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Nutty Buddy Fresh Jugs 3.5 starsFresh Jugs 3.5 starsFresh Jugs 3.5 stars
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Fresh Jugs

Fresh Jugs

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Fresh Jugs:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fresh Jugs overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Fresh Jugs Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fresh Jugs Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Fresh Jugs Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Fresh Jugs Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Fresh Jugs DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fresh Jugs A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/28/2004
Okay, I think I'm in the mood for another big boob dvd and thankfully I had this one from Zero Tolerance to slip into the player. I really think Jane Darling has really stepped it up this year and she would be a worthy winner of Best Foreign Female Performer, not sure if she is up for it but she should be if not. What a great fucking body this woman has and we are lucky that she has brought along several of her friends so it's boobs galore for all us breast lovers!!

Laura & Karina:

We start our first scene with two girls and Laura is sitting down on a bench and wow does she have some cans! Karina leans over to caress those humongous hooters and I don't even want to guess the size here, XXX all the way!! We finally get one of those mellons pulled out and Karina gets in some sucking, wow you could fill a gallon jug with the milk in those breasts!! It almost seems comical when Karina lets us see her breasts but they are much more to my liking and Laura seems to like them also. These two go back and forth with the tit licking with Karina even licking her own nipples plus they press their tits together. Karina then wants to try some pussy so she drops down for a taste while Laura does some licking to her own tits which doesn't take much effort. You then see a strap on materialize between Karina's legs and Laura does some sucking on it also titty fucking herself. The girls then try some sex with Laura sitting on the strap on for some reverse cowgirl action and she turns around giving us a fabulous shot of her tits hanging down as she sucks more on the fake cock. We then see the real deal come in and Karina gets to suck on the cock while Laura stays busy sucking hers. David then comes around and fucks Karina doggiestyle while she gets more good sucks on those melons of Laura's. We then see some reverse cowgirl for Karina and she still keeps the strap on between her legs with Laura sucking on it. Finally the toy is gone from between her legs and David has stayed in doggie this time fucking her ass and there is some A2M from Karina then it's on to RCA which rocked with her great tits flopping. Moving on you get some spoon anal, cowgirl anal and we close with a pop on those lovely tits of Karina's. The girls then press together rubbing the jizz nicely into both sets of breasts. Not a bad scene but Laura was just to big for me.

Black Diamond:

Up next we have a very pretty dark haired girl and she shows us her tits right away and there is some quick self nipple licking as well along with some fine shaking. A hot floor level shows off her shaking tits and you see she has a great tan also making the big boobs look all that much better. I also think Black Diamond has a very pretty smile which she flashes several times while playing with her jugs. She really does some hot nipple licking so fans of this fetish will be happy, whew I could almost pop just from that! This lovely girl then plays with her pussy some spreading her pink lips and the nipple licking is continued also. The shot then changes and she is clothed again,lol. We see David Perry in the background jerking his cock and he then gets up the courage to walk over and some nice boob caressing is shot. You also get some nipple pinching along with the shaking and we see Black Diamond is anxious to taste some cock which David soon provides. There is some good titty fucking shot from the side and we are able to swing under David to get a shot between those tits. Sexwise you see this hottie boned in spoon, reverse cowgirl-- awesome tit shots, cowgirl-- awesome ass shots, doggie follows and this leads to David splooging on her tits and Black Diamond shakes them one last time giving us a great smile.


Here we have a girl standing next to a truck to start. Her blond hair is pulled up and she starts right away with the boob licking! Some good floor shots showcasing her breast outline and she turns around to let us take in her ass also. Jeny then pulls out a boob and does some nipple licking, then the second one is pulled out and again thank you for sucking your own tits!! Jeny even squeezes those melons together then she licks between the cleavage, very hot. I must say these last two girls have really impressed with the tease giving us so much nipple licking, I wanted more but this was still more than I've seen in quite awhile. Jeny then sits on the edge of the truck bed for some pussy stroking then the shot changes and she is suddenly sucking a cock and doing a good job of it. Once more we get some early titty fucking then other sex is shot in spoon, doggie with P2M, then it's back to spoon, cowgirl-- a POV shot here so it looks like RC. David they walks out finding the pair hard at it and he joins in so Jeny takes on his cock while riding the other mans. David then goes for a little titty fuck adventure himself also letting her suck his cock, then it's on to some more doggie and the men then unload onto her juggs to end the scene and she rubs the jizz in also licking again at her hot tits.

Katy Parker:

We stay outside for the start of this next scene and Katy is a busty red head and she is wearing red also but her top is pulled down rather quickly so she can get going caressing those melons. Loved the ground shot looking up, the sunlight actually helped to highlight the perfect shape of her breasts. Katy also has on some red mesh stockings but no panties so her trimmed bush is visible. Katy does lick at her boob but not nearly as much as the last two ladies. Miss Parker then sits down for some spirited pussy stroking and she actually picks up the nipple licking too. Her man soon joins her and he is no fool doing some good boob sucking and fondling. Katy also strokes his cock at the same time. We then get some oral for her which is nice as she gets to play with her tits some more, then she gets to stand up, bend over for some cock sucking also letting her boobs hang down! Sexwise you see this girl drilled in spoon, reverse cowgirl, doggie anal, spoon anal with gaping, reverse cowgirl anal, and finally cowgirl anal. I liked that they stayed outdoors and we still got good shots of the action as both performers had good energy also. After some A2M and a brief titty fuck there is a load left on her tits and Katy does some cleanup.

Lara Stevens:

Up next we go poolside as Lara does some gyrating for us in her white outfit. As the water runs behind her Lara gets us all wet with her ass caressing and she unleashes her tits soon with some good squeezing and nipple pinching too. Lara keeps up the nice theme of the girls licking their own tits and some serious shaking also is shot with her leaning over to do this. I also like this girls smile and we watch her take a seat for some hot pussy stroking along with continued boob play. Our lucky guy soon shows up and he gets a quick taste of her tits before letting Lara get a hold of his cock with her mouth. There is some titty fucking and Lara's pussy also gets dined on, loved the side view for this. Sexwise you see mish both vag and anal with gaping and I mean she gapes! Other anal delights were captured in doggie, reverse cowgirl and we get a titty fuck finish with the jizz left between her melons and Lara does some hot cleanup.

Jane Darling & Daria Glower:

Our last scene features two beautiful women together and the girls start off with some nice kissing and body fondling. Damn both girls are stacked and each is gorgeous so this should be hot all the way. The ladies sample each others tits even pushing them together and I liked Daria dropping down letting Jane's tits drape over her face!! There is some pussy stroking too and Jane even eats pussy which I haven't seen her do a lot of. Daria also gets to snack on Jane's pussy then the girls are each joined by a guy with more good boob play captured on both girls. The ladies then get their turn sucking cock and I think you'll like what you see here and there is some titty fucking too. As for sex you get some good positions for both among them reverse cowgirl, mish and naturally there is anal. You get a hot doggie for Daria with Jane underneath to lick pussy and do some P2OGM which fucking rocked!! The girls then switch in doggie with Jane's ass being fucked and Daria does A2OGM and the lovely tit shots just keep on cummin. You then see Jane ass fucked standing up then she turns around for some rimming, damn this girl is fucking amazing here!! The girls both get to shine in further reverse cowgirl fucks then they get next to each other for the pops which are fired to each pair of tits with the women rubbing the jizz in. Damn Jane totally kicked ass in this scene and she really has rocked it hard this year!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this big boob dvd really had it's moments after the first scene and even that one had Karina whom I really like. However it was Black Diamond who really set the tone and each respective girl keep this momentum up culminating in the awesome Jane Darling/ Daria Glower scene. You have plenty of anal highlights along with some great nipple licking by the girls on their own tits which you never see done enough but David really has done a good job with that here. As for extras we see there's a photo gallery, some trailers, the pops are repeated and finally some behind the scenes. If you like girls with big tits who also know how to fuck good then this dvd is easily recommendable. I hope there is another in this series soon.

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