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Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood)

Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood)

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Francesca Le's His Ass Is Mine (Le Wood) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  10/4/2005
Prologue Francesca Le' is jumping into a genre that makes many men uncomfortable but seems to draw a lot of interest. Girls banging boys. As I understand it, Francesca was going to have the sex only going one way, with just the guys getting fucked. She found herself overruled by the women and acceded to their preferences. I think it's a wise decision and puts this on a par with Joey Silvera's Strap Attack series, which it will inevitably be compared to. I like her female cast, which includes Sandra Romain, Brooke Haven and Harmony. Francesca's even pitching in, getting some revenge for her tender ass being fucked on many occasions. Maybe the only drawback to this production, and any like it, is the dearth of male talent willing to go this route. It's too bad that some of the more belligerent men in porn can't be coerced into putting their own asses on the line. That would create a much more exciting atmosphere than can be expected here. There's also an exclamation on the cover stating that every guy swallows cum. Did Francesca add snowballing and felching to the menu? It's time to find out.
Harmony is dressed like the sexiest undercover cop in LA. It even says "undercover" on her tag. Probably has a dual meaning. She's busting out of the tight blue shirt as she knocks on Billy James' door and informs him that he's leaving with her. She arrests and cuffs him for being a voyeur. He's depanted and forced to crawl the floor and Harmony starts to spank his ass. She's wearing a black strap-on and forces it down Billy's mouth. He displays some attitude and Harmony produces another dildo for him to sit on. He must really be liking this because his own cock is hard as a rock as he buries the toy in his own ass and Harmony beats him off. She goes back to gagging him with her toy and feeds him her boot while playing with her pussy. There's a plastic hand sticking out of her other boot, I guess for spanking. Harmony can't resist sucking some cock herself and takes Billy's large member all the way down her throat. She puts on quite an oral show, then lets him off the dildo and fingers his open hole. The hand comes out for some spanking and they move to another room. Billy's ass gets fingered and her strap-on is shoved down his throat again. He bends over, and this time Harmony does the ass fucking. She goes deep and Billy whacks away at his tallywanger. Again, Harmony can't resist a little cocksucking. He defies her to fuck harder and she gets at his ass hard. Spanking with the hand, then Billy rides in RC. She gives him a reach around while he bobs on her toy. He goes side saddle, then sticks his dick down her throat before sitting on the black cock in CB. Harmony pounds him from underneath and strokes Billy's cock. She deep throats him again and again between rides on the baloney pony. Cut to Billy wearing a mouth dildo that he uses to fuck Harmony's wet hole with. She's jerking off her dildo while Billy reaches her inner depths. P2M for Harmony, then she rides his toy in RC. More P2M and another ride. Because he was such a good slave, Billy gets to fuck Harmony. She slides on his bone in CG and invites a load into her pussy. Billy cums, then opens wide for Harmony's hot pussy to take back the load. They share it and Harmony makes him swallow.
We're staying with buxom blondes as Brooke Haven, decked out in a white mesh bra straining to contain her melons, and a matching slip and full length gloves. She's hiding a clear strap-on, curved and tapered for anal use. Brooke gives us an inventory of her body as a tease. She puts her dildo on display and shares her fantasy with us about fucking a big, strong man. Brooke gets Christian to play with and he looks mighty happy with this draw. He licks her man-made boobs and she sinks to the ground to fish out his hard cock. I think she momentarily forgot what video she was in and just acted on impulse, impaling her throat. Brooke's nipples get rock hard and she whacks at her dildo like it was her real dick. Christian goes down on the toy, pulls her slip off and eats some fine ass. Brooke pulls him into the house and has him suck plastic on the stairs. She does a little light skull fucking, then leads him up the stairs some more to play with his bung. Brooke's tongue snakes in there and she tip fucks his soon to be violated hole. She really seems to be enjoying this, like she was eating pussy. Brooke finger fucks him and wanks his doodle. More fingers get worked in as she readies his manpussy for more. Big anal balls are produced, and buried. Brooke gets under him to suck his cock and he does some skull fucking. Christian turns for a 69 with the balls still embedded in his colon. Brooke pulls them and makes Christian suck them. He's ready, and she digs into his rectum with her dildo. A2M and an up and over doggy. Brooke has him crawl to the top of the stairs and lay on his back for mish. She lends a little spit for his jerking off in a subtly hot moment. Christian cums in Brooke's gloved hands and gets fed his seed. She gives him a little PCH to end the scene.
Billy James is blindfolded and his arms are bound behind his back. Sierra Sinn is decked out in a red, nurse's fetish outfit. She's carrying a leash and anal balls, hoping he's ready for what's to come. First she does a little cock sucking, shoves the balls up his ass and attaches the leash. Freeing his arms, she goes back to sword swallowing. Billy licks her boots on command, then has Sierra's snatch stuck in his face. She licks, spits at and fingers his sphincter. Billy skull fucks the lithe brunette and buries himself to the balls. Sierra fingers him as she sucks, calling him a "bitch". She pulls him up the stairs to another room where she's now wearing a red anal toy in her strap-on harness. Sierra slaps Billy around and pushes the toy down his throat. Her clothes come off showing her pretty little tits with pointy nipples and she works her mouth on his cock and ass. Sierra insists on good manners from Billy as he thanks her for everything she's doing for him. She gets into a 69 with him and he fingers her pussy while she fucks his face. Sierra sticks his ass in mish, burying the toy completely and helping his cock along with some wanking. She even manages to suck him a little while fucking his shit hole. Billy rides the toy in RC, the two of them sharing wanking duties on his inflamed member. Fearing that Billy's having too good a time, Sierra has him don a dildo mask and fuck her ass with it. She works her hot heinie over the orange toy but never taking it deep enough to get to the screw portion, only the straight 6-7 inches. She offers up her ass for his real dick and Billy goes to town on her. He jerks his cum into her mouth and gets it returned in kind. He doesn't seem to like it.
Francesca Le' and Sandra Romain are making out on a couch, getting off on each other's body. Francesca really admires Sandra's ass, as we all do, and finds something extra strapped on the front. Sandra fucks her face with her big black cock, then goes down to play with her equally large mint colored one. Sandra even tries to deep throat the spearmint monster and Francesca reacts like it has nerve endings. Sandra titty fucks her, then plows her skull. Christian interrupts and the girls wrap their lips around his fat cock. Sandra gobs on his knob while Francesca mines his ass and Christian has to be on sensory overload. Sandra eats some ass and Francesca shoves her dildo in his mouth. He 69's with Sandra, then blows both toys. On his knees now, Christian sucks them both in tandem, then together. Francesca goes for the flesh pipe while Sandra continues to feed Christian. She skull fucks him while Francesca fingers his ass. Any doubts as to why Francesca shot this video, you need only look at her face while she's working Christian over. Sandra gets some pussy licked while his ass is being prepped, then lends a hand with the rectal opening. Francesca spits on his hole and sucks the black cock before Sandra sinks it into Christian's receptive cavern. Francesca is sucking and two handing his turgid member. She decides to fuck his face and Sandra sticks four fingers up his ass. Francesca takes over the fucking as Sandra rides his face. She does a 69 with Christian, getting her pussy licked. Francesca licks his feet while Sandra sticks her hand in his man-pussy again. He tries to lick Francesca's ass while Sandra is reaming him with the black cock. The girls go at him front and back with their mouths again and Francesca fingers Sandra's ass, offering it to Christian. He's no fool and goes right for it. Fran turns it into a little train as she sticks Christian. Cut to RCA for Sandra as Francesca continues to peg Christian. She laps at Sandra's dancing tits as things get even hotter. A2OGM, then Christian wanks into Sandra's mouth as Francesca gives him a prostate massage. The ladies snowball the cum, then give it back to Christian to swallow.
Epilogue This was a pretty good video that started off really strong with a sexy and focused Harmony. She seemed to have a lot of fun with Billy's ass, even though she's never given hers up before. Brooke Haven dropped off a little, probably because she was the only participant not to get fucked besides Francesca herself. Everything seemed headed that way from the beginning and I was somewhat disappointed it never happened. Sierra Sin was a little scattered, running through her routines in a disorganized way, moving too fast. She was sexy and cute, even giving up her own sweet ass. Sandra Romain and Ms. Francesca Le' were a hot combo. Sandra didn't care if she was giving or taking, she was just into it. Francesca looked like she was getting her cookies off just on what was happening around her. A great scene.
This series definitely has a future. I still think there's a need to find more male performers that are willing to put their asses on the line. Otherwise it'll get stale fast even if there's a line around the block of women wanting to be cast. Great line from Sandra in the BTS when asked how deep she was going to go: "The same like they always do to me. I want to feel the balls hit."
The Disk Trailers, slide show, and another good BTS.
Recommendation People interested in this genre will definitely want a look at this video.

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