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Gabi Gets Girls

Gabi Gets Girls

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Girl , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Gabi Gets Girls:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Gabi Gets Girls overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Gabi Gets Girls Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Gabi Gets Girls Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Gabi Gets Girls Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Gabi Gets Girls Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Gabi Gets Girls DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Gabi Gets Girls A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/21/2014
Welcome to a new release from Aidan Riley at Evil Angel. This one is an all girl release with Gabriella Paltrova appearing in all 3 scenes, she gets the girls! Joining Gabriella you have a strong cast featuring Skin Diamond, Remy LaCroix and London Keyes-- that's a trio of babes I'm keen on seeing Miss Paltrova fuck so lets hit some highlights.

Gabriella Paltrova & Skin Diamond:

The first scene begins with Skin leading Gabriella in by a chain that's around her neck. The girls find a bed with Gabriella stretching herself over Skin's knees. Both women are wearing skin tight latex outfits. Skin nicely peels the bottom portion up giving us a good ass view, thankfully no thong on. Skin is leading the action here as you'll detect by her dialogue. Skin uses a small whip to playfully spank her friends ass. You will start to detect some focus issues during the scene when it will go out of focus for a short time before correcting itself. This happening once or twice might not cause any big problems in enjoying the show but this seemed to linger for most of the scene and throughout the second scene too for that matter. Having said that there is more than enough action that was in focus to get you to where you need to be. Skin does some good fingering too after planting a couple of lipstick kisses on each ass cheek. You get some oral too including a good POV shot of Gabriella's face buried in Skin's pussy. Skin then uses a toy to prep Miss Paltrova's ass and subsequently she opens it up all the way using a strap on. Turning the tables towards the end of the scene we have Gabriella having her to some degree with Skin using a candle to drop hot wax on her friends ass and licking around it. She even puts one in her ass and it's lit too! Toy play on Skin also and she gives fellatio to the strap on after Gabriella puts it on. This leads to some fake pipe being laid anally to Skin's ass and she uses a vibrator on her pussy for added stimulation. Not a bad way to start save for those camera focus issues which do occur every so often in this scene.

Gabriella & Remy LaCroix:

Moving on to the next scene we see this one is happening at night as we find the ladies outside at the start. Gabriella is wearing glasses that have glowing lights in them and the tips of her fingers are lit up too as she was wearing gloves of some sort. Remy next to her is rocking a hula hoop like only Remy seems to know hot to do. Hot tease with this from Miss Remy. She is topless with only tape covering her nipples while most of her ass cheeks are showing with the bottoms she wore. The girls spend a few minutes here with a great musical soundtrack playing teasing us before heading indoors. After going through a couple of doors they arrive at their room. Sadly the focus issues appear early on and while they do correct to a clear picture soon after it still detracts some from the overall scene appeal. This scene was also the most "romantic" of the three shot at least from my POV. Remy is the first to make the move down to tasting her friend opening up Gabriella's legs while she licks the pussy. Gabriella then turns around onto her knees is a doggie pose which allowed Remy a great chance to face dive into those ass cheeks, lick away my dear, lick away! The girls change it up and nicely we had Gabriella going first to face time in Remy's ass-- those cheeks looked awesome surrounding Gabriella's face. Alright we get a little face sitting too with Gabriella hoping on top of Remy, smothering her though we only hear Remy's laughter! This moved into a 69 in a natural progression. They bring in some lighted devices one that looked like a baby binky that Gabriella sucked on. Remy uses another toy down below. The blinking lights got to be a little bothersome having to look at but it was an effect. Gabriella uses a small metallic butt plug to fill Remy's ass and we all know that her ass is most receptive to such things, a real cock is preferable but a toy isn't bad either. Remy then puts a small ball into her friends ass and we watch it being pushed out and the girls share a laugh over that. Eventually you had three put into Gabriella's ass and she pushes them out in succession while standing over Remy's butt and they suck them afterwards. Glowing sticks up next and it's Remy's ass that gets the insertion for one followed by Remy doing a two stick DP in Gabriella's holes. A nice kiss between the two helps close this one out.

Gabriella & London Keyes:

The last scene for this one thankfully had no focus issues in it that plagued the other two scenes. Also this scene is very much for foot fans as the two girls play a lot and I mean A LOT with their respective feet in this. First you had each showing off their own feet and sucking on the toes before the two came together. You had some nudity too including a very nice ass spread shot from Gabriella before we see London for the first time. But there is no mistaking this scene is all about feet so if you're a foot fetish fan this scene is completely for your viewing pleasure. You get fantastic shots throughout this scene of the women sucking on the others toes with some extreme close in shots. Double stuffing of toes from the feet occur and they try and penetrate each other too in the pussy and ass as well. Very limited oral in the scene mostly from London to Gabriella but they soon returned to the feet dominated action. I was sad to see the only boob play in the scene came from feet rubbing the others tits, no kissing by the girls. There are several appealing positions captured during this foot fetish scene, lots of toe and foot sucking as well from the ladies here. They finish off plopping down some bananas and crushing them with their feet.

Final Thoughts:

This was good title from Aidan with a great cast with the biggest frustration being the focus issues that happened in the first two scenes. If it only happened a couple of times that's one thing but to continually happen enough that you notice it then that's a problem. It didn't stop me from enjoying the scenes but I can't help but remember having those issues come up. Each scene was unique too with toys in the first scene, the second being more romantic in tone and the last which put the emphasis on the feet. There was a short BTS clip after the last scene and beyond that nothing much in the way of extras for this one. You get some photo galleries and there are trailers too. This one is certainly for Gabriella Paltrova fans as she appears in each scene. The second with Remy I thought was very good save for the technical issues as it featured the most g/g action I'm keen on seeing, namely the oral sex and ass play with their tongues. Skin as always does a fine job orchestrating that first scene and the finale with London was great if you're into feet which I'm not so the appeal was largely lost on me but the picture was great and the girls seemed to have a blast playing with the others toes so if you're a foot fan then by all means pick this scene up.

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