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PhoenixJo Girl Play (Elegant Angel) 3.5 starsGirl Play (Elegant Angel) 3.5 starsGirl Play (Elegant Angel) 3.5 stars
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Girl Play (Elegant Angel)
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Girl Play (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Girl Play (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Girl Play (Elegant Angel) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Girl Play (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Girl Play (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Girl Play (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Girl Play (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Girl Play (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Girl Play (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/13/2009
Good afternoon adult fans time to check out a new g/g dvd and this one comes to you from the fine folks at Elegant Angel who are putting out some of the hottest and most consistent porn today. The g/g genre is one near and dear to my hard, oops, heart and there are a few things I look for in any g/g scene. How's the kissing? How's the oral? How's the energy between the girls, are they into it. One thing which does detract for me at times is the use of toys, I know that each scene in this will probably have them used-- I just wonder if two of the three things I look for, kissing and oral, will be shortchanged in order to give the toys more screen time. I would love it more movies went with no toys and had more pure sensual passion supplied by the ladies themselves. A few studios here and there do that, now it's time to see if Elegant can throw their hat in the g/g ring much as they have with other fine titles like the Big Wet Asses, Big Wet Tits and so on. Now to a few highlights.

Sophia Santi & Alyssa Reece:

The first scene begins with Sophia outside enjoying the porn valley sun, drinking something and inside we see Alyssa doing some cleaning and also stealing a few glimpses out at the beautiful Sophia!!Miss Santi also takes a look or two back, I think she's bored and might want to start something, lol. Sophia heads inside to refill her drink and gets one for Alyssa, she's been working hard, time to take a break. The two go back out to chat a bit and enjoy the sun. The girls get a nice convo going and Sophia slowly works in the flirting asking Alyssa to rub in some lotion on her body plus she asks Alyssa to lose the shirt but she's got no bra on-- sure sign lesbianism is about to happen, hehe!! Pretty soon Alyssa loses the pants too and the slow sensual rubbin of the lotion on Sophia's body definitely gets them both in the mood. Soft kisses on the back then they take it back inside where there's fine breast rubbing, Sophia's got amazing tits. The kissing wasn't bad and we got a little boobie tasting too before the oral started. Sophia looks so good with her legs wide open and Alyssa dining on her cookie left us with a great ass view from behind! Nice to see both girls doing some great oral before the toys hit, Sophia's g/g work with Digital Playground often didn't have as much pussy eating as we got here so I was very happy. The girls were obviously into each other so I was ok with the toy play which was quite spirited from both, on both. I like to see if they keep up the pussy licking, though, while using the toys and they didn't here. Some side by side coochie stimulation and a few smooches take us to the end. The oral was the highlight here for me.

Jana Jordan & April O'Neil:

Ok we're in some sort of mental hospital to start this scene. Seems April's been a bad girl and you see her lying in a bed, restrained both at the wrists and ankles. Jana's a cute intern-- wait until you see the hot pink outfit she's got on plus her cute face, blonde hair, it definitely worked. Well she's checking on April here who seems to have had a bad dream. She wants the restraints gone and Jana shows some kindness and removes them, the girls start chatting. Interesting, there is only this one bed in a rather large room. The flirting starts from April and Jana is so cute in how she succumbs to it. The ladies have pink shirts, Aprils a lesser shade and she wants to trade shirts so she removes hers and that where the flirting really heats up. Jana tries to 'resist' but the kissing starts, Aprils got great tits and Jana wants to get out of there, lol. April knows the schedule of orderlies, they have 1/2 hour so more than enough time to hit it g/g style. Jana finally relents and they fall back onto the bed, kissing and getting nekkid. As the bad girl it was natural for April to take charge and Jana was just so good here in following her lead, loved her sucking on April's boobies!! The oral was very nice here, great to see April's face so firmly planted in Jana's cookie. The girls 69 then with Jana on top and she's fairly eager herself when it came time to dine on pussy. The ladies work in some strong trib action too, that's pussy on pussy rubbing for those not familiar with the term. Toe fans will see some brief toe sucking from both girls before you hear Patrick Collins' voice ringing out, saying Ladies!! So guess that 1/2 went by quick. I liked the seduction in this scene, Jana was so good in how she resisted, looking so damn cute doing it! April, well titties galore here with this girl, would love to see more with her.

Franziska Facella & Taylor Vixen:

So we keep the party going and speaking of parties we get a call girl scenario used in this scene. Taylor is the client and we get a nice shot of Franziska walking down the hallway arriving at the hotel room. It's her first outcall with a girl as the client but there doesn't appear to be much nervousness on her part, she's had some experiences in her personal life. I did like the looks of the two girls, nice black outfit for Miss Facella while Taylor's sporting a grey skirt and a white shirt which is strategically opened revealing the necessary cleavage to get one interested! The girls chat a bit, the cute get to know you kinda of stuff, each likes the girl type each is, blonde and brown hair respectively. The likes and dislikes are touched on, Franziska loves oral so she's most welcome here, Taylor likes to dominate, alright! So enough with the ground rules, let's fuck! They open with some good kissing, leaning in nice'n'close to lock lips. Was a little sad to see a toy brought out so soon but the open leg shot was great as Taylor leans in, strokes the cookie, then uses the small vibrator to stimulate. Taylor also uses a couple fingers too. There's more kissing which I like then we get our first shot of Taylor's amazing natural boobs and these puppies are just gorgeous! Franziska does a good job sucking on them while Taylor continues the cookie rubbing. Miss Facella is the first to go muff diving and Taylor is all nude now so these titties are on full display and I liked the shot of Franziska's ass we got too as part of this oral. Some vibrator and finger action too before they change it up and Taylor gets to eat pussy and yeah she looks pretty good doing this too, tongue buried deep, moving the face back and forth across the lips, loved it. They do use bigger toys later and there is more fingering done as well. All in all not bad, would've liked more with the oral and kissing but I always want more of that.

Karlie Montana & Isabel Wren:

Ok we move on and find Isabel on the couch, she's got a boot on one foot so I guess it's hurt. We get Karlie walking up, loved her skirt. She has a towel which she places on the couch, has a seat and takes a spoonge like thing out of a water bowl and starts rubbing and splashing the water down on Isabel's legs. No words spoken, just touch and visual, both seem to be working quite nicely here. The girls then decide to get more comfortable and head to the bedroom, naked time! Ok this is going to be a full body massage exprience! More liquid is dropped on Isabel who is fully naked as is Karlie so I'm thinking a happy ending is in store here, lol. Still no words, just the soft hands of Miss Montana rubbing in the lotion creating a sexy shine on Isabel's body. A vibrator is used on Miss Wren's pussy but it fed nicely into the whole massage theme I was cool with that and we get Isabel's hands doing some wandering caressing over Karlie's tits, squeezing the nipples! Our first sounds other than the music and vibrator occur when Isabel starts to moan from the great pussy play Karlie's been doing. The girls kiss and then we really get busy as Karlie goes down and man does she lick pussy here, awesome. Liked it when Karlie rose up to place her pussy over Isabel's face and she at least licks the pussy while using the vibrator to stimulate her masseuse. The girls then lie across from each other, both using a vibrator to get those last few juices flowing. I liked the scenario and the girls played it well, just wished there was more oral and kissing-- but the whole massage was hot!

Samantha Ryan & Ryan Keely:

We have one more scene and it opens with the two ladies enjoying a glass of wine, Samantha's got a cute nervousness about her while Ryan seems more comfortable, sitting on top of the couch, straddling it and the legs are even opened up a big as I saw a glimpse of panty! Samantha wanted to explore the whole g/g thing and so she's here and the girls have a chat where Ryan puts Samantha at ease,the first kiss was good and it continues from there with more lip locking. Hands start caressing and we get Miss Ryan's tits worked out, lips all over thanks to Ryan. Some breathy oral then follows, the moans fast'n'furious as Miss Keely works her magic tongue on that pussy. I think Samantha's curiousity has been peaked big time and she'll be back for more, lol. Well her pussy satisfied for the time being it was Miss Ryan's turn and she starts off with some good boob kissing working her way nicely to Ryan's cookies where she first uses her fingers but then her tongue traces over and then it's full on dive in time. The girls work in more good kissing too and some great fingering by both at the same time on the other. Liked it when Samantha moves up so Ryan can slide under, more good oral and finger action here. Well it was great to see them each going down on the other two times before we get the toys brought in for the last few minutes. I'd say they enjoyed each other pretty good.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So there you have it, some good girl on girl action with different set ups for each. The girl placing an ad for some g/g action, another using a call girl service while another has the lady of the house taking advantage of a worker and yet another takes us to a mental hospital where there's more going on than just taking our daily dose of medication! Now for extras we have some pics, there's BTS and we get a bonus scene from It's A Secretary Thing.

Karlie Montana & Carli Banks: Well now the scene is a bit different with two girls in the scene. We find Karlie on the phone, it's hot as the AC isn't working and she's berating someone about something, lol, when her last appointment of the day arrives and is shown in. Karlie is looking for some help, it's a demanding position but it pays well! Karlie's only rule is that commands you and you obey-- the pay's good but now comes the terms of service!! You'll wear whatever Karlie wants and Carli gets an odd command, she is ordered to go and strip off her panties and deliver them back to Karlie as a get to know you present! Karlie sniffs them and well seems the pass the sniff test and turns out Karlie's got something sweaty for Carli-- next shot has a nude Miss Banks with a bunch of post it notes adorning her body, slut, skank, fuck hole== the usual!! I like the one which said Eat Me!! Cut then to Karlie tearing a hole over her own coochie and Carli moving in to sniff it and well then it's licky licky time. The young Miss Banks is quickly warming to her new duties of fuck slave moving from pussy to kissing ass, loved the shot of Carli's face buried in between Miss Montana's ass cheeks, one of the best g/g oral shots you can get. There is some toy usage too on the boss before she gives her newest employee the seal of approval getting behind her to lick at that young juicy pussy. A bit more toy usage before we close this one out, a successful new partnership, we'll see but it's had a great beginning.

So there you have one more hot piece of g/g action to help make this a strong rental recommendation for the cool set ups, there was some good oral, the kissing was good at times but there could've been more. The toy action was quite good I thought and the ladies seemed to enjoy stimulating themselves as well as their partner.

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