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Girl Show 2

Girl Show 2

Studio: Pandora
Category:  All Girl , Masturbation
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Girl Show 2:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Girl Show 2 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Girl Show 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Girl Show 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girl Show 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Girl Show 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Girl Show 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girl Show 2 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  10/29/2002

Cast: Tina Tyler, Keri Windsor, Logan LaBrent, Kylie Ireland, Nikki Steele, August, Kylie Kurves, Victoria Givens and Serena.

Director: Anders Manga

Production date: 7/2/02

Length: 91 min.

Extras: A 3-min. bonus scene, 8 min. of interviews (Keri, Kylie K., Victoria), "Glamour" music video, four diary entries (poems related to the scenes) and about a minute of additional fun footage.

Audio/visual quality: This is a highly aesthetic production. The provocative images of Girl Show 2 serve as a creative tribute to the beauty and the insanity of female passion. The dynamic visual effects include jump edits, color shifts, monochrome footage, intercut text and more. These are generally concentrated in the early part of each scene. To the director's credit, the picture grows steadier as the masturbation gains momentum, providing sustained looks at the actresses' increasing excitement. The camera angles, lighting and mix of shots are all extremely pleasing. As with the original Girl Show, there are small problems with soft focus shifts, but they seem less prevalent this time around. The overall appearance is cleaner and sharper than the first volume.

The music seamlessly fits the action, yet it's also strong enough to stand as an independent soundtrack. It's vaguely Pink Floydish; discerning listeners might detect a subtle homage to The Wall in the first scene (and the resemblance of that scene's name to A Saucerful of Secrets is not unintentional). Some pieces include vocals, which are confined to the first portion of the scenes, where they nicely set the tone for what follows. The sex sounds enter the mix about halfway through each scene. There are minor audio blemishes—a few extraneous noises from the sets, occasional bumping against the microphone—but the clarity of the sex sounds is so incredible that it's easy to ignore the small flaws. The balance and volume are also excellent throughout.

First impression: The tag line doesn't lie; Girl Show 2 truly is "The Art of Female Masturbation."

Scene highlights: Girl Show 2 gathers five masturbation vignettes and one lesbian scene into a very cool arthouse-style movie. This is erotica with an edge; the dark and occasionally disturbing themes carry palpable undercurrents of emotional truth and power.

"Saucer Full of Dissolute"—Kylie Ireland occupies an armchair against a stark brick wall. She's fallen into a somber and pensive mood as she watches Serena masturbate on the television screen. Kylie's hands begin to drift along her body, echoing the images she sees. She petulantly pinches her nipples and slips her fingers down into her lacy white panties. Eventually, Kylie pulls the crotch aside, rubs herself harder and slowly drags the crystal beads of her waist chain through her moist slit. The sounds of wetness are easily heard as her fingers plunge in. Kylie sheds the panties for increasingly intense self-stimulation. Judging from her erratic breaths, soft moans and quivering thighs, she appears to have more than one orgasm toward the end of this very hot yet melancholy scene.

"The Quiet Room"—Logan LaBrent is not alone in her padded cell. Her insane self is securely bound in a white straitjacket, while her seductive self is not-so-securely bound in a black corset. At times we see them both on the same screen. The insane Logan struggles on the floor, disheveling her hair and spewing primal grunts and maniacal laughter in all directions. Occasionally her image shifts to a black-and-white negative, accompanied by wicked buzzing noise that suggests electroshock therapy. Meanwhile, the seductive Logan has found her cure in the form of genital massage. She rubs her clit in circles while the insane Logan smiles dreamily into space. Seductive Logan also repeatedly dips her visibly wet fingers into her vagina, and she ultimately gets off via vigorous vibration of her clit.

"Things to Do in the Waiting Room When You're Bored"—Keri Windsor and August sit opposite to one another in a doctor's waiting office. They pretend to be interested in the complimentary magazines, but they're really interested in each other. Keri shifts in her chair to expose the pantiless pussy beneath her red floral dress. August raises her eyebrows and smiles shyly in return. Keri sends her a sweetly naughty gaze and begins to caress her vulva. August is enchanted and responds by tentatively touching her own breast. The back-and-forth between the two women continues, ramping up the heat at a realistic pace. They reveal their breasts, and eventually August grants some teasing glimpses of her pubic hair (immediately dispelling any doubts that she's a true redhead). Each woman has brought her own vibrator for personal use. Keri can't totally suppress her moans as she grows multi-orgasmic. August makes pleasing, soft little sounds of her own as she comes. In a very nice touch, we see the women quickly re-dress themselves at the conclusion of the scene.

"One Shot...and Down in the Purse"—Tina Tyler enters a gloomy and nondescript hotel room. Her bearing indicates that she is very distraught, and the lyrics imply that she has visited some fatal revenge upon a faithless lover. She anxiously stashes the handgun under the mattress but can't resist taking it out again. She tries putting it away in her bag, but that doesn't last, either. An idea has dawned, and Tina can't get it out of her head. She lightly caresses her jaw and breasts with the weapon's barrel. Tina then unbuttons her conservative gray suit, revealing an ass-kicking leather underbust corset. Finally she puts the gun to use as an improvised dildo, though not in the expected way. Tina actually inserts the grip into her vagina. This provides a moderately severe pussy stretch, probably equivalent to at least three fingers. Tina's face wears a priceless expression of peace and satisfaction following her climax.

"The Barfly"—Nikki Steele, wearing a "serving wench" uniform, cheerfully closes the bar at the end of the day. (There's some great old-time jazz playing in the background, and the jump edits become the visual equivalent of a well-loved vinyl album that skips and pops a little.) Nikki unwinds on a bar stool and also on the counter, which she first tests for cleanliness with a swipe of her hand. She undresses slowly, piece by piece, warming up as she goes along. Nikki gives herself hard strokes with two fingers while lying in a couple of different positions. Next, she playfully picks up an empty champagne bottle, clamps the cork between her teeth and spits it down the counter. She makes love to the bottle orally before sinking its neck into her pussy. There's no question that Nikki thoroughly enjoys the sensations of the bottle going in and out, over and over again. After she's satisfied, she gives the bottle some affectionate licks and recorks it.

"The Class Cutter"—The final scene is the odd one out. Unlike the ones that precede it, this is definitely a lesbian scene, and a somewhat conventional one at that. There's nothing wrong with it; it just feels more like a bonus scene than part of the main feature, since it doesn't keep to quite the same concept. Victoria Givens (the crop duster's wife) is taking her morning walk along a country road. Meanwhile, Kylie Kurves (the class cutter) discovers an inviting quilt in a forested spot on Victoria's land. A clear dildo has been thoughtfully tucked into its folded corner. Kylie tests this out while Victoria observes from the distance. Eventually, Kylie beckons Victoria to come join her. After a nice "getting to know you" kiss, they each take a turn receiving cunnilingus and finger penetration. The dappled sunlight is very pretty on their bodies, and there's also some good verbal encouragement. Like most lesbian scenes, though, this one has a rather unfinished feel. Its main strength is the ambiance created by the music and the appealing contrast between Victoria's sweet and fresh-faced beauty and Kylie's somewhat harder and more experienced look. (On the box cover, Kylie is pictured on the left and Victoria is to the right).

The bonus scene, "Squirtula: Queen of the Gushing Orgasms," features Victoria having fun with herself on a couch. The music video, "Glamour," totally rocks (and gives us a glimpse of the director in full-on hyperkinetic industrial goth train wreck music mode). The interviews, extra footage and diary entries help to round out a nifty package of extras.

Thumbs up: This is the first adult movie I've seen in quite a while that has addressed my intellect as well as my libido. Not that I immediately noticed this, since all five masturbation scenes are totally smoking! But some of the images and lyrics stuck with me for weeks after the first viewing. In the process of pondering them, I've realized how many interesting metaphors and allegories this disc contains. Girl Show 2 is a movie that works on several levels at once, from the deeply visceral to the astonishingly artistic.

Also notable: all of the actresses do an excellent job of acknowledging the camera without constantly playing to it. They look at us often enough to show they're alert and turned on; however, they don't hesitate to close or roll or defocus their eyes whenever pleasure overtakes them. The orgasms feel very real because of this. In addition, the overall technical qualities of this disc are noticeably stronger than what I saw in the earliest releases from this studio, including the first volume of Girl Show.

Thumbs down: The extras include quite an interesting collection of odds and ends. But personally, I would've liked to see more interviews, a behind-the-scenes featurette or director's commentary (or preferably all of the above). Some viewers watch porn just to get off, and this is a disc that will definitely assist that process. However, many of us are also very interested in the moviemaking methods, and the special features on this DVD don't provide much insight into that.

YogaGrrl's motherly advice: I would hope that everyone reading this review realizes that handguns and champagne bottles are not the safest choice of dildos. This is obviously fantasy material, and these are experienced professionals. If you happen to be kinky like me, and your body craves hard, smooth sensations like gunmetal or glass, I recommend Julian Snelling's stainless steel toys. The Blowfish butt plug is my most adored, not-so-little helper. It works equally great for vaginal stimulation, it's easy to clean, it travels well and it comes in three sizes, too. Trust me, it's best to have a tool that's really designed for the job!

Themes: Masturbation (primary theme), lesbian, oral, toys (vibrators, improvised dildos), bondage (straitjacket), voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetish wear.

Condom use: None (n/a).

Juice-o-meter: Extreme. For me, the artistic effects in this particular movie enhance the heat, since they set the tone and provide a context for the action. I've watched it five times, and I still find it nearly impossible to sit through Girl Show 2 without taking a play break.

Final analysis: Girl Show 2 is a mesmerizing work of eerie and arousing beauty. It surpasses even the original. Though not absolutely perfect in every respect, this movie is an amazing effort for both a new director and a new studio. I expect that the DVD will please a lot of people who are looking for something a little bit different, and I already know that it definitely pleases me.

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