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astroknight Four, The 4.5 starsFour, The 4.5 starsFour, The 4.5 stars
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Four, The

Four, The

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Four, The:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Four, The overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Four, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Four, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Four, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Four, The Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Four, The DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Four, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/4/2012
Welcome fans to a review of a movie that literally has been years in the making! I'm talking about The Four from director Michael Ninn or NinnWorx studios. I remember seeing something about this movie some 4 years ago at the AVN show and then nothing happened and year went into another year and now finally after a lengthy delay the movie is finally released. I'm not privy to what prevented this movie from being released closer to when it was shot and perhaps that information is out there for those interested. I'm just glad for fans of Ninn's work who longed to see this movie and the story it is telling finally seeing the light of day. EPIC and Sweeping are two words that aptly describe the scope of this production-- so much so there is a separate movie that comes with the main release that is over 2 hours itself so not your normal BTS by any stretch. You can tell the team behind this production loved and cared about the story they were trying to tell and you have to respect that regardless of what you think of the content or if the show was hardcore enough for you. I will say if you're expecting a super hard gonzo style movie ala Ass Worship this isn't your movie as sometimes the sex isn't easy to make out so clearly but I know it's all done by design trying to create an effect so as the movie went along I was able to put aside my wanting to see the action clearer and just immerse myself in the story and let it unfold.

So many aspects to this show helped create the sweeping production from the sets to the costume to the makeup and I'd put the music in there also as helping to set the tone for this movie. The way this was shot was certainly not a typical gonzo style shoot or even perhaps a regular feature as there was a look to this that was darker a lot of the time which did make the sex harder to see but I quickly felt this was done by design to tell this tale. The length of this movie also went a long way to helping create the epic status I'm attaching to it, almost 3 1/2 hours spread over two discs. Another great part to this show was the narration done between scenes which totally set the tone for the story filling in gaps and the dialogue was top notch too. The four main characters in this movie were played by Brea Bennett, Renee Perez, Cassidey and Nikki Kane. They are Spartan women who have decided to avenge the 300 who were killed by King Xerxes and his Persian army. The women visit a local priest who bestows upon them powers which will help them engage Xerxes and basically take him out even though he is godlike. Jennifer Dark has a prominent role in this production too playing the High Priestess to Xerxes who is portrayed by Marco Banderas. Jennifer is given the task of slowing the Four down and when she fails Xerxes she gets punished but that's racing ahead a bit. Charles Dera gets the plum role of King Leonidas though we know he's dead to start this show. However that doesn't prevent him from fucking as Charles has two sex scenes in this plus he's around a few times for dialogue as well.

The first scene takes us to Charles and Brea who are the King and Queen. She is about to undertake this arduous journey to avenge her husband and relives an encounter with him. Our second sex scene involves Jana Jordan who was offered up by the Queen to the local priest as payment for them receiving their special powers. This scene also involves Amber Rayne and it was some good g/g action though again a little darker than I'd like to see. From there we go to King Xerxes who is still basking in the glow of his victory over Athens and the Spartans so he gets to sit back at first enjoying three of his ladies in waiting fucking each other. There is a fourth girl there too who is paired with Marco though early on the action focuses on the three women then shifts to Marco and the remaining girl with the other three background scenery! This completed the first disc for the fucking. Onto the second where the Four now start to really get deep into their journey and we see each have their own b/g scene beginning with Renee Perez followed by Cassidey and finally Nikki Kane has sex- with Charles Dera which created for me a little confusion as he's the King and why would he stray from his wife to have sex with this girl? Haven't seen that explained in the BTS yet. There is also a b/g anal scene with Jennifer Dark and Marco Banderas that she relives because she was punished for failing him in stopping The Four from gaining the Persian border. So afterwards she goes and seeks out Brea's character, the Queen and offers to basically serve up Xerxes who never saw the true love and devotion Jennifer Dark's character felt for him. It wasn't a bad g/g scene with Brea and Jennifer though Brea doesn't do oral just fingering though we get some nice oral from Jennifer in the scene. So that covers the fucking in the movie and it wasn't bad. I felt the lighting was a little better for what I like to see in a sex scene on the second disc but again I know this was a different style movie and not a gonzo style shoot.

So overall I thought the movie was pretty successful in creating a good story with several appealing elements to it- chiefly the costumes/ makeup/ sets and the music all worked for me. The sex was good as well though I did wish to see it more clearer at times. If you enjoyed the movie 300, like the Spartacus/ Gladiator style shows then definitely give this a shot as it has that type of feel to it. The ladies were all attractive too looking so good in their outfits and even better out, lol. This massive production spawned its own BTS movie much like the epic Apocalypse Now had one. Well this BTS/ Making of movie goes on for over 2 hours which is not normal for a porn movie at all but fit this particular show which was going for such an epic status. There is also a fourth disc which gives you more time with the women featured in this production- Cassidey, Brea, Renee, Nikki and Jana. More interviews and bonus photos too. I was glad to see this movie and it's great when filmmakers like Michael Ninn want to take chances and create a story of such proportions as was the case here. It's a shame it took so long to be released but I hope the fans who initially got behind this project will be able to see the results as I think they'll be pleased.

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