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Fuck My Skull

Fuck My Skull

Studio: XCartel
Category:  Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Sean Renaud's ratings for Fuck My Skull:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Fuck My Skull overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Fuck My Skull Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fuck My Skull Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Fuck My Skull Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Fuck My Skull Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Fuck My Skull DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fuck My Skull A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  8/20/2007
Summary: Ten scenes of constant deep throat slobbery, gagging, skull fucking. Fuck My Skull delivers EXACTLY what it claims to and even goes the extra miles in many of the scenes. There are several scenes that have cute skits to start them off which just adds to the entertainment value of the film. I’m looking forward to a sequel.
Heading in: Judging by the title and the pictures on the back I’m expecting this to be a hardcore throat fucking video. I want gagging, spit running down the girl’s face and plenty of energy, not some boring blowjob I can easily watch on any other video.

Scene One: Mika Tan

The beautiful Mika Tan starts her scene off in a summer dress that barely covers her perfect as she sucks on a lollypop that turns her tongue blue. As sexy as her sucking the lollypop is three minutes of it is a bit much. After that her boyfriend shows up and Mika goes on an angry girlfriend bitch rant until her boyfriend grips her by the skull and slams his cock into her throat. Every time he lets Mika up for air she starts asking him what he’s doing and telling him they need to get ready for dinner and he keeps silencing her with his cock. Things get very messy very quickly with spit coating the beautiful Mika’s face and running down onto her breasts even plastering her hair to her skull. By the time he turns Mika over her eyes are starting to redden from the facial fucking and looking better and better by the second. The dialogue is great because Mika only occasionally complains about being skull fucked, she finds time to complain about their new HD tv though. The cumshot is a bit of a let down after an incredible scene that ends with Mika asking if they are still going to dinner.

Scene Two: Phyllisha Anne

Phyllisha is smoking and already topless when the camera finds her toying with her pussy. She’s a great MILF look which works well with her smoking and the set over all. She invites her stud to fuck her skull, telling him in detail how she’s gonna suck and lick his cock. Phyllisha has fun with her scene giggling, ball sucking, cock slapping the whole nine yards and it works. She’s not afraid to gag and sputter or really get down and nasty with that cock, even being held down with his legs at one point. By the time she is rewarded with a face full of cum she’s been thoroughly wrecked, her face and tits covered with streams of cum.

Scene Three: Sophie Dee

Sophie is in a cute pink top and white pants as the scene starts. During the interview to start the scene her stud tells Sophie if she needs to puke to just let it go and that he wants to her face coated with spit and all that shit. Sophie starts off a little slow in her scene, only taking a few really deep strokes that she seems to be struggling with. She pukes rather early in the scene though with still dark brown coke splattering out the first time. Not much later she pukes a second time and starts cleaning up with a towel. Sophie is a real trooper though as you can tell the blonde is suffering for her art every minute of the scene. Honestly it’s a bit hard to watch at times, and the cumshot was a bit of a let down.

Scene Four: Nikki Nievez

Nikki is our second red hot smoking pole smoker and she starts off with an unnecessary and rather boring tease of her smoking. Once Nikki starts jamming her fingers down her throat and asking if we want to hear her cry like a bitch it picks up, but the tease had already gone one too long. That said she knows how to moan while somebody is fucking the hell out of her shit. You’d think he was trying to drill a whole through the back of her fucking skull because there is no mercy or compassion for Nikki as she is taken apart by cock. Near the end of the scene Nikki vomits on the floor and without even hesitating to starts slurping it off the floor. Great performance all throughout, and listening to her beg for cock and cum is absolutely perfect. She gobbles down a open mouth facial happily to climax her scene.

Scene Five: Lucious Lopez

Lopez is at a part in a see through red top and a red thong. Some guy brings her a bottle of water and she starts talking down to the man telling him he’s just a loser and why should she even talk to him. It’s too bad that it’s like telephone with her doing all of the talking instead of getting the man involved a bit while she teases him. The captions for the guy speaking is kinda cute it is a fun set up though. After a while her insulting his manhood the stud grips her by the hair and slams his cock to the back of her throat gagging her over harshly. She loves it though moaning that she didn’t know he was capable of this between throat pummeling action. There is a lot of spit in this scene coating her chin, dripping down his balls When he gets her in the upside down Lopez begins complaining about him getting spit in her hair, but a hard dick to the mouth quiets her complaining somewhat. The stud drops a helluva load on the beauty who claims to have never let a man cum in her mouth before.

Scene Six: Desire Moore

Desire Moore is wearing a pair of gray and pink striped knee high socks, gray panties and a pink bra. After talking about how badly she wants to be skull fucked she start sucking happily, even gagging on her ice cream bar. I have to say that is one lucky ice cream bar as it gets to paint her tits and play with her clit. It even gets to gag her, getting her face nice and messy before the man even arrives on the set. I normally hate opening teases but this is damn good. It would be perfect if you couldn’t hear the director feeding her lines. She goes to work hard gagging as she’s throated, coating his cock and her body in chocolate and ice cream and looking utterly fantastic. Once he gets her upside down her really gets busy violating her gullet, to the poin that snot and spit are completely covering her face. Damn good scene with a damn good cumshot to end it.

Scene Seven: Marquetta Jewel

Marquetta and her friends are sitting around sharing a beer as Marquetta talks about how she wants Alex to put a hole in the back of her skull. With no more wasted time she starts sucking away on his dick. She starts off with some slow gentle deep throat but that doesn’t last long before Alex starts slamming it to her forcing spit to froth out of her mouth and down to her tits. She really makes herself stand out by paying attention to the balls. She’s a definite cutie and that just makes all the abuse she’s put through that much hotter. The cumshot is easy to miss but otherwise nothing to complain about.

Scene Eight: Annie Cruz

Annie is a sexy two piece black ensemble when the camera finds her applying her lipstick. She teases the camera for a few moments showing off her tits until a man takes her by the hair and nearly tears her head off before forcing her start sucking on his toe. Annie isn’t afraid to let him get rough as he pinches her nose shut, chokes her, jams his fingers down her throat and even steps on her throat. That’s all before he realizes she should have a cock deep in her throat. Annie lays back without complaint and lets him push her to the limit finally pinning her down, pinching her nose shut and cumming in her mouth proving he’s not gay.

Scene Nine: Rachel Luv

Rachel is wearing a purple bikini and talking on the phone to a friend while insulting the camera man and smoking. Like Lopez she’s talking about how a guy as ugly and pathetic as him could never have a chance with a girl as pretty as she is. It might have been more interesting if he’d responded with something more than just moving the camera around as she bitches. As it stands it went on too long despite being fun. Rachel eventually decides to take pity on him and give him a hand job, but he takes more and starts skull fucking her while she thanks him. At one point her fake lashes come off and is stuck to her cheek while he continues Rachel looks absolutely incredible by the time the scene ends, her make up has run leaving black streaks on her cheeks, long strands of spit hang down from her face, her eyes are red. She even goes are far as to puke and to right back with only the slightest pause. Rachel Luv is a straight trooper in this scene even swallowing the cumshot at the end.

Scene Ten: Keanni Lei

Keanni is applying lipstick and asking someone to throat fuck her when the scene starts. It doesn’t take long for her to find somebody who is more than happy to oblige her in that and starts up with the deep throat. Keanni keeps challenging her stud to fuck her skull up and throughout the scene he does his absolute best to oblige her on that request. He puts her through her paces properly and by the end Keanni is coated in her own spit and swallowing cum.

Heading Out: If you are a fan of throat fucking facial abuse then you are going to have a lot of fun with this film. It is non-stop rough oral action, almost every girl gets covered in spit and cum, a few of them even puke. The scenes are a little to similar as far as positions and order which is unfortunate, but the girls ad their own personalities to the scenes which helps. This is not something ou want to watch with your lady around though.

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