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Fucked on Sight 6

Fucked on Sight 6

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  POV
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Jake Blade's ratings for Fucked on Sight 6:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Fucked on Sight 6 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Fucked on Sight 6 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fucked on Sight 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Fucked on Sight 6 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Fucked on Sight 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fucked on Sight 6 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fucked on Sight 6 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Jake Blade  on  11/15/2009
The Point of View work of Manuel Ferrara appears to be getting better with each new release. His appetite for personally showcasing pornís finest is far from sated in Fucked On Sight 6, as a fine spread of brauds with looks that could kill have their repertoires scrutinized. If you can develop your endurance and patience to a level near close to the Frenchman then a title like this will keep on giving until your tub of Vaseline is empty and a sack that once held a set of plum sized blue balls, now carries a couple of frozen peas.

Chayse Evans
Chayse Evans is a quality unit. She has the naturally lean body of a pure fuck machine and big dose of crazy in her eyes that signals she is up for anything. The blow up butt plug and her voracious manner make the preliminaries watchable, and once the inflatable drama has played out the camera highlights her best angle, that with a cock hanging out of her. Chayseís brash attitude would attract a forceful performance from even the most demure of stick men as her talking and antics only serve to prolong the inevitable, but Manuel lets her have free reign as he knows he will soon have that sweet body at his mercy. The anal is far from robust as this must be one of the tighter puckers on the circuit, but watching a fuck happy Chayse work her magic is definitely easy on the eye. Those immortals that can last the full 47 minutes without losing the baby batter have done a fine job as there are several nuggets of footage that could easily push an untrained man over the edge. Manuel of course unloads a barrel of Miracle Whip through the eye of his cock that could keep sandwich makers in business for years.

Madelyn Marie
There is no denying the beauty of this statuesque brunette, and the turnaround work to start things off would even have readers of Smooth interested in proceedings. As is Manuelís way he doesnít sell the farm early, instead he lets the camera drink in everything this girl has to offer. While the choking and footwork are more for effect than for the purists, when the tanned bombshell puts the theatrics aside and gets down to business her work has a definite allure. While continuity may not be her strongpoint you would definitely be happy about having Madelyn in bed with you. The doggy is a threshold buster, and the sexual sounds that are part and parcel of having a girlís face down and ass up as you pound her from behind definitely add to the occasion

Dana DeArmond
Dana DeArmond and sanity have never ridden together on the same bus. One look at her and you can tell you are dealing with a sex crazed lunatic. Wild eyes, ludicrous statements and anal acrobatics are all part of her theatrics, and her performance for Manuel combines some of her more astounding tricks. After jamming a glass dildo up her ass, the size of which would make an elephant uncomfortable, she gags and bags on the Frenchman until her starfish is as open as the doors on Walmart. As is understandable the ass music plays throughout this performance like an instrument that the orchestra rejected. But this is all part of a normal day for a girl that gets warmed up by jamming her hand up her ass. Dana loves cock, and this is an intimate scene that shows how lovely a dirty girl can be.

Kristina Rose
Another lust charged and emotional encounter between Kristina and Manuel, and running an hour long this scene is definitely an epic. There is no doubting Kristinaís value as a hot little fuck bunny, her bubble butt and appetite for the French foreskin producing the type of sexual magic that could turn premature ejaculation into an epidemic. The anal is pure quality and presented in both an intimate and erotic way that makes you feel like you are in the room. Kristinaís incessant talking may be a distraction, but Manuelís cock is like her heroin so her ramblings are no more extravagant than on other occasions when these two have bumped uglies. This scene has a lot, including a Heather Brooke style swallow to finish, but with Kristina on the clock for an hour I could have had her fuck me three times, do the dishes, take a shower, bake a cake, make the bed, and still had 20 minutes spare for a goodbye blowjob.

Ann Marie Rios
First impressions of the opening will give you the opinion that Ann Marie talks too much and has an abundance of attitude, so itís just as well she turns out to be a dynamic little ride. The natural hottie has a lot of technique and her personality draws a more rigorous effort from Manuel, which is not surprising as this girls ass and back arch are amazing. The sloop slurping is masterful tease, and when Ann Marie eventually unleashes on the cock her repertoire is both spirited and energetic. It is obvious she likes to fuck and she goes off like a firecracker as Manuel gives her every inch to play with and even a little mid scene cream pie. The camera takes a bumpier voyage throughout but this journey is a good one as Ann Marie knows what pleasing a man is all about.

Bonus Scene from Fucked on Sight 2: Audrey Bitoni
Audrey has no trouble filling out a swimsuit as her tits are the best that money can buy. Her lips also appear to be plumped to the max which makes a pool side blowjob an ideal place to start before the main act begins. Audreyís suck and doggy routine is of a seriously sensual quality, so even Manuel has to withdraw at stages to keep the floodgates from bursting. The raven haired bombshell is a definite beauty queen so every sexual act she performs is an exhibition of pure hedonism, especially with the camera at such personal angles. There is no anal here, but you donít really miss it.

Bonus Scene from Fucked on Sight 2: Alexis Texas

The sleepy eyes and fishnets are mere side dressing as this girl is all about ass. This booty could easily kill although suffocation by the Texan crack would be far from the worst way to tap out. The oral and missionary are nice, but itís the turn around work that the fans are really interested in, and with her face pinned to the couch and her pucker pointing sky high Alexis shows off a romantic side to her personality that could definitely break hearts. This scene is back in the pre-boyfriend only anal days so even though Manuel rubs his thumb over the starfish watching the doggy style is an exercise in unutilised futility, a bit like getting your hands on the keys to a Lamborghini Countach and then driving around the block in second gear. Alexis freaks will get more than enough, but for those that enjoy a bit more rigor in their raunch this may leave you with an appetite for more.

In Closing
As a rule Manuel Ferrara and Evil Angel donít release bad titles, and this double disc is just another example of more fine work. If POV porn is supposed to project a more intimate betrayal of a lustful liaison then Fucked on Sight 6 gets top marks. The sex is both up close and personal, and as usual Manuel shares an obvious connection with all of the performers. The key may be that he doesnít impose himself heavily in any of the scenes and instead allows the girls personalities and subtleties to emanate as they work their magic. The length of some scenes could possibly be the only drawback, as consumers who donít have a masterful control of their sexual endurance might find it hard to sit through the delightful tease as the urge to get to the sinful doggy gnaws at the remote finger like a ravenous beast. If you purchase this disc you will definitely not feel upset at the outlay, you might feel a little light headedness after some self abuse while watching the action, but ultimately an overriding sense happiness with your purchase.

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