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Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass

Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Anal , Asian
Starring: , , ,
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picman's ratings for Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  10/30/2006
Fuckey Fuckey My Asian Ass
I've been in need of a porno boost lately, and into my hot little hands has come a recent release from Le'Wood. The cast here is stellar. Keeani Lei, Dana Vespoli, Arcadia Davidia and Kaiya Lynn. Those are four of the hardest charging Asian women in the industry. I have some very high hopes for this video.
Mark Wood is laying in bed with eyeshades on and Dana Vespoli is surveying the scene wearing a Red Cross nurse's outfit designed for sluts. Micro mini and halter tied in front. She joins the sightless Wood on the bed and rubs her crotch along his leg while divesting herself of the clothing. I know that many people have complained about Dana's apparent weight loss since returning to the industry, but she looks dynamite here in a scene shot about a month after. She presses her beautiful little tits in Mark's face and he chows down. Dana humps his leg like a bitch in heat, then uses his foot to masturbate with. She lays counter to him and they lick each other's feet. Dana has white thigh highs on that will not be coming off due to some damage to her knees (see the BTS). Mark pulls off his shorts so Dana can give him a proper footjob. Amazingly, she seems even more turned on by this than he is. And he is. His blindfold comes off and Dana replaces her feet with her mouth. No half steps here for kinky Dana as she enjoys her work, stroking and sucking with delight. All too quickly she pulls off her panties and mounts the hard dick in CG. Wet and horny, Dana lays that big ass out there for Mark to pound from underneath. He orders her to do the driving and Dana finds all the good spots and seems to concentrate on pleasing her man with her angles and squeezes. Some spanking and kissing, Dana's booty just mesmerizing in its beauty and motion. She starts pumping fingers into her ass, a precursor of things to cum. Mark orders her onto the couch for mish. He goes deep into her tight cunt, then skullfucks her. Back to her pussy, Mark spits into Dana's open mouth. P2M after what sounded like an emergency pullout and he fucks her face. Dana lays on her side and Mark rims her. Dana opens her bung up with a few fingers and Mark's saliva, then he's burying the bone in her dirty place. She rolls into doggy and Dana's just loving the butt love. She doesn't say a lot, but what she does say is bone stirring. Dana buries a couple of fingers into her twat to maximize her pleasure as Mark hits her from a reverse top angle. Cut to RCA, Dana laying that big ass down to the root, settling back and joining Mark in licking her armpit. Anybody familiar with Ms. Vespoli knows that's one of her major turnons. Dick buried in ass, hand jilling her clit and tongue swabbing her armpit, Dana looks to be having an ejaculatory spasm. She eases the cock out of her ass and sucks on it lovingly, savoring the flayva. She licks Mark's armpit while jacking him, sticks her ass in his face for a lick lube and settles back onto the cock for RCA again. She concentrates on the tip of his dick and drives Mark half crazy. They go to the floor for spoon anal and armpit love. Mark's driving hard now, throwing control out the window as nature is calling. He pulls out an shoots a blast of precum into Dana's mouth before stroking out a much more copious creamy load. A little PCH and they thank each other.
Damn that Dana Vespoli is a hot woman. Legitimately kinky, she's probably the kind of woman Joey Silvera had in mind when he titled one of his series Service Animals, because that's exactly what she is. Great scene.
The camera runs up the body, from toe to head, of the exquisite Kaiya Lynn. She's in a blue two piece with Oriental motif. She and Mark are sitting in the poolside patio and Kaiya is serving Mark a drink. He's hot, so she fans him like a good little geisha. She squats in front of him to provide another service and Mark pulls her cups aside to bare her tastefully enhanced tits. Kaiya goes rummaging around in his pants and licks the already hard dick through the fabric. Upon release, Kaiya slides her lips over it and maintains good eye contact with her master. Mark jabs at her face while ordering Kaiya to get her pussy wet for him. He takes her in doggy and soon has Kaiyan breathing raggedly and ready to cum. P2M, then they march toward the house hand in hand. They stop by the door for some standing doggy and a little orgasm for Kaiya. Inside the house, Mark wants more head before he gives her pussy love. Kaiya sits on his dick in CG. She pounds her hot little body down on the hard dick, then grinds herself into him. As always, Kaiya rolls from one little orgasm to another, desperately trying to build the big one. Mark picks her up and rails her, then lays Kaiya on her back for deep mish. She's jilling hard and imploring Mark to make her cum. Her upper body goes rosy as she jerks with apparent pleasure. Kaiya locks her legs under her arms and opens herself to Mark's hard thrusts, bringing another orgasm. He rims and spanks her, then Kaiya serves her ass up in mish. She strums her clit along with his thrusts, then does A2M after she reaches another peak. Spoon anal on the floor. Some spanking ramps up her intensity, then Mark is ramming balls deep, Kaiya moaning happily at the deepest penetrations. A2M, then they take the party to the recliner for RCA. Feet on haunches, Kaiya takes a nice reaming. She lays back and rubs one out with Mark buried. He rolls her for side saddle, then a cut to CG anal. She lays her ass over Mark's dick in a sensuous, slow slide and starts inquiring about his cum. Her tight ass and dirty talk are too much for Mark and he sends Kaiya to the floor, jerking a hot load into her open mouth. Kaiya shows, gargles and swallows.
Another hot scene with a hypersexual woman. Kaiya's been one of the real delights this last year and this is yet another great scene for her and Mark. Good stuff.
Arcadia Davidia is looking pretty sexy in a gold lame top and black lace skirt. Tiny, cute and tight looking as she does a striptease. Greeting Mark with a nice smile, Arcadia opens her legs so he can stroke her kitty. She tweaks her nipples and they both take a taste of her pussy from Mark's fingers. Arcadia springs his cock free of his pants and treats him to some unique tongue play as she sucks his cock. Mark bends her over and mounts her in doggy on the couch. Some real pleasure is registering on Arcadia's face as Mark opens her tight twat. She begs for an orgasm and Mark drives her home, her body squirming like she's been touched by a livewire. Arcacia mounts the cock in CG and rides like a wildwoman. When Mark starts to pound, she just opens her legs and invites the carnage. She just gets lit up, and rewards Mark with a tweak of his nipples. He picks her up and carries her to the arm of the couch and lays her down for a missionary fuck. Mark pounds until Arcadia's eyes are rolling up into her head, then long, slow strokes, and back to the pounding. Another round and Arcadia's sucking pussy juice from his cock. She gets rid of her shoes and mounts in RC, her feet on his haunches. Arcadia is very aggressive in the female superior positions. Something I like a lot. She puts his cock into her ass and rubs circles on her clit. It's a hot and sensual ride. Mark drops Arcadia on the floor for doggy without disengaging. Arcadia's breathless and her body's on fire as Mark digs out her ass with one leg raised. Mish anal on the couch. Arcadia looks like she manages one last orgasm before Mark is ready himself. She kneels and accepts his joy juice cocktail, shovelling the strays into her mouth.
I'm no stranger to Arcadia, and she's always been more than willing to do the nastiest things, but I never saw her have this much fun before. She did everything I expected, but with more feeling. Another good scene.
Keeani Lei greets Mark, calling him Master. She's wearing street clothes and he's displeased. Keeani sinks to her knees apologetically as Mark browbeats her, and she promises to do whatever he tells her to. He sends her off to change and the scene shifts to Keeani dressed in hot pink slutwear and ballgag, draped over a table and shackled to its legs. Mark spanks and berates her. He pulls out one of her toys, a glass screw plug, and sinks it where the sun don't shine. More spanking, a couple of dips with his cock in her mouth, and another toy finds its way into her ass. He pulls the gag away for good, releases her hands and facefucks her, drool streaming onto the glass tabletop. Keeani licks it up on command, offering up her mouth again. Mark releases her and fucks her pussy from behind. Keeani lays back on the table, stripping her panties and taking dick in mish. With her legs raised high in the air, Mark shackles her ankles together. She's making so much noise, he pops the gag back in her mouth. He pulls it away to stick his dick in her mouth and let her suck balls. CG on the couch, Keeani bouncing her ass on command. She adds some self deprecating dialogue to her lively ride. A rotation to RC as Keeani impales herself wildly. P2M and back to the table for a standing doggy anal. Steady and deep is the cock sliding in her rectum. A couple of gapes and an up and over. Mish anal on the table. Titty spanking and a hard reaming for Keeani. CG anal on the couch. Keeani's beautiful ass swallowing Mark's dick. A move to RCA, Keeani going cock crazy as she forces her body down as hard as she can. As hard as they're fucking each other, something's got to give, and it's Mark ordering Keeani to jump off so he can unload in her open mouth. She shows and swallows. Mark tells her she's a good girl now and Keeani crawls away.
All the other scenes were about submission and service, but subtly delivered. This one was ritualized, but the one thing the others had that was missing here was an extensive stretch of pleasurable pussy fucking. Still, there was a lot to like about the anal rampage Keeani eventually went on.
Epilogue I think that in most ways, my anticipation was surpassed by this video. Dana Vespoli got things off to a running start with her delightfully kinky ways. I wish she could show off everything she's got in her bag of tricks but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Still, what Dana gives us is a uniquely sexual woman who manages to please herself while driving her partner half crazy. Kaiya Lynn may not match Dana's scope, but she certainly keeps the intensity high and looks stunning when she's a sated mess. Arcadia has always delivered very hardcore scenes, and this is no different. This one distinguished itself by the sheer pleasure she was getting out of it. Keeani seemed a little out of her element in the D/s trappings. Not that she's not a natural submissive, but she's just too spunky to sell it here. I don't think that Mark is dangerous enough to make her suspend reality that much. It's a little quibble because she really got it going when Mark let her cut loose. Probably the biggest gamble here was using Mark for every scene. That's something that can get old, fast, but his history with three of these women was good (not sure if he had any with Arcadia), and laid a solid groundwork for them to build on.
The Disk The usual stellar Le'Wood BTS, photo gallery and trailers.
Recommendation I could say that if you like Asians, this is a good pickup. But honestly, if you like good fucking regardless of anything genre specific, this is a very nice video.

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