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Girl Show 2

Girl Show 2

Studio: Pandora
Category:  All Girl , Masturbation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Saki's ratings for Girl Show 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Girl Show 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Girl Show 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Girl Show 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girl Show 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Girl Show 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girl Show 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girl Show 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Saki  on  1/31/2003
Anders Manga's Girl Show 2: The Art of Female Masturbation (2002)

Pandora Bazaar

Female Masturbation

Anders Manga

Kylie Ireland, Logan LaBrent, Keri Windsor, August, Tina Tyler, Nikki Steele, Kylie Kurves, and Victoria Givens

Running Time

DVD Format
Single Side, Single Layer

Aspect Ratio
1.33:1 (full frame)

Special Features
3.5-minute "Squirtula" loop; "Glamour" music video; 30-second golden shower clip; video interviews with Keri Windsor, Kylie Kurves, and Victoria Givens; 40-second female ejaculation clip; and four "diary entries"

Typical Watchers

Female masturbation lovers

Typical Haters

Those who hate rapid editing cuts and creative effects in porn, and fans of natural breasts

Replay Value

Female masturbation, unusual toys, big tits, voyeurism, toys, girl-girl, golden shower

The safest sex is by yourself

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Video Captures
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The First Word:  Anders Manga presents a female masturbation title with panache not seen since Michael Ninn's Diva series.

What's It About?:   As the title suggests, except for one girl-girl scene, this is a female masturbation-themed all-sex video.  Using some creative themes and techniques, the vignettes definitely exude style that make it infinitely more watchable than your typical solo girl vid.  The scenes are: 

"Saucer Full of Dissolute" - Lingere-clad Kylie Ireland is sitting in a high back armchair in front of a black and white TV, rubbing herself to a the flashing images of another woman masturbating.  While it's a great concept that looks fabulous, especially as Kylie starts to spread her pussy open and seriously play with herself, it's a little distracting to see her alternate making direct eye contact with the camera and then going back to the masturbating fantasy with the TV.  However, my overall reaction is that this is a very hot scene, especially as she plays with the ends of her waistchain and as she pushes her fingers in and out.  I love the unmistakable sound of wetness that's clearly audible under the excellent alternative ballad soundtrack.

"The Quiet Room" - Logan LaBrent, a raven-haired tall girl with artificially huge knockers, plays the dual role of a seductive temptress and a delirious mental patient who are both stuck in a padded room.  While the straight-jacketed (but bottomless) Logan sits on the floor, the other one is the one who jills herself off.  Some may find the jump editing that Anders uses to set the mood of this vignette to be distracting.  This scene did absolutely nothing for me since, quite frankly, I don't think her body is cut out for porn closeups. 

"Things to Do in the Waiting Room When You're Bored" - In a throwback to the old days of porn, the "waiting in the doctor's office" porno setup is the premise for Keri Windsor and August to masturbate across the room from each other.  And just in case you're having trouble suspending disbelief that two girls in impossibly short skirts and one with no panties would start wanking off in a waiting room (with vibrators in fact!), Andres again throws in some of that rapid jump cut editing.  It's a rather tame scene compared to the others in terms of explicitness, but it works because of the eroticism of the two strangers getting off a the same time.

"One Shot & Down in the Purse" - After a funny 50's style movie intermission, the hottest scene in the video starts.  It's set in a seedy motel room, where a very sharply dressed Tina Tyler enters.  By way of flashbacks and title cards, we gather she's done something very bad, but it appears she's just waiting.  After several minutes, she pulls out a handgun out of her purse and begins to caress it.  She opens up her top to reveal a nifty open-breasted corset.  After removing her pants, she uses the firearm in a way I'm sure was never approved in a gun safety class.  It's hot as hell to watch Tina rub herself with the barrel of the pistol, but it's volcanic (and I hate using the term "volcanic" but it applies) when she inserts the butt into her pussy and uses it like a dildo.   Wow!  And it's fucking hilarious when the scene ends with Tina lighting up a cig after her smokin' solo session...

"The Barfly" - Nikki Steele is a barmaid, cleaning up after closing time.  It's not long before she's up on the bar, pulling off her clothes, and getting familiar with herself.  She soon grabs an empty wine bottle, and, well, you know what's going to happen.  After giving a blowjob to the receptacle, the bottle soon goes into her receptacle.  It's a nice fetish scene for those who are into foreign objects as masturbation toys, but Nikki Steele is not my type, so my enjoyment was limited.

"The Class Cutter"  - This is a rather strange scene, with The Class Cutter (Victoria Givens) and The Crop Duster's Wife (Kylie Kurves) traversing several minutes of mostly black & white, rapidly cut footage to get them together in a clearing in the woods.  Once there, Victoria masturbates briefly with a clear, test tube-shaped dildo (I would have liked to see more of that in use!) and Kylie plays with herself while standing.  Then the scene turns into a girl-girl encounter, which didn't do much for me since it's really a lipstick lesbian scene in my book -- not a lot of enthusiasm or explicitness...just some half-hearted licking and finger penetration.  I think Anders hits it right on the head when the video fades to black with the title "The End?"  It isn't a very good scene to end on.  If he had put Tina's scene as the closer, at least we could say "well, he saved the best for last!"

What I liked: Hotttttttt:  While the bottle sex and Kylie Ireland's late night rubbing are highlights of Girl Show 2, the best scene by far is Mistress Tina's close encounter with the semi-automatic pistol.  It's proceeded by a rather long non-sex buildup, but once Tina reveals her irresistibly squeezable tits and then gets intimate with the cold steel, look out!  Wow! 

Great music:  Except for the bottle scene with Nikki Steele that was without music, all of the other musical performances by jack-of-all-trades Anders Magna were quite good -- easily on par with popular mainstream music.  I'm glad to see that the adult industry is starting to return to custom, high quality music for its productions rather than a bunch of synthesized porno "bow-chick-a-bow-wow" soundtracks.

What I didn't like:  I didn't care for the abundance of fake tits, nor the intentionally spastic editing style and effects at times.  I also could have done without the final girl-girl scene, since it doesn't really add anything positive to the video, nor does it belong in a female masturbation-themed DVD.

DVD Extras:  This disc has a number of extra features, starting off with "Squirtula: Queen of the Gushing Orgasms," a three-and-a-half minute loop of Victoria Givens pushing her painfully long fingernails into her box before coming to an orgasm that's more of a trickle than a gush.   "Glamour" is a three-minute music video performed by a truly frightening Anders Manga.  The hard alternative rock music is in the same vein as Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails.  "The Great Outdoors" is a 30-second clip of Victoria urinating on the ground for the cameras with the disclaimer, "I told you I didn't need to go much." 

The disc also includes three interviews.  The one with Keri Windsor (90 seconds) is the shortest, filmed on the set while she is playing a GameBoy.  The interview with Kylie Kurves (4 minutes) is the longest and most informative, as is the one with Victoria Givens.  I can't say any of the interviews are must sees, but they do answer many of the common questions.

A guy lends a hand to Victoria under her dress in the clip, "Fun With Fingers," and within 40-seconds brings her to the gushing that we were expecting to see in the first extra.  Finally, there are four diary entries that in a poetic way add some back story to scenes with Kylie Ireland, Logan, Tina, and Victoria/Kylie Curves.  I think they're a nice touch to round out the DVD.  Overall, while there are a lot of extras on this disc, they are very short -- it would have been nice to have a commentary or something add some substance.

A/V Quality:   Other than the abundant use of lightning-quick editing (sometimes only two seconds between cuts) and video effects, the A/V are excellent.  If you have a problem with non-linear editing, frequent black & white to color switching, strobe effects, and other creative approaches, you'll probably get frustrated with this DVD quickly.  On the positive side, the music, as I've already mentioned, is outstanding...probably one of the best porn soundtracks I've heard in years.

The Last Word:  While only a few of the scenes were really top-notch, Tina's scene makes it well-worth picking up this disc.  I really liked the effort that Pandora put into trying to set this disc apart from the typical adult DVD -- from the neat fonts and graphics to the assortment of short but unique extras, Girl Show 2 gets the Saki seal of approval for those looking for a good female masturbation with some flair.

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