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Francesca's Juggies 4

Francesca's Juggies 4

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Busty
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Francesca's Juggies 4:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Francesca's Juggies 4 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Francesca's Juggies 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Francesca's Juggies 4 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Francesca's Juggies 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Francesca's Juggies 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Francesca's Juggies 4 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Francesca's Juggies 4 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  5/5/2006
Prologue We have another edition of Francesca Le's Juggies. Number 4, to be exact. As with all big tit titles currently released, this one has the beautiful, and bountiful, Gianna. Also on board is a star from days gone by, Davia Ardell. Dusky Brit Alexis Silver, and a woman whose name is on the lips of the many fans of women of substance, Velicity Von. The covergirl, Carmella Bing, is a mystery to me, having neither seen nor heard of her before. She does look impressive though. The woodsmen will certainly include hubby Mark Wood and his friends. I expect the atmosphere to be light, and the sex heavy.
Out at the pool at La Casa Wood, Gianna is laid out on a lounge chair, sunning herself in some skimpy undies. Well, they're skimpy for her. The bra can barely contain Gianna's ginormous natural attributes. She juggles them around a bit as Mark leers behind the camera. They're released from their prison, and then she shows us she's not a one trick pony by giving a view to her fine ass. In a few moments Gianna's down to nothing but stockings and heels. She runs some oil over her body, teasing Mark before strutting into the house for some real action. Anthony Hardwood has the honor of this dance, first getting a throat fuck, then the pleasure of her tits. Gianna impales her throat on his cock in a skullfuck position and keeps it nasty with plenty of spit. She climbs the dick in RC, big tits flopping around wildly. P2M, and more tit shaking RC. More P2M with some teasing by the feisty beauty. They move to mish with some tit spanking and choking. Trash talking by Gianna. Hardwood gives her a loogie to swallow and some light face slaps. Gianna sucks dick before the position change to CG. She goes crazy on the cock, bouncing and grinding, taunting Hardwood with her tits while he tries to spank them. P2M deep throat. She spits at him, then they throw open hand punches at each other. All in fun as Gianna starts laughing. Doggy, up and over. More face fucking. Cut to piledriver, Hardwood pushing a tit into Gianna's mouth. He goes scissor, then reverse, with intermittent cock tastes. Cut to mish, Gianna on the verge of orgasm. Hardwood pounds away till something has to blow. That something turns out to be his dick as he lays a nice puddle on Gianna's tongue. She swallows happily after showing and playing with it.
Things got playfully rough here, and there was even a glimmer of chemistry between Gianna and Hardwood. He didn't quite get her the big one, but they did have some fun. Her body is just the best amusement park in porn today.
Blonde Velicity Von does her tease inside the house. She's another woman just busting out of her underwear. Tits spilling out of their cups and panties with windows to give her major league ass some air. Taking off her bra at Mark's command, Velicity gives them a little jiggle. She peels off her bottoms and it becomes obvious as to why she's so popular with the assmen. Enormous and firm, shaped beautifully round. Velicity pulls out a beaded toy to play with. Really a bad choice for a non anal performer. Before she can really get started with it, Alec Knight interrupts and sticks his dick in her mouth. That's the better choice as she stuffs her pretty face. She titty fucks him. Even better. She works at getting the big dick into her throat, taking most of it happily. Alec mounts her in doggy. All things considered, that's a position a man can get addicted to. P2M leading to RC. More P2M, another titty fuck, then CG. Alec takes the opportunity to bury his face in her hooters while she works the pole. More cock cleanup and another titty fuck. Velicity spreads for mish, then gobs more knob. More titty fucking as Alec intends to make full use of those wonderful pillows. Back to mish, making Velicity's titties dance. She drops to the floor and takes Alec's splatter across her cheek and on her tongue. Good girl Velicity shovels the cum into her mouth and squeals her gastrinomic delight.
Velicity made good use of her tits here and got them fucked several times and in a few positions. I don't feel like she got the fucking I think she can handle. Nothing sustained, deep or hard. Mostly just an eye candy scene.
Blast from the past, Davia Ardell is dancing by the pool. She wastes no time in showing us her boulders. The finest Dow-Corning can provide. She's maintained a pretty tight body, releasing the strings on her bikini bottoms and showing no extra junk in the trunk. Davia rolls her nipples as cow juice gets poured over her tits. "Milk does a body good" taken to its logical extreme. Inside the house, Davia settles into Mark's black recliner. Her pussy looking like a blooming flower with a clit piercing. She works the nub to prepare her hornyhole and gets Mark's wood stuck in her face. He spanks her pussy and she works her tongue piercing over his mushroom head. Davia gets to her knees to get serious about the bj and titty fucking. Cut to a CG mount, Davia's tight pussy coating the cock with her lube. She spins on it and turns for RC. P2M, then mish. Davia can't wait to get a dick in her ass, mounting in RCA. She does a nice job of working the pole, bobbing lively and taking some deep swipes. A2M and back to RCA. More A2M, then CG anal. Davia just seems to be jerking Mark's dick off with her rectum. A2M again, leading to an up and over doggy anal. He really gets into her kitchen here and pops a couple of gapes. Another A2M, then doggy on the floor. Mark fucks her shitter till they both need release, then blasts her with a copious open mouth facial. Davia is a glorious mess.
I can't say I was ever a big fan of Davia's and have always been put off by her moles, but she and Mark had some good chemistry here, and so far, this is the best scene of the video.
Dark and attractive, dusky voiced Brit Alexis Silver is wrapped in white fishnet. This girl has plenty up top, but a surprisingly skinny ass. When she bends over, she's all pussy. Alexis toys with her titties and bites her nipples. The boobies go bouncy, bouncy. Up and down, side to side. Alec Knight shows up and starts to devour her tit flesh. In less than ten seconds he's burying his bone in mish. He pushes a breast into her mouth, then climbs over her head for a skull fuck. Some tit fucking with the nipples scraping the sides of his shaft. Back to mish. Alexis gives Alec a primo tit fuck coming out of this position, then a hot bj with deep throat. More titty play and a move to doggy. Lovely, pendulous breasts swaying with Alec's strokes. Side entry with a leg pinned between them. P2M. Nose to the pubes and ball licking. RC mount for Alexis. She takes it deep and gives Alec a grind. Walking around him, Alexis smothers Alec with her hot pillows. More RC. They roll into spoon. Alexis starts to talk about swallowing hot sticky loads and you can almost hear the hammer being cocked back on Alec's gun. She gets to her knees, tongue out, and takes his joy juice libation. Lip smacking good, as Alexis cleans her body of strays.
Alexis got into a very nice simmer here, making great use of her marvelous attributes and showing terrific oral skills and enthusiasm.
Carmella Bing has a face that belongs on the society pages. That beautiful and haughty look. She would look good as a dominatrix. Her body is lush and worthy of worship. Carmella's sporting black pasties with naked girls adorning them, net sleeves, leather cumberbund and red fishnet stockings, black thigh high boots. A full length mirror assists her in the tease as she appears to play with her doppelganger. Oh yes, and her tits are huge! She lubes them with spit for juggling before going off in search of cock. Carmella doesn't have to go far before encountering Mark. She leans over and bounces her breasts in his face. One can only imagine the weight, softness and smell of these natural(?) beauties. The pasties get ripped off to show her light, large areolae. Carmella squats to suck dick. Titty fucking is a must here, and Mark takes advantage of Mother Nature's perfect toy. Carmella sits on his cock in CG. The girl's got ass to match the hooters and she makes his pole disappear, working it good and deep. Her tits can't help but beat Mark around the face while she bounces. P2M leading to mish. Carmella's pussy is visibly juicy and Mark takes a taste. He drives in deeper and pounds the poonani back in mish with Carmella holding her legs back. Mark wants ass. Carmella says it hasn't been fucked in a long time. He starts spitting all over her genitals. I think the prospect has him extra excited. The bone gets buried in mish. Carmella takes it like a champ, staying wide open for his thrusts. Her pussy looks amazing, like a flower in spring, and just as dewy. Mark gapes her wide a few times. If this was European porn, Carmella would be getting double fisted up to the elbow by now. Those are comfort holes she's sporting. Up and over churns out the ass mayonnaise. RCA is next, the floor shot giving us a nice look at her gaping pussy and bulbous protuberances. Carmella grinds on the cock and makes the lube run. So beautiful and nasty. It's a shame they felt compelled to cut for cleanup. More RCA, then doggy anal. Carmella is still producing cavernous gapes and Mark has free reign to her rectum. Her tongue starts wagging in anticipation of a creamy climax. She assumes the position and takes a closed mouth facial that drips onto her tits, which she plays with to the end.
I'm in love. This was a true find. I'm not sure that Carmella is 100% natural because of the udder perfection of those breasts, but they sure look good. She's amazonian in total, beautiful, and nasty. Mark fucks her good, but I have visions of gangbangs dancing in my head when I look at all she has to offer. A terrific scene to end things on, and a good choice for the cover.
Epilogue Francesca Le' delivers a very nice tit-centric video. The only real detractions in this DVD are the constant P2M/A2M and playing too much to the camera. Most of these women know the power of the breast and seem to be very comfortable incorporating tit play into the wider array of sex acts. Gianna is just fucking up people's minds these days with her body and general feistiness. She came this close to having a memorable orgasm, and even closer to a fistfight with Hardwood. It would have been a good match. Gianna is amazonian, but Hardwood is rock solid. Velicity Von disappointed me. She has the kind of body that begs to be rocked, and hard. The action was fairly pedestrian. Davia Ardell surprised me with her passion. The most plastic of all the stars here, she got into things nicely, and added a great deal of nastiness to the proceedings. I'm still not into her look, but my prejudices melted away by scene's end. Alexis Silver played her tits to perfection. She came off like a horny prick cushion with a good sense of what we want to see. Carmella Bing. I don't know what to say. Her face and body just inspire unbridled lust. She gets nasty, too. Fans of Taylor St. Clair should flock to this woman like lemmings. I think her breast are natural, but if they're not, that's how good they are. She sends off the video with a real bang.
The Disk There's a BTS, slideshow, trailers and striptease. Mostly tease, no strip.
Recommendation Good buy or rental for big tit lovers.

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