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MD James Get It in Gere 4.5 starsGet It in Gere 4.5 starsGet It in Gere 4.5 stars
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Get It in Gere

Get It in Gere

Studio: VCA
Category:  Interactive
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astroknight's ratings for Get It in Gere:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Get It in Gere overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Get It in Gere Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Get It in Gere Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Get It in Gere Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Get It in Gere Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Get It in Gere DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Get It in Gere A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/21/2002

Running Time: the cover states over three hours, which seems pretty reasonable

Production Date: July 2001

Director: Wit Maverick

Cast: Ashlyn Gere, Evan Stone, and Tyce Bune

Initial Expectations: VCAís FantaSex titles have been pretty interesting so far, and with Ashlyn Gere doing this one Iím really looking forward to it.

Initial Reaction: Itís a nice effort, but falls a bit short.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of Ashlyn Gere and virtual sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks sexy stops when a female can get a drivers license

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very well done. You can clearly hear everything Ashlyn says without worrying about any background noises. The video is also very clear, but at times the border with the blue screen in back seems to infringe slightly. This is about the only problem I could see. The lighting is very well done and the video is very clear and free of any pixelation.

Music: You get to choose the music during the FantaSex. You can go nice and slow, which is quiet, or more driving, which also being up the volume a bit. If you want, you can even go at it without any music.

Menus: The main menu is simple and without animation. From there, Ashlyn guides most of the menus, walking you through your choices. Itís nicely done and gives the DVD a simple and friendly feeling.

The Feature: Since Ashlyn Gere made a return to the adult industry sheís been getting a fair amount of attention, and has shown that being a little older doesnít mean a women becomes any less sexier. This time sheís heading a virtual sex simulator and looking great at it. Yeah, sheís got a wrinkle here and there, but never looks like sheís putting the makeup on with a paint roller to try and hide it. She looks great, and uses a welcoming personality to bring you through a nicely filled DVD.

Surprisingly, the Get It In Gere game is a trivia game. As you answer questions, which come in sets of three, youíre given the chance to watch bonus scenes, and if you answer enough correctly, have FantaSex with Ashlyn. Itís not as easy as it sounds, since the questions cover everything from the start of porn up to modern day porn. If you get too frustrated, there are cheats in the main menu, however, where you can just jump directly to whatever portion of the DVD you want to go to.

As you play, youíre given the chance to watch bonus scenes. Some of them come from Ashlynís movies, while others are new for this DVD. Leading off the bonuses is an eleven minute plus Virtual Date with Ashlyn. This is basically an interview with Ashlyn sitting at a table holding a drink. She talks about things such as what she likes in a date, being a star, what she likes physically, music, and of course, sex. Itís a very nice little interview that does a good job showing her as a real person.

There are also two bonus teases. The first is a two minute tease with Ashlyn wearing a kinda shiny green bikini, which she looks great in. It doesnít stand out like red, white, and blue flag bikinis, but it works great for her and she knows just how to move in it. Thereís also a two and three quarter minute strip tease with Ashlyn starting out in a little white outfit. Once again, she does a great job with it and plays to the camera beautifully.

The main thing, however, is the FantaSex with Ashlyn. Most everything youíre used to for Virtual Sex is here. You have several foreplay options, starting with fondling Ashlynís nicely implanted tits as well as fingerbanging her or fucking her with a toy. You can also eat her out or have her suck your cock. If itís fucking you want, you can choose between cowgirl, doggie, and missionary. Your choices donít end there, however, since you can also choose between two angles (a distance shot and an extreme close-up) and three levels of intensity. Whatever you choose, the segments range between about a minute and two minutes. You also have the choice on when to pop, with the pop shots (all of which are real) lasting between twenty and forty five seconds.

Thereís some definite good and bad here. On the good side, Ashlyn does a great job playing to the camera, which is a must in this type of feature. She also does a very nice job varying her intensity between the three levels. You almost always notice a difference, even between the medium intensity and the high intensity. Also, the controls are very easy to use and very unobtrusive. The only thing you normally see is the circle for where the choices will be. As you move your cursor or selector around it, the choice appears. This is a very nice touch, and much nicer than seeing a picture of every position along the edge of the screen like in some virtual sex features. Youíre not limited to seeing the controller, and can also easily control the action from your keypad. If you donít feel like controlling the action, you can also sit back and let Ashlyn control things, which gives you something like your typical porn scene.

The background is somewhere between good and bad. Itís a nicely colored blue-screen, which is much warmer than the completely black background on some other virtual sex simulators. Thereís also a few pillows around that seem very natural. Youíre not going to see a star surrounded by black, but youíre also not going to see them as if youíre doing them in their bedroom or in the back seat of a 65 Mustang.

The thereís the bad. Luckily, there isnít much of this, and most of it is personal dislikes. First, thereís the common looping problem, which seems to plague almost every virtual sex simulator out there. Itís not too bad here, and it look like there was a definite effort to have Ashlyn get back to the position she started the loop in by the end of the loop. You donít have anything like watching her go from buck-ass neckid to having to strip out of a snowmobile suit to get back to where she was when the loop ended. As I said, this is something Iíve come to expect from all virtual sex simulators, and Iím not that disappointed here since VCA looks like they put some very good effort into trying to avoid this problem.

My main problem with the FantaSex is some of the camera angles. The camera work in itself is well done. There isnít any shakiness or soft focus problems. To me, though, it was often focused on the wrong area. In both doggie and missionary you canít see any penetration unless you go to the close-up shot. The camera goes from about the middle of Ashlynís back forward in doggie and from the bottom edge of her tits up in missionary. If you switch to the second angle, all you see is a cock pulsing in and out of her. I want to see both a cock going in and out as well as how sheís responding, not choose between the two. This was my main complaint about the entire FantaSex, and what brought it down from about four and a half stars, where I figured it was going to end up watching how well done the foreplay and oral was, to three and a half stars.

Finally thereís the pop shots, which has a bit of good in the bad. The good, as I said before, is that theyíre all real. The bad is that they seem a bit limited. If you hit the cum command while working Ashlyn over in foreplay, it goes to you popping on her face. She takes it very well, but it didnít fit the area. Yes, it fits during the blowjob, but to have one pop shot sequence cover the entire foreplay and oral sex area seems a bit off. Thankfully it isnít this way throughout the entire DVD since each sexual position has its own pop shot sequence. Some of them feel a bit chopped, since it cuts from Ashlyn telling you where she wants it to the dick droppings being deposited, but itís much better than having one sequence cover everything. Overall, the pop shots are a bit above average, and just a little work away from being very good.

Thereís also a hidden masturbation scene that runs about four and a quarter minutes. This one is worth hunting for, and anybody with a DVD-ROM will be happy to be able to do it the easy way. Ashlyn plays with herself while telling you to do the same, and nicely trash talks her way through it all. Itís something I have mixed emotions about. Something this good should be out there and easy to watch. On the other hand, if youíre willing to put the effort into finding it, youíre going to be dang happy you did rather than finding something like twenty seconds of Ashlyn brushing her teeth, which Iím also sure she can make look dang hot.

Get It In Gere is a nice addition to VCAís FantaSex line. Ashlyn is a great pick to lead it, and plays to the camera wonderfully throughout the entire DVD. The DVD is nicely organized, and should keep any fan of Ashlyn happily busy for quite a while. The controls are also easy to follow, and not so big and gaudy on the screen that they take away from the overall presentation. My main complaint is in the camera angles, which I didnít think gave me that good of a view of what was happening. This is a personal complaint, but I donít think Iím going to be alone in it. Iím also a little unsure about how having a DVD revolving around a trivia game is going to go over. I canít say that itís a bad idea, and I have to give VCA a little credit for trying it. Heck, itís more than some of the other companies out there will give you in a virtual sex DVD. Get It In Gere is a good DVD, and although it has a few faults, itís still worth checking out.

Extras: As you play, you get the chance to watch bonus scenes from some of Ashlynís movies. The first movie bonus scene pairs Ashlyn with Joey Silvera and comes from Malibu Spice. Ashlyn starts out looking a bit like a geek wearing glasses and working on something in front of her Mac. They get down to the good stuff pretty quick, stripping each other down a bit with Ashlyn kissing her way down to suck and stroke Joeyís joystick. Joey returns Ashlynís oral favors before she moves around for a bit of fucks missionary, doggie and reverse cowgirl. Ashlyn finally takes Joeyís joy juice on her bush before they kiss and cuddle a bit. Itís a fairly short scene, but has some nice chemistry, energy, and heat.

In the bonus scene from Mirage, Ashlyn finds herself awakened by a storm with Mike Horner standing in her doorway. They make their way back to her bed where Mike kisses her all over, or at least, all over the places that count in porn. She energetically returns the favor before taking Mikeís hint to climb on. They keep things moving with a natural roll into mish before Mike dribbles onto Ashlynís stomach and tits. Itís a pretty good scene that makes great use of shadows. You canít see everything all the time, yet with the scene being at night you donít feel like you should. Thereís also some nice chemistry and energy to help make this a winner.

Finally, in Gerení Up, Ashlyn dominates brunette Cassidy. After getting Cassidy on her back, Ashlyn ravages her with her tongue and fingers while trash talking to her. Surprisingly itís a one way scene, but thereís a lot of heat here. Ashlynís trash talking drives the entire scene, and makes this a winner.

In addition to all the extras as you try to make your way to FantaSex with Ashlyn, thereís some of the traditional extras. Leading them off is an audio bio for Ashlyn Gere with several photos. The main photo gallery lasts about three and a half minutes with about ten seconds per full screen photo. Trailers are included for Club Sin and Crime and Passion. Thereís also help for the DVD, such as having Ashlyn tell you all about the options on the DVD.

Themes: Straight, virtual sex, toys, and spanking

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Overall: Currently, Get It in Gere can be found online for between $19 and $28 with a decent variation between stores. If youíre a fan of Ashlyn Gere you owe it to yourself to pick this one up, but for everybody else the low end is a pretty fair price for what you get. There are a few things I personally donít like about the simulator, but it is easy to use. Thereís also some nice extras to give you more of Ashlyn and a very good transfer.

Note to VCA: Youíre making some great progress with FantaSex, and show the potential to be one of the top virtual sex simulators out there.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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