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bono-ONE Frosty Finish 2 3.5 starsFrosty Finish 2 3.5 starsFrosty Finish 2 3.5 stars
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Frosty Finish 2

Frosty Finish 2

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots , Gangbang , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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ai no corrida's ratings for Frosty Finish 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Frosty Finish 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Frosty Finish 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Frosty Finish 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Frosty Finish 2 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Frosty Finish 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Frosty Finish 2 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Frosty Finish 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by ai no corrida  on  2/26/2008
Frosty Finish 2
A Vouyer Media Release
Directed by Donnie Cabo

Starring: Crissy Moon, Heidi Brooks, Misti Love, Nikki Lov, Naudia Nitro & Faye Valentine.
With: Lots & lots of guys.

Brief Synopsis:
Frosty Finish 2 features six different girls taking on five or more guys at once, blow-bang style, with a little dildo action being the only penetration for each girl. No swallowing allowed, so to speak, though a few drops seem to worm their way in here and there. Just plenty of mouth-burning action, and a hailstorm of sperm falling at the end!

Scene One: Crissy Moon (and four guys)
Cute and bobbed brunette Crissy begins by teasing the camera in her pink top and bottomed outfit, soon blowing two gentlemen who wander her way. Her petite and fit physique is agile enough to twist and turn as a few more dudes enter the room for their personal mouth time, beating their meat as Crissy takes on their fellow suitors. Her ragged smile slurps and scoops up each cock one by one, and a randy member of the naked brood slips and slides a raspberry colored jelly dildo into her coin slot hole as she keeps up with her hand to mouth service. The boys take turns in a tame bit of face fucking before unloading their stun guns aimed toward her face, which she cheerily accepts. A cute girl, with lots of cream on top, to boot!

Scene Two: Heidi Brooks (and seven guys)
Dressed in a sheer black blouse over a pair of black and white bra and panties, Heidi, a blonde with a choke chain leading her around on all fours, visits and sniffs at the seven seated guys who are eagerly awaiting her arrival. With a steady set of dark roots, Heidi resembles another pornographic Cindy (Crawford), with sharp teeth that threaten to bite off the wavering wands before her. She doesn’t (thankfully), and blows each fellow, round robin style, as they circle around her kneeling self. She loses the chain but keeps the studded choker around her neck up until the very end, whence all the dick swingers vault their contribution upon her upturned face. Cute, even while glazed, Heidi is!

Scene Three: Misti Love (and four guys)
Dark brown and proud, Misti is interviewed in a somewhat stoic fashion before her already erect partners show up, two, floor-bound, to begin. Her bouncy and bulbous tits aren’t put into play as often as I would have liked, but Misti still soldiers on without a blink, even as more pricksters show up for the jerk-off party. She favors a heavily wound spit method, which becomes progressively more slippery as the scene goes on. Resting over the edge of a couch, Misti allows her fellow party-goers to use her mouth as a vessel, a few lucky ones taking turns before she flips over and around, shifting this way and that. They slap dicks across her face in a playful fashion before unloading their cannons (and a few potato guns), and her dark and honeyed skin is basted with four loads of junk juice. Loud and messy, this is it!

Scene Four: Nikki Lov (with five guys)
After a mock-drama with a poolside owner and his irritation with the help (Nikki), our erotically charged maid begins blowing Sir Bossman, along with another lucky guy, and then another and another, until Nikki is beyond occupied with her new profession: cock smoking. Her gangly, tanned physique is quite delicious, and her thick blonde locks are pulled and tugged at as she sticks the men along the rim of her mouth. From kneeling to sitting upright, Nikki has the pleasure of being finger banged by the allotment of her pals-in-seed, and crawls to each one as they stand in a line, sucking and teasing each one, one by one. Her white fishnets and matching heels do a world of good to up the erotic ante, and Nikki ends the scene by surviving the thunderstorm of semen as it pelts down from above her face. A darling girl, and a sticky situation, indeed, make this one of the standout scenes on the disc!

Scene Five: Nadia Nitro (with four guys)
Appealing Euro-centric looking, trim, lightly tan and a long mane of black atop her head, Nadia allows our cameraman to harangue her with a few questions, by now ready for her own battle with the bulge. A pair of neon green underwear and matching heels are switched for a more conservative black pair of trunks, and off to her first two Nadia goes. The muscle shirt obscuring her little perks of titties survives past Number One and Number Two, but by the second wave, it’s off, and Nadia seems to be past caring, anyway: the cocks await! She crows and blows two or three as they hover around her face, and even one lonely soul supplants one of Nadia’s heels for a jerk surface more than once! Ass sniffing, pawing, and the usual horsepucky goes on behind the action, too, and Nadia finally brings the four to spill their earnings down the sides, top and front of her face. A very sexy girl, and a very sexy scene!

Scene Six: Faye Valentine (with fifteen guys)
Seated around a glass dining room table, a smattering of the fellas (oh, let’s say six or seven of them) sit waiting for their Faye, who’s adorned herself in a deep blue pair of leopard print bra and bottoms. She crawls to each one to inspect today’s shipment of junk, who’s already hard, etc., and begins blowing whoever already opened up their pant buttons and flys. Faye is in possession of one of the most exquisite bodies in porn today, with a complexion like a soft hunk of pulled cinnamon-flecked taffy (Allison Wyte, where have you gone?). It’s no surprise that Faye is eager and versed in the art of joint coaxing, and her skills are busy at work as she moves to another room for a four-way suck. The best the boys can do at this point is glide their dicks across the edges of her supple ass, but soon someone outs an oversized black dildo to fill up her slit. Ass up, ass down, and leaning from above, the device is put to full use as Faye continues her face stuffing, and the boys, likewise, take numbers for mouth-humping, free of the aid of hands. One of the herd even flips her over and in the air for a brief bit of 69, but that’s no match for the final stretch of meat tugging which follows. One by one by one the climaxing goes, and after ten, you think it’s over, but then five more shoot into the goopy mélange covering Faye’s closed eyes and face. She begs for more and more, but not having opened her eyes for the past five or so minutes, the cameraman relents, and we fade out. While the behavior doesn’t delve too far off the deep end, physically, Faye withstands and comes out a winner, even if that winner is drenched in 15 doses of fool’s fluid. Way to go, Faye!

Bonus Features:
A very in-depth Cutting Room feature highlights the behind-the-scene moments, from pre-scene wardrobe through post-scene, shower-bound cleanup, and runs over forty minutes in length! Interviews with each girl are the real highlight, as the endurance test of the feature seem almost too much to bear. A few in-flight gaffes and pauses for photos are also included, but overall, a very nice feature! A Bonus Core segment features a five-guy blow bang with Mya Luanna, and is a full-length scene, and runs for nineteen minutes, with plenty of chapter stops. A set of Hardcore Pics, a Cum Shot Recap (selectable by girl), a few Trailers, and the usual company info/ads are included. If you have any energy left after watching the feature, these features illuminate and fill in the holes that were left untouched. I think!

How the Disc Looks & Sounds:
Presented in 1.85:1 aspect ratio (approximately), the feature is free of any visual debris or artifacts. A few scenes exhibit a little blown out light (sunlight), which is left uncorrected, but shouldn’t deter any enjoyment from the feature, whatsoever. The audio track moves along steadily, drifting lower in some scenes than others. The same audio is used over each girl’s intro/tease, and wore thin by the credits, but really isn’t a major flaw, by far.

Overall Thoughts:
Frosty Finish 2 is another in a slew of facial-friendly, sperm-centric titles out there, and makes a case for a somewhat softer side of the coin. While this category isn’t for couples (or is it?), it’s decidedly more tame and easier on the girls than others, less handshake worthy ones out there, and the talent given in this title is definitely worth checking out. Faye, our cover star, takes the highest amount of frosting, for good reason, and does so mightily. And while fans of all-over gang banging may feel left out, the more mouth-centric out there will find a title worth hanging on the wall.

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