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Garden Of Seduction

Garden Of Seduction

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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REVERSIBLE's ratings for Garden Of Seduction:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Garden Of Seduction overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Garden Of Seduction Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Garden Of Seduction Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Garden Of Seduction Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Garden Of Seduction Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Garden Of Seduction DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Garden Of Seduction A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by REVERSIBLE  on  5/14/2006




Kept deep in the shadows of the lost fervor, tortured by the daily misery of the city, wondered in the wilderness of apathy, the untamed soul of the chosen one finally managed to survive. Behold, he rises gloriously from the ashes and comes forth to master the fires of carnal mayhem. People of the ADT community “Reversible” is back. He is once more ready to reverse the odds, he is once more ready to fight for … porn. Entrust him, Embrace him and f.. him. I meant follow him to his journey, to the incredible adventure pursuing the source of delight and visual satisfaction.

Long live the King! Hurray! Hurray!

Gee, I am really impressed about the sense of modesty that I have.

Reverse the scenes and play them again… enjoy every single pleasureful second!


Distribute Company: New Sensations and many others (Although the production was Hungarian I got the Marc Dorcel's version)

Director: Kovi

Genre: Glamorous Gonzo

Performers in the order that they appear (f/m): Nikky Belucci, Maya Gold, Layla Hill (Kata Hilton), Katalin, Cony Ferrara, MICHELLE WILD, Emese, Chocky Ice, Renato, Mick Blue, Lauro Giotto.



Maybe to many of you, the name Kovi does not ring a bell, but a lot of people who are involved with adult videography recognize his significant role in the early millennium’s adult productions. At that time, the acclaimed Hungarian director made many videos for the "PRIVATE" Swedish company, taking the “Fetish” series under his control and delivering his personal distinctive mark in the company’s line. His early creations were made by the German adult filming standards, but through the years, he developed his own shooting style, influenced by Frank Thring, Antonio Adamo and later by Michael Ninn’s capturing art. I don’t know if Kovi is still filming, but I personally think he was a very capable director who was constantly improving his techniques, movie by movie. He was creative, very erotic and had a great sense of beautiness and sexuality. Nevertheless, for me, Kovi was something more. He was the person who brought one of my all times favorite adult starlets out to the spot lights and made her shine under his guidence. If you haven’t yet figured out for whom I am talking about, I will just spell one name. One name which stimulates my senses to unbelievable levels and makes me, tremble at its sound. Michelle Wild.

Ok I will be honest with you, Michelle was the main reason I got this tape. I recently (Well…not so recently) reviewed a film containing her called “Nasty Dreams”, which was one of the last films this gorgeous babe had ever made. I promised to you another rare review of her appearance and folks… today my promise is fulfilled. To those who don’t know, Mrs. Wild has retired a few years ago, due to her marriage and birth of her daughter. This title has not yet been reviewed by anyone else so I consider it a pleasant duty to be the first.



The film starts in a garden, out in the fields, where there are happy young men and women dressed in white chitons, dancing, laughing and having fun. The picture it’s blurry and it’s like it was just taken out of a 70’s handheld camera. There is no sound of the festivities, just the same music which is played on and on.

Our first scene is “emerged” from a pastel canvas portrait where Nikki Belluci’s beautiful face is pictured on. Nikki is a slim natural brunette, product of Hungary. Gradually, the hazy picture clears out and becomes alive with the help of some nice morphing special effects. We are smoothly transferred to the interior of a mansion and we are watching a gorgeous creature walking down the marble stairs, dressed so elegantly. It is Maya Gold. Maya is another blonde erotic female being who possesses a marvelous body and very expressive large light colored eyes. Her styling attire is similar to a late 30’s diva. She stops before reaching the bottom. Niki is sitting at the first steps leaning aside against the banister. Maya opens her sleek beige stocking covered leg and positions it over to Niki. The brunette responds by petting Maya’s silky calf very very sensually. For those you dig in leg fetish activities this is a footage you must not miss. The photography is brilliant. Maya looks straight to the lens enticing us silently.

Chocky Ice is sitting comfortably in a Victorian decorated couch smoking a cigar and witnessing the whole scene. All of the participants are very sophisticated dressed. I love the way Kovi captures some details. Lots of eye-contacts and gross plans. Maya licks her lips. The picture fades a bit delivering a more glossy approach. Maya sits across Chocky looking at him. She opens her legs and lifts her dress alluringly. The guy observes her sober. It is obvious Kovi is trying to raise the heat and my opinion is that he manages to succeed it in an important grade. A cut away at Niki’s figure, as she watches them carefully. Meanwhile, Maya has already approached Chocky and had pulled off his fat dick. I guess she couldn’t hold on any more. She starts jerking it slowly. There is a big shot of the action. Soon her tongue is wrapped around his cockhead and a very hot blowjob ensues. Niki licks her fingers. There is a cut and after that we notice Maya’s panty which was pulled aside and Chocky burying his cock in her pussy in standing doggy manner. Her dress was taken off and Maya’s awesome body is exposed. The doggy shagging is captured nicely and Maya shows that she is enjoying it as she is pushing towards her partner’s thighs with her hand. Maya has a tight slit and the big cock stretches it wide. Switching to reverse cowgirl we have the chance to admire her fabulous bodily attire. She bounces up and down with gusto while Niki a little further, plays with herself. She decides to take energetic part into the action and position herself above the guy’s head. She moves her black lacy see through panties aside and places her delectable pussy onto Chocky’s face, rubbing it on his tongue.

Cut. Wooh! That’s something we don’t see often. Niki has her vulva plugged in standing doggy, her body is leaning backwards to her lover and her right leg is lifted up high behind her, almost reaching her back. She holds her feet there while Chocky nails her for good. Well something tells me that Niki might have appeared in gymnastics contests or at least in a circus acrobatic show. Maya is in front of her sitting on the couch using Niki’s leg to rub her clit. She also licks Niki’s lips. Soon Chocky withdraws and goes up higher shoving his rigid pole deep into the brunette’s tight asshole stubbing her in the same odd but noticeable manner. Not very long afterwards Chocky brings himself to orgasm spewing his semen on Maya’s pale face.

This was a very erotic scene, masterly captured by Kovi. I loved the elaborated clothes and set up and the director’s devotion to detail and to the alluring atmosphere he wants to create. However, I really feel the scene should be last longer. Additionally, there are no speaking, moans or any other sounds except music. Although the sensualism level was high, I believe Kovi could have sustained some certain stimulating physical sounds of sexual contact. Anyway, only by this scene we can figure out how Michael Ninn and other American directors have affected Kovi’s directing style.


Kovi edits again the garden festivities footage. He adds some honey dips, some fruits in the mix and tria la la…tria la la. The same trick with the painting picture follows, leading us to the next scene.

A very pretty face of a female is on display as she is putting make up in front of a mirror. She is a brunette with dark eyes. Her name is Layla Hill. The camera turns right and the characteristic dark silhouette of another woman can be distinguished behind the curtains. Kovi again shows his artistic skills exposing his lens to the light and using a blur filter to shoot the scene. The shadow woman enters the room. She is Katalin, a chestnut Goddess who possesses an exquisite body. She gets her top off and a wonderful set of tits are disclosed for our viewing pleasure. Oh yes! She plays with her self alluringly while her friend is busy watching her own reflection. Finally Layla turns around facing Katalin and decides to pay some attention to her. Meanwhile the chestnut woman has taken off her skirt. Both girls’ legs are covered with silky black stockings. I personally love the site and texture of a stocking covered woman leg.

Things are getting kinky as Katalin applies a big black strap-on. The brune gets down on the floor and starts crawling towards Katalin. She starts sucking the black plastic dick as she is teasing herself. Gros plan of Layla taking a technical blowjob. Even if the dick is made from plastic the picture is nice. A close shot of Katalin’s face reveals her stunning beautiness. She has remarkable green colored eyes, which can make you lose your mind staring them. I have never seen Katalin before and my admiration about her is growing rapidly. Try to imagine Katalin’s long legs spread wide, her stroking her enhanced cock slowly and between her legs and below the arch which is formed by them, the anticipating figure of Layla preparing her pussy for thorough invasion.

The brunette woman lies on the bed comfortably having her arms extended on the bed post. Katalin approaches her and starts licking her nipples outside her white shirt. Kovi again provides us with fantastic images that prove his undisputable sense of eroticism. It’s obvious Layla’s nipples are stimulated. Katalin’s tongue slips upon Layla’s body hills reaching her nether regions and occupying the wet lightly bushy valley that exists in there. Layla of course enjoys her girlfriend’s oral treatments. After salivating her properly Katalin uses the strap-on to penetrate Layla’s love tunnel in missionary, as the last one is lying on the bed having her right leg upon her friend’s shoulder. Katalin gets rid of the strap on and lies face up on the bed as her pretty friend stands upon her head enjoying a pleasureful cunnilingus. The girls change roles and it’s about time for us to witness Katalin lower orifices. Their bodies are combined in the famous 69 pose as both of them are getting orally satisfied. There is a cut and now the girls have her bodies positioned in such a way that allows them to rub their pussies simultaneously like two scissors one between the other. A metallic vibe is also applied for some extra pleasure. The girls stay like this until they reach orgasm, at least they look like. Finito.

That was a very nice lesbian touch from Kovi, but again the duration of the scene was short and the lack of natural sounds, at least in my preferences, was against the overall appeal.


Another tralala tralalo footage with merry people cheering up in the country side. Well folks, I would strongly recommend Kovi to change a little bit each scene’s intro because it gets ridiculous and monotonous. Again the same painting trick before we are heading to our next scene.

When the picture gets clearer we see a blonde girl standing motionless. A green filter is applied on the camera lens while Kovi delivers us some artistic spots of her body parts taken as photo instances in different small rectangular portions of the screen. The blonde girl is Cony Ferrara and she is standing still pretending a human size doll or statue. Renato is passing in front of her a few times and every time he passes, Cony has one clothing part less. As her dress is taken off we find out she wears chic black lingerie and stockings. Soon Cony’s ample silicon enhanced tits are exposed. I think she is visiting the gym quite often because she has very well formed amps. She has a big tattoo in her front but we really can go through unnoticed.

You know what happens in porn in these cases. Yes, yes you guess right. The doll or statue of Cony magically comes to life when Renato decides to stop in front of her and start touching it. The guy proceeds on kissing her and caressing her body, as well as groping her breast and licking her nipples. Cony turns around providing Renato the back portion of her wonderful body. He continues to pet her, paying more attention to her round firm ass and her knickers free pink soaking wet slit. She then returns the favor pulling out his massive cock and starting blowing it. The camera goes low below his crotch and Cony can’t wait any more. She wants to feel Renato’s big dick inside her so positions her self in standing doggy, grasping his manhood and leading it deep inside her vagina. Renato responds to her lust by drilling her hard in this pose. The penile reaming is hot and Kovi captures it in many angles. Cony shows us her shape leaning her head down to the ground as she is rubbing her clit. She appears to like it although there is no sound present except music. She even raises her left leg up providing us a better view of the penetration. Renato takes a break in order to taste her holes. He salivates her asshole thoroughly and manages to shove a finger inside. We are waiting for the inevitable, but instead, a few moments later the busty girl is witnessed on the ground enjoying a proper muff diving by her lover. Renato drives his partner crazy and Cony is battling on the ground as her body is quivering from sheer pleasure.

Next in the scene’s positions menu comes the Reverse Cowgirl station. Her entire luscious body is on display as Renato pounds her meaty pussy fast from below. The moment of truth has come as the guy shifts holes pushing his pole in Cony’s tight rectum. Renato is not gentle with her and he spears her ass in the same revealing manner. The nailing is quite energetic and Kovi captures it in Antonio Adamo’s style. Not long after Renato unloads his sperm fuel upon her face and open mouth. Then Cony spits it on the marble floor and licks it like a dog.

Good scene. Kovi raises the heat with proper rhythm and intensiveness, providing a hot and hard gonzo coupling. Unfortunately the previous negative issues continue to exist as the lack of sound becomes more crucial in this case.


Shhhhh! The scene starts.
Lots of garden shit again before…Michelle Wild’s beautiful pale face is formed on the painting canvas. Ok folks, I have already said it, but I will say it again because I like to watch it written. I LOVE THIS G...GIRL. I LOVE MICHELLE WILD. Watching her in the street without her make up on you might not recognize her …That is true. But from the moment the lens of the adult director are laid upon her …holly molly! Your heart will start pump so fast, that you will soon need a cardiologist’s prescription to relax afterwards. This girl is unbelievably attractive, sexy, hot, willing, sensual, creative, skilful, lustful, wild. She can run a show all by herself. She is a porn phenomenon and I strongly protest her name, as one of the greatest adult stars of all times, even if her career was relatively short.
To those who didn’t have the pleasure to see her before, Michelle is a very pretty busty Hungarian brunette with captivating light coloured eyes and a wonderful luscious body built by Goddess Venus herself.

She is sitting on a classy toilette watching her own fascinating reflection on a mirror. She spends some time with her self, observing her beautiful face and admiring her precious jewels she wears. There is a cut and we now witness two men one after the other walking into another room and sit comfortably on the big bed that exists in the middle. They are Mick Blue and Lauro Giotto. It is obvious Michelle plays the role of a high class prostitute that she has the difficult task to please not one but two customers to please. Difficult? Oh no, not for Michelle. For her it seems a very pleasant duty. Sometimes for some particular women like Michelle, one lover is not enough, she needs at least two to satisfy her immeasurable hunger for lust.

Our gorgeous starlet enters the room where the guys are end a few moments later she engages in a short but always sensual strip tease. While her clothing parts are taken off, the poor guys look at her carefully enjoying what their great fortune has planned for them this evening. Michelle unfolds her sexual talent enticing our screens. She is a sex Goddess. She ends up with only a pair of ed stocking covering her legs. She positions herself between them and the more intimate part of the show begins. Michelle gives a gentle kiss to Mick petting his cheek. Lauro on the other side is busy licking her tits and massaging her curves. The guys know that Michelle is the object of their desire and treat her accordingly. Mick’s tongue runs down her sensitive neck as she responds with enjoyment while at the same time, Lauro pets and salivates her precious derriere. Michelle’s buttons are definitely pressed on and the lovely princess willingly returns the carnal care. She loosens Mick tie and then her mouth slowly moves down on his tight muscular body kissing and licking in its way through. Cut. The boys are laid on the bed next to each other and Michelle kneels in the middle stroking their dicks with each of her hands. Soon her rosy lips are touching their dick helmets and a few moments later the lucky guys take a first sample of her skilful blowjob technique as their rigid poles are lost in her oral cavity.

Eventually Mick gets in position behind Michelle and inserts his cock in her tender pussy while she is still sucking his friend's tool. Mick applies long strokes into her pussy as he is probing her like a good stallion. Kovi captures the action nicely with lots of different angles and distances. Lauro claims his own share on her and dives his thick penis in her womb spoon style. Lauro probes her good while she and Mick exchange tender kisses. Lauro reams her pussy in furious rhythm. Michelle enjoys the nailing very much. Lauro even manages to extend her pleasure further by rubbing her clit all along. She blows Mick while cupping her plentiful breasts. Suddenly my screen starts shinning as her beautifulness is on full display. She moves her juicy attire up and down on Mick’s thick pole in reverse cowgirl fashion and the site is more than remarkable! Voila! Her majesty, Michelle Wild! Mick stuffs her cherry well from beneath while her tits are swaying uncontrollably with every stroke.

My day is made as Mick shifts holes pushing his long stick right in her tight anal spot. Reverse cowgirl, the anal version with a sizzling luscious female like Michelle Wild is a mind blowing spectacle. Well my comments are unable to describe the site of Michelle’s full bodily figure bouncing with gusto as she is getting anally ripped from beneath. Lauro of course can’t be complained because he too enjoys Michelle’s mouth around his penis. However with this girl before you it is natural to get a little bit greedy! That delectable pussy of hers is widely exposed and Lauro can’t stand out more being passive at its site. Not minding about his friend’s mass, which is already occupying Michelle’s clutching asshole, Lauro steps in and shoves his thick respectable size cock all the way inside her wet inviting pussy. Our gorgeous brunette has both of her lower holes stuffed at once and as soon as both guys commence sliding in and out of her slots, a damn brilliant RC DP ensues for our viewing amazement.
Kovi covers the double penetration nicely applying many angles. A close low straight behind their crotches view unveils us the sheer stretching both Michelle’s love holes are suffering, as these genetically blessed boys are pummelling away at once. When the lens is zoomed out we can additionally witness her sexy legs spread wide and her shoes empty feet laid upon Mick’s thighs. Certainly the foot fetish fanatics will love this one. Furthermore as our eyes are exploring the picture we can even spot Michelle’s unique facial expressions, showing us how much she enjoys being double drilled like this! (I would also like to hear her stimulating moans, but unfortunately Kovi replaced the physical sounds with music).
Although I would have also preferred to spot a few angles more (Some of those perfect angled DP samples of modern porn got me greedy), yet I am glad that today, I was fortunate to witness a very hot, sensual and rear (* see below) DP of this startling wild babe, captured nicely by one of the masters of erotica. There is a cut and then we see Mick oozing his sperm on Michelle’s open mouth and tongue. Lauro is fucking her in the missionary position for a little bit before the scene is closed when he finally erupts on her well trimmed pubic area.

Well, for once more the star of this unbelievably sexy female creature shines. Michelle Wild is an exceptional sexual performer and proves it again. She always holds the right keys to captivate her audience and offer great amounts of sensualism and heat. A Michelle Wild scene is always worth to bee seen. I am a huge fun of her and I am really really sad knowing that I won’t be able to see her again. The scene was satisfying even though I believe it should be last longer. Kovi could have very well managed to add a couple positions more as well extending the current. After all her majesty, Michelle Wild rightfully deserves it.


For a last time the painting effect takes place after a little bit of garden celebrating nonsense. Really folks until now I haven’t yet figured out what the merry garden stuff has to do with the overall flick. They used to believe that a woman’s soul and mind is an abyss, well, what must someone says about Kovi’s case?

The final scene starts somewhat abruptly as we watch a guy fucking a skinny brunette in the traditional missionary pose. They are both upon a bed positioned outside in the fields. The girl is Emese. She wears only a small white see through veil. Her head is decorated with laurel from flowers. The guy who fucks her is Mick Blue. While Mick is pumping away, Emese is holding tight a red blanket. Kovi adds some artistic blurry effects and then the young female proceeds to oral treatments, giving head to her partner. She uses lots of saliva when Mick’s long pole slips into her throat. Emese gets on all fours and Mick moves behind her. But instead of probing her in this pose he starts licking her fresh pussy. I am sure Emese wont mind at all. She uses some fingers in her love funny too as the girl accepts gladly Mick's attention.

What about a little spooning? Mick gives it to her fast in this manner and Kovi captures it nicely. The loving duo engages into some tender kisses before moving on with the reverse cowgirl position. Emese possesses a rather meaty pussy and it is hot to see Mick thick cock stretching its pink lower lips wide as he nails her from beneath. Although Emese looks so innocent, she doesn’t hesitate to take Mick’s shaft in her tight asshole. A steaming anal slamming ensues in the favorable Reverse Cowgirl manner and Emese’s rectum gets it the hard way. Ultimately we watch her sucking her lover’s member until he unloads on her pale face.

It was an ok scene, containing a few romantic elements and a hard anal finish. Young Emese shows that she fucks well but her looks didn’t do the trick for me. It’s a bit skinnier than I would prefer.





Let’s sum it up. We have a gonzo film with five scenes. Through his creation, Kovi tried to find the golden mean between hardness and eroticism and my personal opinion is that he managed to succeed it in a good grade. That artistic glamorous style he tried to pass and his insistence to give as many sensual details as possible through out the scenes had given to this title an exquisite touch of beautiness and class. I personally love this kind of filming not only because it is different from the common “fast-fuck” gonzo flicks but mainly because it usually helps to build up not only the performers but also the attendants sexual mood, before or during the main hardcore session. Additionally, the photography was in some cases more than spectacular and certainly justified Kovi’s title as master of erotica.
On the other hand, the film wasn’t perfect; in fact it could be a lot better. The lack of physical sounds, the short duration of each scene and the average level of passion in certain cases didn’t give the movie the appealing value I was expecting to see. Still, I haven’t regret seeing it, not only because of Michelle Wild’s scene but also because there were many erotic points in the other scenes as well. I


Well, I am surprised! This was surely one of the very rare DPs Michelle Wild had committed in RC form. Of course Michelle Wild funs are aware that, in her early “Private” years and in many movies that followed after, the juicy Hungarian brunette was applying a DP almost in every one of them. (And boy they were many). Yet, all of the times her DP was setup in the usual cowgirl form. (Someone could even notice that Kovi was frequently using the same positions in all through Michelle’s scenes making them very predictable). Kovi and the other directors had managed to offer us some very hot DPs, done in this form, Michelle was stunning as always, so nobody could complain about anything. At, least not before a friend of mine a fanatic admirer of this astonishing starlet made me a reasonable question a couple of years ago. “I was wondering Rev why this luscious babe had not done DP’s in a more revealing form?”. Then he showed me a list of all Michelle’s titles, their directors, a short review of each film, as well as every exact sexual position and act she has committed in it. Then he announced me all of Michelle’s previous DP experience and tried to explain me his thoughts about it. “The case is simple Rev, we have a girl tolerable with anal treats and quite experienced with the DP action. We are in a porn age (let’s call it the early RLD era) where other DPs except the traditional one (CG) was finally a reality and a common task. So what’s wrong? Why can’t we admire Michelle’s gorgeous succulent attire in an awesome full body perfectly angled, most revealing DP, like some of those we have the privilege to witness in the majority of modern gonzo films today? Michelle’s frontal exterior is more than stunning, she has magnetic face, unforgettable eyes, an impressive natural rack, a glorious curvy body and my God I believe it is a crime not to expose it, even during this extreme controversial act of DP”. Then after an hour or so, my answer was: “P. Don’t you have something better to do?”.

Of course, I didn’t pay any serious attention to P. considerations at that time, but as the months were passing by this ridiculous question was troubling my mind. Every time I watched a DP in an adult movie I was thinking about Michelle’s case. Then suddenly I said, “Oh come on…” and a little bit later my obduracy urged me to look for a satisfactory answer, not because I had a particular interest about it, but because I wanted to give a fucking end. At first glance the answer can lie between four possible reasons. 1. Michelle was not comfortable or she couldn’t complete certain DP positions. 2. The directors who shoot her didn’t appreciate or weren’t so capable of setting up those DP’s 3. The directors who filmed her were only interested in the DP action itself and not in its visual appeal. And 4. The overall sexual attraction of those poses was not as great and successful as expected to be and the scenes were finally cut. Well, after a little research I made and a thorough examination of the facts, now I believe I am in position to give a satisfying answer to my friend P. (I can now be called DP detective. Yeah… I know…For God’s sakes!) It’s all of the above reasons P, a little bit of each.
So P. and every P. listen up. Michelle Wild had not got any serious hesitations on committing DPs in other positions other than the CG one. On the contrary, like most of the DP experienced starlets, she too loved the feeling that a well performed DP (for example in RC way) could offer to her. Unfortunately, her physical anatomy doesn’t actually help her male partners to apply a decent double penetration in a face up position. Check out why. Michelle's big firm round butt cheeks and the position of her asshole between them prevented a cock from penetrating her deep in the RC anal position. Especially during the RC DP body placements the anal penetration was relatively shallow and a second dick up in Michells's tight cunt usually caused the bottom dick to slip out. It needed Michelle and the male talents bodies to be placed in the exact proper order to achieve a decent double penetration in this way. Can you believe that explanation? Neither did I, but it’s absolutely true.

Sadly, most of the directors who filmed her didn’t possess the appropriate technique to set up the DP footage and the angles they were choosing to capturing it were definitely not the right ones. Thus, most of the times the visual outcome weren’t successful and the directors who weren’t eager to insist on such a position quickly abandon it and carried on the usual and most efficient recipe. Some of them even consider that one DP position is more than enough and a second pose it would be quite an exaggeration. Finally, Michelle’s porn service didn’t last long enough, so she didn’t get the opportunity to participate in some of the current company’s DP scenes. Why I am saying that? Because some of the directors of those companies had developed flawless techniques to set up and cover the most directionally demanding position at the most physically demanding female bodily figures.
So why I bother to write all these stuff? Well…getting more and more involved with porn industry and learning some of its secrets helped me out to understand how complicated some of the actions and positions we witness in our screens are. Taking Michelle’s Wild as an example I have learned that even someone’s body analogies female or male are crucial for performing certain positions or acts. Damn, some of the directors are true scientists! Think about it folks. Most of the action we enjoy today, the acrobatic positions, the exciting shots, the deep anal reaming, the double dick cramming, the restless pummeling and the magnificent covering are all results of hard work of everyone involved, deeper knowledge of the sexual act, great experience, skillful direction and years, years of porn evolution.

For those who keep scores P. informed me that only two directors (both of them have been adult performers) had managed to capture a decent DP of this explosive baby in RC form for just a few seconds.



by Downunder(ADT member)

Sean Connery joke.

Sean Connery was interviewed by Michael Parkinson, and bragged that despite his 72 years of age, he could still have sex three times a night.

Lulu, who was also a guest, looked intrigued.

After the show, Lulu said, "Sean, if Ah'm no bein too forward, Ah'd love tae hae sex wi an aulder man. Let's go back tae mah place."

So they go back to her place and have great sex. Afterwards, Sean says, "If you think that was good, let me shleep for half an hour, and we can have even better shex. But while I'm shleeping, hold my baws in your left hand and my wullie in your right hand."

Lulu looks a bit perplexed, but says, "Okay."

He sleeps for half and hour, awakens, and they have even better sex. Then Sean says, "Lulu, that was wonderful. But if you let me shleep for an hour, we can have the besht shex yet. But again, hold my baws in your left hand, and my wullie in your right hand."

Lulu is now used to the routine and complies.

The results are mind blowing. Once it's all over, and the cigarettes are lit, Lulu asks "Sean, tell me, dis mah haudin yer baws in mah left hand and yer wullie in mah right stimulate ye while ye're sleepin?"

Sean replies, "No, but the lasht time I shlept with a Glashwegian, she shtole my wallet."

PS. The Joke is greater if you consider that the author is Australian. No offense about Australians, after all I Adore Australia and Australians. It is just that I liked the accent emphasis the author


by Budtugley(ADT member)

A guy dies and arrives in Hell. Dejected, he's sitting on the side of the road when a demon walks up to him. 'Why so sad?' 'I'm dead, I'm in Hell, what could be worse?' 'Hell isn't so bad--we have lots of fun around here,' the demon explains. 'Let me ask you this. Are you a drinking man?'
'I've raised a few glasses in my time and had a few hangovers,' the man tells him. 'Well then, you're going to love Mondays! On Monday, we drink all day long--from the time we wake up until the time we retire at night. We drink the best gin, bourbon, scotch, vodka, tequila, you name it. We down the best French wine, the finest French champagne, and we drink enough beer here to float an aircraft carrier. We drink til we puke then we drink some more.' 'OK,' the guy replies. 'Let me ask another question. Do you like to smoke?' 'I used to love it but I quit for health reasons.' 'Health reasons?' the demon laughs. 'You're already dead. There's no cancer here, or heart disease. Nothing like that. You see, on Tuesdays we smoke all day long. We have enough tobacco to make a mountain range. The finest smokes on the planet. Your own personal humidor of the finest Cuban cigars is the size of a railroad boxcar. We smoke all day Tuesday until we turn green and then we smoke even more.' 'Fine by me,' the guy says. 'Let me make another inquiry. Do you like to gamble?' 'Sure, I go to Las Vegas, pull slot handles, play blackjack, visit the track on occasion. Yeah, I guess I like to wager.' 'You're in luck!' the demon tells the guy. 'Wednesday is gambling day. All day long. We bet on the horses and greyhounds, we play roulette, blackjack, craps, pai gow, you name it. We play golf for money, throw darts for money, shoot pool for money, wager on sports events. All day long on Wednesdays, that's what we do. So what if you lose your shirt? You've got nothing to lose.' The guy is perking up a little. 'Let me ask another question? Do you do drugs?' 'Not too many,' the man explains. A few I suppose.' 'Thursday is drug day. All day long too. There's no addiction here. We shoot up what we want to. We have every pill you can think of. Blue ones, pink ones, white ones, yellow ones. Laughers and screamers. Uppers and downers. We've got crack and smack. We've got weed and speed. We've got coke and smoke. Why, we smoke joints around here the size of baseball bats. All day long on Thursday, we do drugs.' The guy nods his head. 'Yeah, it doesn't sound too bad around here after all.' 'Let me ask another question,' the demon tells him. 'Are you gay?' The guy shakes his head and says, 'No, I'm not gay.' 'Shit,' the demon tells him, 'you're going to hate Fridays!'


by unknown

A man came home from work one day to find his wife on the front porch with her bags packed.

'Just where the heck do you think you're going!', said the man.

'I'm going to Las Vegas', said the wife, 'I just found out I can get $400 a night for what I give you for free!

'The man said, 'Wait a minute!', and then ran inside the house only to come back a few minutes later with his suitcases in hand.

'Where the heck are you going?', said the wife.

The man said, 'I want to see how you're gonna live on $800 a year!'


PS1. Moving on like this I might get a degree in Double Penetration Physics. And all this came from an adult question. Damn…If I had someone like P. to ask me a question about the “theory of superstrings” I would be the next Einstein now.

PS2. You too can ask questions to me. You can ask everything except “How does it feel having your ass pounded” kind of questions. Dont forget there is always ADT Forum for questions. Some of those folks out there they have Phd in Porn Science.;-)

PS3. No Billy I can’t answer to that question. I don’t know if there are alien ships in base 51.

PS4. Except of some irrelevant shots of young people running happily around, I really don’t know what the darn garden had to do with the whole movie. I guess Kovi’s next film will be “The Ocean of succulence”. There will be great glamorous sex video sessions with lots of shots containing people having fun at the local swimming pool in between. Kovi you are a very good director but … for Christ’s sakes!

PS5 . Kovi’s real name is István Kovács.

PS6. P. name is Petros (equivelent of Peter in Greece). So why the hell I am referring to him as P?

PS7. There is a big mess in Europe with adult video distributing companies. It is possible to find the same movie posted by three or even more different companies. I found the current title under three different shipping names. New Sensations, VMD and Luxxx.

For any comments, questions or a little correspondance between sex addicts send me an e-mail at Yes, I know it should have been soulmessenger but I did it on purpose.


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