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Freaknic (Black Ice)

Freaknic (Black Ice)

Studio: Black Ice
Category:  Black
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Christian Dark's ratings for Freaknic (Black Ice):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Freaknic (Black Ice) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Freaknic (Black Ice) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Freaknic (Black Ice) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Freaknic (Black Ice) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Freaknic (Black Ice) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Freaknic (Black Ice) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Freaknic (Black Ice) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Christian Dark  on  10/22/2008
Freaknic....................just the name brings back memories. For the uninformed Freaknic was an event in Atlanta back in the days that was the pinnacle of fun. Chicks damn near naked, ass all over the place. Freaky activities taking place all over! Thousands upon thousands of people (mostly women) flocked here and it was POPPING!!!!!!!!! That was then, Freaknic died a slow death as people just stopped coming (because the city pretty much shut it down). When I seen that Black Ice had a movie of the same name, I had 2 give it a shot. As far as the actual event goes in the movie, its nothing more than maybe 4-5 chicks, a few cars, a couple of dudes, 2 bikes and a parking lot. Not very Freaknic-ish. But the cast of females (Pinky, Roxy, Cherokee, Beauty, Vida, Luscious K, Stacie Lane, Kandee Lixx, Stacy Adams, and Sierra Lust) is!!!!!!!! Great sex throughout the movie, fuck how the event came out!!!

Pinky---Pinky is supposed to be sleeping next to her man. He wakes up and the action ensues! Pinky is very well known for her head skills and she displays them very well here. They even get into a 69 here. Then its right into a Pinky specialty squatting cowgirl. Her ass is HUGE!!! She pumps her legs 4 as long as she can then gets into normal cowgirl. Pinky has put in a few pounds, but I'd still smash off the chain, exactly the same way he is. He then rolls her over into mish. The action never slowed down here. She gives him another brief bj, and gets into doggy. He goes up and over on her and rails away. They move to this little slope like chair, where she lays on her stomach with her ass in the air!! Nice, very nice. He gets behind her and pounds her again. At one point Pinky even says she has to get one of these 4 her house!! Pinky does some reverse cowgirl for a while b4 switching back to mish. Then back into rv cg, regular cowgirl until he lets the pop fly all over her face and into her freshly done hair. Pinky is still an animal!!

Roxy---Roxy is in the hot tub trying to convince her man not to go to the Freaknic yet. What better way to stop him than to step out of said hot tub, naked and give him a bj??!! I'd stay! Anyway they get into doggy which showcases Ms Reynolds ass (which if I'm not mistaken is a lil phatter than I remember) beautifully. They do a little standing doggy as well then roll into a spoon position. But when Roxy climbs aboard for her squatting cg ride it really gets going. The entire cowgirl repertoire is shown here. Her ass is what dreams are made of! Jiggling non stop, as she slams into the guy as hard and fast as she can. She turns for reverse cowgirl as she continues to ride hard. They get back into doggy where he pounds away at Roxy and she can't get enough. He puts her on a small table in the bathroom and fucks her in mish again. Back on the ground she climbs on for another cowgirl romp, then into sidesaddle. Damn scene would've been over 4 me long ago. Another rv cg, and regular cowgirl, then a pop finally. Roxy was really going hard here.

Kandee Lixx & Stacie Lane---Quickly becoming a fave of mine Kandee resembles Beyonce more and more 2 me everyday. Anyway it starts off that they are late 4 the Freaknic. The guy comes to pick them up and they come downstairs damn near naked (which in old Freaknic days would have been normal fare)!! You know what's going to happen..........fuck this Freaknic!! Stacie and Kandee begin to strip naked get on top of a table and begin to make out. Kandee then give up a bj while Stacie licks her from behind. After a little bit of that, Stacie sits on the table and gets a spoon/mish mixture of sorts while she continues to lick Kandee's spot. Really this shot looks great adn he rails away at her.. kandee then gets it in doggy which is hot as fuck!! They then give him a tandem bj b4 Stacie climbs aboard for a squatting cowgirl ride. Stacie has a bubble-licious ass and it drops pops and jiggles non stop!! You won't make it past here, but by the slightest chance you do, Kandee climbs on for the exact same shit, and yo won't make it past her. This scene is the hottest so far, and that's saying something. Stacie then takes a pounding in doggy. Kandee then gets it in mish, as well as Stacie. Stacie also takes it in standing doggy while eating out Kandee. Then Stacie send it home, by doing a spit and riding cowgirl!!!! Parties over ya'll, the parties over!!!!!!!!!

Stacy Adams & Sierra Lust--- These are some seriously thick chocolate women here. Big breasts big asses and all. No time is wasted here,they jump into a tandem bj. Stacy then climbs on top for a great cg ride. Sierra does a reverse cg and leans over to the point you can see her ass from the front. Outrageous folks! Stacy then takes it in doggy. The girls seem to be playing a sex rendition of, "Anything U Can Do I Can Do Better", as Sierra then gets it in doggy. Stacy then gets it in mish on the couch, while Sierra does some pull out bj action. Stacy then does some reverse cowgirl where those huge mamms bounce uncontrollably! Sierra then gets it in spoon, which turns into a flat doggy. Stacy climbs back on in cowgirl again. Its going down here! Sierra does some reverse cowgirl, Stacy gets back into cowgirl, until the pop comes. Hell of a lot of action here.

Beauty, Cherokee, Vida, & Luscious Kisses---people I'd like to welcome you to The Smorgasbord Of Asssssssssssssss!!!!!!! I can't call all the action here. I just can't do it. There isn't a small ass in the scene. You've seen Beauty and Cherokee b4. Vida has gotten extremely thick, and Luscious has a ass built for fucking. Theres tons of doggy, tons of cowgirl, bj's, pussy eating, pounding all around! The scene is damn near a full hour of non stop action. It don't get no better than this. Each girl tries to outfuck the other with volcanic results. There is no highlights to single out. Its like an All Star Game Of Ass here!!! Tremendous from start to end. Loved it, just loved it!!!

This is a two disk set. The BTS is about 30 plus minutes. Conversations with the girls, Pinky talks to a tanning Roxy about moving into a new place. Some new girl shows of her tits. The girls pose for pics. No extra fucking but hey, you can't have it all. No real footage of the Freaknic event, as it was just some folks in a parking lot you ask me. There is also a bonus scene with Cherokee that is hot as hell as well. Some pics, a few trailers and the other standard fare. I strongly advise you to give this one a look see. The last scene is a tour de force, but I had a real good time watching the Kandee Lixx & Stacie Lane scene. New girls getting busy, I'm all for it. C. Dark Audi 5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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