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French Connexion (2 DVD Release)

French Connexion (2 DVD Release)

Studio: Marc Dorcel
Category:  Feature film , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Comet Man's ratings for French Connexion (2 DVD Release):
Overall Rating 5 stars
French Connexion (2 DVD Release) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks French Connexion (2 DVD Release) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks French Connexion (2 DVD Release) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex French Connexion (2 DVD Release) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting French Connexion (2 DVD Release) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras French Connexion (2 DVD Release) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality French Connexion (2 DVD Release) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Comet Man  on  7/19/2007
Scene 1 (Katsumi and Jessica Fiorentino)
Katsumi (french asian w/ great body and smile and natural breasts) and Jessica (brunette with very cute face but curvy slightly chubby body) are escorts/prostitutes that the French Police force to have show the mob boss a good time so they can bug his bathroom.

Jessica sucks off the boss' helper while Katsumi heads to the toilet to get her instructions from her wireless mike. Then Katsumi heads back and sucks on the boss. The boss' helper has to leave and the two girls work on the boss. Katsumi gets it in missionary first while Jessica plays with herself on the other couch. Katsumi gets it in doggy while Jessica pushes the top of a vodka bottle into herself. Then Jessica does reverse cowgirl while kissing Katsumi, then goes to cowgirl. Katsumi bugs the guy's table while getting out a dildo to put in Jessica's ass to DP her. Jessica then hops off and gives him a hand job to finish her off and Katsumi disappears. The boss finds a bug in Jessica's handbag that Katsumi put there (not sure why).

Both girls keep their stockings and most of their underwear and jewelry on through the entire scene which is what I always like about Dorcel's movies. The boss wears a condom through the scene. After the sex, Jessica is found killed at the dump the next day.

Scene 2 (?)
At the drug processing warehouse, the secretary (a brunette milf who unfortunately looks a bit old for my tastes) of one of mafia guys has to change her stockings in his office. She sucks him for a while, then gets licked, then takes it missionary, then doggy, then doggy anal until he comes on her ass.

The guy keeps a condom on. The girl keeps her dress on through the scene. The police come in and bust them and she laughs as one of the cops wants sex with her and pulls his pants down. This brunette and Yasmine caused the 4-1/2 female performer looks rating.

Scene 3 (Yasmine and ?)
Yasmine (ok looking brunette and brazilian looking w/ a nice body but fake boobs), our freshman French cop, dresses up as a drug buyer and visits the boss' 2nd in command. She gets in a limo where she and a girl (a cute blond girl that I don't know the name of) start kissing each other and licking each others' breasts. Yasmine gets 3 fingers from the blond while moaning and impressing the boss, then she gets a licking from the blond. Then she licks and fingers the blond and they end up having champagne topless outside the sunroof as they head over to the boss' place.

Scene 4 (Yasmine)
While the boss is having a jacuzzi party, Yasmine sneaks around his mansion and is caught by the boss and his bodyguard. She thinks quickly, strips down to her panties and stockings/garter and claims she's been waiting for them.
She deep throats the boss, then takes it from him in doggy, the doggy anal. Then the bodyguard gets to do Yasmine in missinary anal, then they do Yasmine hard in cowgirl DP and wank off over her ass.

The boss and bodyguard wear condoms through the scene.

Scene 5 (Stacey Silver and Suzie Diamond)
In the meantime, Stacey (a blond w/ fake boobs and too many tattoos) and Suzie (a cute brunette with a great slim body and natural boobs, but with a bit too much eye makeup in this scene so it hides her natural beauty) lick on the drug warehouse guy in the jacuzzi. He does Stacey in RCG, then one legged doggy. Stacey puts on her cowgirl hat and leaves while Suzie gets it in missionary on the jacuzzi. Suzie then gets it in doggy anal hard enough that she has to push back on him, then gives him a hand job to finish him off.

Scene 6 (Sarah Twain and Yasmine)
Yasmine then gets to go on a personal plane ride with the boss and one of his bodyguards to celebrate their new drug buying relationship. Sarah (brunette with nice body and ok looking face and an arm tattoo) is the flight attendant. Sarah sits on the bodyguard's lap because she wants sex and gets her breasts licked before she deepthroats the guy. Yasmine gets excited and deepthroats the boss while Sarah gets missionary hard while keeping her dress and gloves on, then she gets spoon anal (amazing how little room there is on those small personal jets) before she yanks off the guy on her butt. Yasmine in the meantime is also yanking off the boss on her breasts.

Scene 7 (Jane Darling and Yasmine and Kathy Anderson)
They're visiting the boss' personal yacht where he shows off his weapons. Yasmine is in a bikini and meets the boss' sister Jane (blond with a nice body with great natural boobs). Yasmine is getting massaged by a blond Kathy Anderson (pretty cute with a nice body and wearing a one piece swimsuit) who massages her asshole.

Jane Darling (wearing a one piece black swimsuit) starts with the boat captain by deep throating him and telling him to screw Yasmine because she doesn't like Yasmine. Then Yasmine gets to deepthroat the captain. He does Yasmine in missionary, then RCG anal, then spoon anal before Yasmine yanks him off on her ass.

Yasmine overhears when a shipment of drugs is about to arrive and dials the police captain using the boat's phone(???).

Scene 8 (Judith Fox)
The police captain is busy in a strip joint watching Judith (brunette with great toned body) works the pole in fishnet stockings, black panties and pasties.

Judith comes over and takes the guy's pants off and licks him (great view of her ass/legs from behind), then strips her panties off and rides him in RCG on the couch, then cowgirl anal (with one leg up so you get a great view of her ass0, then doggy anal next to the pole (great position with her legs straight out), then she yanks him off on her breasts.

Judith is great as always but has a bit too much eye makeup in this scene. I wish she did more of the flexible positions she used to do. There was a little bit of color glitching that caused the 4-1/2 rating for video quality.

Scene 9 (Julie Silver and Jane Darling and Kathy Anderson)
Julie (blond w/ nice body but unfortunately a small thigh bruise) is giving the boss a lap dance in the boat's lower cabin before she and Kathy start sucking on him. In the meantime, Jane is sucking on one of the bodyguards, then two bodyguards. Julie gets to enjoy riding the boss in RCG while Jane gets licked. Jane then gets to ride RCG anal (wish they focused on her fabulous breasts bouncing up and down more) while Kathy gets to do cowgirl on the boss. Kathy then gets missionary and fingered, then Julie gets to deepthroat the boss (with condom on). Jane then gets RCG DP from the two bodyguards while Julie gets doggy anal standing next to the bar. Julie then gets spoon anal while Jane gets cowgirl DP until the guys wank off on her butt and the boss yanks off on Julie's butt.

Scene 10 (Katsumi)
In the final scene, Katsumi has to distract the bodyguards at the drug production warehouse until the cops get there. The captain deliberately doesn't "save" her until later.

Katsumi (wearing an elegant evening dress) pretends her car broke down and needs a cell phone from the bodyguards. She thanks them for an hour before the tow truck gets there. She unzips a guy's pants and starts sucking on it. The guys strip her panties off but her dress is mostly kept on w/ her stocking while she gets it first in missionary hard, then missionary anal hard (hard enough that she has to finger her pussy to take it), then spoon anal, then doggy anal, then finally cowgirl DP before the police captain finally shows up and puts the guys in cuffs. While they're waiting for the rest of the cops to arrive with the bodyguards cuffed and standing up, Katsumi is standing there in her stockings and high heels, so she yanks them off on her legs.

Best Katsumi scene I've seen in a while and she really looks like she's enjoying herself as she teases them at the end. She looks hot as usual with her stockings on and nicely keeps her pubic hair.

The police captain steals all the drugs and they head off into the night.

Bonus Material:
Trailers (Russian Institute 7 & 8, Pornochic 12: Katsumi, Pornochic 13: Suzie, Urgences, Fuck V.I.P. LSD, Story of Yasmine, Story of Sophia, Fuck V.I.P. Cockaine, Nightzone, Yasmine Sex for Cash, Maximum, Yasmine Les Trottoirs de l'Est, Laura Sainclair Infinity)
Disc 2: Interviews (Katsumi, Nomi, and Yasmine), 30min Making Of, contact info (ads for phone sex, dorcelTV, web site),

Other Comments:
Can't skip annoying DorcelTV/web ad at start of discs.
Plot and dialog in porn? I'm so hardly see this any more :-)
I found the Making Of pretty interesting and a lot of why the movie works is covered by the director, Herve.
I wish the cast were listed on the scene selection screen.
The guys wear flesh colored condoms in all the scenes for those of you who don't want condoms in movies.

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