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Girl Train

Girl Train

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl
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Long Noel's ratings for Girl Train:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Girl Train overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Girl Train Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Girl Train Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girl Train Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Girl Train Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girl Train DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girl Train A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  11/6/2008

Girl Train (2008)
THEMES: Lesbian/All Girl, Ass Obsession, Anal, Kink
Starring: Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, Dana DeArmond, Sasha Grey, Brianna Love, Kimberly Kane, Jade Star, Joanna Angel, Lexi Belle & Aiden Starr
Directed by: Belladonna

Who in the hell says white women aren’t more freakier in bed than other races of women? “Girl Train” makes you wonder…

I won’t get too specific and detailed with my review for this weird, kinky and different skin flick. It’s very different from most of Belladonna’s lesbian/girl-on-girl releases. Some people will love it and others will avoid it at all costs. You can’t remain neutral when it comes to “Girl Train”. Either you love it or you hate the hell out of it. It’s bizarre in many areas, like her “No Warning” series and even the “Fetish Fanatic” series (her best all-girl series). We all know that most of Belladonna’s flicks are full of kinky ass obsession, plus raunchy and abhorrent anal sex (while some of her flicks are anal light, like “Dark Meat 2”). But when I read DAF1740’s review for this, I thought it was disgusting and never thought that I would take pleasure in watching this. But oddly, I did!

There are five scenes in this flick and scenes 1, 2 and 4 were very strong, but weren’t flawless at all. This flick focuses on nasty anal sex, threesomes, toys being used, a whole lot of spitting, saliva exchanging, some domination, heavy use of makeup and women farting like hell! The first scene stars Belladonna, Bobbi Starr and the immaculate Dana DeArmond playing truth or dare. Bobbi has never had sex with a woman before, so Belladonna & Dana turn her ass inside out (literally). It starts out when the girls pull Bobbi’s pants down, smelling and licking her butt hole. The three ladies strip, getting really nasty with each other and they both gang up on Bobbi Starr, really working her ass out! This sex scene contains a lot of instances where the women fart up a storm, including a sequence when Dana bends over right in front of Belladonna, farting directly in front of her face. Then, Belladonna smells the butt funk and rams her tongue all in Dana’s funky booty while she rub clits with Bobbi. Now, let me say this: Some people would think it’s so cute, kinky and daring, but I don’t see how anyone can get off on that shit at all. Even though some of this happens in Erik Everhard’s anal-sex skin flicks, this is overboard and disgusting, just like the phenomenon of cum-farting (another form of kink that I find very disgusting). If a woman ever farted in my face, I’d probably choke the shit out of her nasty ass, pop her in the mouth, run from her or take charge and buttfuck the hell out of her funky butt (if she’s sexy enough)! But I wouldn’t be tasting it and enthusiastically sniffing it (like the women do in this flick)! In fact, I am reminded of a relationship I’ve had with a woman. I’m laying in bed with her and she farts purposely for humor, right after she ate 3 fucking McDonald’s cheeseburgers and I just had to leave out of her presence. Seriously! So, I’m kind of weird out by this shit. The second scene stars Brianna Love, Sasha Grey & Belladonna and while that was a great sex scene, the ladies wore too much makeup, especially Brianna Love (and it's to the point where she's barely recognizable at first). The fourth scene stars Kimberly Kane, Joanna Angel & Lexi Belle. It would have been a flawless scene if it hadn’t been for the ladies doing some tasteless dancing, mainly the lame-ass funky chicken dance. These women have a damn-good time in this scene, playing all in each other’s pussies and butts, including a tiny strap-on the size of a tootsie roll being used in one girl’s rectum! The final scene had some potential, but what screwed it up was the ridiculous 1980s punk/gothic gear these ladies were sporting and the boring opening sequence where Kimberly & Belladonna was playing with flowers, striking matches, looking like gothic rejects and shit. Tough bitch Aiden work Kimberly & Belladonna work so good, then they run each other. The third scene with Belladonna, Joanna & Jade was weak and instantly forgettable, aside from a very thick being used in Belladonna’s cooch, while her booty shorts are only half off.

The way I feel about this flick is the same way I felt about “No Warning 2”. At first, I’m like “I’m not gonna like this”, but I gave it a chance and actually enjoyed it. Plus, Belladonna makes quality skin flicks that I always run to check out (like Justin Slayer, Jake Malone, Erik Everhard, Buttman & Rocco Siffredi does). The scene with Belladonna, Bobbi Starr & Dana DeArmond was very remarkable and I liked it much better than the scene Bobbi & Dana did together in the original cut of Manuel Ferrara’s “Evil Anal 5” (although this scene can’t touch the 90 minute BTS footage with Bobbi & Dana for “Evil Anal 5”). However, the fourth scene with Kimberly Kane, Lexi & Joanna was the best scene in “Girl Train” (minus some of the lame dancing). It did nothing for me to hear some of the women consistently pass gas as if they needed to hit the restroom and handle their business. It was overused and foul at times. But, hey. Belladonna is a kinky girl and I love that about her. I was at her website one day, browsing through the “Girls Caught” photo archives. And what the fuck do I see?! I see a photo of Belladonna in a bathroom stall, stood up over a toilet with some tissue paper stuck and hanging from between her buttcheeks and that shit DID turn me on so terribly. The sight of that drives me wild, so much to the point to where every time I go to her website, I just have to see that particular photo. Belladonna takes butt obsession to a new, unanimated and terribly realistic level that no one can touch and I can see why John Stagliano admits that sometimes he doesn’t want to think about the shit she does (the women in Stagliano’s flicks have never even went that far). Because it can get you horny instantly and can stay planted in your brain, even during the most inappropriate times! But when you hear or smell a hint of ladies passing gas (in reality or in a skin flick), even for those who think body odor is sexy, this is absurd. There’s a difference between what’s kinky and what’s foul. Another thing I didn’t care for was the unnecessary use of make-up for some of the female talent here. But this is a very entertaining lesbian fuck flick full of freaky fun, foul play, madly beautiful “mean girls” & “nasty bitches”, sexy poon & booty scattered all throughout the flick and over-the-top anal sex and butt play! I probably should be ashamed of myself for admitting that I liked “Girl Train” and that some of it influenced me to wanna pop rocks! It’s worth much more than a rental. The three strong scenes (1,2 & 4) and the flawless female cast makes it worth a purchase. While it may not be Belladonna’s best all-girl feature (and I gave that honor to the first ”Fetish Fanatic” last year), it easily could have been another flawless 5-star skin flick from Belladonna. While it’s not anything like Jake Malone’s “Bitchcraft 2” (the best girl-on-girl skin flick I’ve ever laid eyes on), it’s not far at all from being a bomb-ass lesbian skin flick. Although I thought some of it was foul, this is honestly what girl-on-girl porn should be like. The farting isn’t as foul as pregnant women get their fuck on (like you see in some earlier Belladonna flicks). As bad as I want to say that this is the second best all-girl skin flick I’ve seen, I know it would be highly bizarre and insane on my part.

As far as the DVD quality goes, there’s some very nice BTS footage, a photo gallery, cast info. But there’s only 3 Belladonna trailers (more trailers, please)! I disliked the fact that this flick was shot in a non-anamorphic widescreen format.

RATING: 93% - Very Highly Recommended!

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