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Captain Jack Fresh Outta High School 16 3.5 starsFresh Outta High School 16 3.5 starsFresh Outta High School 16 3.5 stars
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Fresh Outta High School 16

Fresh Outta High School 16

Studio: Digital Sin
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Fresh Outta High School 16:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Fresh Outta High School 16 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Fresh Outta High School 16 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fresh Outta High School 16 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Fresh Outta High School 16 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fresh Outta High School 16 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Fresh Outta High School 16 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fresh Outta High School 16 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/5/2009
Well fans time to check in with the barely legal genre and these girls are 'supposed' to be Fresh Outta High School and in this instance I know Ami Jordan is just that as it was not even a year now since she was roaming the hallways teasing boys with those large melons. Well now we all can enjoy her teasing along with four other hotties so let's hit some highlights.

Kara Novak:

This first scene opens with Anthony Rosano doing some housework when he's joined by Kara who is still wearing her school uniform-- how nice is it that in porn girls wear such clothes when normally they'd be in shorts a t-shirt, lol. Well the two engage in some harmless flirting, she's got plans and all and Anthony slowly works his way into them. Ahh seems Kara wants to bring a boy over and Anthony isn't comfortable with this as the older person at the house watching over things. Well Kara decides to confince him!!The hands start rubbing over Anthony's jeans and the kissing starts too, I think Mr. Rosano will be persuaded to stay silent, especially when Kara drops down to engulf his cock. Great side view here as she works him in, taking her time too. We see a cool underneath shot as they start fucking with a standing doggie. You see a very nice cowgirl too and by scenes end we have seen her body even though the outfit is still on. Anthony decides to blast off to her cute face to close it out.

Layla Marie:

On we go to the next scene which begins innocently enough with Layla on her bed, of course in the required schoolgirl look. The skirt was nicely riding up enough so you see the white cotton panties! For a change it's the younger girl Layla who's helping the older dude study and pass the big exam. Layla tries to help but her tutee isn't interested in studying anything other than her pretty titties which are pulled out and kissed. I didn't see Layla objecting either, perhaps she was getting paid either way, it'll just be with sex instead of the greenback. More good shots of the white cotton panties too which get moved slightly for vigorous pussy stroking. Sufficiently charged up we get Layla in on the fun and she too does a nice job taking her time on Alex's cock. Pretty standard fucking positions here until Mr. Gonz was ready to launch, good load into her mouth with it being pushed out down her chin, cleanup too from Layla.

Jayden Pierson:

A cool driving guitar beat greets us as the next scene opens. Jayden is studiously working, her outfit has a predominantly green color from the sweater down to her checkered skirt. She leaves her studies to check on Mark Ashley who is hooking the family up with cable including the porn channels!! This intrigues Jayden of course and the two have a short discussion on the matter, will she need a code to access these channels. Mark then inquires about how he's going to be paid for this work, oops, no check was left but I'm sure the two can come to some sort of understanding. Mark decides to stick around for a bit, take a break, hang out with a hot young blond!It isn't long until Jayden's got Mark's cock out and working it over. We all know Mark's not shy around the young girls and does some nice pussy play with the tongue and fingers which has Jayden showing her vocal appreciation. Something about a nice butt being spread when a girl sits in cowgirl, well Jayden has that look here and Mark supplies the power pumping for all he's worth. Very nice load drained over her waiting open mouth to close this one out.

Danni Cole:

This scene begins with Anthony Rosano doing some form inner peace exercise, lol. He senses a visitor and it turns out to be cute young Danni who looks so darn cute in red, I think she'll tempt Anthony's inner peace, hehe. Seems Danni's mom thinks she concentrates to much on boys so she's sent to Anthony for help, I don't think she'll receive the kind of help Mom wants! Anthony tries his best offering up some herbal tea, telling Danni to think only about the flame in the candle but all she can do is give you the cute schoolgirl giggle! We start to see focus come across Danni's face but I think her concentration now lies with seducing Anthony! It doesn't take much for this zen master to give up his cock to this young hottie and she works on the balls too along with taking in as much of Anthony's inner light as she can!! Some good solid pounding here, loved Danni's look and she keeps the clothes mostly on but you see the shirt/ tie opened so we see her tits and the skirts lifted up enough so we get a great ass look too. We end with the Zen master blasting his inner peace all over Danni Cole's face, Mom would be so pleased, lol.

Ami Jordan:

One more scene and it opens with Christian sitting watching the boobtube when he gets another set of much different boobs to look at when Ami shows up. Her color scheme is darker with a nice touch of blue in the skirt. Christian welcomes Ami to the house and the two chat it up for a bit. Ahh this is a special house which you have to earn your way into, an initiation needs to take place and Ami is asked if she wants to live her and procede! Ami gets the idea reaching over to massage over Christian's growing bulge which soon is freed, finding a home inside Ami's mouth. Some good inclose shots are giving for the blowjob and we do get those marvelous breasts freed too, Ami taking her top completely off which is awesome, free the boobs!!Sticking with the ground shot here gave us more wonderful boobage. The two get a surprise visitor when Alex Gonz happens in while Christian is pounding away but he was snaking his buddy Alex who was supposed to be the one to initiate Ami, lol. So Christian is kicked out and Alex steps in, Ami doesn't mind it's another cock and she gets right to it riding Alex for awhile until he blasts off to her face. Those tits are incredible, I just hope she gets a little more comfortable in front of the camera, she's got the look with the blond hair, big natural tits and the accent too is a huge turn on for a lot of you I'm sure.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another good entry in the series which seems to show off the girls so well. The schoolgirl look I don't think will ever die out, something about a young hottie in a skirt and sweater plus the white cotton panties which turns a guy on. Of the girls here I liked Danni a lot, I think the whole set up for her scene with Anthony was funny and came across as such and in a good way. Extras here include the usual with the pick your pleasure option allowing you to access a fave position or see the pops. The bonus scene for this one comes from Volume 13 in this series and it features Madelyn Marie taking on Michael Stefano. This is what I wrote in my review for this one-The first scene opens and the girl's in the required look down to a T, white shirt, red sweater, white knee high socks and I'm suspecting we'll see white cotton panties when the times comes! I am curious, though, if they are freshly outta high school why still wear the outfit, lol, who cares right it's a hot look! Michael's in bed already so we're on the right track and with this hot sexy teen standing before him I'm sure it's only a matter of time until they're doing the nasty. Madelyn looks very good once we start the bj, the view looking up as she licks and sucks was quite good. Mr. Stefano, ever the romantic makes sure to please this pretty girl before him too, kissing her breasts before working his way down to her pussy for a good session of tongue lapping. Funny thing, we get two cell phone calls interrupting them, one from the wife and then another from his daughter who Madelyn 'came' to see!! The way they did it was very funny right in the middle of them fucking. The pop is left right on the outskirts of Madelyns' mouth and we're done! Plus you also get some Behind the scenes so have a look there before turning out the lights. A solid rental option, the girls may be newer to a lot of you but if you've seen this series before you know how they'll look and then it's up to the girls to turn you on for the rest of the scene and I thought these ladies did a good job there too with Danni leading the way.

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