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Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3

Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3

Studio: Gina Lynn Productions
Category:  Compilation
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3 Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Gina Lynn's Ultimate Feast 3 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  10/19/2008

The Little Details

Running Time: 194 min.

Production Date: 8 / 28 / 2008

Director: Gina Lynn and Travis Knight

Cast: Alexis Amore, Asa Akira, Jess Wakefield, Lela Star, Ben English, Jules Jordan, Mr. Marcus, Tommy Gunn, and of course, Gina Lynn and Travis Knight

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Gina Lynn Productions' movies have been a little hit or miss for me. I'm not quite sure what to expect here.

Initial Reaction: The scenes are hot, but it loses a lot of points with me by seeming like it's hiding the fact that it's a compilation and that it doesn't let the viewer know where any of the scenes come from.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for hot sex and Gina Lynn

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who's already picked up most of what Gina Lynn Productions has already put out.

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are above average. The audio is clear and nicely balanced, and I didn't notice any major faults with it. The video is presented in the full frame and non-anamorphic widescreen formats. Most of the scenes were originally shot in anamorphic widescreen and have had their quality knocked down by going to the non-anamorphic format. The lighting is nicely done through the movie, but there is some noticeable pixelation that pops up now and then. There's also just a hint of camera motion in a few places.

Music: There's a little music to start off most of the scenes. Sometimes it dominates the audio and other times it rests quietly in the background. It never, however, interferes with the action.

False Advertising: The cover lists behind the scenes as being on the DVD, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I'm deducting a half point from the overall score because of this.

Menus: The main menu nicely blends a little animation with a still of some of the girls for a pretty good first impression. The chapter menu, however, is a bit basic and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene and a scene number.

The Feature

Ultimate Feast 3 collects seven scenes from previous Gina Lynn Productions scenes. The scenes are all presented just as they originally were, only if they were originally presented in anamorphic widescreen they are now presented in non-anamorphic widescreen.

Scene 1 – Gina Lynn, Lela Star, and Ben English

The opening scene comes from Demons Within. Gina starts out in a black fake fur coat with a black leather bustier, pink panties, and thigh high black fuck-me boots showing off on a couch before Lela walks in wearing a similar bra and panties with black stockings and knee-high lace up boots leading in a slave in a hood. She encourages Lela to slap him with her paddle, first on the chest and then on his cock to get him a little excited. Gina has Lela take off his hood so they can see him, and they check him out a little more before smothering him with their asses. Gina also has Lela feed him a titty before making Ben watch as they kiss each other. Finally they give him a hint of relief as they pull down his leather pants so Lela can suck his cock while Gina spanks his ass. The girls trade places so Gina can suck his cock a bit before she has Lela come back so they can team up on him orally. She moves off so she can play with Lela from behind before sliding under her to lick her pussy while Lela continues to work over Ben orally. Gina has Ben fuck Lela from behind before taking her own turn with Lela sucking him clean each chance she gets. Lela gets up to ride him cowgirl style while Gina spanks her ass and rides Ben's tongue. Gina suck him clean before he pops in Lela's mouth and she swaps it down to Gina after sucking back up a little that she slopped on the couch.

This is a smoking hot scene. I love how the girls dominate Ben, and there's some nice chemistry between the girls as well. The fetishy outfits and blonde / brunette contrast really worked for me visually, and the scene had a great flow to it. I really got into this scene, and it started the movie on a very high note for me.

Scene 2 – Gina Lynn, Jules Jordan, and Travis Knight

The second scene comes from Fantasstic Whores 3. Gina starts out in a sexy little red outfit showing off for the camera before she makes her way to a couch where she's joined by Jules and Travis, both of whom are only wearing shorts. She makes her way between the guys sucking and stroking them before she lets Jules spoon her while she continues to suck Travis. Gina moves over to ride Travis cowgirl style, and moves on with a reverse cowgirl ride with Jules and a bit of doggie and missionary fucking with Travis while always trying to keep the other guy's cock in her mouth as well as mixing in a little foot play. Finally, Gina has the guys pop on her feet before she licks it off.

This is a very nice scene. Gina keeps a great balance between the guys and plays to the camera very well. There's plenty of energy and vocals, and the scene moves along at a very nice pace. This is a straightforward but well done scene.

Scene 3 – Gina Lynn and Erik Everhard

Gina's scene with Erik comes from Gina's Filthy Hos 4. Gina starts out in a sexy short black skirt, stockings, and lace-up boots with a red bikini showing off for the camera and talking about how she hopes Erik likes how she looks since he's one of her favorites to work with. She struts her stuff inside and shows off for the camera a little more before Erik arrives and buries his face in Gina's ample ass to tongue her holes. Gina eagerly sucks his cock in return as he reaches back to continue playing with her pussy as well as stopping her so that he can suck her big fat titties. Erik starts fucking her doggie style, and then lets her ride him cowgirl style as he sits in a chair kissing her. He mixes in the midair cowgirl ride before letting her ride him on the couch a while longer, and then lays her back to pound her pussy missionary style. Erik mixes in a little pussy licking as he fucks her doggie style and makes sure to give her plenty of clit play as she rides him reverse cowgirl style. They return to missionary before Erik gives Gina a nice creamy pop in her mouth that she looks to more than enjoy as she sucks every last bit out and plays with it while smiling.

This is another very nice scene. Gina works the tease extremely well to start it out, and then has great chemistry with Erik once he shows up. Gina does a great job of matching Erik's energy level through the scene and put out her usual great vocals to go along with it. The camera work also seems a little better than usual here, and helps to make this a very hot scene.

Scene 4 – Gina Lynn and Mr. Marcus

The fourth scene comes from Gina's Black Attack 2. Gina answers the door to meet Mr. Marcus, who's interested in her painting. She tells him about going through some hard times and needing the money, as well as her upcoming divorce. He lets her know that he could take care of her before they help each other strip down a bit and Gina drops to her knees to admire Marcus through his shorts. She climbs onto his lap and has him spank her before moving back down to suck and stroke his cock. Marcus reaches back to play with her as she sucks him, and then takes Gina doggie style as she moans away. Gina mixes in plenty of oral as Marcus works her over, and they work back and forth through more doggie, cowgirl, missionary, and of course, reverse cowgirl. Finally, Gina takes a very nice pop from Marcus all over her face.

This is a pretty hot scene. Gina looks darn good and once again there's very nice chemistry in the scene. I really like how they mix up the positions with plenty of oral action, and Marcus gives her one of the best pops I've seen from him in a very long time. The only problem here is that there's a very noticeable background hiss throughout the entire scene. This is a hot scene that worked well for me.

Scene 5 – Asa Akira, Gina Lynn, and Jess Wakefield

Scene five comes from Drowning in Bitch Juice. After Jess gets done mowing the lawn in cutoffs, a white wife beater, and a bandanna to hold her hair back she makes her way over to Asian Akira, who's also in a white wifebeater along with a short blue skirt, to check on how she's doing. Gina comes out to offer them something cold to drink, and when they ask about a hose to help cool each other off Gina offers to hose them down and gets a nice little wet t-shirt contest going. They hose her down as well and all strip down with Akira getting in the middle to eat Jess as she sits on a table while Gina licks her holes from behind. Gina comes up to help work on Jess before the move to a small bridge so she can be in the middle. Akira gets a turn in the middle as well before the girls share a kiss to bring things to a close.

This is a pretty forgettable scene. The girls look decent and there's okay chemistry between them. The scene just seems like it wants to give everybody a chance to work on everybody else and then be done with things. This scene just didn't do too much for me.

Scene 6 – Gina Lynn and Tommy Gunn

The penultimate scene comes from Pussy Meltdown and starts with Gina sitting back on a couch looking a little worried wearing a little baby blue lingerie. She's visited by a very well dressed Tommy who she tells that she's been stood up by her date. Tommy suggests that she might be getting stood up so often due to a bad taste in men before brining her a little bubbly and accepting her offer to join her. As they chat Gina grabs a bit of ice and starts running it around herself to show Tommy some of what she had planned for her boy and then has him join in to run it around her. Tommy sucks her tits and rubs her pussy before letting Gina suck his cock, and they exchange oral favors back and forth a bit before Gina gets up and rides Tommy reverse cowgirl style. She sucks him a little before letting Tommy fuck her doggie and missionary style while mixing in a little more head for Tommy. Finally, Tommy strokes himself to a nice pop on Gina's tits before she rubs a bit more ice around her chest and his cock.

This is a great scene. Gina works the tease very well to start the scene out, and the opening with her and Tommy chatting over wine works well also as it gives a nice chance for the chemistry to build between them. That chemistry never cuts out as the slow pace of the scene lets everything build extremely well. This is a very hot scene, and easily one of my favorites in the compilation.

Scene 7 – Alexis Amore, Gina Lynn, and Travis Knight

The final scene comes from DDs & Derrieres 2. Alexis starts things out in a little red two-piece outfit with a red flower in her hair sitting on a couch with Travis chatting with Gina as she captures them with her camcorder. Alexis shows off her DDs as well as her derriere before moving down to suck Travis's cock, and after getting him started right lets Gina join in sucking him as she and Travis pass the camera back and forth. Travis fucks her face a little before letting Alexis ride him reverse cowgirl style, and fucks her doggie style as well before Gina moves in to suck his cock and take a cowgirl ride of her own with Alexis taking the camera. Alexis passes the camera back to Gina so she can ride Travis cowgirl style and have him fuck her missionary style before taking it again so Gina can fuck her man reverse cowgirl style. Travis grabs the camera to capture a bit of the action as he fucks Alexis missionary style with Gina riding her face and finally pops on Gina's ass and Alexis' tits.

This is a very fun scene. I'll admit that as soon as I saw that this was a pass the videocamera scene my expectations went pretty low, but I can't remember the last time I've seen a scene done like this that worked this well. Of course it's a big help that there's great chemistry all around with some good drive as well as a very fun feeling. This is yet another nicely enjoyable scene.

Ultimate Feast 3 is a very nice compilation with one major problem. That problem is always a big one for me, and that's that it doesn't really put itself forward as a compilation. Yes, the cover does have the claim of ”Gina at her best!”, but that comment isn't overly unusual with a new release for a major star and the back cover listing behind the scenes being on the DVD makes it seem even more unlike a compilation. Throw in that there's nothing on the DVD anywhere to let you know where the scenes come from, and to me this is the worst kind of compilation out there, the kind that masquerades as a new movie. Sadly, when I took a few minutes to research the series on the IAFD, I'm not alone in that thought or confusion. Out of three different reviewers who looked at the first Ultimate Feast, only one tagged it as a compilation and neither of the reviewers who checked out Ultimate Feast 2 did including the Great and Mighty Rog Pipe (who this year has been much better at reviewing porn than things like fantasy baseball and football). Rog did question whether all of the scenes were new, but by the third entry in this series everybody should be able to look at it and know whether it's a compilation or not.

Being a compilation, one other major this is missing, and that's letting the viewer know where each scene comes from. Since a compilation just collects scenes from previous releases it should give people a collection of hot scenes, and when I know that a movie has one or two really hot scenes I'm often tempted to check out the rest of that movie. I doubt I'm alone there, and the easier time I have to check out that other movie the better chance I'm going to do it. Nothing like that happens here, and it could very easily be done with something like a cast listing by scene that lets you know not only who's in which scene, but where the scene comes from.

Although those two things definitely hold Ultimate Feast 3 back, there is one big thing that it has going for it and that's a lot of hot sex. Although Gina's scenes with Mr. Marcus is only pretty good and her scene with Asa Akira and Jess Wakefield didn't do much for me, her scenes with Erik Everhard, Tommy Gunn, and Lela Star and Ben English are all smoking hot. I remember the Lela and Ben scene being fantastic, but her scene with Erik and Tommy are hot enough that I had to stop watching the movie and see if I had either title laying around waiting to be reviewed. They were, and they will be very soon because of this movie, but it took a fair amount of effort to find where each scene came from. All in all, then, Ultimate Feast 3 is a great release if you're not familiar with what Gina Lynn and Travis Knight have been doing with their own little company. They can put out some great scenes, and although you might not have any idea where they come from watching the movie, Ultimate Feast 3 does a very nice job collecting seven of them here.

The Extra Stuff

A trailers is included for DDs & Derrieres 3. The photo gallery lasts about eight and a quarter minutes with about five seconds per very nice looking snapshot. There's also cumshot recaps.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, group, B&D, lesbian, cum swapping, rimming (male > female), interracial, and feet

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of Gina Lynn Productions' movies can be found online for between about $15 and $25 with a couple stores offering them near the low end. You can easily pass this one by if you've already picked up most of the releases from Gina Lynn Productions, but this is a very nice release to pick up if you're curious about what Gina and Travis can do behind the camera. The technical aspects are okay, but lack a little due to most of the scenes being taken from a high quality anamorphic presentation and being knocked down to a non-anamorphic format, and there's no real effort put into the extras. This could have been a very impressive compilation release with just a touch more effort, but due to how it presents itself I just can't take it too far past the average mark.

Note to Gina Lynn Productions: There's nothing wrong with putting out compilation releases so long as you do it right, and that's far from what you did here. To start with, let people know that it's a compilation and then let people know where the scenes come from so they can see more scenes from the same movie if they really like what they see here. Done right a compilation should be able to sell quite a few of your other titles, and the best chance you have of that is letting the viewer know what those titles are. If you do something like a brand new scene with one of your favorite performers for the release, you'll also stand a pretty good chance of existing fans picking up the release as well.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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