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T0MBOne Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) 3 starsFriends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) 3 starsFriends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) 3 stars
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Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures)
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Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Friends With Benefits (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/3/2011
Welcome fans to a recent release featuring three of Wickeds contract girls, jessica drake as the main lead and also the talents of Kaylani Lei and Alektra Blue are used plus you add in Cassandra Cruz to fill out the females for this one. Guys include Barrett Blade, Rocco Reed, Dane Cross and Kris Slater so the performers are top notch and we should be in for some good acting along with solid sex. The story seems to center on Kris and jessica who are friends that decide to take the next step and add sex into their relationship and we see the complications that could result plus we check in on the sex lives of everyone else cast in this. Time for some highlights.

jessica drake & Rocco Reed:

A nice beginning as the movie opens with jessica and Rocco in bed sleeping but then we see someone's having a vivid sex dream, whoops did I just say vivid, lol. Anyway, jessica and Rocco are kissing each other and the clothes start coming off and jessica gets a nice position right over Rocco's cock as she takes him in. The titties come out and we get a nice full length body shot of jessica as Rocco moves down to sample her pussy. Lots of talking here from jessica which I'm not used to but it's cool- I'm guessing it is his dream then, lol. Not a real long scene as they hit only a couple of positions before Rocco nuts on her ass-- hey it's a dream so I guess in that world guys don't last long, haha!Well check that on it being his dream as after wards the two are cuddling in bed, expressing their love for each other when Rocco pops the question and puts an impressive rock on jessica's finger. The shimmering picture then takes us back to reality where jessica's got the pleasant smile on her face lingering in the dream while you hear Rocco snoring beside her, lol.

After the first scene the story takes us to the workplace where jessica, Kris, and Barrett shoot the proverbial shit for a few minutes and they get joined by Dane Cross who is the head of the newspaper now that his father has stepped away. Some good dialogue here but nothing to heavy and the performers keep the show rolling along nicely. Everyone leaves save for jessica and Kris and we see from their banter these two are good close friends. jessica's got a big dinner that night with Rocco and she feels a proposal coming while Kris isn't having as much luck with the ladies. jessica leaves which lets Barrett back into the story with the obvious observation-- jessica is hot why aren't you two getting it on but Kris is like no we're just friends. Later on that night we arrive to the big dinner and jessica barely lets Rocco start to speak before blurting out she'll marry him--- he finishes the sentence with I think we should see other people, oops! Well we get a few reasons too from Rocco on why they should see other people. He feels jessica is to absorbed in her job and they don't have sex enough, not even a bj. jessica is surprised but does well to keep her composure even when Rocco gets up and leaves, at least he left money for the dinner.

Cassandra Cruz & Kris Slater:

After that downer of a scene but an effective one we need a pick me up so right to some fucking as Kris is all over Cassandra's nice rack kissing them and we have a nice Latin beat piped in but also the ringing of a cell phone-- it is jessica calling as we see her in the restaurant still distraught over what just happened. Kris, meanwhile, doesn't stop his sexual desires to answer the phone instead moving down to sample Cassandra's pussy. She talks a little here and it is great mainly for the accent. Cassandra then gets about a minute to savor his cock for the blowjob before they hit the sex. Mish, doggie and spoon make up the sex ending with Kris pulling out and popping just outside her pussy.

The story takes us back to jessica who is now home, drinking a glass of wine and trying to get a hold of anyone to drown her sorrows. She finally reaches a young girl from work that she is supposed to mentor but that young woman is out for a night on the town so she doesn't talk long but at least listens to jessica tell about her dumping. We also go back to Kris and Cassandra who aren't having a post sexual bliss wind down instead the two have a few words leading to Cassandra storming out when she sees that it is jessica trying to call. Kris of course heads over to comfort his best friend. jessica starts to wonder why don't they just have sex, be friends with benefits which Kris doesn't quite see. That is until jessica hops on top and the two start kissing-- but we leave there and go to the next day at work. Guess he and jessica did end up doing the deed but for some reason we don't get to see it. Barrett is back and Kris regrets telling him about the hook up as he's not the best advice giver as you hear. jessica isn't happy about Kris letting it out they've hooked up and she is even less happy having Kaylani around who obviously has the hots for Kris-- so much so she comes back later in the day to ask him out for drinks and jessica is right there in the next cubicle. All isn't bad for Kaylani as she's called into Dane's office while jessica and Kris make plans to leave for the day.

Kaylani Lei & Dane Cross:

Into Dane's office where Dane is trying to make the moves on Kaylani and she is very receptive to his advances-- power turns her on!! Well they get right to it with Kaylani quickly losing her shirt and skirt while Dane loses the pants. The duo make good use of the desktop for their staging area to fuck. Mish and doggie get us started with Kaylani then taking over for some bj action mid scene. This also gives Dane a chance to return the favor tasting her pussy. A little more bj from Kaylani leads to the condom back on and her riding Dane in cowgirl, then doggie and finally reverse leading to the pop shot fired at her tits. Kaylani was nice with some post cum head too.

The story then gets into montage mode as we see the relationship develop between jessica and Kris-- dinners, rolling in bed having fun and then it's back to reality in the office. Barrett is there spilling his guts out about not having a girl and that he needs a night out at a strip club but jessica is like we have plans you can't go. Kris tries to assert his rights and jessica is like if you go we are no longer friends with benefits. To move the story along you see that Kris ends up going but by looking at him in the club he doesn't seem to happy to be there.

Alektra Blue & Barrett Blade:

Now his buddy Barrett is quite another story as he is taken with the lovely Alektra who we enjoy dancing. The floor shots of Alektra dancing were good and she nicely loses the top letting lose her rocking tits. The dance ends and Alektra comes right over taking Barrett back to the private area so they can finally consummate this ongoing flirtation! Alektra shakes her ass in his face and Barrrett then surprises Alektra with a marriage proposal-- whoah that came out of nowhere but Alektra says yes allowing our next scene. It doesn't take long before Alektra is wrapping her lips around his cock then on to riding in both cowgirl and reverse. P2M as well though he has to remove the condom first. A couple more positions and Barrett is ready to fire off and it's the best pop of the movie so far right into Alektra's mouth with some coating her chin. Now that is the way to seal the deal!

jessica & Kris:

Time to wrap this story up so we head back to jessica's where we see that Kris has arrived for the big talk. jessica gets the feeling she is about to be dumped again so soon after Rocco ditched her but Kris goes the opposite direction telling jessica she's the reason he wakes up and throughout the day he thinks of the next time he'll see her. This is exactly what she wanted to hear and finally we see the two have sex. Kris works her breasts out kissing them and caressing. The two fall back onto the couch where Kris removes the bottoms and face dives in jessica's cookie-- the lighting gets real good for this and she opens up nicely. Kris then sets up allowing jessica to sit up/ lean down to engulf his cock-- more of the sensual blowjob that I can totally dig and makes sense for the type of hook up we are seeing-- the culmination of their relationship which has crossed into the next stage. The sex features mish/ spoon and doggie leading to an ass pop- he almost looked like he was in her ass but they don't open up enough for us to be fully sure. Some post cum shot kissing between the two, hands lingering and kissing on her back-- then we head to the credits.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So there you have it. A good story from director Francois Clousot who shoots a ton of camera for Wicked Pictures. jessica is her usual solid self in this one and Kris Slater as the leading man has a few good moments as well. Barrett Blade was the other performer who stood out for me in this one mostly for the comic relief he provided. Kaylani and Alektra both had good one on one scenes in this and Kris had some fun in his first scene hooking up with Cassandra Cruz. Not a lot in the way of extras for this though you do get a bonus scene with jessica drake who takes on Rocco Reed again from the recent movie Office Encounters. A good solid couples flick with an easy to follow story and the actors do well with the dialogue and more importantly with the fucking. Alektra takes the best pop shot with her open mouth blast from Barrett-- then the two run off to Vegas to get married, lol.

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