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Furious Fuckers: Final Race

Furious Fuckers: Final Race

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foreign
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astroknight's ratings for Furious Fuckers: Final Race:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Furious Fuckers: Final Race overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Furious Fuckers: Final Race Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Furious Fuckers: Final Race Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Furious Fuckers: Final Race Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Furious Fuckers: Final Race Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Furious Fuckers: Final Race DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Furious Fuckers: Final Race A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  1/10/2008

The Little Details

Running Time: 145 min.

Production Date: 8 / 20 / 2007

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Cast: Annette Schwarz, Boroka Bolls, Carla Cox, Evelyne Foxy, Gianna Michaels, Hannah Hunter, Jessica Moore, Kate Jones, Kelly Stafford, Liz Honey, Marsha Lord, Nesty, Nikoletta Devis, Pamela (listed here as Katya), Poppy Morgan, Sandra Parker, Sarah James, Sveta (listed here as Ira), Valentine Rush, Vanessa Bliss, Vanessa Hill, Victoria Blonde, Christian, Jazz Duro, Jean ValJean, Joachim Kessef, Kid Jamaica, Mike Angelo, Omar Galanti, and Zenza Raggi in sexual roles with Caroline De Jaie, Veronica Clinton, and Gabriel Zero in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: It's been a long time since I've seen a Rocco feature, but his standard movies have been very enjoyable. With his passion for racing and hot sex, I'm looking forward to this one.

Initial Reaction: It's quite a bit different from what I expected, but also pretty good.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of racing and hot sex

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of long and nasty scenes

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty well done. The audio shows a lot of care, and has a nice balance without many background noises despite much of the movie being shot outdoors or in locations such as garages which can be pretty notorious for hollow sounds and echoes. The video is presented in the full frame format and looks pretty good. The race footage is excellent and there's a surprisingly steady hand through most of the movie.

Music: There's a little music here and there. It isn't your typical porno style, but fits the movie nicely and has a decent balance with the rest of the audio. There are a few places where the music dominates the audio, but very few.

Menus: The main menu works through a bit of the movie to settle in on a clip with a nice still. The chapter menu is pretty cool, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene as well as a title for it.

The Feature

Rocco's out to win the big cycle race, but Kelly and her team isn't going down without a fight. She steals Christian away from his team and has no problem in fighting dirty and cheating in order to win the race.

Scene 1 – Evelyne Foxy, Jennifer Dark, Jessica Moore, Liz Honey, Nesty, Sandra Parker, Victoria Blonde, Alex, Denis, Jader Toninello, Luca Zironi, Omar Galanti, and Pastorino Luca

Rocco brings in Evelyne, Jennifer, Jessica, Liz, Nesty, Sandra, and Victoria to help motivate his team letting them know that the first six guys get the girls while the others have to sit around jerking off while they watch. After a mad rush to finish their practice race the first guys rush up the to the girls to eat their holes from behind before mixing it up with more oral action. Most of the girls lay back on the ground to get eaten, and after a bit a cute blonde with a pierced nostril gets a facial that she shares with another girl before Rocco has the guys get racing again.

This is an okay scene. It's surprisingly short, and there's so much action going on that it's hard to focus on anything more than the group feel. It's a nice feeling, but was over so quick it was hard to get into. It does, however, provide a nice promise of what's to come later.

Scene 2 – Annette Schwarz, Kelly Stafford, Poppy Morgan, and Christian

Kelly tries seducing Christian over to her team by taking him in to see the back of her shop leading him with his fingers in her ass. She has him put more in and eat her ass as bottle blonde Annette and Poppy and another brunette watch. Annette comes over to make sure Christian works on her ass right with Poppy joining in as well. Kelly fingers the other girls' asses before letting them smother Christian's face with their assholes before teaming up on him orally with Kelly guiding the action. He makes his way around fucking their faces, and finally pops a load between their faces that they share.

This is a hot scene. There's a nice feeling of nastiness to the scene, and the girls all pull out the stops working him over orally. The nice nicely progresses into the cocksucking from plenty of ass eating, and although Kelly controls the action, there's plenty of enjoyment for all. This is another hot oral scene.

Scene 3 - Boroka Bolls, Britney, Carla Cox, Caroline De Jaie, Cindy, Ginger, Hannah Hunter, Kate Jones, Lora Craft, Marsha Lord, Nesty, Nikoletta Devis, Sierra, Timea, Valentine Rush, Vanessa Bliss, Jean ValJean, Omar Galanti, and Zenza Raggi

While shooting a chip commercial with the girls, plenty of sex breaks loose. Omar eats the chops out of their asses and wipes them across a gaping asshole and pussies as the girls start masturbating and fucking each other with toys. The girls start sucking his cock as he has them eat chips off it, and when director Zensa tries to interrupt them strip him down to start sucking him as well. Jean Val Jean also gets in on the action, and after a few girls team up on him orally he starts fucking a blonde doggie style as a brunette starts riding Zensa cowgirl style. They mix in a couple other girls as they move on to anal sex, and work the girls over in missionary, doggie, and reverse cowgirl with a bit of ass to mouth action mixed in.

This is a pretty good scene. It's surprisingly short for all of the girls around and the two guys, but the action is pretty well captured. I was most surprised that Omar sat most of it out and never popped, but he does help with some nice tease and provides some nice humor for the scene. There's some decent heat to this scene, but also some nice humor.

Scene 4 – Pamela, Sveta, Christian, and Mike Angelo

While heading down the street, Christian and Mike bump into busty brunettes Pamela and Sveta. They head back to the apartment together where they look at some pictures and then quickly split into couples and take to opposite rooms. Christian plays with Sveta's pussy a bit as he kisses her before dropping down to tongue it. He also eats her from behind before sucking his cock as Mike and Pamela watch form the next room. Pamela pushes Mike away as Christian starts fucking Sveta standing up from behind, but warms to him and starts stroking his cock as he plays with and sucks her tits and rubs her pussy. Pamela drops down to suck and titty fuck Mike's cock before they move into the other room where he and Christian take their girls cowgirl style. Christian fucks Sveta missionary style while sucking her toes, and even get a bit of a footjob and some reverse cowgirl as Mike fucks Pamela doggie and missionary style complete with a little ass to mouth as he fucks her ass. Finally each of the girls take a nice facial finish to bring things to a close.

This is a great scene. Sveta and Christian have great chemistry and although Rocco normally has plenty of passion in his movies I've rarely found it as hot as it is here between these two. I also love how Mike and Pamela watch it and get turned on with her going from no to stroking his cock as they watch to taking it up the ass. This was a very impressive scene, and quite possibly my favorite in the movie.

Scene 5 – Annette Schwarz, Kelly Stafford, and Kid Jamaica

Kelly and Annette lure mechanic Kid Jamaica away from working on the bikes for a bit of fun. As Kelly waits below, Annette and Kid Jamaica head up to a mezzanine so he can eat her ass before he crawls behind her as she heads back down the staircase. Kid Jamaica eats her ass a bit more and takes plenty of tastes from Kelly's fingers before Kelly strips down so Annette can eat her ass at the same time. Annette sucks Kid Jamaica's cock before letting him spear her shitpussy from behind with Kelly moving around to suck him clean and eat his ass. Kelly eats Annette from behind as Kid Jamaica pours oil over his cock and her ass as Kelly eats both. Kelly continues to get in on the action orally, both giving and receiving, as Jamaica continues to fuck Annette's ass in doggie and missionary and takes his load in her mouth before swapping it to Annette.

This is a hot scene. Both girls play their roles very well with Kelly once again taking the control of the scene while keeping her involvement a little restrained. That isn't a bad thing here as she's definitely a big part of the scene and even in a more limited role she gets into the scene very well. The action quickly gets to the nastiness, and there's plenty to like once again for facesitting fans. This is another hot scene that should more than please fans of Annette Schwarz.

Scene 6 – Annette Schwarz, Gianna Michaels, Kelly Stafford, Marsha Lord, Poppy Morgan, Sarah James, Vanessa Hill, Christian, Jazz Duro, Joachim Kessef, Kid Jamaica, and Omar Galanti

Christian takes a moment to tongue redhead Marsha's before the race. They're cut short by the race getting started, which Rocco watches from above in a helicopter with Gianna as she masturbates and teases him. After the race, however, there's nothing quite as satisfying as an orgy, which Gianna gets started by showing up late in a sexy little black outfit that shows off her tits all too well before rubbing them in the chocolate and whipped cream cake and letting Omar worship her chocolate and whipped cream covered body. They spray champagne around with plenty of it ending up on Gianna and Omar drinking it off her before Kelly shows him that it should really be drank out of an ass with Marsha and dirty blonde Sarah helping with the demonstration as the rest of the crowd watches and starts to get it on. He pulls Gianna and Kelly in on the action after the champagne gets set aside, and even has Annette, Vanessa, and Poppy turn around for a bit of ass eating. It turns into a complete flesh fest from then on with a horsey buttplug for Vanessa as she and Gianna play, some assfucking between Annette and Omar, and an interracial DP for Marsha in both cowgirls with Poppy and Sarah right there to taste her ass from the cocks when they aren't playing with each other. Kelly also lets Omar fuck her as Annette gives her a few fingers to help that she feeds to Vanessa, and Poppy and Gianna get cowgirl rides from Joachim and Kid Jamaica, respectively which Poppy kicks up with some anal missionary work. When it's time for the pop shots, Annette has Marcia take a load in her mouth for a few of them to swap around, and when it's time for Omar to cum he pops in the top of his trophy so the girls can play with it all around.

This is a hot final scene. The cast mixes it up very well and the camera moves around to capture the action very nicely with plenty of close-ups as well as distance shots. Huge orgy scenes rarely work too well for me as I always seem to want to see something other than what the camera is letting me see, and to a point that happened here as well. That said, this scene also worked better than normal for me in that respect as the camera often focused on a couch and there were normally a couple things going on at each couch so you got more than just one couple at a time. The only thing that really interfered with me at all for this scene was that the plot kind of ran into the scene the wrong way by having all of the major players in it no matter what team they were on. That said, this is still a hot orgy scene and a nice sexual end for the movie.

Furious Fuckers: Final Race is a very different feature that what I would have expected from Rocco. It shows a love of both sex and racing, and as usual with Rocco there's plenty of nasty assfucking. There's plenty of racing scenes that should please fans of the sport, and they're captured very well. As for the plot, it's very loose and was held back a bit for me by the foreign cast. There are some areas where the accents are very heavy and some where the cast is speaking their native language. Granted, it isn't anything that really interferes with the plot, but it left me feeling a little left out of what was going on. What interfered more for me was the main plot being about Christian betraying Rocco, but nothing every really coming of it. The jumpiness of the plot also interfered with the plot a bit with the final scene having everybody getting it on in a big orgy no matter which team they were on as well as the betrayals. At the same time, it's hard to hold this against Furious Fuckers: Final Race as it never tries to be a heavy feature and seems to more than anything just be about hot sex, fast bikes, and just having fun with Rocco's love of all three coming through the entire movie.

Furious Fuckers: Final Race has plenty of hot and nasty sex like one would expect from Rocco, and he throws a few surprises in as well. I was very surprised that it took until the third scene for some good fucking, with the first two scenes being just oral scenes and the opening scene being more of an oral tease than anything. The third scene with Sveta, Pamela, Christian, and Mike was easily my favorite in the movie due to the chemistry and progression of the action, and although it took two smaller scenes to get to it proved to be very well worth the way. I was also very surprised at the length of some of the scenes. I've been getting used to huge group scenes such as the opening and closing scene lasting over forty minutes, but here the longest scene only lasted about a half hour and there was a lot of tease there. The sex has a surprising variety both in styles and the length of the scenes.

In the end, although Furious Fuckers: Final Race lasts about two and a half hours, I couldn't help but feel like another half hour would have took it from being a really good adult movie to being a great movie. That time would have let the final orgy stretch itself out a little more as well as allowing a little more time for the plot segments to flow better. Granted, with the quality of most adult films that's a minor complaint, but with the quality of movies the Evil Empire and Rocco has put out year after year I'll admit to holding them to a little higher standard than I do a lot of other companies. Furious Fuckers: Final Race is a fast and fun fuck flick, and despite some of its faults, that's just what it seems like it wants to be and is saved by Rocco's obvious love of bikes, babes, and fun.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery includes roughly eighty five very nice looking snapshots. There's also a cast listing by scene, a bio for Rocco Siffredi, and internet information on the first DVD. The second DVD is devoted entirely to extras. Trailers are included for Rocco's Dirty Dreams 6, Russian Teen Obsession, and Furious Fuckers. The music video for These Boots are Made for Walkin' from the closing credits is also included on its own, which I loved and thought was a heck of a lot of fun. In fact, this is one of the most enjoyable fun little extras I've seen in a long time. There's also cumshot recaps, and Evil Angel filmographies including a photo for Gianna Michaels, Marsha Lord, Sarah James, Vanessa Hill, Kelly Stafford, Ira, Poppy Morgan, and Annette Schwarz.

The extra footage lasts almost as long as the movie, and clocks in at two hours and twenty two minutes (as opposed to two and a half hours before the music video and extra message from Rocco). Rocco talks about wanting to make a movie about his three favorite loves: pussy, bikes, and flying, in the middle of a racetrack. After talking about his love of the racing it moves on with Omar and the girls for the chip commercial. There's a few words with the girls, but mostly the camera moves around providing plenty of eye candy as the girls hang out and they get things ready for the scenes. Omar gets it on with Liz Honey at the end of the chip sequence complete with a rectal reaming, ass to mouth, and a facial finish, and I couldn't help but think that this sequence could have been worked into the end of the scene and made it much more satisfying.

Poppy and Vanessa look like they show up early for the final scene next. They work each other over with their tongues and toys, and keep the action moving nicely. Unfortunately the scene feels a bit cut off rather than feeling like it comes to a natural end.

Rocco chats with Sveta about their differing opinions on anal between takes before things cut to the office where Rocco finds a surprising mess and gets a bit of a surprise from a girl named Laurie who's in a sexy dark blue and black corset, nipple clamps, and who's bearing a flogger that she spanks Rocco with. After giving her a little lesson and offering her a part in the movie, Rocco lets Laurie suck his cock and watches as she fucks her ass with the handle on her flogger. Rocco gives her a quick poke in the ass, but then goes back to fucking her face and having her eat his ass before he lets her have a facial.

Things move back to the final orgy location where Rocco finds that Sarah has been tied to a post all night by Niki. He begs Niki to free her, but instead she pulls out the horsey plug she's been wearing and shoves it in Sarah's mouth. She calls Joachim over to untie Sarah before taking her to the couch to dominate her and eat her ass. Niki doesn't expect Joachim to come back to dominate and eat her ass, and he keeps it going fucking their faces as well as their asses in multiple positions. Finally he he pops between their faces.

Things move back to the making of the actual movie with Kelly and Joachim in the garage before going back to the final orgy location where Omar gets it on with a tattooed brunette with her hair in braids. They get in plenty of oral play back and forth, including cocksucking, ass eating and foot play before Omar takes her to a couch to fuck her ass with her toy and then his cock. The girl takes several tastes of her ass from his cock as he works her over in several positions, and even sucks an old guy that's capturing some of the action before Omar gives her a very impressive facial. Finally there's a bit more racing footage.

In addition to being almost as long as the movie, the extra footage feels almost like a movie. There's a few behind the scenes clips here and there, but more than anything it feels a bit like a porno mockumentary look at the movie. The sex scenes here are as strong as the scenes in the main movie, and worked for me extremely well. Rocco's POV scene in the office is probably my favorite, but there's also some darn hot sex happening around the orgy location. I think Rocco's clip at the end of the movie talking about the chips would have worked much better here than as the tag to the movie, but I can also completely understand him wanting as many people as possible to see it. This is one of the best and most enjoyable behind the scenes / extra footage featurettes I've seen in a long time.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, group, oral, rimming (male > female, female > female, and female > male), ass to mouth, masturbation, toys, lesbian, anal, voyeurism, feet, interracial, food play, DP, and cum swapping

Raincoat Factor: Medium high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, may of Evil Angel’s Prime Evil line DVDs can be found online for between about $25 and $35, with a few stores offering them under $30. I don't know if this one's worth the big bucks, but it's worth a rental at the very least to see if you like it enough to pay the big bucks. The main feature is pretty good, but the extras were what really made the release thanks to a very hot behind the scenes movie. Through it all there's nice care put into the extras. This is an impressive release.

Note to Rocco Siffredi / Evil Angel: It's nice to see you trying to blend the things you love together in a project. Although there were things that didn't work for me here, that love was noticeable throughout the release and helped smooth this release over. I also really loved the effort you put into the behind the scenes feature, and hope you keep doing them like this.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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