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Selena Silver Fuck Dolls 2 4.5 starsFuck Dolls 2 4.5 starsFuck Dolls 2 4.5 stars
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Fuck Dolls 2

Fuck Dolls 2

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Straight
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Renee's ratings for Fuck Dolls 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Fuck Dolls 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Fuck Dolls 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fuck Dolls 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Fuck Dolls 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Fuck Dolls 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fuck Dolls 2 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fuck Dolls 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Renee  on  6/7/2004
Fuckdolls #2

Directed by Jake Malone, from Red Light District Studios

Note: All images shown are computer screenshots; they do not represent the original DVD video quality.

Fuckdolls #2 is a straightforward gonzo film, with six scenes. Some are threesomes, some one man/ one woman. All feature the actresses dressed in nice looking lingerie, with long tease sequences starting everything off, while most of the lingerie stays on during the scenes. There is also a good BTS/boner footage extra, that amounts to a seventh scene on the disc.

Scene 1: Nautica Thorn, Erik Everhard and Steve Holmes

Nautica, a pretty Asian actress, is lounging around in a black outfit, and does a nice tease for the camera. After talking to the director for a bit, the two male performers show up on the scene. Holmes takes some time to approach Nautica and talk to her, while Everhard literally dives onto her, starting in with some serious pussy licking. The action gets going pretty quickly, with Nautica giving one man a BJ while the other is banging her pussy. The men trade places and positions fairly rapidly, but not so much that it gets distracting or looks harried. There is one point where Holmes takes a break and gives Nautica some more pussy licking, sometimes he just sits back and looks at her. Both men finish by rubbing themselves on Nautica's breasts to make themselves come, and blessedly we are spared the boring sight of having to watch the usual jerking off.

Everhard is his usual frenzied self, and gets pretty vocal, so it was a good balance to have Holmes as the other man, with his more relaxed, subdued manner. It was easier on Nautica as well, and she was able to handle both these guys well. A good scene to start the film off.

Scene 2: Mya Lovely, Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes

Mya, a dark-haired French Canadian, is all dressed up in a black latex outfit, complete with gloves. She sits down on a sofa, and chats a bit with the director. Soon, she heads out to the door, and brings in Holmes and Ferrara – who themselves have never looked better. Steve is in a black single-breasted suit with black/white tie and a crisp white shirt. Manuel is in a black Armani style suit with a eggplant purple shirt, no tie. (I realize the majority of people reading this couldn't care less, but I love seeing a well-dressed man). Soon enough, both guys go to town on Mya, who herself demands to see Steve's cock. She gets a BJ going, before he even has time to get his tie off, making him look like a harried business executive.

The majority of the action has Mya being banged in the pussy in various positions by one of the men, while she gives the other a BJ. She does look like she felt a lot of pleasure during the scene, her energy level was high, and she was able to keep up with the two guys. While she was in CG on Manuel, she tells Steve to slap her ass, and he does so really hard, which she liked. She talked quite a bit during the scene and wasn't passive, so it felt like she was the center of attention of the two men. She does call herself a filthy whore, etc, a couple of times, and even Salope and Chien (French for bitch and dog) for good measure.

One difficult move shown was when Manuel is holding her upside down, and she gives Steve a BJ. Then Steve holds her in a upside-down 69 position, all executed without a hitch. To end, both men cum on her face, after she tells them she wants it in the Bouche (mouth). Fin (the end)

Scene 3: Melany, Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes

Melany, a tall, nearly naked British blonde, slowly walks down a red-lit hallway towards the camera. She enters a room, where she does a reverse striptease, pulling on stockings, garter belt, gloves – all in red. After posing on a chair, she goes out to meet the two men, who help her crawl up the stairs.

Immediately, she's in CG on Manuel, while Steve uses an anal toy on her. She's soon in the midst of a DP, where we find Melany firmly ensconced for much of this scene. There's DP with Manuel on the bottom, or DP with Steve on the bottom, and for a minute or so, a standing DP. Melany does get a few breaks, such as when she only does one man in her ass, while giving the other one a BJ.

But, she does seem to like all the action, telling the men to go harder, or to fuck her more. In the middle of the scene, Manuel makes her say, "I want 2 cocks in me" several times. Steve asks her why, and predictably she answers, "Because I'm a whore." Steve murmurs, "Yes, you're a nasty whore." I could have sworn from my perspective, she liked all the DP stuff because it felt good to her. Well, who knows.

There's some more DP's, with the men trading places every minute or so, taking time out to make her gape. Melany rims the two men, which they all like doing, then the guys jerk off on her face. Not bad for a DP scene; at least Melany could do everything without looking uncomfortable, and the men did pay attention to her, rather than talking to each other while they plug away at the female, like you can see in just about every other DP scene out there.

Scene 4: Lily Thai and Mr. Pete

Lily, a petite Asian, looks great in her lacy white lingerie – balconette bra, tap pants and ribbon top stockings. After teasing the camera and fondling herself, she goes upstairs to greet Mr. Pete. She immediately takes down his jeans, and gives him a BJ, complete with some gagging. Mr. Pete suddenly lifts her up, puts her on her back, and enters her in an energetic mish, which she loves. This leads to doggy, then up-and-over doggy; when she tells him to go harder, he really speeds up. They switch to some slow spooning; though there are some mild face slaps and throat grabs, there's no real choking and the two even kiss a lot. Mr. Pete speeds up again, while Lily pulls him closer to her.

It's time for some hard pounding doggy, which arouses Lily so much she tells him not to stop. There's a move to reverse piledriver, which Mr. Pete starts off by only entering Lily part way. This makes her mad, as she calls him, "You fucking tease." (She's right about that.) About this time, Lily squirts (pees) while he is going at her in regular piledriver. He keeps pounding her hard, then cums on her face without having to jerk off. She looks at him, and remarks casually, "That was fun, we have to do it again."

These two were a nicely matched pair. Lily looked like she was genuinely into the action, and Mr. Pete was quite the charmer as he did a good job pleasing her. He's also great at varying his positions and speed smoothly, so it was never boring to watch him go at it.

Scene 5: Aspen Stevens, Erik Everhard and Tony T.

Aspen is a voluptuous dark redhead, with full natural breasts. She's starts off in a plain gray track suit, which she takes off, then slowly puts on a white and black cheerleader outfit, all lovingly caught by the camera. Aspen makes her way to a living room, where Erik and Tony are sitting on a sofa, just hanging out, or so it seems.

She does some teasing in front of them, slowly undressing, which makes both men get aroused. Tony cheerfully says, "See that whore," while Erik remarks, "Those are the biggest tits I've ever seen. You thought you were gonna have to fuck some ugly, fat girl, Tony." Before long, Erik kisses Aspen and has her doing a BJ, while Tony is feeling up her pussy and ass.

And before long, Erik gets into super-vocal mode, even for him – Oh my god, damn, wow, your pussy's so wet, it's like a velvet tunnel, like a tunnel - and so on. If I wrote down everything Erik said, it would take up 5 paragraphs, not that I minded listening to him. He spends most of the scene banging Aspen in her pussy in various positions, going full force ahead all the time. At one point, he does stop momentarily, shouts outs out some curse words, and slaps his head (twice); I thought he was going to cum right then and there.

Tony T. is mostly relegated to getting a BJ, but it's hard for Aspen to concentrate on him with Erik going at her like he does. The two guys finish by rubbing themselves on her breasts, then coming on her face (oddly enough, Erik gets quiet during this); she looked relieved that it was all over.

I got the idea that about half way through this scene, Aspen got overwhelmed by these two young guys and their high energy levels. She started to look ill at ease about then, though she kept going with whatever the guys wanted. Part of the problem seemed to be that the men didn't co-ordinate what one was doing, or how fast they were doing it, with the other one. That's the difference compared with the first scene, where Steve Holmes does take care to match what he's doing with what Erik is doing, so the action flows better.

Scene 6: Cris Taliana, Sean Michaels and Brian Pumper

Cris, another petite Asian, is laying on a sofa, dressed in a cute red and black outfit with matching stockings. She does a long tease just for the director, who asks her to stand over him as he films Cris wiggling and sashaying from above. He follows her up the stairs, where she greets Sean and Brian. Cris gets to work right away with enthusiastic blowjobs for both men. Brian Pumper exclaims, "She's such a pleaser, she's so pretty, she's friendly*."

It's onto Cris in RCG on Brian, while she gives a BJ to Sean. After a minute, she starts grinding her hips into Brian's lap, and the two men just look at her. Next it's some doggy with Sean; once she gets used to his size, she just wiggles her hips on him while he kneels. Back to some CG on Brian, with a combined handjob/BJ for Sean.

They switch so Brian is in spoon position with Cris. Though he starts slow, she tells her to pound her, which naturally he does, much to her liking. About now, it really looked like she had an orgasm. Finally, it's onto piledriver, first with Brian, then with Sean. While Sean is doing her like this, she takes over, having him stay still, while she moves her hips back and forth on him. He is just captivated by her, and this is a man who's been in over 800 porn films. It all ends with the men cumming in her mouth.

Cris is captivating to watch throughout this whole scene. I don't think I've ever seen an actress simply look so happy. It must be her personality, I suppose. She's appears rather confident, and isn't afraid to set the pace for some of the action. It must help that she's only done 25 films or so in her first year in porn, so she's not burned out, unlike dozens of other actresses who do 25 films in six weeks (and they look/perform like it, too).

*This is the first time I've ever heard Pumper utter a favorable word about an actress. Usually he's in a sullen mood, like he practically hates being a porn actor. To what do we owe his good behavior? Could it be the positive influence of Mr. Michaels, who's always a gentleman in his scenes?

BTS/Boner Footage: Cris Taliana and Jake Malone

The BTS starts with a brief interview with Mya Lovely, then switches to Jake and Cris alone in an office while he is filming her POV. They have a fairly honest conversation, more than the usual "When did you first swallow cum" that you get in other films. He then has her dress up in some retro lingerie, that looks terrific on her. After posing her in the lingerie on a balcony of a home, they go inside, where they are all alone.

By this point Malone is naked, and has her start a teasing POV BJ on him, with her smiling and looking at the camera just at the right times. She then uses a dildo on herself anally, while he tries to convince her to let him do her in the ass, but it's no go. They still talk to each other while they progress through a couple of regular sex positions. At one point, she's on him in cowgirl, he asks her to do something, she hesitates then says no, but keeps right on with what she's been doing, because she's enjoying it so much. It ends with him doing her in doggy, then cumming on her face.

This turned out to be some of the most erotic footage I've ever seen in a gonzo film. I felt like I was watching a real couple, not a director and an actress. For me, it was the relaxed manner that was evident in the scene, the way the two talked to each other - rather than the guy just barking out position changes every 47 seconds - the way Cris didn't do everything just the way Malone wanted, even the way he placed his hand on her back as he was in doggy with her. Even an errant cell phone going off during the filming added a real-life touch to the proceedings. Malone's sexy baritone voice adds to the heat, as he must say 10 times over to Cris that she's fucking unbelievable, or that she's killing him with her steaminess and her moves.

I watched this footage 4 times, it was that good. Don't miss it!

Overall Impression:
Although Fuck Dolls #2 doesn't rely on circus acts or anal sex done 12 different ways, it has a lot to recommend itself. In contrast to so many other gonzo titles being churned out by the scores, this one has good casting, a majority of the actresses who like what they are doing on screen, and good lighting/camera-work/editing. These all add up to making something that is enjoyable to watch, rather than a spectacle to stare at.

There's a relaxed but intense atmosphere to all the scenes, a combination that isn't easy to come by. The only other director I know that achieves this routinely is Jules Jordan. It's also obvious that Jake Malone wants to present the women in a good light, and has taken care to dress and film them in such a way that they look their best, in the way John Stagliano does in his Buttman films.

The only thing I didn't care for was several of the actresses calling themselves whores or sluts, or the men calling them whores or sluts. Even Steve Holmes gets in on this stuff in his scene with Melany, which is not the way he acted towards this very same actress in a PXP film that he did with her. I suppose since this is a RLD film, there has to be a certain level of verbal put-downs in it, but at least it didn't get excessive.

Still, I don't believe I've seen any other film with so many of the actresses looking both comfortable with what they were doing, who they were paired with, and enjoying themselves. Too many other films rely on an actress' ability to do – or rather, to endure - anal sex or double penetrations to make the film interesting to watch. Even the one actress, Melany, who does a DP here, did look like she liked it, and that it wasn't a trial for her to undergo.

The other actresses, particularly Cris Taliana and Lily Thai, had a chance to show some of their personalities during their scenes, so they didn't come off as nameless, or interchangeable with so many other actresses. Perhaps it is the relaxed atmosphere the director set for the scenes that helped with this. Perhaps it's due to these actresses saying no to anal, which takes some backbone to do in the porn world today. At least with this movie, you don't get what you see in a lot of gonzo films, especially those shot in Europe – the semi-comatose actress who does anal sex 12 different ways, but looks like she's sleep-walking through her scene.

Audio/Visual Quality: This film had good lighting and camera work, with a decent mix of long, medium and close-up shots. Malone has a photographer's feel for aiming the camera where the action is, and holding it there long enough so the viewer can take in what's happening, but not so long that it gets boring. The skin tones look natural as well, not that sickly orange-yellow jaundice look that is found in other gonzo titles.

In only one scene, the Mya Lovely one, did I notice a slight halo effect where her black outfit falls across her skin, as if there is a faint double image.

DVD Extras: BTS, Boner Footage, Photo gallery, website. There were no RLD trailers on this disc.

Best Line in Film:Malone to Cris Taliana, "But, It's just naughty." It is the retro lingerie that Malone has Cris dress up in. Neither of them knows what to call it, though Cris knows how to put it on. In fact, neither of them recognizes that it's a girdle. Strictly speaking, in modern parlance, It is a pull-on light control body slimmer with attached ribbon garters - because using the word girdle sounds so darn old-fashioned – but a girdle it is. This must be the first appearance of such a garment in a porn film since, say, the 1950's.

2nd Best Line: Malone to Cris, "I tried It on one girl, and she was too fat for It." Yes, this very same girdle was going to make its debut in another scene, but it was a no go. However, what Mr. Malone doesn't realize is that girdles come in many sizes, from Small up to XXX Large. The girl was not too fat – the girdle was too small for her. A lady is never too fat – always remember, it's the garment that's the wrong size.

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