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Furious Fuckers: Final Race

Furious Fuckers: Final Race

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foreign
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Long Noel's ratings for Furious Fuckers: Final Race:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Furious Fuckers: Final Race overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Furious Fuckers: Final Race Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Furious Fuckers: Final Race Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Furious Fuckers: Final Race Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Furious Fuckers: Final Race Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Furious Fuckers: Final Race DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Furious Fuckers: Final Race A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  10/14/2008
Furious Fuckers: Final Race (2007)
THEMES: Feature Film, Anal, Orgy, Ass Obsession, Facesitting
Starring: Gianna Michaels, Annette Schwarz, Kelly Stafford, Poppy Morgan, Cristan, Rocco Siffredi (cameo), Kid Jamaica, Joachim Kessef, Christian
Produced & Directed by: Rocco Siffredi

Current thought:
I’ll be reviewing about 3 or 4 more skin flicks. I will probably upgrade my limit to ten DVDs for my collection (for the last time). After that or until then, it’s over!

Like Stanlay Miranda’s “Rio Carnival Orgy” series, “Rocco Supermoto Hard” and “Rocco Meats Suzie”, the “Furious Fuckers” series focuses on beautiful women, nasty sex, severe sexual heat with energy here-and-there, adventure and foreign land. This is the second part of the “Furious Fuckers” series and has an all-star cast, including Gianna Michaels, Annette Schwarz and Kelly Stafford. Kelly Stafford is a legendary porn starlet, who Rocco Siffredi brought to the business. She’s known to do some very bizarre shit (gangbangs, sex with midgets, obese men, urine drinking, getting her ass kicked, literally, etc.) and not act her age, therefore, having people accuse her of having a mental illness. It may be insulting to Joni Mitchell, but Kelly Stafford favors a very young version of the folk singer, along with a heavy accent!

The best scenes in this flick are the first scene, the fourth scene and the finale. The first scene a face sitting and blowjob only scene, which involves Annette Schwarz, Kelly Stafford and Poppy Morgan. Although I’m not into these kind of scenes, this one works and is the best scene that I’ve seen that lacked any real sexual intercourse. Some of the vilest blowjobs and face sittings can be seen here. Don’t worry, though. These blowjobs aren’t as vile as one I’ve seen from Joey Silvera’s “Black Cock Addiction” - a scene with Mysti May & Sophie Dee - a blowjob-only scene which includes females gagging and vomiting from taking nothing but long, hard BBCs down their throat…

The fourth scene features Kid Jamaica, Annette Schwarz and Kelly Stafford and is of mighty excellence. This scene takes place in a mechanic garage, starring two of the sexiest, slutty females in the industry and has some of the sloppiest, nastiest sex you may see in a minute (including throat-fucking, analingus, face sitting, boisterous anal sex and Kelly Stafford wearing some spandex)! This was the best scene in the whole damn movie, and the nastiest! Annette plays as one of Kelly’s “bitches”, who gets buttfucked silly by Kid Jamaica, while Kelly gets her booty eaten by Annette. Annette also gets dominated and Kelly puts half of her fist in Annette’s mouth and Jamaica put her in a headlock while he’s in her ass. Unfortunately, Kelly Stafford doesn’t get dicked down at all. She just gets to suck Jamaica’s BBC after it’s been in Annette’s Hershey Highway! It all ends with the filthiest, disgusting cum-swapping I’ve ever seen! Jamaica comes in Annette’s mouth, only for her to kiss Kelly, sharing the semen amid tongue kissing, blowing cum bubbles and shit!

In the finale, we finally get to see Gianna! She shows up at a house with a bunch of other females and shit, drowning her big breasts in a cake and her body being shampooed with champagne and chocolate syrup and all of that silliness. It’s always a delight to see Gianna’s beauty and that big ole’ ass, but I found myself disappointed in the fact that she didn‘t get enough screen time. We see a champagne bottle being rammed up a few ladies asses, only for them to squirt champagne out of ‘em, including Gianna’s big ass! Kelly Stafford and Annette Schwarz pops in to join the fun. This scene turns into a big, giant outdoor orgy, where all of the ladies are getting fucked, including Kelly for a brief moment. Although some of the sex was severely hot, this scene is just another reminder of why I don’t care for orgies, personally. For one, this is because I don’t like seeing the cameraman go from two people fucking to another two people fucking. You lose interest after awhile, because there is really no concentration on certain people fucking and intimacy. There’s just a bunch of scattered ass all over the place. However, this is the best orgy I’ve ever seen!

Were there any negatives in this flick? We could have done without some of the annoying rock music. When I look at pornography, I don’t want to watch a fucking car show, a race show and some men or women standing around doing nothing. I found myself using the FFWD button a lot during the racing sequences and the indoor pool sex scene. Where was Anastasia Dream at (the star of “Rocco Meats Suzie”)? She should have been in this movie! The weakest scene in this flick is the second sex scene, which involves a commercial shoot, foreign language being used (with English subtitles), a gang of girls, some dudes fucking them by an indoor pool, with a bag of potato chips being used, so that one potato chip can go up each girl’s ass. Christian eats each potato chip out of each woman’s ass. Sadly, that was the highest point of that particular scene!

This is the only "Prime Evil" DVD I had seen. I guess "Prime Evil" is a new category reserved for feature films, distributed by Evil Angel. This 2DVD set contains the film on the first disc, with most of the special features being on the second disc. The second disc contains 3 trailers, cast info, a music video featuring Rocco Siffredi, 2 ½ hours of extra footage, a photo gallery, etc. Another fully loaded DVD, I have to admit!

While “Rocco Meats Suzie” was almost in the same league as “Furious Fuckers: Final Race”, the extra footage on this DVD has a lot of shit “Rocco Meats Suzie” just can’t fuck with! There is over 2 hrs. and 35 mins. I feel that it was unfair that the extra footage was cut out of the film. Otherwise, I would have appreciated it so much more! The extra footage includes some extra footage from the indoor pool sex scene. Rocco Siffredi participates, sexually, by fucking a girl silly, spanking the hell out of her ass before she puts a flogger in her ass. There’s some footage with Kid Jamaica fucking Annette Schwarz in her anus, only to have Kelly Stafford sit under them, talking about some foul smell. Joachim Kessef fucks the living sanity out of two curvaceous white girls, both sporting fishnets. He was fucking them so hard, I thought I was gonna hear something tear or see some bleeding from these girls’ orifices! This scene contains some of the most brutal fucking you will ever see, with some severe sexual heat included (better than the sex in “Rocco: Top of the World”). A bunch of vicious screaming. You will need to watch this one by yourself or put some headphones on while watching this shit! The final extra scene includes a strongly desirable white girl with some braids in her head (reminds me of a French Canadian beauty I met overseas two years ago). I’ve always had a thing for white girls with braids in their head and I’ve always wanted to see how one got down in a porno-flick. She gets nice and dirty with Christian! Most of the extra footage is better than some of the content of the film itself.

This one is a mixed bag. But it’s an excellent bag that’s not TOO mixed, if you know what I mean. This had a lot of strong moments, especially for the two scenes with “Dirty Anal Kelly” and Annette Schwarz. It has something for everyone (even the loser who sits at home all day, with no money and no transportation and no enthusiasm to go to a nearby car show or who can’t afford to go to Daytona Beach, FL for car shows and to meet sexy models and shit…) The sex was not only filled with energy, but sexual heat was as important as the sexual energy. The sexual energy isn’t like watching an ultraviolent sword fighting, dick-fighting scene to see who can fuck a woman the hardest and shit! The sex was much nastier than that in “Rocco Meats Suzie”. Yet, just because a skin flick has nasty sex in it doesn’t mean it’s flawless. Aside from the three great scenes (in the original cut) that I have mentioned, I found myself using the FFWD button occasionally. I probably wouldn’t have done this if the extra footage was added to the film and wasn’t cut out of it. I can understand why it was, though, because the film would have been 5 hours. Then again, “Belladonna’s Dark Meat” was 5 hours and the flick was divided onto three DVDs…

When you watch the extra footage, it’s like you’re watching another skin flick. It’s like you’re watching a “Furious Fuckers: The Lost Archives” or something. If you’re a die-hard fan of Gianna Michaels, let me tell you this… You won’t get to see Gianna as much as you will Kelly & Annette. In fact, the calculated time you’ll see Gianna is only that of 15-25 minutes, at the most! Also, Rocco only shows his face in a cameo appearance (in the original cut).

I liked “Rocco Meats Suzie” and “Rio Carnival Orgy 2” a whole lot. Both also were flicks that focused on sex, adventure, beautiful foreign beauties and “fun under the sun”. And I’m not usually into these kinds of porno flicks very much. But personally, this flick was much better than those two. I know I have a habit of comparing one flick to another, but for the viewer who is looking for the perfect skin flick and doesn’t want to rent too many flicks in search of the perfect one (like myself), it’s severely necessary to do just that. This skin flick will make up for a perfect purchase, especially if you’re looking for one or two perfect Rocco Siffredi flicks (like I was at one point). You’ll see some of the greatest, nastiest, raunchiest sex in the finale, the two scenes with Kelly & Annette and the extra footage. I guarantee you ought to get an erection for these scenes. Otherwise, seek help! You can definitely get past all of the unnecessary racing, hoorah, clowning and a bunch of ladies sporting hot, sexy outfits, cheering for racing teams like a bunch of cheerleaders, but barely get dicked. If you can overlook the fact that Gianna and Rocco didn’t get too much camera time, you will love this skin flick. I honestly didn’t expect this flick to be so good! It’s much better than some of the newer Rocco flicks I’ve seen, such as “Rocco’s Dirty Dreams 4” and the “Rocco Ravishes Ibiza” series.

How I am rating this flick is different that how I usually rate. I will combine my rating for the film, the extra footage and the crazily-loaded DVD all in one. I don’t do this usually, but like “Belladonna’s Dark Meat” series, this is more than a skin flick. This is am experience!



Belladonna’s Dark Meat 3
Big Booty White Girls 5
Black Snake Bitches
Bootlegs & B-Sides (*)
(*) - indicates Maybe, maybe not!

Until my next review, take good care of yourselves,
Long Noel

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