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French Angels

French Angels

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
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The WAM BAM! Clan's ratings for French Angels:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
French Angels overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks French Angels Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks French Angels Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex French Angels Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting French Angels Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras French Angels DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality French Angels A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by The WAM BAM! Clan  on  10/16/2008
erector's suite


As reviewed by Denae Westaway and Ultrasiet2 of the Wam Bam! Clan



Directed by Christoph Clark

Runtime: 2 hrs 51 mins approx

Genre: Glamour Euro-gonzo

Distributed by Evil Angel



Denae  Once again, Christoph makes the sex picturesque. Good buy if you want to treat yourself. Estupefiant!  A

Ultrasiet2 - The editing steals from the heat a teensy bit, but Christoph has found a muse in Cecilia Vega, who out-scorches even the amazing Stella Delacroix.  A-   


A 2008 release during the height of his 'angelic' focus, French Angels marked the fourth nationality-themed release spinning out of the Angel Perverse series, after stops in Russia, Romania and Hungary. With this film, Clark turned to women from his homeland, and treats them with reverence and the entire film resonates with his typical elegance.

It also resonates with gaping and buggery, which is lovely, although not quite as heavily featured as I like from my Christoph films. That said, it’s easy to forget that we are in the thick of the Great Period of French Porn Stardom, such was the blinding light that was the careers of Ovidie and Tiffany Hopkins that dazzled in 2005-2007. Yet we now have succeeding them and keeping the smut tricoloured one Loona Lux, a cartoonishly proportioned Algerian funpark of a woman, and my personal favourite, Stella Delacroix, or Delcroix, when she’s saving her syllables for a rainy day: with her solid teeth and saucy overbite, she’s got a face for sexual willingness. Some won’t like the bolt-ons on her svelte frame, but who cares – whatever your idea of beauty, the girl has lasciviousness and flirtatiousness in droves. It’s puzzled me as to why Christoph hasn’t actually shot more French-themed porn flicks, but maybe he too was just waiting for this many fine French stars to be available.



The first scene introduces us to two newcomers to the non-French audience. Cecilia Vegas is the sort of toned brunette you pray for in porn. Her descent down a metal staircase to an awaiting blonde, Angela Summer, is dreamy and erotic. Summer is the submissive foil to Vegas: a pretty blonde who does a great flesh mannequin, if not a Normandy peasant girl. There’s Voyeur-like shots from outside the room, and an eerie feel to the opening, before a strange change in tone where Vegas becomes reasonably friendly introducing herself to her ‘angel.’ Aah, but the devilish trickery of a Christoph girl: next thing you know its all breast fondling and finger-licking of pussy-dipped appendages. Vegas cuts a glamorous picture standing as Summer licks her pussy and tongues her ass in that devil-may-care way a good porn star should, not the dodgy flicks we frequently get from half-assed Euro girls. When a pink ribbed dildo arrives, not only do we get to see the tanned musculature of Vegas’s sweet ass, but Summer with two hands pushing it in industriously, like a poster girl from the French Working Class. Whispered Gallic banter ensues: subtitles might read ‘Well, good show, this is quite the cheese, Angela.’ ‘Oh yes, Cecilia, doing nicely old girl.’ A dildo-ass-fucked Vegas in doggy is a pretty sight. Cecilia then lets the blonde girl suck a nipple, before telling her she’s not her friend. I’m guessing the Facebook block is on its way for Angela too.

Given the time spent on the two girls, the ensuing blow jobs are jarringly played. Vegas is a mean throatfuck, and more sexy Francais is uttered. David Perry, a man who if he were anymore French he’d be dead, drifts in and out of the scene like a ghost. Vegas blows him and then we cut to the balding bodybuilder, Tony Carrera, getting his dick sucked passively but sexily by Summer. To prove what a sweet romantic he is at heart, Christoph focuses more on Carrera eating out Summer and her ecstatic response, but I can’t help but feel the real excitement’s with Vegas. We get a brief glimpse of her ass facing up as she kneels to blow Perry.  

I like that Christoph spends more time on seeing Summer squirt and hopefully orgasm than he does on missionary sex between the others. Or maybe he realised how silly Perry’s briefs looked sitting around his butt while Vegas blows him. Has Perry drawn on his own briefs with crayon?

Yes, but look at Vegas’s commitment to head compared to the softcore efforts from Summer! Anyway, Carrera has both girls lick the squirt off the table before some spit swapping and kissing, as he takes it upon himself to make them be friends again. Tony then tells us how much he’s going to enjoy the girls asses, and puts himself in the running for the Nobel Prize of telling us the fucking obvious. Still, Christoph says he’s a very nice guy, and he did offer to eat out Angela Summers mere seconds after getting his dick sucked, so he probably is a good bloke. He proceeds to thumb Cecilia while Angela licks her ass in doggy. 

"Her gape is reminiscent of the inside of a guava, with hints of pomegranate."

Cecilia professes her love for Angela’s tongue, but Angela’s getting fucked by Tony, making this a love triangle reminiscent of Jules Et Jim.

Angela then gets on her back and Tony gets up her ass. David looks lovingly at Cecilia, like the man actually gives a shit, as he sodomises her. Christoph keeps the camera in control as he encompasses the action, but he’s right to stay with a slightly in pain analised Cecilia, first in spoon anal, then cowgirl anal, where we see her beautiful back muscles ripple. Tony buggers Angela on her back, and it’s slightly less interesting although she’s still hot. Then a quick cut to a too-short Ceceila’s-ass-to-Angela’s-mouth. Angela makes the brunette squirt, but Cecilia’s gape wasn’t really as majestic as I was hoping for.

Then a nice scene where both girls get buggered on the same couch, Angela on her back again and at risk of pressure sores, and Cecilia in doggy. Bit of A2M, and then some shots of Angela looking like the anal has some real stake for her – very hot. Perry gets a squirt happening for Angela, thoughtful man that he is, and then it’s pussy fucking before the dildo comes back for some Summer sodomy. Her gape is reminiscent of the inside of a guava, with hints of pomegranate.

The best way to rekindle a friendship is to say sorry with a tongue-fuck, and Cecilia does just that. Angela accepts the apology. Perry breaks up the reunion to quickly fuck Summers’ ass then splooges on her chest. One solid wad hits the right breast. Vegas does the clean-up and light snowballing.

I always worry that when a Frenchman yells ‘Oui, oui’ as he’s coming that the girl will mistake that as an instruction and start pissing.

Overall it’s a good start to the film, but I think Clark edited some of the best stuff out. It’s not even there in any extra sex scenes, as the film doesn't have any.

I disagree - I  like the choices he made to focus on the women and cunnilingus instead of his typical gaping. Good choices.


B+ for me.


A for me.  





The next scene opens with Cruz and Loona Lux walking down the street. They stop at a shop to look at some roses, which is one of those 'walk up the stairs' moments the French seem to enjoy before being absolutely depraved. We get into an apartment, complete with wicker love-seat, and after a bit of fooling around, Cruz decides to duck back to the florist, leave the extraordinarily hot babe, and buy the flowers. This is a man truly playing it safe – he may have the girl in the bag, but what can flowers buy you? Even more A2M? In the meantime, he runs the risk we all run in that scenario, and leaves the girl with her own hand. Thankfully, this is porn, she doesn’t just rub juices out and head home to the macramé. She keeps playing till he comes back, flicks the flowers aside, drops to her knees, and starts to coax his cock out of his pants.

" Loona's chartreuse top hangs around her neck and her massive mammaries shimmy  like mounds of yum."

Cruz’s penis literally looks like a boomerang, or a fleshy dental instrument to scrape the top of your mouth. Loona has tackled Lexington Steele in POV blow-job in Black Reign 13 – this one doesn’t quite match, but she’s in a playful mood – watch as she shrugs her shoulders coyishly as she pulls out of a suck. I guess Cruz's dick has the advantage of being like a foldable compass - Loona manages to fit her entire mouth over it, and could probably fit it in a pencil-case as well. She sucks sack, even though Cruz barely has one. Then it's onto the bed, ass up.

Note the homage to Fassbinder's Effi Briest with the use of a face mirror to highlight her derriere. Clark is commenting on how Loona's ass is constantly watching its own reflection, as a greater commentary on society's critical view of her ass, thereby making the anal penetration more transgressive.

No. No I don't think that's what he's saying at all you lunatic. Now you're going to tell me the film reminds you of Godard's Breathless aren't you, because there's on our screen a carefree couple in an apartment in Paris.

No, but the way Cruz goes down on Loona looks like it could make him breathless. Nice long scene of a cute man giving her head.

Then Cruz brings out a dildo which looks suspiciously like a replica of his bent dick. Loona's ass is loosened. There's anal play, kissing, some skull know, these two have great chemistry and I'd buy the fact that they could be a real life couple.

It's one of the things I really like about this scene. Even when she's in reverse cowgirl with Cruz's throat around her neck, the scene has intimacy, which I looove. The mirror shots are a lovely touch, as is the kissing.

Cruz makes it reverse cowgirl anal then spoon anal. Loona's chartreuse top hangs around her neck and her massive mammaries shimmy  like mounds of yum. With her ass in the air, she is all dangerous curves, and Cruz eats, then buggers that juicy ass. It's all too short before he shoots tiny gobbets against her tongue which she sucks up BUT WAIT! They're being watched. Ian Scott storms in with his own set of flowers and Cruz comically skedaddles. Ian calls Loona a bitch, and soon his long man is out and she's sucking it. Phil Holliday's cupping those breasts while she sucks Ian, and next thing you know she's being spit-roasted in doggie, then reverse cowgirl. The sex is rougher and less romantic and way cooler.

Well, it's a change of pace, which makes the scene interesting, but the sex is, you know, all over the joint.

It's reverse cowgirl anal which turns into a DP. Look Denae, nice shots of their floppy sacks in motion, and Loona says she's coming!

Yeah, then gaping. Wow. More gaping. Marvellous. On the bright side, there's nice dirty talk in the cowgirl DP and kissing, although he cuts to spoon spit-roast a bit too soon.

How good does she look in squatting cowgirl anal though? Her gape's a little strange - like a stretched foil blemish when you're trying to shear a pack of basketball cards open.

Then Ian spanks her with a bouquet of flowers, which is a sort of fantasy of mine.

Call me old school, but I reckon Loona head down ass up getting sodomised is a better fantasy.

The scene works because she's so into it. She's a great performer, I don't understand why more people aren't raving about her.

They need to watch her clutch the bed as she's pressed like a spider against it getting assfucked, and then watch as Phil's long thrusts slam her butt as his foots pushes down on her head. Champagne porn. They get her in the wicker loveseat for Phil's splattershot, then Ian's reliably stringy wads adorn her hair. The post-cum head is nice.

I actually enjoyed the scene mainly for the shift in tone and Loona's mellifluous passion. If it’d just been the final half, I think I’d have liked it less, but still would’ve found it good.

A for me.

A for me too. 


Remember the staircase from scene 1? Well, this time our heroine, Eva Karera in this instance, walks up instead of down the staircase.  

Christoph flipping the script.

Eva’s reminiscent of about seven or eight Christoph girls from the past, most notably Liza Pirelli from Euro Angels Hardball 13. She’s buxom, Gallic and cheery, like a poster girl for Livarot cheese. Her garter stockings and bra look like they’re straight out of a ‘Dress Like a Marc Dorcel girl’ back catalogue. When her hand creeps into her black panties, Christoph is the unseen prompter in the Pussy Play, whispering Frenchily. Eva seems to have the word ‘excited’ in her English repertoire at least, and when she says ‘I finish myself’, reclining in a lounge chair looking gorgeous still masturbating, you just about believe her.

Enter Ian Scott’s cock, stage left.

"A cut to cowgirl fucking reveals that Eva still looks great in lingerie, but not anywhere near as good as when she’s bent over in doggy taking that cock and gaping eagerly."  

Eva blows hand to mouth but does that lovely thing where she’s got the pole in her mouth, then tries to squeeze in a little more length without comical gagging. With her hair out and an ecstatic look on her face clutching the chair as she gets pussy-fucked in doggy, she paints quite the pretty picture. Then it’s on to her knees for more knob-polishing, before Ian shows his versatility and unbuttons his shirt while lying on a chaise while she keeps working on his dick.

Men can do two things at once.

A cut to cowgirl fucking reveals that Eva still looks great in lingerie, but not anywhere near as good as when she’s bent over in doggy taking that cock and gaping eagerly. This is vintage Christoph shooting one-on-one.

And yet, probably the weakest scene in the movie, and it’s a pretty strong scene.  

Eva has an incarnadine, elliptical gape, with plenty of pucker. Getting RCA she looks meaty and juicy, but the ensuing A2M is a little restrained, which always knocks a scene down a notch. On her back on a wooden coffee table though, she’s all smiles and alacrity as Ian fucks that anus.

Isn’t it interesting how hard Ian’s pumping and how slight her breasts are rocking in comparison? Love your work, Physics. Christoph pulls the camera out and moves back in intelligently. I wonder about the white stains around Eva’s asshole though, I thought it was spit, not so sure now though.  

A weak cumshot follows, but Eva gives compassionate post cum head and bats those beautiful eyelashes of hers. Then David Perry turns up, crayonish boxers in tow, and wanks her to squirting point a couple of times. She licks the table, and scene over.


That was a nice, languid scene but not as good as the others in the film. B.


Not really going to disagree with you. B-.





It’s always a little risky starting a scene in hetero porn with a montage of men’s dicks being wanked…by themselves. However, when Cecilia Vega returns to our screen with Stella Delacroix in tow, it’s all good. They kiss for the attention of the men as their hair blows around them as in an Eighties film clip.

You know this is gonzo though, and everything is transparent, so you see the fan creating the breeze.

Never has a girl looked so sexy trying to seduce a plug-in fan. Those of you who haven’t seen Stella Della in action before will notice that big tits, small frame, pretty face and fucking perfect overbite make her one of the hottest things going. Yep, there’s nothing hotter than a fine set of teeth and overbite. That’s the sort of set of choppers you want biting your cock. Stella is fucking awesome. She’s in about four or five great scenes for 21st Sextury, including a burner in an empty pool with that Cruz feller, and another for a great film called World Sex Poker 2, but by the time this scene ends, you’ll realise this is her best scene yet.

 "As Tony plows that ass and she clenches her eyes and yells, you can be forgiven for losing your load at this point."

Cecilia and Stella strip and dance for the fan and there’s sensual touching. Not of the fan though.

Then it’s away from the electrical equipment and onto the men. Stella stands and blows Tony. Marvel at how tight her butt is in that thong as she sucks. Then it’s circuit training time – Stella moves on to David Perry, Cecilia shakes Tony’s dick again by way of reacquaintance, then he forces her head on it. She resists, but it’s futile. Stella meanwhile shows you the full extent of her technique – she licks, she sucks, she gets skull-fucked. Lick, suck, skull-fuck: it’s not very hard, yet how many porn stars get the mix right? Stella does.

I thought you’d have preferred the gagging skull-fucking Cecilia takes from two cocks on either side more.

She does threaten to steal the show. I thought you’d have liked Christoph using a glass table to reflect Stella blowing two blokes. Haven’t seen that used in gonzo for a bit.

It’s little artistic flourishes like that that make him so good.

"...her fingers creep in there, then her tongue, and Cecilia gets the tongue in there like she means it."

Another reason is that he gets Cecilia in RC going straight to the A. And fair point, as the blokes spitroast Stella in pussy, Cecilia’s passionate assfuck does steal the show. She throws her head back, closes her eyes, and just lets out gasps of ecstasy as her pretty rectum bounces on that pole and that tight body of hers glistens to the rhythm. Then she’s in doggy on the couch being buttfucked, mascara running, and she’s somewhere between pain and ecstasy, and when David Perry’s cock arrives, it’s like a comforter. Christoph knows how fabulous this girl is when she’s being fucked, and he captures that mix of ecstasy and tension across her face. While other girls might shove fingers in their ass with a sense of irony and a smirk, Cecilia’s dead serious about it, channelling the crazed relentlessness of her countrywoman Sophie Marceau in The World Is Not Enough. As Tony plows that ass and she clenches her eyes and yells, you can be forgiven for losing your load at this point.

She looks so good sweating during sex. Very fit girl.

Stella up to this point has been pussy fucked as she sucks the other guys dick. As Cecilia gets three-finger-ass-fucked, Stella gets a worthy RCA with cock to suck.

“Worthy?” Damning with faint praise. Stella isn’t living up to your hype.

Not so fast Denae. Stella then gets in doggy and, head pushed into the vinyl of the couch, is gloriously buttfucked, and when she gapes, it’s a healthy crimson funnel. She gapes like a Christoph girl should gape. Look at her great teeth as she lets out those sharp, high-pitched cries. This goes on for a few minutes before Cecilia arrives to spit on that gape. Then her fingers creep in there, then her tongue, and Cecilia gets the tongue in there like she means it. Nice shot of Cecilia’s face as she licks and again the grim sexual determination on her face is unmissable.

Edit to Stella blowing Tony and Cecilia getting stuck into anilingus. Note the teasing way Christoph’s camera pans away from Cecilia’s butt-tonguing to her own picturesque anus, sight unsullied.

Then the sweet romance of cowgirl anal, with a nice amorous kiss between toothy Frenchman and athletic Cecilia. Meanwhile, pterodactyl cries from the other side of the room.

Sharp squeals of ecstasy from a spit-roasted Stella Della, you mean. Somehow Christoph cuts this scene waaaaaay too early.

Maybe he doesn’t have this strange dental fetish for Stella that you have?

Yes, but we both have a gaping anal fetish, and that’s what the scene was about. The finale of cumshots has something of a gymnastics arrangement – Stella on her back on the floor, Cecilia with legs akimbo. One of the lads jerks her to squirt, then the cumshots arrive.

This should give you an indication of who the cocks liked more. Three cumshots land on Cecilia’s chest and mouth, only one guy shoots in Stella’s mouth. So we know who they preferred.

Yeah, whatever you reckon. So all in all, the sort of bacchanalian sex-dripping stunner you expect from Christoph, controlled sexual wildness. I could’ve watched that scene itself for three hours.

I did enjoy it for Cecilia Vega who I think has sex in a way that I aspire to have sex anyway, and the décor was good and the camerawork timely. OH! That’s who Stella reminds me of. Did you ever see that episode of Sesame Street where Kermit the Frog actually gets a set of false teeth installed in his mouth?  

Fuck off Denae. A+ for me.


A+ for me too.



The final scene commences with pissing and a saxophone, and that’s not even me being euphemistic. Megane, she of the reform school delinquent look and the silver-eyelash extensions, squats at the end of a bathtub in skirt and black-and-white striped bikini top and then lets loose a waterfall into the tub. Cut to a shot of a French bloke playing a saxophone, and you have one of the stranger Christoph scene openings of recent times. Tommy Sy’s music manages to maintain the techno hallmarks while slipping some sax in. Some upskirt shots as she comes down the stairs, then we see four blokes on the sofas, dicks out, having a tug. Megane licks and starts on one of the lads, and then in a frankly implausible moment of camaraderie, proving that porn doesn’t mirror real life, the guy pulls her head off his cock, and points it to his mate next to him so he can get the head.

Some men are very generous Ultra.

"Her whimper sounds like a Maserati revving up on helium. Then it’s legs-akimbo anal"

Megane is a versatile stylist of blowjobs, manipulating the dick with as much aplomb as Tony Parker deals with the basketball. She delivers a clinic as to how to blow. There’s the slow sack-to-glans lick, a bit of hollow-cheek-suck, followed by the python-chomp (where she pushes herself in deep throat on the man’s groin so it looks like a python trying to swallow him from the groin upwards), then there’s some helmet-polishing and some lizard-tongue (where her tongue flicks in and out against the head). Her watchful eyes give good contact and when she moves to boy number 3, there’s that reassuring dull sound of the throatfuck. The bikini top comes off, healthy breasts are revealed, and a titty fuck merges into a face gangbang. Not long before the bikini bottom is pushed aside and there’s a dick in her pussy, as she keeps sucking.

Then there’s always one guy that has to swoop in and keep her to himself for standing reverse missionary.

Numerous positions abound – more spit-roasting, and Megane looks great in reverse cowgirl pussy, with her little ribbons around the white stockings. She’s on her back as the anal begins, and she’s gaping in less time than it takes the new Astin Martin to go from 0 to 500 metres. Her whimper sounds like a Maserati revving up on helium. Then it’s legs-akimbo anal as she twists around to see a man rubbing his dick against her stockinged leg while her ass is up to the air being plowed. This doesn’t last long enough before we get the classic Christoph ass-up doggy anal, and this has tremendous replay value. Only two lads get a go until we get a picturesque cowgirl anal. Then it’s a DP, before another bloke pushes in to show Megane’s flexibility as he pushes her leg against her face and analizes her on her back.  Note her ribs showing through her skin as she cops it. There’s doggy anal and pussyfuck, on-her-back anal, but she’s just not that great a gaper – better to see her in the throes of being fucked.

I like watching her face in all this mayhem. Too often a girl getting gangbanged looks bored or under duress, and there’s a bit of that here, but I see flashes of delirious pleasure.

The cumshot sequence x 4 is decent, and at the very least reminded me that Megane has a great set of teeth also.

Fucking hell. Not the teeth again.

The scene ends with Megane trying to squeeze all those cocks into her mouth. I’d love to see her at an all-you-can-eat salad bar. Sweet way to end the movie.


 I love her, she's like a supermodel gone wrong. A for me.

I like her. I like the scene, it's got just enough of a different edge to it. A.



If you didn’t come to the conclusion that Cecilia Vega is one of the more exciting bright sparks to come out of France in recent years, then her interview sequences here and the naughty glint in her eye should sway you. She also manages whale tail in a dress. She also offers to rape the interviewer. I hope that scene’s an Easter Egg on this disc.

The interviews aren’t exactly super-revealing, but gives you a flavour of the girls. Loona Luxx is typically warm and fun, and seeing her take a shower is a treat. We get to see Angela Summers’s personality a bit more, and her body of course. What we don’t get to see is much of Stella Della and the long, languorous interview I’ve been craving. I hope this is rectified in a future Christoph release.



French Angels continues the ‘blazing streak’ Christoph commenced circa Beautiful Girls 12. This is refined gonzo for people with classy tastes, and while not quite capturing the dark night sleaze of his Hardball films, certainly channels that in the nastier action and the elegant surrounds. The next step would be for Christoph to shoot nasty sex in an art gallery in Montmatre, and I lay the challenge before him.

More importantly, it might snap some people out of the Hungarian and Czech dream they’ve been in with their Euro porn. Yeah, the editing wasn’t perfect and the gaping not as prevalent, but who cares: he had two funpark bodies – Loona and Eva – and the new wave of French model types: Angela, Megane and the fabulous Stella Della. I do concede though that the highlight was Cecilia Vega: I’ll be buying all of her stuff. She is to French porn what Daniel Craig is to Bond: steely-eyed, mischievous smirk, deadly attractive, and up to whatever challenge comes her way.

The perfect conclusion to the ‘Angels Trilogy’, if that’s what it is. I think it’s the best of the three.

Are you out of your fucking mind? This is great sure, but Hungarian Angels is a fucking classic!

Well why don't you marry that then!

Fine. I will. I just need to save up for a ring, and it needs to be big enough I don't lose it in Angelina Crow's gape. 


Any comments, thoughts, or if Christoph wants to drop us a line as we review his considerable oeuvre,

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