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astroknight Girl Show 4.5 starsGirl Show 4.5 starsGirl Show 4.5 stars
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Girl Show

Girl Show

Studio: Pandora
Category:  Masturbation
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Starring: , , , ,
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Girl Show:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Girl Show overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Girl Show Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Girl Show Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girl Show Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Girl Show Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girl Show DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girl Show A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  6/23/2002

Cast: Coral Sands, Shanna McCollough, Kelly Fire, Christi Lake and Alex Foxe.

Director: Anders Manga

Production date: 9/7/01

Length: 84 min.

Extras: An 8-min. behind-the-scenes featurette, and trailers for the feature and three additional titles.

Audio/visual quality: Pandora is a new studio, and they're still working toward refining the technical qualities of their discs. Girl Show does contain some noticeable problems with artifacts, soft focus adjustments and color bleeds across high contrast areas. The camerawork is solidly above average, however. The angles nearly always let me see exactly what I want to see. Mirrors are aptly incorporated into three of the scenes. There is judicious use of a limited amount of black and white footage.

The softly percussive ambient music enhances the mood very well. The music is generally the only audio at the beginning of the scenes, with live sounds coming into the mix near the middle. The overall volume would benefit from a slight boost, especially during the featurette. The sound cuts out completely for about one second in a couple different places.

First impression: I could've finished this review a week ago, if only this movie hadn't prompted so many "play breaks."

Scene highlights: Five sirens of self-pleasuring beckon us to take an intimate look at their acts of autoerotica. Each actress is nicely identified by a credit screen that leads into her scene.

Coral Sands starts by proving that she has more than a grain of mischief in her soul. I love her impish grin as she tosses her lacy red bra directly at the camera. Coral rolls around playfully on a big bed, sending us knowing glances and teasing glimpses. Her masturbation begins with an ice cube, which she runs up and down her body, first popping it into her vagina and then crunching it between her teeth. A second cube goes into her ass, where it melts and dribbles water down her legs. Coral gives us a great view of her dual labia rings "dancing" as they bounce off a bullet vibe. She pushes a clear butt plug into her pussy and twirls it around. Coral finishes with a hard self-fucking using a large pink dildo. She pushes it out with her vaginal muscles and then relaxes deeply with a very satisfied smile. Coral definitely appears to be multi-orgasmic during this scene, and thanks to her amazing performance, so am I.

Shanna McCollough's scene unfolds gradually on a photo shoot set, which is nicely furnished with a claw-footed love seat and an antique lamppost. The pacing is languid; Shanna seems determined to keep us at a slow simmer. She begins by caressing her body. She then removes her elbow-length black gloves, sensuously flossing one between her legs. Shanna rubs her nipples with a black dildo, prepares her vulva with some attentive hand work, and finally uses the dildo to probe and stimulate her vagina. After a rather quiet orgasm, she licks her juices off the dildo and eyes the camera with a perfect Mona Lisa smile.

It's all too rare that the full disrobing process is shown in porn, so I'm delighted that we get to see Kelly Fire remove each individual piece of her elaborate white lingerie. I like the way she initially glances furtively around the bathroom and then begins to gaze at the camera with increasing intensity. Kelly massages her vulva and ass and then steps into the bathtub and pours hot candle wax over her breasts. She doubly penetrates herself with a clear plug in her vagina and a knobbly dildo in her anus (safety note: the dildo does not have a properly flared base to prevent it from slipping all the way in—please do not try this at home). But Kelly saves the best for last. Her final toy is a clear, three-pronged device that provides double penetration while simultaneously shoving up under the clitoral hood and spreading the labia wide. She sloshes around in the water and grows wildly multi-orgasmic from the sensations of this toy. By the end of the scene, Kelly's hair is damp and her mascara is smeared, all of which is a good thing.

When we first peek at Christi Lake, her hands are already exploring under the thong and bra cup of her snap-crotch fetish teddy. Although I don't care for her sparkly feline body paint, I can appreciate the fact that she almost certainly feels good wearing it. The set is attractively outfitted with a full length mirror and a vibrant red velvet drape over the love seat. Christi is an energetic masturbator, rubbing and spanking her clit vigorously. She exudes exuberance as she stimulates her vagina with her fingers, a black dildo and the clear plug. At one point, Christi sits on the dildo and rides it "cowgirl" style. After enjoying the plug between her legs, she cleans it with her tongue, as any proper cat would do.

Alex Foxe commandeers a slate-colored platform that's been accoutered with chains and vaguely medieval-looking accessories. She first lets us feel the power of her incredibly seductive green eyes, and then she turns her loving oral attention to a transparent double dildo. Alex mainly gets off via her own hand, with just a little assistance from the ever-popular plug. She appears to climax more than once. And just as an aside, the skeleton chained to the background wall cracks me up. Yes, I know set design is not the reason to watch porn. But I love the fact that the skull is on backwards, almost as if he's broken his neck while trying to get a good look at Alex. How perverted is that?

Thumbs up: Each woman brings her own unique spirit to the production. Every one, without exception, seems to be genuinely turned on by what she's doing. I often catch myself resonating with what's happening on the screen, and that's a beautiful thing.

And oh those toys! I want all of 'em. Especially the trident probe that simultaneously stimulates the anus, the vagina and the clitoris. The plug is unusual, too; the insertable shaft appears to be slightly squared, and the flared base has an indentation for the index finger that provides a better grip when it's slippery with lube. I truly wish the toys had received a credit at the end, because I'd love to know what artist invented such clever designs. The transparent ones might be acrylic, but my best guess is Pyrex (they make little sounds that remind me of glass whenever they clink up against other props).

Thumbs down: Someone once told me that soft focus adjustments are caused by the automatic focusing mechanisms of certain types of video cameras. The image blurs for a fraction of a second before re-sharpening, and it's not the camera operator's fault. In movies where these shifts are frequent, I start to suffer from motion sickness. Fortunately, Girl Show does not give me vertigo or nausea, but the adjustments happen often enough to provide a minor irritation. If my information is correct, then I just wish that videographers could stick to manual focus, since it would undoubtedly provide relief to motion sensitive viewers everywhere.

This is a small point, but I would also like to see Alex enjoying more of her toys. I can't help but wonder if this scene has been heavily edited, since two of the toys (including the amazing trident) rest on the platform unused.

Themes: Masturbation (primary theme), toys (dildos, vibrators), anal, technical DP (double penetration with toys), ice play, hot wax, fetish wear.

Condom use: None.

Juice-o-meter: Extreme for Kelly and Coral's scenes, and pretty strong for the rest.

Final analysis: I can't think of a better compliment except to say that I couldn't get through this movie in one sitting (due to "arousal issues"). I enjoyed it even more the second time around. There are some technical flaws that need improvement, but I heartily recommend Girl Show nonetheless. Girl Show 2 should hopefully be released soon, and it will feature several of my most favorite stars (Kylie Ireland, Tina Tyler and Keri Windsor). I'm eagerly waiting on the edge of my very wet seat.

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Special thanks to astroknight, reviewer extraordinaire, for his screenshots. Read his review of Girl Show here.

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