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Girl Show 2

Girl Show 2

Studio: Pandora
Category:  All Girl , Masturbation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Girl Show 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Girl Show 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Girl Show 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Girl Show 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girl Show 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Girl Show 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girl Show 2 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girl Show 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/2/2002

Running Time: 91 min.

Production Date: 7 / 2 / 2002

Director: Anders Manga

Cast: Tina Tyler, Keri Windsor, Logan LaBrent, Kylie Ireland, Nikki Steele, August, Kylie Kurves, Victoria Givens and Serena

Initial Expectations: I really enjoyed the original Girl Show, and with the comments from YogaGrrl on the cover Iím even more interested here!

Initial Reaction: Once again, Pandora Bazaar shows that theyíre a studio to keep a close eye on. This is a great DVD!

Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes artistic porn and female masturbation

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a plot and thinks some of the best porn is done by leaving the camera on a tripod while the cameraman leaves the room, and then considers it the finished product

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear and nicely varies a bit for artistic effect. There were a couple times I thought I heard a background noise or comment, but they were so short and the movieís artistic enough that I thought it might have been intentional. The video is also very good, and shows Pandora moving away from some of the problems that plagued their earlier features. Thereís some slight grain and a few soft focus problems, but very few shadows or lighting inconsistencies. This is easily Pandoraís best looking and sounding DVD so far.

Music: Each scene has its own unique music, and itís so important to the scenes that in some ways it even reminds me of Pink Floydís The Wall, in both style and substance. Unlike almost every other porno out there, it often has lyrics, and is done well enough that it raises up every scene. Girl Show 2 has some of the best porno music out there, and is good enough that if Pandora continues with music like this, they offer a CD of their porn music.

Menus: The main menu is very simple and unanimated. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each starlet.

The Feature: As with the original, Girl Show 2 is a collection of vignettes about female masturbation. Each scene is unique to itself and highly artistic in style.

Kylie Ireland, one of my all time favorite stars, starts things out in Saucer Full of Dissolute. Kylieís sits in her chair and watches Serena masturbate on a black and white television. Kylie slowly masturbates without the aid of any toys, other than her belly chain with she slides around and into her pussy, as her concentration flips between Serena on the screen and her own pleasure. As time goes by, Kylie picks up the pace at a natural rate, and also changing positions a little. You donít get to hear any of Kylieís moaning through the early part of the scene, but the music is so well done and fitting here that I didnít really care. It has kind of a Pink Floyd-ish feel to it, and is complete with lyrics. Itís a great start to the feature and shows that art and heat donít always have to stay apart. Thereís no denying Kylieís enjoyment of herself throughout the entire scene, which goes a long way towards letting Anders Manga work his artistic magic around her without letting the scene suffer.

Logan LaBrent stars in The Quiet Room next as a schizophreniac in a padded room . Although I normally donít care for overly implanted stars, she looks absolutely amazing in her corset, which matches her black hair perfectly, and looks just as good in her white straightjacket. Since thereís no toys allowed in the rubber room, Logan makes do as best she can with her fingers, which quickly get sopping wet. Thereís obviously no need for toys for Logan to get off, and Anders nicely adds some artistic effect by having both of Loganís personalities in the room at the same time, while also mixing in some hints of electroshock therapy. Itís another winner of a scene that shows that heat and art can live together just fine if the director knows what heís doing.

August and Keri Windsor team up for Things to Do in the Waiting Room When Youíre Bored to round out the first half of the movie. They start off on opposite sides of the waiting room, and apparently neither of them is to interested in reading magazines that were probably old when Jimmy Carter was president. Keri starts off giving August a few glimpses of her pantie-less pussy while brushing it lightly, and the moves things up a notch when she sees August is interested. August tries looking away, but as with most people who see Keri Windsor getting turned on, canít look away. August eventually gives in to her naughty desires, and lets her fingers wander across her body. The girls go back and forth performing for each other, and even break out a couple toys to kick things up a little more. Not surprisingly, Keri is the more dominant of the two, but Augustís innocence and curiosity drive the scene just as much as Keriís intensity. The balance between the two makes this scene another great winner, as well as a quick cleanup at the end as the girls put things back together as they should be. Itís much more straightforward than some of the other scenes, but no less hot. It also does a great job of showing Anders Mangaís versatility as a director.

One Shot... & Down in the Purse takes off with Tina Tyler after the intermission. The scene starts off with a sense of something gone wrong, and probably something illegal. After passing time with things like reading and checking out her pistol, she opens her jacket to reveal a great leather corset and rubs the pistol across herself. She rubs the barrel across her tits and pussy before sliding the grip inside. Itís a slightly disturbing scene, but done extremely well, right down to Tina sitting in a chair and having a smoke afterwards while looking at the pistol lying on the bed. Iíll admit to being more than a little worried about this scene before watching it, but after watching it Iím only more impressed with Anders Mangaís direction and artistic eye. This just might be the most artistic scene in the entire movie.

Nikki Steele plays The Barfly in the penultimate scene. After cleaning up at the end of the night, Nikki, a cute brunette who looks great in a serving wenchís outfit, settles down on a barstool. She slowly plays with herself while stripping down to her black stockings and garter belt, and gradually ends up on the bar. After working herself over with her fingers, she grabs a wine bottle from behind the bar and treats it as if itís her long lost lover. She sucks it, runs it across her body, and finally thrusts it as far into her pussy as she can. I never thought when I started reviewing adult films that Iíd say that somebody had great chemistry with a bottle, but Nikki has better chemistry with that wine bottle here than youíll find in most adult scenes out there. It also has some decent artistic effect of having the action skip just like the old record that sounds like itís playing in the background. Not surprisingly, itís another winner of a scene.

Finally, Pandora contract girl Kylie Kurves teams up with Victoria Givens in The Class Cutter. Kylie is the class cutter, and Victoria Givens plays the crop dusterís wife who catchers her diddling herself in the middle of a meadow rather than attending class. She watches Kylie work herself over with a clear dildo while she plays with herself, and then moves over to join her when Kylie gestures to her. This makes this final scene a bit odd for the feature, as the lesbian sex aspect is there much more than the female masturbation aspect. The girls take turns working each other over with some obvious liking of each other. Surprisingly the toys never come out, but Kylie and Victoria never show any signs of needing them. Iíd be lying if I didnít say that I wasnít slightly disappointed with this scene, but my disappointment is entirely based on the lack of female masturbation rather than the sex itself. The girls appear to be nicely into each other, and put some good effort into working each other over. Different isnít a bad thing here, itís just different.

Pandora Bazaar and Anders Manga have scored again. Girl Show 2 seamlessly merges sex and art in almost every way, and is every bit as good if not better than the original. The girls are hot and obviously into taking matters in their own hands. The camera work is excellent through every scene, and almost always concentrated on just what I wanted to see. Although each scene is unique to itself in the feature, the entire featureís also remarkably consistent. There isnít a single bad scene here, and barely even an off moment through the entire feature. Girl Show 2 is one of the best features Iíve seen all year, and a must have for fans of female masturbation and artistic porn.

Extras: Of course thereís website information, since you canít have a DVD without website information. Unlike almost every other DVD out there, Pandora actually makes this one fun and puts quite a bit of humor into the ad for their website.

First among the unique features, is Squirtula, a three and a half minute featurette with Victoria Givens enjoying herself on a couch. She works herself over with her fingers until she makes it so the couch needs a little professional cleaning. Itís a short extra, but a great one for this DVD that has some of Pandoraís usual great humor in it.

Next up is a music video for Anders Mangaís Glamour. Except for the clips from the movie, itís every bit as good, if not better, than most of what seems to be shown on MTV. Itís another nicely unique feature that shows that sometimes risks are worth taking.

Great Outdoors is a thirty second featurette showing one of the benefits of being out in nature. Once again, Victoria Givens heads the feature, and might make herself a few fans for those of a particular fetish.

Interviews are also included with several of the stars. Keri Windsor talks about taking the good with the bad for about a minute and a quarter. Kylie Kurves talks about four minutes about her career in the adult business, what she likes in a person, and what she does for fun. Victoria Givens talks for about three and a half minutes about her time in the adult industry, who sheís looking forward to in the adult industry, her thoughts on Pandora, and what she does when sheís not in front of the camera. Unlike the other interviews, some of Victoriaís interview occurs on the set rather than just in the studio, and she comes across as an amazingly real person.

Fun with Fingers adds a bit more of Victoriaís squirting fun. It lasts about forty seconds and is a lot of fun. The more Iím seeing of Victoria, the more Iím liking her.

Finally, thereís four diary entries. Each entry is an extension of one of the scenes, with poetry acting as a diary entry from one of the characters. Itís another extremely unique extra, and one that I immediately liked. Although it might not sound like something youíll like, give it a chance. Iím not much of a poetry person, yet this was one of my favorite extras.

Themes: Masturbation, toys, voyeurism, fetishwear, and lesbian

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Overall: Currently, most Pandora Bazaar titles can be found online for between $13 and $25, with many stores offering them around $15. This is a steal for what you get here. Girl Show 2 is one of the best female masturbation features Iíve ever watched, and blends art and sex without sacrificing either. The transfer is near perfect, and thereís also some nice extras. If youíre at all interested in this one, GET IT NOW!

Note to Pandora Bazaar: Itís great to see you acknowledging your fans in the credits. What else can I say but ďWOW!Ē?

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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