decked out in a nice shirt and sweater with glasses -- designed to make him look smart. The dinner goes well and then comes desert!! You can guess what it is and you'd be right as get some good kissing between the two and we work those really nice looking tits out with Marcus kissing them. The kitchen counter proves useful for pussy licking and the shot was wide open showing off Kirsten's hot bod. Good close shots and side angle also for the blowjob. The sex was basically one shot with Marcus banging her from behind which was the destination for his load also. Afterwards Marcus inquires about Rocco with Kirsten filling him in. The discussion takes a surprising turn when Kirsten actually sounds defensive when Marcus says a few unkind things about Rocco so Raven's earlier assertion about a 'crush' is more and more becoming reality- now it is just Kirsten who needs to realize it. Marcus ends up falling asleep so he wasn't to into the discussion after all and you get one last plea via text from Rocco who ups his offer to $300 to be his fake girlfriend and this actually brings a smile to Kirsten's face- oh yeah she's taking the plunge!!

Phoenix Marie:

As the story move along Kirsten goes over to Rocco's and allows him to beg for this date and she makes him earn it but eventually agrees-- but for $500!! The day comes for the party and they arrive at his parents who are overjoyed at their baby boy has a girlfriend. Kirsten gets to meet his sister, Phoenix Marie, who also seems surprised at her bro having a girl. Briana Blair makes a nice cameo as one of the party guests and we see she's already had the pleasure of Rocco's company as the two visit. This isn't lost on Phoenix but her anger quickly fades when she goes off with Sascha to blow off some steam as well as his cock!! Kirsten shows some emotion and you can see those feelings she had for Rocco that she didn't want to feel are really starting to become stronger. A little development happens when Briana walks into the bathroom Kirsten was in and she lets it out that Rocco told her everything and that she'd be taking him off her hands, Kirsten could have the whole guest room to herself. But before anything violent happens we go outside to Sascha and Phoenix who are getting hot'n'heavy under the stars. Phoenix was kind enough to work out of her clothes showing off the boobies as well as doing some nice work on Sascha's cock. The sex was quick and strong with reverse leading the way. A little surprised to see no anal here and the pop mostly finds her tits with some to Phoenix's face and there's cleanup.


Time to wrap this baby up but first we get the fight between Kirsten and Rocco over him telling Briana about their arrangement. This leads to Kirsten leaving and then to sis Phoenix Marie coming in and filling Rocco in on a few things he just isn't seeing-- like the fact he's in love with Kirsten really and that she shares the same feelings for him. Rocco decides to go after Kirsten but first he runs into Briana who gets a piece of his mind as Rocco is realizing his true feelings. At the same time we see that Kirsten hasn't left yet and she actually overhears this confrontation between Briana and Rocco, another smile crosses her face so hope is certainly not lost for Mr. Rocco. Briana leaves which lets Kirsten come back and ask Rocco if the things he said are true which they are. This flows neatly to the finale where the two finally get to kiss and the passion flows from there. Mr. Reed is good about showing love to those breasts with Kirsten then getting to engulf his cock while Rocco plays with her pussy which isn't to far off. Usually they'd go to the sex but Rocco is Mr. Romantic instead giving us a little oral loving before he slips his cock in doggiestyle. You also have real good views for reverse and spoon leading to the pop which flies to Kirsten's lower belly just above her pussy.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

All in all a good story from Stormy with nice acting chops displayed from Kirsten and Rocco as the two main leads. Briana Blair did some great work as the royal bitch in this title and Raven Alexis also had some good dialogue in her scenes with Kirsten and then you add in her very nice work with Sammie Rhodes who is always a pleasure to watch in a g/g scene. Phoenix Marie didn't have a lot in this dialogue wise but her final bit with Rocco which helped him realize his true feelings for Kirsten came off well and her nightime romp with Sascha in the backyard had some good footage. Not a lot extra wise as we're missing a BTS segment but there is a bonus scene featuring Miss Price from the Life of Riley movie which featured her working with Danny Mountain.

The action then shifts to Kirsten who enters a bedroom with Danny Mountain and guess who the topic of conversation is, Stormy and how this whole fame thing has changed her and not for the better according to Kirsten. Danny urges patience but my focus is shifting to Kirsten who undresses, loved the black lace bra and then that goes along with the panties as they crawl into bed. Kissing which quickly moves to Kirsten engulfing his cock and she's got a little pep in her step here. A pretty fast moving scene as the scene gets going fast'n'furious with cowgirl, spoon and then mish all of which were fast paced with some great boob dancing from Kirsten's tits. The pop was really good too but sadly it was blasted up her belly rather than a facial which would have really rocked. Kirsten does offer up some good cleanup.

This came from the review I had for this piece so for Kirsten fans you have one more chance to enjoy this beautiful lady. A good rental option as the story is good and not to hard to follow plus you have an appealing cast led by Kirsten.

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