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Furious Fuckers: Final Race

Furious Fuckers: Final Race

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Foreign
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Zorge's ratings for Furious Fuckers: Final Race:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Furious Fuckers: Final Race overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Furious Fuckers: Final Race Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Furious Fuckers: Final Race Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Furious Fuckers: Final Race Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Furious Fuckers: Final Race Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Furious Fuckers: Final Race DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Furious Fuckers: Final Race A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Zorge  on  10/31/2007
Final Race offers another excuse for Rocco to base a film around his interest in motorbike racing. There are some themes that tie things together a bit and allow for certain (sometimes ridiculous) set-ups to the action. There is a lot of good hardcore action, tons of super hot girls, and a lot of fun in between.

The movie is contained on disc one and is over 2 and a half hours long. The second disc features almost just as much content in extra footage, and includes outtakes and several full sex scenes. So there is a lot here. For the racing, apparently there are 2 racing teams: Rocco's "Hard Team" and Kelly's team, which gives some of the set-ups a bit of context.

Disc one: the movie
We start out with the "hard team" racing and loads of very hot girls hanging around to cheer them on. After a lap, the guys get off their bikes to lick the girls asses and pussies, or get blowjobs themselves. After that brief break, it is back to the racing.
Then Cristian and some other guys make their way over to Kelly's headquarters. Kelly is there with Annette Schwarz, Poppy Morgan and a black haired girl, and they work to entice the guys to join their team. Kelly smashes her ass into Cristian's face, and brings Annette and Poppy over to do the same. Next, all three girls take turns blowing him, and Annette gets throat fucked pretty hard (at her own initiation of course). Soon enough the guy blows his load right in Kelly and Poppy's mouths while Annette keeps her face under his crotch, and waits to do some clean up sucking. So that's just a start!

Next a producer or something comes to film a potato chips commercial with Rocco (I guess parodying an ad Rocco actually did, if I'm not fooled). However, Omar and Jean Val Jean are apparently jealous of Rocco and bind him up in the house so they can do the commercial. So Omar pretends to be Rocco. This is pretty funny, though I can't really tell why any of this is supposed to be happening. It doesn't really matter.
Again we have a whole bunch of very hot girls around in bikinis. He proceeds to eat chips that the girls are lined up holding in their ass cheeks, and the chip debauchery continues as the girls are abound playing with themselves, making out with each other, putting dildos in each others asses, as Omar continues to parody lines from Rocco's chips commercial. Soon they are doing all sorts of sexual things with the potato chips.
Eventually the goofy producer breaks it up and he ends up getting blown by a bunch of girls, and Jean Val Jean joins in as well. This evolves into a wild orgy, with the guys having their pick of girls to fuck in various holes.
Finally, the producer blows his load on several girls' faces, while Jean continues to ass fuck a lovely brunette, followed by some ass to mouth with another girl. He then finishes off by shooting his load up at the girls.

Next, Christian and Mike Angelo, who we saw earlier at Kelly's, are on the street and pick up 2 more hot girls (Katya and Ira, I don't know which is which), one of whom they "met before in St. Petersburg". Anyhow, the girls come up to an apartment and soon enough, is eating out one of the girls, before she starts blowing him. Christian starts banging her in standing doggy, and Mike begins to get a blowjob from, and to titty fuck, the other hot girl with the massive tits.
Soon, both girls are riding a guy in the living room. A lot of anal and ATM action for the large breasted girl, as she looks exceptional in her black skirt, nylons and black boots, getting pounded anally in doggy, and head down ass up on the floor. Very nice action.
Meanwhile, the other girl continues to get pounded vaginally by Christian, while the Mike Angelo gets jerked off by the big titted girl, into her mouth. Nice.
Finally, Christian shoots his load right into his girl's mouth to finish the scene.

From there, we move to more racing, but we quickly turn our attention to more fucking as Kid Jamaica goes into Kelly's garage with Kelly and Annette and gets down to working on Annette, eating her ass and spanking her, while Kelly helps out.
Next, Annette has her mouth held wide open by Kelly as the guy proceeds to get deep throated, even balls and all! And it's not like he's small, either. Annette thrives on this sort of action, and she does some work getting all that into her mouth and throat.
Next, Annette gets bent over a work table, to get banged from behind while Kelly fists her mouth and slaps her around a bit. Geez. She does look excellent bent over that table though. While still getting fucked, Annette also has Kelly shoving her ass into her face before Kelly spreads Annette's ass for some anal entry, Annette still bent lying over the table. Kelly goes back to perform some ATM, too. After a few more minutes of anal, Annette gets behind too and does more throat fucking.
After that, Annette is back on the table, this time with her head down and her ass up. Jamaica pours loads of lube over his dick and her ass, while Kelly licks and fingers Annette and sucks on him some, too. Then we get more ass fucking and more ATM from Kelly. Annette gets turned on her back and gets more anal. Eventually with Kelly lying on top of her in 69. Finally, after all that, Kelly jerks the guy into her mouth. And, she shares it in a kiss with Annette.
Man, that was a pretty intense scene. But that's what Annette can do!

Next it's back to racing. Andmore looks at super hot girls all over the place. Gianna is riding in a helicopter with Rocco above the race, with her tits out and touching herself.
Afterwards, back on the ground, the hard team are the winners and they are treated to an award and cake ceremony. Gianna rubs herself in the cake and Omar rubs himself in her. They are covered in ice cream or something now. Omar pops champagne at Gianna's ass to help clean things up. Champagne continues to flow, even into the asses of some of the hot girls waiting around. That's pretty cool. So kelly helps Omar drink Champagne from some of the hot girls' asses. Only in a Rocco movie! Everyone's having a good time here. Lots of cheering as Omar gets his face buried in Gianna's ass.
Next, we break into orgy mode, as the guys and girls get down for a lot of fucking. Anals, toys, blowjobs and girl on girl abound! There's even Dps, as the redhead gets pounded by Joachim and Kid Jamaica that banged Annette earlier. Annette, coincidentally is getting analized by Omar, amongst other activities. All sorts of action follows, including Joachim getting Poppy in anal. This is a mess! Lots of action. I can't possible detail everything. But it's a lot of fun, I can promise!

After the orgy, the credits run to a music video featuring Rocco (which is for a cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walking" by Le Braghe Corte, it's a real and professionally done music video with Rocco acting. Not bad either.)

Disc two
Disc two has a lot of outtakes from the scenes, which give us a lot more nice looks at the huge cast of girls. Additionally there are several full scenes of action to take in!
After some racing outtakes and seeing the placement of some chips in buttcheeks, we get a one on one scene with Omar (wearing Rocco's robe from the chips commercial) getting a nice blowjob from one cute girl. He also screws her from behind before going to her ass. We get a couple nice gapes from her, but not much anal penetration here. The cene ends with more Omar cumming a on the girl, then getting some post-cum blowjob work.
Briefly, we get Poppy Morgan looking good in a pink shirt and some fishnets, getting it on with a black haired girl. This sequence is pretty short.
Next we get to see the girl who didn't do anal in didn't do anal in the apartment scene discussing how she will never do anal, which is kinda funny.
Then we get a scene with Rocco and a blonde girl, that starts in POV, but moves to third person. She plays seductive before getting down to have her mouth put to use by Rocco. She deepthroats him and rims him before swallowing his load down.
After that, there is a MFF scene with Joachim and two girls in black and red outfits, a brunette and a blonde with a pretty big ass. The scene features a bit of stacking, some P2P sliding, anal for both girls in several positions, some ATOGM, a bit of deep throating, and finally a facial for both girls.
Next, we get some behind the scenes stuff, too, before we get another scene with Omar and some girl with long braided hair. There's a good bit of anal in this scene, too.
Finally, we close out with more shots of bike racing.

Extras and such In addition to the 2 and a half hours of extra footage on disc two, there are a few other extra bits. Disc one has a photo gallery and a cast list, detailing who gets it on in each scene. Disc two has the entire music video by Le Braghe Corte. The video has a very old school vibe, and the music is somewhere between rockabilly and swing revival. Interesting. There are also filmographies and trailers for 3 other Rocco flicks (Furious Fuckers, Russian Teen Obsession and Dirty Dreams 6).

Conclusions There is a lot of stuff here! Fans of Annette looking for scenes where she pushes things pretty extreme will like this one. Fans of Rocco's light spirited goofy set ups and orgies with loads of hot girls will also be pleased. I think it is definitely worth a look.

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