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picman Francesca's Juggies 3 4 starsFrancesca's Juggies 3 4 starsFrancesca's Juggies 3 4 stars
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Francesca's Juggies 3

Francesca's Juggies 3

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Busty
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Francesca's Juggies 3:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Francesca's Juggies 3 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Francesca's Juggies 3 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Francesca's Juggies 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Francesca's Juggies 3 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Francesca's Juggies 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Francesca's Juggies 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Francesca's Juggies 3 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  9/27/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 149 min.

Production Date: 5 / 26, 27 / 2005, 6 / 7, 9, 16 / 2005

Director: Francesca Le’

Cast: Francesca Le’, Austin Kinkaid, Jada Fire, Sativa Rose, Tory Lane, Alec Knight, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, and of course, Mark Wood

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Le Wood has really been impressing me with their movies. I’m going into this one with high expectations.

Initial Reaction: Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of tits and anybody wanting hot sex without the plot

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting boring and passionless sex

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and nicely balanced, and the music is nicely brought in to mix things up a bit. The video is just as nice, with well done lighting and barely any grain or camera motion. This is a very nice looking and sounding gonzo movie.

Music: There’s some music during the opening teases, which has a hard feel. It dominates the audio here, but doesn’t fight with the overall presentation.

Disc Complaints: There’s no time code for the movie to let you jump where ever you want in the movie. The little I’ve seen of LeWood’s DVDs has shown a lot of care, so I’m hoping this soon becomes a thing of the past.

Menus: The main menu nicely combines a still with a bit of the movie. The chapter menu keeps the same look, and brings up a clip of each scene and lets you choose between the start of the scene and the different sex acts in the scene. The only thing that holds it back is some bad pixelation and not listing the name of the lady in the scene.

The Feature

You can’t help notice them bouncing as they move down the street. Breasticles. Glands for the hands. The Sweater Puppet Show. Francesca Le’ can’t help but notice them either, and she’s brought a few Juggies together to put on a show.

Scene 1 - Tory Lane and Mark Wood

Brunette Tory starts her scene out in black panties and knee high fishnet stockings with a blue corset straining to hold in her jugs. After showing off her pussy and titties, Tory moves inside to play with a long beaded purple toy. She sucks it into her throat and titty fucks it while happily playing to the camera, and slides her corset off so it doesn’t get in the way. When Mark’s hard cock pokes into view she moves over to suck it, and barely slows down titty fucking her toy. She gives Mark a little titty fucking and slides the toy into her twat as Mark sucks her titties before lying back and letting him spear her snatch missionary style on the small table. She moves around to suck Mark’s cock and gives him a little encouragement to spank and play with her ass. Tory climbs up to bounce on Mark’s bone cowgirl style before letting him fuck her from behind. He tongues her asshole a little before fucking it from doggie style while showing plenty of vocal approval for him. Tory rolls over to let him fuck her ass missionary style while choking her before coming up to suck it and slap her face and tits with it. They each play with each other briefly before Tory slides her ass back over Mark’s cock for a little reverse cowgirl action. She takes a break to suck Mark’s cock clean and finishes things up letting him spew his seed into her mouth for her to swallow down. Afterwards she sucks out what’s left and swallows it down before juggling her titties a little more.

This is an excellent scene! Tory does a great job playing to the camera as well as Mark, and looks to be completely into the sex. She puts out plenty of energy and seems like she loves everything Mark does to her and the only thing that could make her happier is if he gives her more of it. She takes it in the ass with the same ease as the pussy, and even makes the choking seem like something she completely wanted. This is a very hot scene and it gets the movie off to a great start.

Scene 2 - Jada Fire and Alec Knight

Jada, a pretty good looking black chick with braces, big fat titties and a plump ass, starts the second scene leading in Alec, who’s wearing a blindfold and a ball gag, on a leash. She sets him down and gives him a little slap with her crop while asking him how naughty he was before teasing him with her titties. She removes his blindfold and smashes his face in her titties, as well as teasing him with her pussy and ass. She takes him by the leash and makes him watch as she oils up her tits and shows off her pussy. Jada lets him grope her tits and fuck her with a dildo before they move into another room. She teases him with her tits a bit more before sucking Alec’s cock, and finally removes his ball gag so he can suck her big fat owl titties. He also gives her pussy a little tonguing before fucking Jada as she pulls on his leash. She has him lie back so she can ride him reverse cowgirl style, and after riding him a little with her pussy moves his cock back into her ass. Jada even crams a few fingers in her cunt as Alec spoons her black ass before letting him spear it doggie style. Finally, Jada gets down and has Alex spew his seed all over her tongue so she can swallow it down.

This is another smoking hot scene. I love the femdom aspect of the scene, and there’s plenty of chemistry between Jada and Alex. There’s also plenty of energy, and I love Jada’s trash talking. She does get a tad carried away with some of her vocals, which gave me a sliver of doubt towards her performance, but even with that sliver of a doubt I loved this scene.

Scene 3 - Sativa Rose and Mark Wood

Sativa starts her scene out lying back on a pool chair in a pair of cutoffs and a pink sleeveless tied off top. She slides her shoes off, followed by her cutoffs, and walks into the pool to remove her top where she’s soon after joined by Mark. She smiles seductively as soon as she sees the bulge in his pants, and comes up to suck it as well as wrapping her nicely natural tits around it. They head back to the pool chair for a little missionary work and some doggie action before heading inside for the cowgirl ride. Sativa bounces on Mark’s cock in both cowgirls and lets him back a little more doggie fucking while mixing in plenty more cocksucking. They even get in a little reverse missionary before Sativa finishes things up taking a nice pop in her smiling mouth with wide eyes and swallowing it down.

This is yet another impressive scene. Sativa looks fantastic, although I’ll admit that I was a little disappointed with the size of her boobs compared to the other girls here. Yes, they’re wonderfully natural, but she’s a nice handful rather than “busty”. That said, her performance more than makes up for what I’m sure many others won’t even consider a limitation. She’s energetic and eager, and manages to make mugging the camera a good thing the few times she does it. This is a very fun and very enjoyable scene.

Scene 4 - Austin Kinkaid and Mark Wood

Austin, a very attractive brunette, starts out her scene strolling through the kitchen in a red corset and black panties. She strips down to show off her big fat titties and wraps an apron around her waist before smearing some red and green finger paints around her tits. Mark moves in and lays her back on the counter to eat her pussy after admiring her artwork before letting her down so she can suck his cock into her throat. Austin continues to suck Mark’s cock while he plays with her pussy in another room, and makes sure to fuck his cock with her tits before sliding her pussy over it cowgirl style. She lies back for Mark to fuck her missionary style, and after a little titty fucking lets him give it to her from behind. Austin sucks Mark’s meat a little more before lying back for a little missionary work, and finishes things up with Mark decorating the inside of her mouth as she looks deep into the camera with nice wide eyes. She shows off the result of Mark’s hard work in her mouth and then lets it flow out between her tits so she can rub it all over them.

Once again, Francesca has put together a great scene. Austin has a nicely augmented rack and does a very nice job showing it off through both the fucking and the tease. I love that they mix in a little titty fucking through the scene, and Austin is nicely energetic and vocal as well. There are a couple places where she seems to overdo her vocals and had me slightly doubting her performance, but just like with Jada, there was enough to like about her performance that I found it very easy to jump back into the fantasy. This is a

Scene 5 - Francesca Le’, Arnold Schwartzenpecker, and Alec Knight

Francesca starts out the final scene lying in the pool wearing a black and white bikini looking as hot as ever and playing with her breasticles a little. She gets out to strip down slowly and play with her tits and pierced pussy, and moves inside where some sexy shoes appear before she kicks things up a notch playing with her asshole using both her fingers and a glass buttplug. She’s joined by a pair of cocks belonging to Arnold and Alec next, and eagerly sucks them before letting them take turns fucking her from behind and cowgirl style. They also get in a bit of missionary work and some more cocksucking and titty fucking before Francesca impales her ass on a cock reverse cowgirl style. She also gets in a little reverse cowgirl anal, a bit of spooning, and some anal missionary work. Finally, Francesca gets down to take one pop in her mouth, gargles it, swallows it down, and then repeats the process for the second load.

Not surprisingly, Francesca brings things to a close with a bang. She’s nicely vocal and puts out the nastiest feeling scene in the movie. Best of all, the nastiness feels completely natural and fun, unlike some performers who make it feel forced. The closest thing I can have to a complaint here is a personal one that I often didn’t know who was fucking Francesca in her scene due to how tight the camera stayed on her. Granted, with how good Francesca still looks it’s no wonder the camera wants to stay on her, but personally I’m one of those nosy bastards who wants to know who’s fucking who! Yes, that’s a very minor complaint and it comes off as a very hot finish.

I’ll readily admit to being an ass-man rather than a tit-man, but I really enjoyed Juggies 3. Francesca has put together a very nice cast with a nice range of tit sizes, although Sativa comes off as being a bit small to be considered a juggy. There’s nice chemistry to all of the scenes and the scenes are nice and long without dragging. My biggest complaint for the movie is that the tit focus often seemed to get lost, especially at the end. I enjoy watching facials, especially when the girl swallows down the cum like most of them do here, but in a tit focused movie I think there should be a few pops towards the tits at the end. Austin did a great job combining the two by catching it in her mouth and then spitting it down to her tits, but if a girl has a good enough rack to be in a tit-centric movie, I think the last image the viewer should have of the girl should be her tits. Yes, this is a fairly minor complaint due to my liking the swallowing finishes Francesca normally goes with, but something I think tit fans might agree with me on. Juggies 3 is very hot fuck flick with some nice attention given to big tits.

The Extra Stuff

Trailers are included for Francesca Le has a Negro Problem, Cum Swallowing Whores, Overload, Pussy Galore, Butt Quest, Double Dip’Er, Rated T For Teen, Ass ‘Troyed, Inside Job, Sole Man, and One Whore Plus One More. The photo gallerylasts almost two minutes with about five seconds per very nice looking snapshot. Bios are included for all of the ladies with a photo, some personal information, and a few questions with each lady. There’s also weblinks and a behind the scenes featurette.

The behind the scenes featurette lasts twenty two minutes. Sativa starts things out with a wardrobe decision while Mark and Francesca chat with her and have a bit of fun. She poses for Maestro Claudio before moving over to Jada as she fills out her paperwork with Francesca having fun questioning her. Austin is next, who talks about going from an A cup to a DD, dancing and swinging, her website, and her professional goals. Finally, there’s a little of Francesca in the makeup chair and getting dressed for her scene. It’s a very nice behind the scenes featurette that’s full of personality. It makes it look like Francesca keeps a very fun set and my only complaint was not seeing Tory Lane in it.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, busty, tease, toys, titty fucking, anal, ass to mouth, swallowing, interracial, and group

Raincoat Factor: Extreme

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, many of LeWood’s DVDs can be found online for between about $17 and $25, with most stores offering them around the $20 mark. Once again, Francesca has put out a release worth the money. There isn’t a bad sex scene in the movie and the technical aspects are nicely done. There’s also some good effort put into the extras. This is a very nice DVD with its biggest drawback being the lack of a time code on the movie.

Note to Le Wood Productions: I’m not sure what to say beyond “keep up the great work!”.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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