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Girl Train

Girl Train

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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DAF1740's ratings for Girl Train:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Girl Train overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Girl Train Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Girl Train Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girl Train Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Girl Train Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Girl Train DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girl Train A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by DAF1740  on  10/19/2008

I’ve wanted to see Girl Train ever since I read the blurb on Evil Angel’s website: “Orgasms, toys, and even farts are lovingly exchanged.” I went into it expecting to see lots of fun-loving all-girl action, and was looking forward to see (and hear) the cute cast farting together. We get a total of five scenes featuring some true superstars and some real attractive women, but all in all this one did not leave up to my (admittedly high) expectations, as the scenes were just a bit too long.

Scene 1: Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, Dana Dearmond
The three, pyjama-clad women are together at a slumber party, playing a game of Truth or Dare. I like the casual conversation, as well as the fact that the performers start out clothed, which adds to the scene’s authenticity. Bobbi plays the role of the innocent girl who has never had sex with a woman before, and she gets quite an initiation from her more experienced girlfriends.

We start out with Bobbi kissing Dana and sucking on her tits, while Belladonna plays with Bobbi’s pussy (love that little bush Bobbi has going on!). Then we get Dana on top of Bobbi, showing us both women’s pussies and asses as Bella licks them, before Dana moves on to Bobbi’s pussy, and Bobbi ends up licking Belladonna’s cunt. Belladonna and Bobbi soon move to a 69, with Dana working on Bobbi, too. The women then move into a “girl train,” as Bobbi fingers Belladonna’s asshole and makes it gape, while Bella in turn licks Dana’s ass. With Dana face down ass up, Bobbi sucks on her pussy, and Belladonna sticks a dildo in her ass, before working on her own ass while Bobbi takes over with Dana. Belladonna shows us some great gapes, and Bobbi sucks on the anal dildo from Dana’s ass, and then Belladonna licks Dana’s ass and fingers it until it gapes. Belladonna then sticks a fat, two-sided dildo into Dana’s ass, giving us some huge gapes, and then puts her fingers all over and inside Dana, making her fart. Awesome! Next Bobbi’s ass gets the attention (and gapes), and I’m suddenly finding all this a bit repetitive as they rub and caress Bobbi, using a butt plug on her. There’s another “girl train” as Dana rubs Belladonna and Bobbi rubs Dana, before some disturbing gagging and spit play (yuck!). We see some nice gapes from Bobbi when the butt plug finally comes out and goes right into Dana’s moth and Belladonna fingers Bobbi’s ass. I thought it was pretty hot when Belladonna got on top of Bobbi and started rubbing their pussies together, and then Dana gives us another nice surprise with some more farts! She lets out quite a few, and the scene ends with all three women lying on the floor, exhausted.

There are some great shots throughout the scene, and I was particularly impressed with Belladonna’s hot body. I know that Dana and Bobbi are both immensely popular performers, and their makeup here is top notch, and they both look much better than they did in Gapeman, which is a testament to Evil Angel’s ability to bring out the best in its women. Still, I found it difficult to get into the scene. The gagging was a real turnoff for me, though, and unfortunately it came up again and again in Girl Train. Dana’s farts were a plus, too!

Scene 2: Sasha Grey, Brianna Love, Belladonna
All three women begin wearing bikinis, standing together kissing, caressing, and rubbing one another––awesome beginning, and very hot! Sasha and Brianna have perfect bodies, with smaller breasts (Sasha is a B and Brianna an A!) and beautiful, round butts. All three women have great makeup here, too, which just adds to their hotness. Sasha’s pale skin really stands out next to her more tan companions, and I really like the mixture of two brunettes and one blond. After the standing sequence, we get them on all fours, licking each other’s asses in another girl train. Then, while Brianna is licking Belladonna’s ass, Sasha fingers Brianna’s ass, which is incredibly hot, especially when Sasha rubs her clit. Next, we see Sasha spread out on the floor, where Brianna does a great job licking her in a particularly intense sequence. Sasha’s belly heaves up and down in pleasure, and she occasionally grabs her own tits, a testament to the skills of Brianna (who has a butt plug in her ass now, courtesy of Belladonna). All three women then move to the couch, with Belladonna taking a butt plug in her mouth and fucking Brianna, while Brianna continues her extraordinarily hot work on Sasha.

Sasha moves from receiving to giving pleasure, and we see her at work on Belladonna, before we get the lovely Brianna spread on the couch, with a dildo in her ass and Belladonna and Sasha taking turns on her pussy. For our viewing pleasure, Belladonna then gets behind Sasha and fucks her pussy with a dildo, giving us a magnificent shot of Ms. Grey’s divine ass. Brianna sucks on a huge double-sided dildo to get it nice and wet for Sasha’s pussy, while Belladonna deep throats the other end, making me gag just by watching (not a fan!). There’s just too much gagging and spit-swapping at the end, and I leave a bit disgusted. Still, a strong scene, with fantastic performances by Sasha and Brianna. (It should be noted that nothing goes into Sasha’s ass in this scene.)

Scene 3: Belladonna, Joanna Angel, and Jade Star
Here we have Belladonna in the role of sex-toy instructor, wearing a sporty grey tee, tight green shorts, and high athletic socks. Joanna looks great with her pink highlights and dark hair, but my attention is on Jade, whose black leggings, lace red bra, and lace black panties accentuate the beauty of her pale skin and long black hair. There’s a long question and answer discussion about sex, which is especially good when the very intelligent Joanna talks about masturbation. Then we get into the sex, which starts with Jade getting pleased by the other two women on the table, showing off her nice bush and tiny tits. There’s lots of talk about how tight her pussy is, and I appreciate the focus on Jade as she gets a vibrator in her vagina and a lesson on how to give a hand job to a dildo (apparently she’s never been with a man before). Jade then touches herself while Belladonna touches and licks Joanna (whose pussy stubble is all too visible––just grow it out!). I was really impressed with Joanna’s awesome tits, especially her pink and round areolas, and truly enjoyed watching her as Jade licked her pussy while Belladonna licked Jade. Belladonna then puts a g-spot stimulator into Joanna, and then a small, white vibrator with a clit stimulator into Jade, and things really heat up when Joanna kisses Jade and starts fingering her own asshole. I love it when women are so into anal that they do it to themselves!

Joanna then starts using a huge dildo on Belladonna’s pussy, while Jade uses the white vibrator on her teacher’s clit, and we get some great shots of Belladonna’s dark pussy clinging to that massive, flesh-colored dildo. Soon we have a great shot of all three women sitting in a circle with their legs spread, pleasing themselves, and Joanna gets really into it, putting two fingers in her own ass. Belladonna takes note, spreads Joanna out and shows Jade how to lick her ass. There’s some great instructional talk about how to finger a woman’s asshole, essential learning material for all guys out there! Then Joanna gets into doggie and Belladonna puts some big “star” beads into her asshole in a pretty intense sequence that ends with Belladonna and Jade licking Joanna’s ass and then kissing.

This was my favorite scene so far, as Jade and Joanna look fantastic with all their tattoos and their overall heavy metal/punk look.

Scene 4: Kimberly Kane, Lexi Belle, and Joanna Angel
I was definitely happy to see Joanna Angel back for another scene, and this one may have even been better than her first. We start out with Joanna and Kimberly trash talking on the couch about their dancing skills, until they decide to have a dance-off, with the winner getting to fuck Lexi, who is shown innocently picking her nose at the other end of the couch. We then get some truly horrendous dancing courtesy of Kimberly, Joanna, and Belladonna, set to some synthesized version of “The Right Stuff.” Unfortunately, our Jersey girl Joanna loses, and so Kimberly starts off with Lexi, but soon graciously allows her vanquished companion to join in. A spread-out Lexi gets her cunt licked by both women, and then Joanna ends up spread on the couch with the other two licking her pussy. Kimberly licks Lexi, who in turn licks Joanna, and then Kimberly and Joanna both finger Lexi in doggie. Kimberly is then spread out on the couch (great bush!), while Lexi licks her and she licks Joanna’s pussy and ass (which apparently gets smeared with Kimberly’s eye makeup!). Kimberly has pretty dark labia for a blond, which looks cool, but her pussy seems a bit sensitive today, as she cautions Lexi to be careful, and then Joanna gets a bit too rough on her tits. Then we go into a truly awesome sequence with Kimberly getting pleased, and then another “girl train” with all three women on their knees and Kimberly licking Joanna’s ass while Lexi licks Kimberly’s. There’s lots of licking and fingering, and then Lexi puts on a strap-on and fucks Kimberly’s ass while she’s on Joanna’s back, giving us a great shot of all three asses and pussies. Kimberly then moves into reverse cowgirl anal on top of Lexi, while Joanna rubs her, and we get a great shot of Lexi spread wide underneath Kimberly. Then we see Joanna doing cowgirl anal on top of Lexi, and Kimberly gets some A2M. Next it’s Kimberly’s turn again, as she’s spread out on the couch while Joanna gives her anal with a dildo and then A2M, and then naughty Lexi sticks a starfish toy in Kimberly’s ass. Finally, it’s Lexi’s turn to get anal (for the first time?), and so Kimberly licks her ass before giving her two in the pink and one in the stink. Lexi then fingers Joanna’s ass while Joanna uses a toy on her pussy, and then Lexi uses a toy in Joanna’s ass, and then we get Lexi spread on the couch, with the other two playing with her pussy. Kimberly licks Lexi’s ass and then fingers her butt hole; Lexi is not used to it, but eventually ends up fingering her own ass.

This scene was even better than #3, in my opinion, and seems spontaneous and wild, much more so than the previous ones, which at times felt a little too scripted. Kimberly is awesome with her fake-ghetto accent, and I really like her bush. Lexi puts in a great performance as a childish girl who’s dirty at heart. All three women have great, natural bodies—Joanna with her tattoos, Kimberly with her perky tits, and Lexi with her cute curves. The overall atmosphere is fun and light, and the ending is hilarious, but I won’t give anything away.

Scene 5: Kimberly Kane, Aiden Starr, Belladonna
We start out with Kimberly and Belladonna looking good sitting on the steps in punk/goth attire as young delinquents, with Kimberly doing another great acting job, this time complaining about how she hates everyone and everything. The conversation turns to bashing Aiden, who is supposedly a lesbian. Tough-girl Aiden then shows up in goth attire as well, and starts fucking with both girls. All three are fantastic in their roles—very funny and very entertaining!

Aiden takes them back to her house, where she has a bunch of sex toys, and she starts playing with her guests. Belladonna looks her best in this finale: her skin is pale and her pussy is adorned with a nice, dark, trim bush. Aiden has huge breasts, but it’s Kimberly’s perky tits that again catch all my attention. We get some nice licking, kissing, and fingering, and then Kimberly gets four fingers in Belladonna’s pussy while Aiden uses a vibrator on her clit. Aiden then uses the vibrator on herself while the others suck on her toes (Kimberly even gags, yuck!), before Aiden spends some time getting pleased by both women. We get another ass licking “girl train” with Kimberly on Belladonna and Belladonna on Aiden, with Kimblerly taking some nice breaks to spank her partner, making both Belladonna’s great ass and Kimberly’s tits jiggle. Kimblerly then holds Belladonna, holding a vibrator on her clit and shoving a huge black dildo down her throat, making her (and me) gag before shoving it in Belladonna’s pussy. Aiden fucks Belladonna’s pussy with a strap-on, and does a great job at it, until she pulls out and makes Belladona gag on the dildo. . .

Anyway, Kimberly gets in doggie and finally exposes her great pussy and ass, receiving anilingus from both girls before she gets fucked in the ass with a large dildo. Aiden fucks her in the pussy with her strap-on, warming her up first with four fingers (and the leg of a Barbie doll in her ass!). It’s great to see Kimberly’s pussy cling to the dildo, and then she moves to her back and gets it in missionary, showing off her dark bush. Kimberly Kane is so hot! I love it that there’s so much focus on her. Belladonna starts fucking herself in the ass with a dildo while Aiden continues to pound away on Kimberly, giving us lots of tittie shaking. Both women then move to Belladonna, and Aiden takes over with the fat anal dildo, before going to work on a spread Kimberly’s asshole, much to my delight. It’s obvious that Kimberly must be feeling a lot of pleasure here, with the vibrator on her clit, the dildo in her ass, and Belladonna sucking on her toes. Belladonna does A2M on the dildo, and then both women go to work licking Kimberly. While Belladonna licks Kimberly’s ass, Aiden gets behind her and fucks her in the ass with the strap-on, giving us another train. Belladonna then goes reverse cowgirl anal on Aiden’s strap-on, while Kimberly takes care of both of their pussies. Aiden lies on her back and Kimberly really goes to work sucking her “cock,” and we end with Aiden scolding Kimberly and Belladonna for making a mess on her mother’s floor. Great scene!

Surprisingly, this is a 2-disc set, with scenes 1-4 on Disc 1 and Scene 5 plus the BTS on Disc 2. The individual chapters are divided into several scenes, which make navigation very easy. There are over 2 hours of behind the scenes, featuring the following: Scene 1: Bobbi Starr, Dana Dearmond, and Belladonna on John Stagliano’s obscenity trial and politics, Belladonna leaving the room to wash off a dirty dildo, Bobbi Starr peeing standing up, Belladonna doing some cool farts and talking about how her butt just won’t get cleaned out, Dana farting; Scene 2: Brianna, Sasha, and Belladonna putting on makeup, interviews with Brianna and Belladonna as they lube up their asses; Scene 3: interview with Jade Star, then with all three on the couch with Joanna explaining why she won’t grow out her bush (let it grow!); Scene 4: Lexi hurting Kimberly with a dry strap-on, Lexi worried that her ass will be dirty, and plenty of discussion; Scene 5: sex talk, Aiden peeing.

Overall, most of the scenes start off hot with lots of sensual kissing and touching, and then start to lose it as things get a bit raunchy and eventually repetitive. The women look great, and there are some good sequences, but I found it all a bit too long. It would’ve been much better to condense things onto one DVD, thereby increasing the bang you get for your buck. And there was way too much gagging—by the end I had to fast forward through it all, as it was ruining the scenes. Still, I was really impressed by some of the performances, and it’s cool to see how Belladonna totally changes her appearance and attitude based on the setting. As both performer and director, she certainly earns points for creativity. The scenes I liked most certainly weren’t the ones I expected to be my favorites, and it was great to be see performers I wasn’t familiar with before, like Joanna Angel and Kimberly Kane, who are both phenomenal with two scenes each.

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