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Fresh Outta High School 17

Fresh Outta High School 17

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Fresh Outta High School 17:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Fresh Outta High School 17 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Fresh Outta High School 17 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Fresh Outta High School 17 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Fresh Outta High School 17 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fresh Outta High School 17 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Fresh Outta High School 17 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fresh Outta High School 17 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/4/2009
Ok fans time to check out a new Fresh Outta High School volume where the girls are done with all that schooling but still love wearing their school girl outfits, lol. Let's hit some highlights.

Mindy Lynn with Domenic Kane:

Alright we start off with Mindy and she's going with the white/ grey/ blue ensemble for her sweater, shirt and skirt. The black hair was nice and she's got a pretty face, now time to corrupt this young lady! Ok she's still in school huh? Must be college then because we don't want to imply she's in highschool unless she's freshly 18, hehe. Domenic shows up, guess he's gonna stay with the family for awhile and he takes a notice to her outfit and for good reason, she's sexy it and even sexier once they start lifting up the skirt, the white panties come out followed soon by a little pussy licking-- nice close view for that. Domenic then stands up and this girl is pretty eager slipping his cock out and into her mouth, side view used here and Mindy doesn't rush, showing that dick some nice & slow love! They hit the usual positions but keeping her outfit pretty much on, just shifting things around so we see the naughty bits. Not a bad load at the end but Domenic overshoots her face with a lot of it, still she gets some in her mouth.

Jenna Lane with Mark Ashley:

Next scene opens and we get Jenna out in the great outdoors and she's having some pics taken by Mark. Ahh she's from Ohio, a fellow Buckeye and Mark likes what he sees, plans on paying Ohio a visit, lol. But first let's get these pics taken and Jenna gets more frisky as they go on showing a little ass to Mark, then a frontal view and she's sans panties too!! Jenna turns up the flirting showing off her tits and Mark is falling deeper and deeper into her spell, lol. Jenna stops the shoot to take Mark inside, she's done taking pics, she wants to fuck and Mark doesn't object at all. Jenna helps free his cock which is awake, ready for action and Miss Lane leans down enveloping him with little trouble, more good slow style bj footage, Mark liked it. Mark also stands up to let Jenna work on his cock we get a combo side view/ floor shot which was nice, then some side angle shots just off his hips. Knowing Mr. Ashley he wants a little something something too and dives in tasting that fresh juicy young pussy. This girl has good energy in this scene from the start. The sex was real good too as they worked the positions until he was ready to pop and it's a good facial with Jenna rubbing the jizz in that falls down to her tits.

Rita Lovely with Anthony Rosano:

We get a slightly different format for this one as Anthony brings Rita in and she's in regular clothes but ahh we soon see his motives. The school girl outfit is on the bed and he gets a sneak peek at her nekkid as she undresses to try on that skimpy outfit. Yep she certainly fits the image once the panties and skirt are on but Anthony stops her there and drops down to finger/ lick her pussy. The panties are removed to really let him work that cookie over but we keep the skirt, white shirt and tie on-- those are opened so we see her perky tits. Solid head then from Rita and we get more fine close shots too as the cock's thrust into her mouth. The sex wasn't to bad, Anthony even spanks her ass a couple times leaving a red imprint you see great when she's riding in cowgirl. They work a 69 in too before it's done, Rita on top. The pop is a shot to her open mouth and face with cleanup after.

Summer Silver with Mark Ashley:

This scene opens with Mark waving Summer into the garage, she's driving a big SUV too, gas guzzler teen!! The young lady is dropping off the vehicle for her dad and Mark's going to do a little work. Mark offers his living room as a place to sit while he works- food and drinks in the fridge. Mark doesn't take long to fix the radiator hose but Summer's thirsty and wants a little refreshment before she jets off. The two head inside and we can tell she's got other ideas for that refreshment, namely his hard cock! A little hand rubbing on his chest communicates her intentions and Mark doesn't put up much of a fight letting this young lady have her way with him. Summer's impressed when the schlong's whipped out, immediately dropping down to take it in, we're looking up at her as she works him over. A little more head then with Mark standing and Summer works that sweater and white shirt off too revealing a modest set of titties but we have the blue skirt and panties still on. As with his other scene Mark is great with the pussy eating before laying pipe, several breathless moans escape from Summer's lips. The sex was solid too, the open shot in doggie shows off her ass and we get a few pussy farts too!! The cowgirl was awesome, Mark was pounding hard up into that cookie here. The pop was good but he was aiming in front of her mouth as he stood there so instead of going into her mouth it fell down to her chest. Summer's way hot so I definitely wouldn't mind another look see at her in action.

Erin Chase with Michael Stefano:

The finale opens with Erin doing a little vacuum work, in her school girl attire of course. The dominant theme is dark blue/ green-- ahh she also cleans the furniture too, such a good young lady! There's one stain on the couch, though, she can't get out. Perhaps a cum stain,lol. Michael is there too and he's a little upset but I don't think she splooged on it. However, she can make up for it by letting Michael have his way with her sexy young body, this was aggreeable to Miss Chase as we see. A little soft tittie sucking as we gaze up and we have the panties move so Michael can dine on that for a minute or two. A few soft moans escape from Erin's lips here. Next up we had a fine cock sucking display, sensual style from Erin while she was playing down below with her pussy. The two kiss briefly before Michael starts laying pipe, strong thrusts here in all positions with cowgirl being one of the last and best captured. Michael ends the scene dropping the best load of the dvd down the front of Erin's face, to bad because this would've been a super hot mouth pop if he'd shot in there.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty standard volume in the series, good looking teens who all wear the school girl attire well. The better scenes I saw here both featured Mark Ashley as the male talent, Jenna Lane and then Summer Silver later on. The girls pretty much keep the outfits on, they might lose the tops before the scene's over but the skirt usually remains-- those are skimpy enough and easy to pull up so we see ass! Now the extras were standard also for this series. The bonus scene featured Kara Novak from the previous volume.

This first scene opens with Anthony Rosano doing some housework when he's joined by Kara who is still wearing her school uniform-- how nice is it that in porn girls wear such clothes when normally they'd be in shorts a t-shirt, lol. Well the two engage in some harmless flirting, she's got plans and all and Anthony slowly works his way into them. Ahh seems Kara wants to bring a boy over and Anthony isn't comfortable with this as the older person at the house watching over things. Well Kara decides to confince him!!The hands start rubbing over Anthony's jeans and the kissing starts too, I think Mr. Rosano will be persuaded to stay silent, especially when Kara drops down to engulf his cock. Great side view here as she works him in, taking her time too. We see a cool underneath shot as they start fucking with a standing doggie. You see a very nice cowgirl too and by scenes end we have seen her body even though the outfit is still on. Anthony decides to blast off to her cute face to close it out.

You also get the pick your pleasure option allowing you to hit a favorite position or just see the pop plus you have some BTS too, just over 20 minutes to enjoy some interview time with the young ladies you just watched take the pipe. Worth a rental for fans of the genre. The picture is good, the outfits are what you usually see but the look still works every time and we get some fine sex and facials to close them out.

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