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Rico Shades Gimme Some Of That 2 starsGimme Some Of That 2 starsGimme Some Of That 2 stars
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Gimme Some Of That

Gimme Some Of That

Studio: Acid Rain
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Gimme Some Of That:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Gimme Some Of That overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Gimme Some Of That Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Gimme Some Of That Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Gimme Some Of That Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Gimme Some Of That Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Gimme Some Of That DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gimme Some Of That A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  2/27/2006
Prologue The boxcover for this title has a platinum stamp on it declaring "Interracial". Is there an industry organization validating videos these days? Victoria Sweet is on the cover, giving me enough reason to watch. Veronica Jett, Mia Bangg, Stacy Thorn, Lain Oi and Kylie G. Worthy round out the cast, which is pretty strong, IMO. The male counterparts are an erratic bunch so this may be an adventure. Let's see.
The video opens with Stacy Thorn doing a striptease and fingering her snatch. It cuts to a self introduction where she tells us she loves big black dick and she's taking one in the ass today. Stacy pulls her bottoms away for a visual aid as she explains. Without any fanfare, a fat black cock is stuck in her anus. Brian Pumper is the culprit and he works it in there, then goes up and over doggy. A2M and back to doggy. Stacy gets to her knees for a face fucking bj, pulls off her shoes and bottoms, then rides Pumper in RCA. Some gaping of her raw looking rectum. Mostly short choppy strokes with the occasional deep thrust. A2M and ball licking with Stacy's pierced tongue. She lays on the couch for mish anal. Her tits are finally freed here. Brian gets some leverage for some deeper penetration and does a few short strokes for every long one. A2M leading to side entry anal. They start riffing with each other about big black dicks in tight white ass. Piledriver is next as Brian pumps gently, but gapes Stacy wide. More A2M, and a cut to spoon anal. Brian explores her innards with balls deep excursions. Back to doggy anal in an up and over with more wide gapes. Cut to Stacy on her knees taking a facial that she finds tasty.
Most of the anal menu was covered here, only CG missing, but there was more life in their canned comments than in the fucking. No passion or intensity. No lust or human interaction. Just paint by the numbers.
Victoria Sweet is dressed in lingerie that matches her hair. Black and orange. She strips and does a quick lick of her own tits. Cut to Victoria and Veronica Jett on a couch with Veronica introducing the scene. She's in black to match her hair. She's also the designated analist for today. And the lucky man is Wesley Pipes. He walks in and Victoria yanks his pants down to get at his cock. The girls start by sharing shaft and balls. Victoria looks especially hungry today and rips the dick away to jam it down her throat. Girlfriend has been practicing because she's kissing Wesley's pubes. Veronica's telling her to slow it down and make it nasty. Laundry's getting lost but Victoria's not letting go of that cock. Wesley keeps Veronica involved with some fondling. She lays back on the couch and Wesley does some muff diving. Victoria's still attached to his dick and follows him onto the floor. wesley moves over to 69 the sweet Latina, who is finger popping Veronica. He drives his cock deep into her throat and totally buries his head in her cunt. Wesley still has his pants down by his ankles as he sits on the couch and Victoria mounts in CG. Veronica sits on his face and Victoria creams on his dick. P2M for Vicky, then RC for Veronica. Victoria licks balls, shaft and pussy. She's also jamming her pussy with a couple of fingers, more horny than I've ever seen her. Doggy for Victoria, who buries her head in Veronica's hot box. wesley leans over to lick while Vicky fingers. He goes up and over, driving Victoria to orgasm. She sucks her juices off his cock with verve and gets back for more doggy boning. Veronica chokes her and Victoria demands a harder fucking. P2OGM and back to doggy with Victoria grabbing Veronica for some lez loving. They get nasty, swapping spit. Veronica gets tired of watching and orders Victoria to suck her juices so he can fuck her ass. Doggy penetration with a slow entry. Wes is admiring the sight of his big dick in her little ass as Ronnie fucks back. Victoria's masturbating on the side. RCA and she's licking at the union. A2M and back to RCA. Vicky spits on her pussy and chokes Veronica. They do some gaping and A2M. Mish anal and more A2M. Victoria's ordered onto her back for vag mish, balls deep. Veronica sits on her face and both she and Wes lap at it. Really hot long poling in her very wet pussy. Cut to both girls fish hooking Victoria's mouth as Wesley jacks his load in there. PCH and cum kisses between the two hotties.
A great scene! Victoria Sweet is getting to that next level where her lust is matching her looks. Veronica had to fight for her time on the cock and the interaction between everybody was great. There was even a chain of command between them with Wes the master and Victoria as submissive. Veronica was giving Victoria orders and taking them from Wesley.
Mia Bangg does her tease, showing off a body to die for. She introduces herself and says she's getting fucked in the ass by Jean Claude (Baptiste). Where's the suspense. He asks her if she's ever sucked a black cock before. Has this guy seen her resume? Mia puffs up his ego by saying she's never sucked one like his before. Then she reaches into his pants to get it. Mia has to put in some work just to get him half hard and Jean talks to her like he's the jumbo king cocksman of the world. He's also calling her a nasty slut before she's done anything even remotely nasty. Mia licks balls, takes him into her throat and lets him chipmunk her. She pulls her tits out and they both suck on them. Mia leans over for a face fucking, then bent over for Jean to stick his face in her ass. Vaginal penetration in doggy. P2M, then Jean picks her up for some reverse flying. More P2M, Jean spitting in Mia's mouth and smacking her face. She has to work him hard again and takes a face fucking to do it. Jean rims and spanks Mia in preparation for a doggy anal insertion. Up and over has Mia in a littany of "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah's". A2M and back to doggy. Good sequence of balls deep fucking. A2M and a cut to an RCA insertion. Mia's ass swallows him up as she rides the pony. More A2M with deep throat and back to RCA. Mia bobs and grinds on the dick and gets off to suck on the dwindling hardon. Cut to standing doggy anal with leg raised. More wood problems as Jean fights to keep his cock buried and Mia fights to look pleased. Doggy anal laid over a lounge chair and a good sequence with Mia getting her rectum rocked, her arms being used like reins. Cut to Mia on her knees and taking all of Jean's jizz on her tongue. Good PCH and some post pop cumplay.
This scene had its moments but also a lot of stop/start to it. Jean Claude couldn't keep hard for great lengths of time and Mia deserved better. She's more than willing and has an extremely fuckable body. Wood should never be a problem. Too bad his dick doesn't work as good as his mouth.
Lain Oi. What can you say about her? One look at that body and oy is appropriate. Great natural tits on a lean, lithe body. Pierced nipples, long legs and shapely ass. Lain does her tease, then introduces herself. Sitting with her is John E. Depth. He stands and pulls down his pants to let Lain get to work on making his soft cock serviceable. On her knees and in her throat, Lain shows some enthusiasm and John shows some growth. Lain sits on the now prodigious hardon in CG. Nice deep dicking here, stirring up Lain's pussy cream. Some light choking as she appears to get off. Cut to doggy, Lain's ass looking sweet rocking back and forth with the thrusts of an excited John E. P2M and Lain goes back to hugging her pillow as John explores her womb. More P2M and back to doggy. P2M bj as John goes rubbery. Cut to mish with light choking. Face slapping and tit spanking, Lain's body is on fire. More P2M for the softening dick and a cut back to mish and more choking as Lain gets off again. She drops to her knees as John E pulls out for the cumshot. He covers the lower part of her face with a nice discharge and Lain has a nice smile into the fade.
Mostly good stuff here, if a little bit limited. Another stud with wood problems forcing breaks in action. I'm on the fence about the choking here because I'm not sure Lain invited it, but it didn't seem like it was locked in hard enough to hurt her. The tit spanking was good. She seemed to enjoy that.
Kylie G Worthy is a little older and sluttier looking than the women who have preceded her. She's also the ony one without OEM breasts. She's drawn Jean Claude for her scene and looks pretty excited about it. No anal for Kylie today and they badger her about it. She feels the two she already did that week was enough. Jean Claude seems to be taking it personally. He mauls her store boughts and asks about them. Kylie gets to her knees to gobble some knob. Jean shit talks her as she takes the cock as deep as she can. He spanks her, which she likes, and reminds her what a slut she is for sucking black cock. She just keeps telling him she loves it. He holds the back of her head and face fucks her. Cut to a doggy penetration. Kylie takes a nice pounding as Jean gives her head a camel clutch. She asks to have her hair pulled and a hard fucking. P2M, then Kylie sits on the cock RC. Standing doggy with Kylie demanding a railing. P2M again, Jean adding his spit for lube. RC again, then she's picked up for flight. More P2M, then CG. Kylie does a nice deep dick dance and gets picked up again for another flying fuck. Back on the ground she gets another face fucking. Jean pumps his rubbery dick hard again, calling Kylie a slut with every stroke. Cut to mish and she asks for a hard fucking again. Sincerity is just dripping off of her. Jean licks some gash and reenters. Some wood problems make it difficult for a moment but he gets his groove on and takes her deep. He turns her for doggy and makes the cellulite shake. Jean Claude strokes all over a kneeling and closed mouth Kylie's face.
I can't get passed the canned dialogue by Kylie and Jean Claude's feeble attempts at portraying some kind of dominant mandingo with his incessant talk of her being a slut for black cock. And she never stopped reminding us that it was a black one either. We've got eyes, and we can also see that it's not all that big or hard.
Epilogue If I told you that the best scene, nay, a great scene, was the one with Wesley Pipes in a very prominent role and as gabby as ever, you would be telling yourself that ole picman's gone around the bend. But I'm here to tell you that this is a fact. The rest of this is pretty forgettable. Porn by the numbers. Fed dialogue. Rubber dicks. But Victoria Sweet rocked the house with Veronica Jett and Wesley. She was as ferocious as a pit bull attacking cock with hunger. Veronica did the dirty stuff but it's Victoria who left the impression. And Wesley showed his pimp hand, keeping the girls in line and moving things forward. Another problem I had with this video is the video itself. I think they were trying for deep colors, but ended up with flat, pukey color casts. No brightness or saturation. Overall, not as good as I thought it could or should have been.
The Disk The scenes are broken down by sex act in Select a Shot. There's a photo gallery, trailers and BTS.
Recommendation I can't advise anything more than a rental here, but I would suggest that Victoria Sweet is worth the expenditure.

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