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astroknight Francesca's Juggies 3 4.5 starsFrancesca's Juggies 3 4.5 starsFrancesca's Juggies 3 4.5 stars
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Francesca's Juggies 3

Francesca's Juggies 3

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Busty
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Francesca's Juggies 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Francesca's Juggies 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Francesca's Juggies 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Francesca's Juggies 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Francesca's Juggies 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Francesca's Juggies 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Francesca's Juggies 3 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Francesca's Juggies 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  9/30/2005
Prologue Obviously, this video is about big titted women. In this case only one, Sativa Rose, is naturally blessed. I'm not a big fan of enhancements but Jada Fire, Tory Lane and director Francesca Le are all great performers and beautiful women so my little prejudice isn't going to apply here. I just hope they do some things that are specific to the genre because I do like titty play.
The video starts off with one of the hottest women in porn today. There was a collective groan from the cognescenti when it was announced that Tory's been taken off the b/g market because of marriage. It remains to be seen how that works out but today we have no such problem. Tory looks stunning in blue lingerie. Her long legged and lithe form accentuated by a couple of big store boughts. The posing/tease is by the pool, a popular spot at the Wood household. I wonder if the neighbors ever wonder why they're never invited to the parties there. Tory pulls off her thong and strokes her pussy, then cups her breasts. The camera finds some nice viewing angles of this stunner. The action resumes inside where a purple, beaded toy is anchored to a table. Tory practices her deep oral skills on the toy and asks if we want to see it between her fat tits. She runs it in her cleavags and asks the most rhetorical question of all time. Wouldn't we like for it to be our cocks in its place? She unhooks her corset and wraps her mammaries around the beads. A real cock gets pushed into Tory's mouth, Mark Wood's. She manages to titty fuck the toy while taking him deep, dredging goo from her throat and coating the plaything for better slide. Mark gets to slide in some cleavage and then jam his cock all the way into Tory's throat. She decides to mount the toy with her pussy. Getting closer to it's real intention. Mark pulls it away and fills Tory in mish. She beats on her tits from the sides and calls herself a whore. Mark lays back on a daybed and Tory impales her throat on him. He fingers her tight little asshole while she bobs on his knob. Tory sits her pussy on his cock in CG and drives her body down on him relentlessly. P2M for the raggedly breathing slut. More CG as Tory looks to be forcing something out of herself, like she's possessed. Some light choking and titty spanking. Tory gets onto the bed and points her rump at Mark for some doggy. Her trash talking is frantic and clipped, almost unintelligible as she's totally into the moment. Mark sticks his tongue in the sweat soaked beauty's ass, then his cock follows. She works her clit as he delves deeply. They take turns spanking her bad titties. Mark reams her out and Tory smacks her clit. Her face is a mask of intensity as she howls in orgasmic delight. They turn to mish anal and Mark chokes her out. Tory cums hard and slaps Mark for the good work. He keeps digging out her colon and she keeps cumming. A2M and Tory looks determined to draw the cum out. Mark has other ideas and sets her up for RCA. Tory's going to find that itch in her spine and have Mark scratch it with the head of his cock. A2M and more RCA. Fucking can't get any harder than this. Tory is throwing her body down on Mark's cock and everything but the balls are in her ass. He can't take anymore and they quickly get into position so Mark can stream his load into her mouth, which gets swallowed with a smile. An amazing scene!
Jada Fire leads Alec Knight into a room on a leash. He's blindfolded, cuffed behind the back and wearing a ball gag. Jada's underwear is in a maid motif. Black with white frilly trim. She has a riding crop which is used to sting his thighs. Jada pulls Alec's face into her cleavage and asks if she should let him see them. He gets an eyeful, then sticks his nose right in there. Jada licks his face, then has Alec kneel to rub her sex on his nose. She leads him over to some stairs and unveils her juggies. Jada plays with the monster mams and pulls out some baby oil which is applied liberally to her chest. Jada pulls her panties off and gives Alec a sniff. She frees his hands and gives him a red vibrator to pleasure her pussy with. Jada's greased up, meaty pussy looks great wrapped around the toy. She leads him upstairs and sits Alec on a couch, laying on him and smothering with her tits. Locating his hard cock, Jada strokes, then sucks the turgid member. Lots of slobber as Jada makes it nasty and leaves herself panting for air while admiring her handiwork. Offering her tits to him again, Jada lets the ball gag loose. Alec attacks her boobs like a wildman. Then he goes after her pussy, first with tongue, then a mish insertion. Jada fucks back with force, singing the praises of Alec's dick. They move to RC, captured at floor angle. Jada demands some tit play from her slave and he complies, shaking and squeezing them. She swithches holes for him and continues the ride anally. They roll into spoon and Jada buries three fingers in her pussy. Jada loves this position and the verbiage is non-stop. They move to doggy anal and do it up and over. Alec is ready and Jada kneels for his tribute. He gives her a milk moustache and not much more. Jada shovels whatever she got into her mouth and swallows, juggling her juggies to end the scene.
Sativa Rose has that Daisy Dukes look with her hot pink top tied under her breasts, and denim cut-offs. She's laying out by the pool, working on improving her natural tan. Sativa makes a production out of removing her high heeled sandals, then peels her shorts off. Into the shallow end of the pool she goes, sitting on a step and slipping her shirt off. An opportunity missed here. There should have been some tease with the wet shirt clinging to her perfect breasts. And they are nature's finest. Mark joins her, his cock tenting his baggy bathing suit. Sativa wraps her bee stung lips around it, giving him a nice, agressive bj. He does some titty fucking, peels her thong off, and leads her to the deck chair for a mish insertion. Sativa loves the deep strokes and complains when Mark's cock falls out. P2M leading to doggy. P2M with Sativa trying to fit the whole thing in her throat, then they adjourn to the house for CG. No real tit play to speak of but Mark occasionally buries his face in Sativa's chest. She rotates into RC and admonishes him not to stop. A reach around has her talking about cumming but she hops off to suck dick and smack her tits with cock. They switch to doggy. An over the shoulder shot shows what a great ass Sativa has. He pounds her with one leg raised and Sativa licks her juices from his cock. Mish with legs spread wide. Skull fuck P2M. He goes back in a reverse with Sativa calling him a dirty pervert. Back to mish and Sativa cums. More P2M and a cut to CG and they agree that Mark will cum in her mouth. Sativa picks up the pace, effectively jerking Mark off with her body. She hits his spot and rushes to get into a receiving position as Mark drops a load of babies into her mouth. PCH after swallowing.
Austin Kinkaid didn't go small when she had her chest done. Her red lingerie can barely cover them. Big and round with hard nipples. Austin's ass is another story. Very nice. And on a tight body. She slips a green apron on, appropriate because she's in the kitchen. What could she be cooking up? Austin rubs some red lip gloss on her aereolae. Then streaks green across her breasts. It's like Christmas. Blue follows and Austin's body looks like a kindergarten fingerpaint project. Mark comes in and rubs the clean spot. Her pussy. He laps at her pouty lips and tongue whips her clit. Out comes Mr. Happy and Austin is salivating on it. They take things into another room and Austin cleans up before the action gets picked up. She sucks him while he plays with her nether region, then Austin gives Mark a trip into the valley with her spit as lube. First penetrative position is CG, Austin's pussy looking open and inviting. The view of her ass, magnificent. She bounces on his cock and gets Mark's dick noticably wet. They reverse for mish and Mark pounds the pink pussy. Instead of P2M they do a spit lubed titty fuck, then she tastes her pussy from his cock. Standing doggy, the petals of Austin's pussy lips opening and closing with each in/out thrust. P2M and a cut to mish. This is the launching position for Mark as he rails Austin till ejaculation is imminent. It takes a little while but eventually Mark streams his payload into her mouth, and she drops it into her cleavage so she can play with the mess.
Francesca Le is laying on a float in the pool. She cools herself off with the water and plays with her juggies. She does a sexy exit from the pool and looks amazingly like Eva Longoria. Francesca's nipples are sticking up like bullets. She pulls her bottoms aside to show her pierced pussy. We pick things up inside again and Francesca is rubbing her clit like a genie's going to pop out of her ass. She fingers that hot ass, too, and gives herself a double digital penetration. A swirly acrylic dildo makes its way into her heavenly hole, then her mouth. She wants real cock and two arrive for Francesca to feast on. It's Francesca's turn for some strange stuff and she gets Alec and Arnold. She double sucks them, then offers up her titties to Alec for a ride in the valley. They put her on the rotisserie with Alec taking her pussy from the rear. The guys rotate so Arnold can get some hot pussy. Alec checks out the depth of her throat. He gets ridden in CG and Arnold eventually gets back in the picture for some oral delight. Francesca titty fucks Alec, then spreads for mish. They do her at both ends, then switch. Another titty fuck with Francesca celebrating her juggies. She mounts Alec's cock in RCA. A2M and Arnold gets her butt in CG. Francesca bounces wildly on his cock and sucks Alec, licking his balls as well. More A2M and anal spoon with Alec as she's cleaning Arnold. She gets reamed good from this position and they hold it for awhile. Cut to mish anal and a cock in her mouth. Francesca calls for a switch and the guys rotate. It isn't long before they're ready and both guys get their ball blasts into Francesca's mouth where she gargles and swallows.
Epilogue In wrapping this review up I have to say something about Tory Lane. A couple of months ago I reviewed Service Animals 20 and found Tory's scene to be somewhat flawed. From all comments and threads on the video, I found myself to be in a minority of one in that opinion. In fact, it was the one scene that most people pointed to as their favorite. I made a point not to lay the problem at Tory's feet, as I didn't find her wanting. Her partner just couldn't match her need. I think my validation exists on this video. Tory was on fire and pounded herself on Mark throughout. There weren't a bunch of pullouts and he never got any bend in his game. He did look like he might need some medical assistance at times but he did yeoman's work here. There is another scene in the Le'Wood catalogue, Tastes Like Cum, that has the same pairing, in the same room. with an almost identical series of action, which is even better than this one. The video is a cumpilation and the Tory Lane scene is the only full one on the DVD. I don't know why they buried it like that and I was prepared to review that disk just to bring the news about something that no fan of hers should ever miss. The Juggies scene has nice breast play and the cumpilation had better toy play. Both of these scenes should be in Mark's portfolio for directors skeptical of his prowess. This also makes Tory's departure from b/g even more painful.
Jada Fire had a tough act to follow but she's such a showstopper in her own right that everything stayed on track, but at a different pace. Some light domination and nice titty play marked her romp. And of course, the Jada trash talk ruled.
Sativa Rose gave a trademark scene. She looked good and fucked hard. I'd like to see things a little less controlled with her. Some surprises or envelopes being pushed. It just never happens and we just get left with a nice transitional scene.
Austin Kinkaid's turn is similar to Sativa's in that it was good, but not special. I know that it could be pointed out that these two scenes are the only non-anal ones in the video and the ultimate source of my dissatisfaction. That could be valid but I've critiqued enough vag only scenes with raves to argue otherwise.
Francesca Le brought things full circle by indulging her own carnal passions and getting a double dicking worthy of the anal princess she still is. Francesca looks good and fucks better.
There was some good emphasis on breast play to validate the title. A very good show indeed.
The Disk Trailers, slide show, short bios with breast questions answered and a good BTS.
Recommendation This is a solid production and a must have for Tory Lane lovers.

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