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Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4

Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4

Studio: Le Wood
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4 overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Francesca Le's Butt Quest 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  12/2/2005
Prologue The casting for this video rocks. No unknown quantities. No weak performers. Five of the hottest women in porn today. There's even an amazing amount of diversity. An African-American. A Eurasian. A Latina. An Eastern European, and one of the finest pieces of French pastry ever. The rainbow coalition of hardcore porn. And they're all buttsluts. I'm truly looking forward to this.
Out by the pool at Casa Wood, the familiar heart shaped ass of Sandra Romain undulates before the camera. She moves into the sight line of Mr. Pete and stops to splash some pool water on her body, making sure to give us all an eyeful of her lovely rump. She gets her body glistening, pulls her tits out and squats. Pete just walks up to her face with his hardon out. Sandra gives it a nice working over, then leads him toward the house by his cock. She stops to let him fuck her in standing doggy against an outside wall. They walk in a conjoined manner into the house to resume the doggy in some semblance of privacy and out of the heat. Pete sticks a few fingers up her ass, Sandra rubs her cunt, and his piston pounds her honeyhole. A quick move to anal in side entry, turning mish. Some choking quiets Sandra down but she comes back to life when Pete mauls her tits. A2M with deep throat. CG anal with nice shots of her bobbing, swirling and grinding. Pete picks Sandra up for some aerial delight and she rocks his cock from her freer standpoint. More A2M, leading to RCA. She pounds herself silly and cleans the cock again. More deep throat and Pete goes up and over doggy anal. She somehow gets her body all stretched out as Pete rails her, then they fall onto the setee for spoon. Sandra digs out her pussy with Pete balls deep in her ass. Cut to up and over mish anal, Pete handling her pussy like a bowling ball. He grabs her throat and sucks a foot while Sandra holds his nose. Very creative. Pete motions her to the floor in front of him and she obeys like a good cum slut. He just explodes in her face, scattering cum like buckshot. Sandra sucks the hose clean and shovels what she can into her mouth to swallow. Then she licks the lens for good measure and introduces herself.
Sandra, as always, is balls to the wall. From the time they got inside the house, the sex just flowed, and there was exactly one discernible edit. Two horndogs going at each other.
Tiffany Hopkins is dancing naked in front of a full length mirror and stroking her oh so fuckable body. She does have thigh highs on, and her panties are hanging by her knees, which only make her sexier. If that's possible. Mark Wood comes up behind her and sticks his face in her delectable ass. He looks very happy to be there, and Tiffany seems happy to have him. He tastes the rest of her body with sweet kisses and Tiffany fishes out his hard cock. She gives him a taste of good old fashioned French loving, then sits on his dick in CG. Tiffany acts like she was poked with a cattle prod as she goes crazy on his cock and froths at the pussy. Sweet Jesus, between the sexy accent and the pumping and grinding she's laying down, I think I grew an extra inch. Mark gets to do some riding in doggy and he's not about to spare the rod. Tiffany's already set the pace. He pounds the hell out of her sweet muffin and tells her it's time for anal. Cut to a doggy insertion, Mark getting a leg up to really get deep in her ass. Good stuff with great eye contact by Tiffany. They move to RCA and she's back to doing the driving, with a lead foot no less. Mark pounds the ass mayonnaise out of her shithole and Tiffany keeps coming back at him. A2M on a very messy cock. No need for baby wipes here. Tiffany cleans him up. They resume fucking in a vag RC and that's as much as Mark can handle. He streams his cum into her open mouth, which Tiffany pushes out. Then she cleans the hose out and wears her prize proudly.
This scene smoked. Tiffany is one of the sexiest women in the world and a tyro between the sheets. Her hip action alone is worth the price of admission. We need Tiffany Hopkins back on this side of the pond again.
Sydnee Capri, dressed in a rainbow two piece w/skirt, enters the living room/den. She waves her monster ass at us and promises it's about to get fucked to pieces. She just happens to have a beaded toy hidden behind one of the couch pillows and lubes it with pussy juice before sticking it in her ass. She licks it off and throws it away for some real dick, Mark's. Sydnee loves getting cock in her throat and moving around to make space. Mark uses her mouth like a pussy and pulls her little tits out to tweak the nipples. Sydnee pulls off her bottoms and mounts Mark in CG. This has been a good day for cock riding as Sydnee's cream streaks the cock. She also loves being spanked while fucking and Mark complies. He turns her on her back and digs into that plump pussy in mish. Sydnee's having a howling good time as Mark puts her on the road to "O". A relentless pounding does the trick. Ass has been earned by this good pussy fuck and Mark prepares it with some spit lube and a finger. Insertion is in mish and Sydnee rides the pleasure/pain tip and coos about good dick. They rotate to up and over doggy anal that gets deep into her fudge tunnel. Mark does a scissors move and Sydnee tastes her ass from his cock. Cut to CG anal and Mark's pushing her cushion down on his stiff prong. Sydnee's cheeks just swallow him up as she gets happy on the slip 'n slide. More A2M and an RCA mount. Another hard ride as the skin slaps together and the ass mayonnaise runs. Sydnee pound Mark till the point of no return and scrambles to the floor for her creamy reward in an open mouth facial. She gargles and plays with the cum on her face. We get a parting shot of Sydnee's monster globes into the fade.
Sydnee has become one of the most endearing and reliable talents. She takes a hard fucking and enjoys herself. A good recipe for success in the porn industry.
The ubiquitous (and stunning) Jasmine Byrne walks into the kitchen wearing a white outfit w/red fishnets and gloves. She perches her ass on a stool and simulates fucking to tease us. Jasmine's the total package. Unbelievably cute with eyes that twinkle and a smile that melts. Kittenish in voice and demeanor, she defines sexy. Mark attacks her body with gusto, fingering her fat pussy through the panties and sucking Jasmines fine "b" cups. He bends her over and worships her firm round butt. Jasmine likes it and makes him go back for more. Little Woody comes out to play and Jasmine squats to gag on him. The sweet slut takes a face fucking that makes her pussy drip and Mark takes advantage of the natural lube for a doggy ride. Her plump lips are literally dripping on first contact. They move to mish on the table and Mark promises to fuck her all over the house. They adjourn to another room and Jasmine mounts in CG on a loveseat. They fuck back and forth as Jasmine works out her horniness and frustration on Mark's poker. P2M and Mark wants ass. Jasmine sits back down in CG with her sphincter swallowing his cock. Beautiful butt shots and great energy as Jasmine works out on the dick. She asks for doggy and Mark reams out the ass mayonnaise on the first deep strokes. Looks like they cut away to clean the mess, unfortunately, but go right back to digging out her dirty place. Mish anal has Jasmine ecstatic and I just noticed that the only piece of clothing she's lost is her panties. Some choking gives her a visible thrill. I can practically feel her goosebumps. A2M, leading to RCA. Jasmine bobs up and down, begging for cum. Mark masturbates with her ass to get ready, then shoots into her open mouth. Good little Jasmine swallows and says "Thanks".
There's a good reason why Jasmine Byrne has become so popular. She's a perfect combination of looks, sexiness and nasty, without seeming gross or psychotic. She also looks like she's having a ball playing with Mark. Great scene.
Boxcover queen Katsumi is dressed in a wide mesh outfit, bound to a stool, with a green ball gag and a leash. Mark is verbally menacing her and smacking Katsumi's ass with a leather riding crop. He has Mr. Pete on hand who also carries a crop. The release the gag, ostensibly to let her talk, but I think it's for the use of her perfect mouth. She's really looking turned on as they rub up on her and release the tethers. Katsumi gives Mark's dick some lip love and Pete goes straight to the "A" in doggy on the stool. The guys run a merry go round on her and switch ends. Great shot from underneath shows Katsumi's pussy opening and closing with each anal thrust. She's pulled off the chair for RCA on the couch with Pete. Then onto Mark in CG anal. They switch to vag so there's room for Pete to complete a DP. Katsumi has a complete look of ecstasy come over her face as Pete pounds away and Mark stays rooted deep in her love tunnel. They add choking and spanking as she comes alive to fuck back on the hard tools. Katsumi's using them and not faking her pleasure. Pete pulls her back onto the couch for spoon anal and Mark joins them in a unique looking DP. He really pounds her pussy hard and Pete chokes her out. Cut to Katsumi on the rotisserie with Pete maintaining ownership of Katsumi's ass. He gets some "me" time with her and does A2P before relinquishing it to Mark in piledriver anal. Pete gets back into both holes in this position with a scissor twist. Mark gets his in this position as well. RCA with Pete and Mark fills the open hole to complete another DP. He ravages her pussy and she looks like she had a quiet orgasm. Cut to Pete massaging Katsumi's g-spot. Her pussy gets nice and wet, but no squirt. Mark spoons her ass and Pete shoves his cock in her mouth. She's pulled to the floor by her leash and Pete douses her face with his pent up seed. A beautiful smile and some PCH before she turns to Mark. He has his cum dripping off her tongue and chin. Katsumi swallows everything in her mouth and cleans his cock, then shovels everything she can in her mouth.
Katsumi's always a treat and makes the hardest sex look easy and pleasurable. Her holes get savaged and she keeps giving us her enigmatic smile and asking for more. A fitting end to a great video.
Epilogue I think it's a clear sign that you've produced a winner when the scene that's the runt of the litter is exceptional by any standards. The setups are basic and the fucking pretty straightforward and light on circus acts. The women are extraordinary in looks and attitude. Most of the action was uninterrupted by edits, which is a very good sign by my standards. Especially since they all do anal and get pounded into oblivion. Sandra practically demands to have her flesh ripped in the name of lust. Tiffany was scalding with her playful sexiness and hungry holes. There's no acting here as she drives to orgasm. Sydnee is a sweetheart with an ass made in porn heaven. Jasmine keeps my heart palpitating with her kittenish demeanor and a body that begs to be licked and squeezed at every opportunity. Katsumi brings the house down with her anal fixation. The guys banged the shit out of her, with the moans echoing in my head.
The Disk Slideshow, striptease, trailers and BTS.
Recommendation I sat on this title for a long while and am astonished that it never got much attention. Pick this one up.

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