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G For Gianna

G For Gianna

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Busty , Gonzo
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for G For Gianna:
Overall Rating 4 stars
G For Gianna overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks G For Gianna Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks G For Gianna Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex G For Gianna Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting G For Gianna Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras G For Gianna DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality G For Gianna A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  5/13/2007

If ANYONE was deserving of the Darkko treatment...

”G” For Gianna

2007, 2 hours and 30 minutes
Evil Angel
Directed by Jonni Darkko
Starring Gianna, Nicara & Candace Von

What You Should Know:
What is it like to see a legend in the making? In my lifetime, I’ve been fortunate enough to see Michael Jordan’s entire NBA career. I witnessed Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds do the unthinkable in baseball. And now I can say I was around for yet another defining moment in human history, the evolution of Gianna and what we have here is one of porn’s best lensmen capturing her at arguably the peak of her pulchritudinous perfection. Nine scenes, all Gianna, all the time and I couldn’t possibly be happier. Gianna is, without question, exaggeration or hyperbole, my favorite porn star of the moment. By the end of this movie, she should be yours, too. And if she’s not, I want to know why.
Scene One: Gianna – Solo

I see the outfit that Gianna is wearing here and I wait for John Mayer’s “Your Body is a Wonderland” to begin playing. She kisses herself in a mirror and seems genuinely impressed when she shakes her gargantuan natural tits at her own reflection. And those deadly breasts are just barely contained behind a black fishnet top which Gianna wears with a white zip-up corset, the tiniest black thong and heels. On her back, Gianna opens her legs and spreads her pink pussy lips for her mirror image clone. She slides her panties to one side and shoves in two fingers, her index and middle, and works them around inside while she caresses her cans with her free hand. She tastes her fingers to end the scene.

Scene Two: Gianna with Mark Ashley – Shower One-on-One

Next, we catch up with Gianna gyrating in a shower, the water cascading down and bouncing off of her bountiful breasts and shiny blue latex dress. The front is already unbuttoned and her massive boobs spill out. Mark Ashley, who is only slightly off-camera towards the back of the shower, pours milk over her udders and she smiles as the white liquid coats her slick and glossy mammaries. She leans over to suck his already hard cock and when she’s done he briefly buries his face in her ass before bending her over to rail her standing doggie. Gianna gives as good as she gets, bucking back and grinding her hips back onto Mark’s cock in a circular motion…standing up. The action moves out to the floor in front of the shower but they remain in doggie, this time with Gianna on all fours, her big heart-shaped ass high in the air. Mark goes up and over and Gianna’s entire body quakes with the force of his intense, high-speed jabbing, poking and prodding. She locks Mark in her death gaze as he maneuvers his way deep inside her missionary on a sink counter next to a mirror. She closes her eyes and screams, “Oh God. Oh fuck. Don’t STOP.” When we see her again, Gianna is looking back at Ashley and doing quite the spin cycle number on his dick while she rides him reverse cowgirl. She rides him so good, so hard, in fact, she tumbles off of his lap and down to the floor, a trembling heap. Mark follows her down, fingers her to another orgasm and then proceeds to drill her from behind while she clings to the carpet and a bottom stair while trying to catch her breath and regain her composure. More mish follows, with Gianna using her hands to grab a hold of her butt cheeks and spread wide for Mark while he makes her tremendous tits bounce and sway in every direction while she’s pounded into sweet, smiling submission. The scene ends with Gianna forcefully grinding a nut out of Mark’s dick cowgirl and then hopping to her knees just in time to catch the results of her good work. The cum lands all over her face and chest but she swallows down Mark’s cock nearly to the root to make sure everything’s all out.

Scene Three: Gianna with Marco Banderas – Foot Worship

Gianna’s a vision in her pink and black stocking and garters, her hair and makeup reminiscent of an old ‘50s Hollywood movie star. She runs her fingers up and down her legs, all the way down to her feet before slowly unbuttoning her garters and rolling her stockings down her long legs. She twists the sheer material between her toes and then Marco joins her, licking her feet when she’s not rubbing them furiously against his crotch through his black dress slacks.. When he pulls his cock out, Gianna licks the soles of her feet and puts them together, offering them up to Banderas, who slips his dick between them and fucks her feet and then plops his cock into her mouth while her toes are still wrapped around his tool. Wow. Flexible. Stroked to maximum hardness by Gianna’s mouth, hands and feet now, Banderas bullies his way inside her pussy and he’s not inside five seconds before she’s grabbing onto both ends of the sofa they’re on and frenetically fucking back like a recently-released mental patient. Soon, she’s on her knees, hands on the floor, her ass perched up high over the arm of the sofa, throwing her meaty, jiggling ass and hips back at Banderas in doggie. His dick disappears into her hot wet hole until he withdraws and empties his cock onto the pad of her left foot. Gianna rolls over, brings her foot up to her mouth and licks it clean, sucking her toes dry.

Scene Four: Gianna with Mopes – Breast Worship/Bukkake

After playing with her ginormous tits and pulling them out of a black evening gown, Gianna is suddenly surrounded by three hard dicks (Alan Stafford, Barry Scott and Justin Syder), all vying for her undivided attention. And they all get it, from her mouth or in her cleavage as Gianna leans back, opens her mouth and spreads her breasts for their pleasure. She makes her way around the horn, tending to each swinging dick with equal verve and gusto, jerking, tit-fucking, sucking and trash-talking “encouragement” to each mope. One by one, they drop their loads onto Gianna’s pushed-together knockers as she alternates between giving them all a sexy gaze and smiling directly at the camera. Her tits absolutely covered and dripping with three jizz deposits, cut to Gianna on her knees in the center of a massive circle jerk (Rocker, Steve James, Rick Kane, Kris Roc, Arnold Shwarzenpecker, Mike Hash, Eddie Charisma, Michael Android, Odin, Mark Furious, Steve Driver, Ryan Knox, Tony Swan, Johnny Sins and Dick Sodomy) this time taking each pop on her pretty grinning face, bukkake-style.

Scene Five: Gianna with Mark Ashley - Submission

After a brief tease segment, Gianna cleans a glass coffee table in a very form-fitting black latex maid outfit, complete with frilly neck collar and matching wrist restraints. Master Mark Ashley walks over and attaches a leash to her collar and tosses his cock between Gianna’s tits. He leads Gianna over to another portion of the room where he blindfolds her and begins to feed her his cock as she rests on her knees, saliva falling from her mouth and down onto her exposed breasts. A cut takes us to Mark applying black clothespins to Gianna’s nipples, three on each breast. He sucks on her tongue and even sticks a clothespin there, too. Gianna moans and shudders, her senses deprived by the blindfold, sucking wind as Mark takes his time removing the pins and then leans her back to rub and finger her pussy. Gianna is suddenly pushed forward onto her knees and ball gagged as Mark has his way with her doggie. He uses his hand to push Gianna’s face into the carpet but removes the blindfold and the gag pops out of her mouth as he rails her relentlessly. Ashley lays Gianna on her back next, places a vibrating wand between her legs and tapes her legs shut and together with red electrical tape. A slave to the device now, Gianna uses her hands to circularly stroke Mark’s dick, suck and tit-fuck it until he draws loud screams out of her by putting it back in her pussy mish and spoon. After using lots of lube and a speculum on her pussy, Mark fucks Gianna in missionary yet again and she begs for his spunk, screaming ”Give it to me!” as he jerks off over her outstretched tongue.

Scene Six: Gianna – POV Blowjob

Wearing the outfit from the very first scene, her solo masturbation set, Gianna gives one hell of an eight-minute blowjob. Multiple blasts of cum from the recipient coat her forehead, the bridge of her nose and her cheek, leaving Gianna covered and smiling when she blows a nasty kiss to the camera at the conclusion.

Scene Seven: Gianna with Nicara – Girl/Girl

The former Aurora Jolie peeks around a corner with a sly smirk before revealing her entire body, clad in an aquamarine bikini with black piping. Nicara has a fantastic body; terrific larger-than-average natural breasts, a firm and round tight ass, all covered in a smooth caramel complexion. She plays with herself, using a small vibrator while she lies back on a sofa until Gianna joins her and the two share an ultra-hot, deep kiss before Gianna turns her attention to Nicara’s butterscotch nipples. Her hand slithers south and takes the small white vibe from Nicara. Gianna uses it and her tongue on Nicara’s “virgin” pussy before finally relying on her hand to rub Nicara’s pussy in big sweeping circles. Nicara gets on her knees next and Gianna drips oil over her upturned ass, smacking, shaking and kissing her cheeks and then easing a few fingers into Nicara’s bung while whispering seductively in her ear. Nicara is already very much in closed-eye, open-mouthed and shallow breathing bliss but then Gianna produces a rather large red dildo and goes to work on Nicara’s ass with it while keeping the small white toy firmly planted on her pussy simultaneously. The girls alternate using both toys on Nicara’s holes; Gianna pumping it in and out of Nicara’s asshole while Nicara holds the vibrator on her pussy and then sometimes leaving it to Nicara to fuck herself while Gianna wields the vibe. Cut to Nicara wearing a thick, flesh-colored strap-on with Gianna approaching, crawling towards her and sucking it as aggressively as she would a real cock. Nicara, in turn, licks Gianna’s pussy but rather than fucking her with the strap-on she’s wearing, we cut to Gianna riding a long black double-headed dildo cowgirl and reverse. They share more deep, loving kisses as the scene abruptly fades out.

Scene Eight: Gianna & Candace Von with Julius Ceazher and Mario Rossi – Fourway

A short segment of tease allows Gianna to show off another stunning outfit before she nearly walks in on Candace Von, who is basically Gianna’s black doppelganger, about to service Julius Ceazher. Embarassed, she watches from afar as Candace, in a black full body mesh catsuit, slicks Julius’ mahogany love pole with her saliva and then hops on it, giving it a fiery and intense, typical-for-Candace cowgirl ride and then bounces off of him just as passionately in reverse. Gianna can take no more and comes crashing through the door, practically running over to Candace, locking lips with her and licking her boobs. When Von dismounts, the two share Ceazher’s shaft, running their tongues over every inch, their mouths occasionally and intentionally colliding with each other. Gianna inserts Julius into her snatch reverse cowgirl next and gets the same treatment Candace enjoyed earlier but also in doggie and then mish. Candace suckles Gianna’s tits as she’s being fucked and while she does, Mario Rossi materializes to fuck Candace from behind. She bounces her robust booty back onto Rossi’s cock and hangs her swaying tits over Gianna’s face. With both of them being fucked hard and fast, between the two of them there’s a lot of boobage flopping around. On her back, now in mish, Candace snarls at Mario and sucks her own nipples while he jackhammers her chocolate twat. In a scene that epitomizes racial harmony, the guys fuck both girls doggie while the ladies are turned to face each other, Julius screwing Gianna, Mario still inside Candace. Then they switch partners. Cut to Gianna and Candace lying on the floor, their heads next to each other and having their tits fucked, Gianna by Julius, Candace by Mario. They both do an excellent job of using their breast meat, hands and dirty mouths to coax the warm loads out of their respective partners, catching them in their cleavage, necks and chins. They intertwine tongues and kiss with huge smiles as the camera spins around their faces.

Special Features:
  • Cumshot Recap
  • Behind The Scenes (16:43)
  • Cast List
  • Filmographies
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailers (Slut Collector, Girls Love Girls 2, Asian Fucking Nation, Bet Your Ass 4 and Suck It Dry 3)
  • Websites


I said in a recent review that ”the past year of watching Gianna has been watershed moment after watershed moment. The lady is a one-woman home run derby and she has provided so many bravura performances since her debut it has become impossible to keep an accurate count” and this release may be the high water mark of her entire career. As those in the know would fully expect, Gianna is “on” in every scene, regardless of what she’s doing or who she’s doing it with. If you’re as big a fan of Gianna as I am, you need this DVD like women need compliments. Much like his excellent, time capsule-worthy Tiffany & Cumpany Darkko has done porn posterity a favor and for that we owe him a tremendous debt. The least you could do to show your appreciation would be to run out and purchase this excellent collection.

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