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Gangland 12

Gangland 12

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  All Sex , Gangbang , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , ,
Released on: 
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pdheartbreak's ratings for Gangland 12:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Gangland 12 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Gangland 12 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Gangland 12 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Gangland 12 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Gangland 12 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Gangland 12 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gangland 12 A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by pdheartbreak  on  5/17/2004
Women: Suzi Suzuki, Regan and Ryan

Scene One: Suzi Suzuki and four or five black men (Lexington Steele and Weed)

Four black men are sitting on the couch, waiting for a Japanese massager. Suzi (the massager) walked in the door and greet everybody, wearing a black/white dress (with no underwear.) When Suzi kneel on the floor, massaging on a man’s back, other guys started to show their big, black cocks to Suzi. One by one, Suzi gave them a short blowjob. She continued to give blowjobs, the men started to take off Suzi’s dress and Weed lick her pussy. The men put Suzi in the DP as she is gulping down cocks and Weed is doggystyle her. Suzi informed to Weed that his huge dick is DEEP in her ass. The men cheered. Then Lexington Steele gave Suzi a nice doggystyle by standing up.

Suzi took a “short” rest on the sofa before she was mob by a black dick in her pussy and another black dick in her mouth. Suzi is getting orgasm after orgasm. Several big, black dicks (bbd) are getting too much for Suzi and she is not halfway done for this scene.

Amazing, the scene is kept getting cut (I wonder why..maybe too much BBD??) where Suzi is about to be DP again..this time on the couch. Weed put his big dick DEEP inside of Suzi’s ass (again) because her constantly yelping and moaning as she sucks on a huge, black dick. The scene is cut again. Suzi is being spoon with a big black guy on the couch. Yes, you guess it ... the scene is cut again. Again, Suzi has a black dick in her pussy and a black cock in her mouth. Then the men force Suzi from a side-anal position into the reverse cowgirl position (with Lexington Steel on top). The scene is cut again and this time, Suzi is in a cowgirl position. Within seconds, Suzi’s mouth, pussy and ass were filled BBD. The scene is cut (for the final time) aka the “cumshot” scene. Three men took turns to cum on her face.

Scene Two: Regan and three black men (including Weed)

Three black men are sitting in the chairs and wondering who is the next girl they’re going to fuck. (The room is empty but three chairs and a footrest). As they are waiting for Regan, they talked about a bitch they’ve fucked last week. Then Regan walked in the door and she is wearing a black short dress and black high heels. One of the black guy introduced Regan to the other two black men. Then he told Regan to sit down on the footrest, close her eyes and open up her mouth. Surprisingly, he popped his black dick into Regan’s mouth. After a short blowjob, he started to take the black dress off. The camera was perfectly shot under Regan’s dress. Her HUGE…HUGE ass and pussy are right in front of the camera. A black guy is fingering Regan‘s pussy and asshole as she sucks a cock. He spread Regan’s pussy wide open to the camera. Then the camera cuts right into Regan’s face as she deep throat all of Weed‘s cock!!! (incredible). Weed gave Regan a hard spank on her ass, leaving a red mark on her left butt cheek. The men are taking turns giving Regan DP on the footrest for a short while. The scene was cut, where Regan’s pussy is pounding by a black cock on the footrest. Regan is going to be doggiestyle on the footrest. First up, Weed gave Regan a good and hard ass banging. He thanks her again, by slapping her right butt cheek. Another black guy is doggie styling Regan. The scene cut again where Regan’s mouth, pussy and ass are covered with BBD. The camera was a close up on a black dick is penetrating in Regan’s pussy and another black dick is in her ass. Then the camera had pans to the last black dick is gulping into Regan’s mouth. The scene is cut where Regan is kneeling on the floor, having a black dick in her ass and finally, he cums on her mouth. Obviously, the scene is cut to the “cum shot” where the other two men cum on her mouth.

Scene Three: Ryan Starr and three black men (including Weed)

It took place in the same room as Regan was in. (This time they fuck on the sofa and not the footrest.)

The men are sitting down as they’re looking at Ryan, who is wearing a white see-through bra and panties. She got mad when she saw a blow up doll in the corner. Ryan threw the doll across the room and told the men that SHE wants to be fucked. Quickly, Ryan walked toward a black guy, got on her knees and put a black dick in her mouth. Another black guy sat on the couch and quickly, Ryan started to suck his cock. She took off her bra and walked toward Weed (who is sitting in the chair) kneel down and started to suck his cock. As the sucking continues, a black guy put his dick inside of Ryan’s ass to start DP. The men had DP Ryan for a while. Everybody headed toward the couch. At first, Ryan lay back on the couch with her legs wide open, but Weed told her to be in the doggystyle position. As the other two previous women, Weed gave her a good anal fuck. Then a black guy sat on the couch and requested Ryan to be in a cowgirl position. She does with another black cock in her mouth. It was short because she is dying for some black dicks in her ass. Ryan is laying on the couch, with her legs wide open, waiting for Weed to give it to her. They talked dirty to each other, but it was stop when a black cock went into her mouth. Weed gave Ryan some good and deep penetrating; then the camera zoom a close up on Ryan’s wet asshole. Immediately, another black dick had entered into Ryan’s wet asshole. Then the camera did a nice ten seconds “froze” shot of Ryan’s wet asshole is being spread wide open.

The scene is cut where Ryan is in the cowgirl position, having her pussy and ass filled with BBD. Then they fucked Ryan in that same position for a while. Finally, the “cum shot” scene has arrived where Ryan is on her knees, waiting for each dick to cum on her mouth.

Best part: Suzi, Regan and Ryan gave a good performance but Weed stole the show by giving all three women a good fucking.

Worse part: The lightning is poor and the camera angles are terrible. (I saw a camera in the way during a zooming on Suzi.) There are too much “cut” scenes and not enough “flow through” the movie.

Overral ratings: If you're a fan of Suzi, Regan or Ryan and you love gang bang...then get the video.

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