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Gapeman 3

Gapeman 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal , Gonzo , Interracial
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Starring: , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Gapeman 3:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Gapeman 3 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Gapeman 3 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Gapeman 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Gapeman 3 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Gapeman 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Gapeman 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gapeman 3 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  8/1/2009
Gapeman III (2009)
THEMES: Interracial, Ass Obsession, Anal, A2M, Gapes
Starring: Kelly Divine, Olga Cabaeva, Jamie Elle, Alexa Benson, Poppy Morgan, Chayse Evans & B. Pumper
Produced & Directed by: B. Pumper

Yes, Sir! When I saw the trailer for this, I just knew it was gonna be another B. Pumper flick I had to see. Like the first Gapeman, the cast is incredible. Also, the gapes didn’t look as trifling and disturbing as it was in the second Gapeman. Now, I didn’t see the second Gapeman and really don’t care to. Although I’m a huge fan of Emma Heart, melissa Lauren and even Aurora Snow, it looked too trifling for my tastes. This would also be the first time I saw Olga Cabaeva, who looks criminally adorable! Plus, the second time I laid eyes on Poppy Morgan and Jamie Elle, who both starred in Jay Sin’s Pretty Sloppy, as Kelly Divine and Chayse Evans has also. I just hope it’s as bomb as the first one. And I believe it will be.

First off, let me say that this series is very bootylicious, but it’s also trifling in few areas and disturbing to watch. The female cast must have either been high or drunk from something, or just immune to the feeling of their booty holes being stretched beyond recognizable shape, only to endure some tough “dookie love” from The Gapeman himself. The female cast in this entire series consists of white beauties from America and throughout other parts of the world. B. Pumper’s painful alter ego is a Jamaican man who has no interest in pussy whatsoever. All he wants is the butt! It’s quite evident that Pumper has been influenced by Christoph Clark’s fetish-induced Euro Angels Hardball series. Even if you appreciate gapes, you can never deny how over-the-top this is. B. Pumper’s painful Jamaican accent doesn’t make it any more at ease. Although Black Butthole Stretchers also had anal gapes, the cast in the latter film consisted of black women and it was never as rough or disturbing as this series. Nor were the gapes too noticeable. But regardless of how stretched open the women’s butt gapes are in this series, thankfully, we are spared from hideous gape licking antics that are featured endlessly in Jay Sin’s Gape Lovers series. The first time I ever saw an anal gape in pornography like these were in Justin Slayer’s Big Booty White Girls 4 (Flower Tucci’s scene) and in Fuck Slaves 2 (Bobbi Starr). And I was disgusted at first, although I have gotten just a tiny bit used to it. Fortunately, they aren’t as trifling as some of the content in some of Jay Sin’s flicks. I certainly hope this does not become the norm in pornography. But then again, I’m almost calling it quits anyway!

Kelly Divine
Kelly Divine is a doll-faced white woman with some big, round-as-basketball buttocks, almost in the same form as Ricki White’s buttocks. I never thought I’d see her in a flick like this at all. She looks as if she’s had a tan, sporting an extremely tiny dress, with all of her badonkadunk hanging out, with some white fishnet stockings to add. After twenty long minutes of ass play with toys, gapes and Kelly fucking herself hard in the butt with an oversized dildo, Gapeman appears and she deep-throats him, he fucks her throat like a clit or a rectum and she spits heavily on him. Gapeman fucks her ass starting in missionary and she doesn’t gape as large as she did earlier. At times, it seems that his dick is too big for her, as only half of him can really get her. As they fuck, Gapeman keeps making horrifying faces, talking about “de ass” and his accent is so painfully funny. The positions switch to doggystyle and his dick doesn’t have a tendency to stay in her butt for more than 20 or 30 seconds. Before he slides back in her, she holds her cheeks open with her rectum asking for it. And at one point, he moves her hands and he grips her butt instead of her. Gapeman acts like Christoph Clark at times, obsessing over her gape and he smells her nasty butt hole right before she blows lube bubbles in her ass. She rides the dick in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and makes butt noises. This is when the sex actually becomes more energetic. There’s plenty of A2M and Gapeman comes in her mouth.

Chayse Evans
Chayse Evans wears this pink outfit with black and white checkers that makes you think of racing. She reams herself out with a few toys, making herself gape and crawls around from room to room, with all her booty showing, wearing nothing but a top and some shoes. She works the hell out of those toys in her anus, which is starting to remind me of some shit that I’ve seen in Christoph Clark’s third and sixth installations in his Euro Angels Hardball series. After all of the long and overused anal play, she gets up, walks around, switches (I really don’t see how after all that hard anal work) and jams another toy in her ass on the stairs. Chayse Evan’s gapes are nowhere near explicit and rough as Kelly Divine’s were. Looking as sexy as can be, she awaits Gapeman and he goes straight in her butt hole from missionary (saying shit like “I’m here to fuck all the white girls in the ass!”) to reaming her out in standing doggystyle. She wallows around on him and all you hear is pounding flesh at one point. He stops, just to look at the camera, making a painfully excruciating face, saying “I’m de Gapeman!” More toys go up her ass before she gets reamed out again by Gapeman, doggystyle. She gapes in between the sex, but hardly because her rectum is so damn tight, almost in the same form as Adrianna Nicole’s anal gapes (who starred in the first Gapeman). Holding her cheeks open amid her being buttfucked, Gapeman stops to use another toy in her before getting some more “dookie love” in cowgirl. She gets hit in reverse cowgirl and from the side. Even when Gapeman stops to give her A2M, she still can’t get enough. She uses another toy in her ass. More fucking until he busts in her mouth. This scene would have been a flawless victory if the tease were a little bit more bootylicious instead of focusing on too many gapes.

Jamie Elle & Alexa Benson
Two sweet-as-fuck beauties are indoors and they’re already hoping on toys with their butt holes and some of it is shot in slow motion. The women keep sticking themselves in the butt with these toys, reaming themselves out laying on a couch. Pumper even has them say “Aaah!” like a doctor would in his office and shit, all while they’re making their rectums open. They do it in doggystyle, also. Both ladies are workin’ that shit so good! This is sincerely the hottest ass play that I’ve seen since Pretty Sloppy, Mr. Butt Fetish and Black Butthole Stretchers! Those goes on for a very long while, until the two are outdoors, with their booty shorts on. I’m reminded of Mr. Butt Fetish. They juggle, touch their toes, drop their shorts and spread their buttocks open. Then, they lay on a bed, putting more toys in their butts. Pumper converses with them, asking them how old they were when they had their asses hijacked into. Gapeman arrives and it’s so funny, because he’s behind them, hiding in a fireplace and he scares them by busting out of the fireplace. They both share his dick with their mouths. When one sucks his dick, the other massages his balls. And it’s so precious when Jamie hops to ride his dick in cowgirl and he’s gripping her little big butt and he reams her out. She can’t really gape because her rectum is super-tight! Alexa gets it, too. This arrangement turns out to be a flawless victory and the best 2-on-1 interracial fuckfest I’ve seen since the scene Gape Lovers 3 (Amber Rayne, Adrianna Nicole & Sean Michaels) and Pretty Sloppy (Jamie Elle, Poppy Morgan & Sean Michaels). This scene should have been in Mr. Butt Fetish. Words can’t describe my crazy love for this entire sequence. Don’t think about it, just fucking see it!

Poppy Morgan
Poppy Morgan is a British hottie who’s a baseball player, dressed up in a baseball outfit, with a red hat and leather gloves on, swinging a big black dildo like a baseball bat. It ends up going deep in her butt, with the help of Pumper, the cameraman. And she’s loving every bit of it, vocally. She even puts five fingers in her and stretches her own booty hole out, severely! She bends over a chair by a table, gets another toy wet and it goes in her spread booty, too. More toys go in her before Gapeman appears, putting his finger in her chute before she rides in reverse cowgirl. With part of her outfit on, he tears this girl apart with his big dick. Occasionally, she stretches her own self out so bad, like Belladonna did in Butthole Whores 3 (something that I was deeply disturbed by)! She gets buttfucked in various positions. When they fuck in standing cowgirl, all you hear is hard flesh slaps and that’s when she gets the shit fucked outta her and she groans like a jungle animal as she’s being sodomized! She takes it in various positions and Gapeman’s painful Jamaican talking just won’t stop and keeps getting hilarious. He goes in her until he comes in her mouth. She gargles with the shit, swishes with it and eats it. Another flawless victory!

Olga Cabaeva
This is my first time seeing this Russian hot-ass and she’s starring in more films than ever. I first heard of her name when I saw the trailer for Jake Malone’s Fetish Fuck Dolls 2. She reminds me of a woman who I used to fuck with years ago. She’s got the total package, such a beautiful smile and lips like a rubber ducky (just like Katja Kassin does). I seriously believe that she could be the new Nikita Denise or the new Katja Kassin. Olga’s buttocks are so big, meaty and juicy, in the same form as Charlotte Vale’s ass! She has a hot accent, this woman. She walks around, switches and holds her booty open so wide and nasty, I feel like I’m watching The Ass Spread. She takes this big dildo and has no problem at all pushing it in and even yanking out of her big-ass butt! She makes herself stretch with her two index fingers and more toys go up this gal’s butt. She doesn’t gape much because her butt is so tight. After 20 long minutes of ass play, she switches her naked booty hard, approaches Gapeman, who fingers her butt and then fucks her in it, reaming her big butt out something nasty! You barely hear any vocal responses from Olga until toward the final minutes of the sex, although she’s orgasmic and she smiles amid the action. This girl apparently likes it in the butt and she even says “I love you, Gapeman!” It isn’t untll much later in the scene when she finally takes her shoes off. She gets it deep and nasty in her ass in various positions. Even for those who dislike certain positions, the sex looks fabulous, regardless of the position. Towards the end, he keeps things silent, so we can hear the noises of her tunnel when he goes in and out of her! It happens to be another flawless victory and the second best scene in the flick!

The flick is shot in anamorphic widescreen. A/V quality is excellent. There’s hype BTS footage, a bonus scene with Kelly Starr & Lex Steele, from the legendary Black Butthole Stretchers (although I love this scene and it’s one of the three best scene in the latter flick, I felt there should be bonus scenes from his much older flicks, which aren’t reissued by Evil Angel just yet) and as far as the trailers go? The trailers are fucked up and I’ll tell you why. There’s trailers for ALMOST every movie from his back catalog, except the trailer for the first Phattys, Rhymes & Dimes. I’m like “What the fuck?” Where is the bombass trailer for this flick? How can you put trailers for an entire series and miss one in the series? The theme song for Phattys, Rhymes & Dimes was some guaranteed hype shit. And if that’s not bad enough, the trailer for the third Phattys, Rhymes & Dymes is severely edited and you don’t see any of the female talent at all. This shit is retarded! Maybe there wasn’t enough room on the second DVD to add another trailer, but if that’s the case, maybe the Chocolate Hood Pussy trailer should have been omitted. I don’t ever wanna see no dumb shit like this again! Other than this, this is another fully-loaded DVD from B. Pumper. Maybe when the first Gapeman gets reissued and re-released by Evil Angel, maybe there will be more added to the disc or it’ll wind up being a 2-disc set. This DVD packaging is more loaded than the first one (which has yet to be reissued by Evil Angel and I’m waiting patiently for it, so that I can possibly add it to my collection).

Gapeman 3 is another instant classic from the second best director in pornography, IMO. There’s not many gapes in this one at all that are disturbing or sick, like there was in the second Gapeman. It’s not as graphic as the first one, either. I refuse to say that this one is superior to the first one and vice-versa. This is just as superior as the first one and equally flawless. Although Bobbi Starr’s scene in the first one couldn’t touch anything in this one at all. I just couldn’t take Bobbi Starr’s dramatic-ass orgasms. Of five scenes, the final three are flawless victories while the first two scenes are nothing less than fabulous. The first Gapeman had the same brilliant similarities. Chayse Evan’s scene was brilliant, but it was my least favorite scene in this flick and that’s because I felt the tease and ass-obsession could have been more significant. It was everything I thought it was going to be. This is the type of flick that you can just buy without watching or renting it first and not regret it at all. And I’m afraid I’m gonna have to add this one to my very small collection. The last three scenes in this flick blew my mind more than the first two scenes. My only problem with this entire DVD package is that one trailer is missing and another trailer is butchered severely. But this is trivial. While Mr. Butt Fetish is B. Pumper’s best work, this series comes in as his second best. Black Butthole Stretchers comes in afterwards (which is damn-near like this series) and Phattys, Rhymes & Dimes 8 is one of the five best black-on-black pornos I’ve seen. The Ass Spread is at the bottom of the list of his greatest accomplishments that I’ve seen. I just discovered that he made new flicks, such as Big Phat Round White Booty and even Latin Butthole Stretchers, which will be released soon and both look damned fantastic. And when they’re released, I’ll be all in.

Replay/Stroke Value: 97.5% - Extreme!
OVERALL RATING: 99% - Own it immediately!

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