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Charlie Gigantische Spermabesamung 4 starsGigantische Spermabesamung 4 starsGigantische Spermabesamung 4 stars
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Gigantische Spermabesamung

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Gigantische Spermabesamung

Studio: Silwa
Category:  Foreign

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FacIan's ratings for Gigantische Spermabesamung:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Gigantische Spermabesamung overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Gigantische Spermabesamung Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Gigantische Spermabesamung Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Gigantische Spermabesamung Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Gigantische Spermabesamung Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Gigantische Spermabesamung DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gigantische Spermabesamung A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by FacIan  on  5/1/2002

Gigantische Spermabesamung
Editor: Silwa (

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Gang bang; Facial; Cumshots ; Snow balling

Initial expectation
A gang bang nastier than the usual ones. Something close to GGG films without the dark donjon style.

General comment
I've been a little bit disapointed as impressive cumshots are more rare than I wanted. Women are okay but not very nasty. Most of the cumshots can be seen with 2 differents angles and usually one of them can be slow motion. But there are some amazing good close-ups! There are also some anal actions but do not buy it for that. You will also see a cucumber in action.
There are some very good atempts in this film but the actors were something like too shy to really do it. Strange!
Eventually, I have to say that I do not regret my money at all.

DVD perspective
The menu is minimum as you have 2 options: go by chapters or play the whole film. The last chapter goes directly to the trailers. The picture is very good quality. The sound is natural and clear.

The cover says 100 minutes, in fact you get 83mn + 9mn trailers. It is okay.
The cover says: 55 dicks and 120 cumshots. I obviously did not count but it is probably true!
4 Girls.

Scene 1 (29mn):
The film starts with Kerstin (auburn hair), the cutest of the girls in the film. She is also very noisy (in german). It takes about 30 seconds before you see her taking her first cum shot while she is kneeling. She even did not have time to suck a dick. That gives you a good idea of what to expect! Unfortunately, the guy who delivers a thick load manages to put it everywhere except in her mouth. To be honest, I should say that SHE managed to avoid to have any cum in mouth. Even like that she coughs as if she got half a liter directly in her throat. Every little piece of cum she get in mouth will be spited out immediately. Same for load number 2, 3 and so on. As she doesn't really suck any dick it starts to look more like a bukkake than a gang bang. But we already had 3 shots in 1.5mn! Then we swap to another scene with Kerstin fucked in the ass by a solo guy. She wears fishnet stockings, something you rarely have in american films. I do like stockings! The scene will be put from time to time in the middle of Kerstin's gang bang.
We now come back to the gang bang. The cumshots will start to be better as the guy are more "persuasives". You will also have most of the cumshots twice. Not necessarly both angles one after the other, but rather by sets. I do prefer! One angle is a very close-up.
From now, she will start to have some cum on face and hair. But keep in mind that the guys always target inside the mouth. Some succeed well but she spits immediately.
Back to anal scene. Close-up on her bald pussy in RC.
Back to gang bang. She makes some good jobs as she jerks the guy herself. She becomes less reluctant to have cum in mouth.
She now lies on her back on the bed. A guy is pushing a cucumber in her ass. But all the scene long he will never push hard enough to really introduce it inside. Very frustrating! Some guys will cum on the cucumber near her asshole. It is very nasty. In the same time, they understood that if they want to fill her mouth they have to keep it open. So a guy keeps her mouth open while another one cums a big fat thick load in it. This is the first very good one! You will see it later in close up! Wow! Follow some other shots in mouth, on pussy and on cucumber. Some are very good.
She now sit down, her head reversed on the bed side. The guys will come on her face and in mouth. Some incredibely close-ups to be shot there! She will have her mouth, lips, cheeks, throat and breast covered with white sticky cum. It does not stop for minutes and minutes. Every time you think the scene is over, another guy comes and delivers a new load. Messy !

Scene2 (32mn):
As the first scene, this one starts as a first image with a guy cumming in Sabrina's mouth, a brunette. A few seconds later you'll see Tanja (blond) geting the same food. These 2 girls will team. They are less shy and reluctant than Kerstin. The first loads are weak. It is a shame as the girls are ready to get them IN mouth.
Basicaly, the scenario is the same as in scene 1. The difference will be that these 2 girls are more enthusiastics then Kerstin. You will also get the anal scene here and there. Good close-ups, good fat thick loads from guys. You'll also have some snow balling.At one point the brunette is getting a very good load over her face, part on her right eye and cheek, the rest in her open mouth. This shot is a close-up. Well done !

Scene 3 (20 minutes):
Back to Kerstin jerking a guy right in her mouth. Good load. Good job! She now teams with a blond Diana. Diana is the cute blond on the cover. She gets most of the load of the first part of this scene. Swap to some anal stuff. Back to the scene where Tanja joined the 2 others. They are all kneeling and jerking guys. Diana will get most of the proteins in that scene but you can't say the other ones are lazy!

Well, if you are looking for nice babes getting loads after loads in mouth, on face, but also on pussy and on asshole, this film is for you. With a little bit of enthusiasm, the first scene would be extremely good. As a first contact with this collection, I might try another one. I would say that it is less nasty than a GGG film but I liked it anyway.

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