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Garage Girls (NuTech)

Garage Girls (NuTech)

Studio: NuTech
Category:  Classic , Feature film , Straight
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Diville's ratings for Garage Girls (NuTech):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Garage Girls (NuTech) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Garage Girls (NuTech) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Garage Girls (NuTech) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Garage Girls (NuTech) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Garage Girls (NuTech) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Garage Girls (NuTech) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Garage Girls (NuTech) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Diville  on  1/9/2001
Starring: Lisa DeLeeuw, Dorothy LeMay, Georgina Spelvin, Susan Nero, Chris Cassidy, Brooke West, John Leslie, Dewey Alexander, Hershel Savage

Directed By: Robert McCallum

The term "classic porn" is usually an oxymoron. After all, even the very best adult movies were cranked out over a week's shooting and shared little in common with their mainstream counterparts. Deep Throat, for all it's grandeur in the porn world is still a B-movie production. Yet, these "classics" are pretty damned entertaining, and nobody ever got off watching Citizen Kane. Garage Girls is one such classic "good time" kind of movie. It's silly, it's dated, and its jokes fall about as flat as a souffle in a thunderstorm. But, it's also sexy, fun to watch, and worth the discounted price most on-line retailers are charging for it.

Garage Girls plays like one of those late night cable movies about a bunch of frat guys and their misadventures at spring break. You know the kind; you might find Danny Bonaduce making a cameo. This is no spring break movie, though. In this film (yes, film), Lisa DeLeeuw opens a garage with her all-girl staff of mechanics, but finds that gender stereotypes can get in the way of her success. So, the girls take matters into their own hands, as well as a couple of select orifices. You see, there's a rival garage trying to sabotage the business, an auto club looking for sexual kickbacks, a Bonnie and Clyde anachronism on the lam, a broken down RV filled with a not so repressed church group, and John Leslie as a beat cop who has a hard time keeping his gun cocked and his cock holstered. And of course, there's also a lot of sex.

Any porno movie made today with this much effort would be considered a top of the line adult film, and yet older porn like this is so easily dismissed. It shouldn't be. In addition to the fact that 1981 wasn't the dark ages, this female cast's good looks is enough to dispel any rumor that old school porn isn't hot enough. For those who liken breast implants to crimes against humanity, you'll be happy to know that not an ounce of silicone can be found--certainly not on Lisa DeLeeuw who's tits are only matched by her animalism. She proves it in two scenes with John Leslie, the first of witch takes place in a shower. Normally, I find all that water distracting, but damned if she doesn't look good wet. I mean, really good.

And then there's Dorothy LeMay, for whom there's a special place in my porn watching heart. She's the first girl I ever saw fuck on film, and after watching her apply her considerable oral skills to multiple partners, you may begin to understand how I ended up on the road to long term smut consumerism. She sucks dick like semen was an opiate. Watching both her her and blonde Chris Cassidy on their knees getting fucked up a flight of stairs is the kind of action we should get more of in our porn, but unfortunately we don't. She returns a couple of more times, thankfull, because this isn't just a five scene formula movie. There's fucking going on all over the place, and frankly I lost count of how many such scenes there are in Garage Girls. Let's just say there's a bunch.

Like all DVDs from Nu-Tech Digital, you'll discover Garage Girls has excellent sound, which is surprising considering it's age. It's not going to push your home theater to it's edge, but it's well done. And the same can be said for the transfer itself. I doubt the source material was in the best condition, but it still looked better than expected on my system. Extras, however, are fairly sparse. A small photo gallery and some trailers are the only ones you're going to get. That said, Garage Girls is still a good DVD. It's silly enough that you can watch it with your buddies and have a some good laughs, but it's also more than sexy enough to watch again once they've all gone home.

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