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Fuck Doll Sandwich 2

Fuck Doll Sandwich 2

Studio: Mayhem
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MLyons's ratings for Fuck Doll Sandwich 2:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Fuck Doll Sandwich 2 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Fuck Doll Sandwich 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fuck Doll Sandwich 2 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Fuck Doll Sandwich 2 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Fuck Doll Sandwich 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fuck Doll Sandwich 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fuck Doll Sandwich 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  1/14/2005
Fuck Doll Sandwich #2

Mike Lyons Reviews    

Jim Powers
Victoria Sin, Chiquita Lopez, Vanessa Lane, Barbara Summer, Shayna Knight, Bad Bob, Alex Sanders, Anthony Hardwood, Brett Rockman, Julian St. Jox, Alex Rox, Brian Pumper, Dave Hardman

All Sex, Anal, Double Penetration


Female Orgasms

Those looking for wall to wall hardcore sex with a special emphasis on anal and double penetration.

Those looking for any kind of story or anything more than the most flimsy context, or those looking for sex of a gentler variety.

Jim Powers is evidently a directing machine these days.  I don't understand how he does it.  It's almost to the point where I have trouble even believing he's doing it.  In addition to directing a smattering of titles for Mayhem, he also still dutifully directs his Babysitter series and a few other lines for Notorious.  Kelly the Coed is still going strong for Heatwave, he's got a couple of titles under the banner of Pearl Productions, and last but certainly not least, he still has his regular gigs for the folks at JM Productions, including the excellent titles under his own banner, Powersville Productions.  The man is a monster, he's been doing this for a long time, and it is unfortunately evident that Powers is, for the most part, a quantity over quality kind of guy.  It's a shame, because when he does something well, he does it really well--it's just that those gems are somewhat rare in his very prolific catalogue.

Fuck Doll Sandwich #2 is, unfortunately, of the less impressive variety.  I have to admit that I normally avoid double-penetration-centric videos, although mood is a fickle thing, and I certainly find myself craving a little DP on rare occasions.  The main reason I picked up this title, however, was because of my eternal hope that Jim Powers can bring some of that special, crazy magic he's capable of to the video.  His unique sense of humor does manage to come through here and there, but at the end of the day there's nothing particularly captivating about this title.  Each scene starts with the featured girl dancing in a kind of go-go style to a fairly amusing musical track, accompanied by some very active, Powersian camera work to lend an air of absurdist humor to what we're seeing.  We then see the girl in a stiff pose and titles flash across the screen telling us what model "fuck doll" she is.  Two guys then show up and "turn her on" by licking her breasts, at which point the girl comes to life and the craziness begins.

Barbara Summer

Barbara is a fairly attractive blonde from the Czech Republic with a hard body and a somewhat similarly hard face.  The scene is done in an empty warehouse-esque environment with a red chair carried into the space by Brian Pumper.  It includes lots of your average hard-sex faire, including some agressive mouth fucking, pussy fucking, ass fucking and the obligatory DP.  Barbara looks ok, and she does a fine job, although there are occasional moments of what seem to be silent distress with regard to one of the guys' handling of her ass.  I'm not sure why they included those moments, but they were of the "if you blink you'll miss it" variety, so it's nothing overwhelming.  The scene gets very repetitive very fast, and Barbara's lack of "wow" factor for yours truly did make me succumb to my fast-forwaring instinct when the extensive DP just got to be old hat.  The very fact that an act like double-penetration is CAPABLE of becoming old hat is worthy of a whole discourse in itself, but lucky for you, that discussion is beyond the scope of this review.  The scene ends in two facials and we leave Barbara as we found her--stiff in a silent pose--only now, well fucked.  All in all, this is a capably performed, albeit uninspired scene.

Shayna Knight

Shayne is a cute German girl, with endearingly imperfect features that make her seem delightfully authentic.  Her interview in the "special features" portion of the disc is even more endearing, and she comes across with a lot of fun energy.  She's packaged in fishnet material--from the pink, netty top to the large weave stockings, complete with a blue plaid skirt.  The energy she demonstrates in her scene matches that of her interview and she doesn't skimp on the delivery of crazy intensity, especially with regard to her extreme oral skills.  It's a hard pounding, caterwalling fuck-fest and for my money, it's more interesting to watch than Barbara's scene was.  The drawback is that once again, it all becomes quite repetitive in a relative hurry.  All the major acts are represented from the gagging throat fucks, to the ass to mouth interludes, and of course it's all interspersed with more than enough anal and DP to go around.  Ultimately it's a better scene than the first.  Shayna has a way about her, but it's all about the acts, and unfortunately, while that might be enough for some, it's not quite enough for me.  I did very much enjoy Shayna's gusto at any rate.

Vanessa Lane

Vanessa has a more sophisticated, stripper kind of beauty about her.  She's got a great, tight little body with hard lines accompanied by a petite softness where it counts.  As with the other scenes, this one gets repetitive in a hurry, and although Vanessa is cuter than Barbara, and she does a perfectly fine job handling the 2 on 1 rough-housing, she doesn't bring the crazy, almost over-the-top energy than Shayna so generously demonstrated.  A bit of the fast forward feature was used when I'd had enough of the limited number of positions that capturing a DP requires, and by this point, I was impatient to get to the two women I was most excited to watch when I first picked up this disc.  This is an ok scene, with a pretty lady, but unless all you care about is lots of DP and all the usual trappings that accompany it, it's nothing to write home about.

Victoria Sin

Cover girl, Victoria Sin is a very pretty German girl, dressed in black fishnets, a red corset and a black neck tie.  She has very pretty, smallish breasts and a beautiful little body.  There isn't a whole lot more to say than that, however, since basically this is exactly the same scene as the previous three were, only with a different girl.  Victoria handles the action with energy, which I must say, for a Jim Powers release is par for the course.  One thing Powers does well, and that's cast his movies with women who are really up for anything.  It's partly why I still gravitate toward his work, even when it's of the more "all-sex, status quo" variety.  It's a good scene, with a pretty lady, and it ends with a close up on Victoria's frozen pose--cum still covering her face.

Chiquita Lopez

For my tastes (which admittedly can be somewhat unconventional at times) Chiquita is easily the prettiest girl in the movie.  She's mexican, with a doll-like face and a perfect, tiny little body.  She can take it just as well as any of the other girls in the movie, although she manages to do it in more of a "I'm allowing this to happen" kind of way, which I admit has some strange kind of sexy appeal to me.  She gets throat fucked, pussy fucked, ass fucked and double fucked just like all the rest of 'em, but I never got tired of looking at her gorgeous body.  I think she is a little under-utilized here.  As with the others, a more dynamic scene would have been more interesting, and would have had the potential to bring out even more of Chiquita's special qualities, but alas it's the same ol' same ol'.  All the same acts are offered, and at the end of the day, this scene is no different from any of the others.  For my money, Chiquita's scene wins the day, but that's only because she was my favorite girl of the lot.  Your mileage may (and undoubtedly will) vary.

Compared to Jim Powers' work with his own production company, "Powersville Productions" which is distributed by JM (particularly his excellent Filthy Things series), this is a sadly mediocre release.  Once again, I have to think that Powers, with a few exceptions, is much more about quantity than quality.  It's a shame, because, I know for a fact that he's capable of much more interesting offerings than this.  It seems he was going after a paycheck via an uninspired days work, here.  I suppose I can't fault him too much.  We all have to eat, and his average day's work is still a fair amount more interesting and original than 90% of the other "all-sex" directors out there.  I expect the harder-edged, act-driven DP fanatics will find a lot to like about this release, though.  There's some fine sex with some very capable performers here.  For me, it just lacks that spark of creativity.  It's a little too high energy for high energy's sake, and although there's plenty of intensity, not enough of it is born out of sexual passion.  But then again, I'm pretty picky that way, and what I'm after is not only hard to come by, it's even harder to define.

Included as special features on the disc are a fairly amusing "behind the scenes" segment, and a short "interview" with each girl.  It's always great to get a sense of the girl's personality, and the interviews, albeit brief, do a nice job of that.  Also included is a smattering of trailers for other Mayhem releases and the usual photo gallery, pop shot recap, and biography pages.

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