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wizzerbud Four Score 2.5 starsFour Score 2.5 starsFour Score 2.5 stars
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Four Score

Four Score

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Joe Shaver's ratings for Four Score:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Four Score overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Four Score Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Four Score Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Four Score Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Four Score Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Four Score DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Four Score A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Joe Shaver  on  8/18/2006
This film contains the shortest jackoff, the shortest blowjob, and the shortest fuck in the history of man or fruit fly.
As the title suggests, it contains four separate and totally unrelated scenes. The scenes are also totally unrelated when it comes to quality.

Eric Hung, an attractive Asian, spreads a towel on the living room floor; drops his drawers, and does three or four pushups. We next see him turning on the tap, taking a shower, and stroking his nice dick. Later on the bed, he strokes that dick and sticks a finger up his hairy ass. At 5 minutes and 24 seconds into the film Eric shoots his load. (The jackoff was less than two minutes. Now it gets rather embarrassing to watch someone pulling on their pud in until you fear they are removing skin, but rabbits cum slower than this.)
Ethan heads off to an art gallery featuring atrocious examples of homoerotic art. There he meets Juan Casannova. They go back to Eric’s where they get it on.
“Wow!” says Juan when he first sees Eric’s cock. (It’s a nice one but not deserving of a wow by any means. It’s just that bigots don’t expect Orientals to have more than average dicks.) I would be happy to get it on with Eric, but Juan is certainly not much of a looker.(Casannova is no Casanova.) Nevertheless, Eric pays him some lip service. We cut to Eric wearing a condom. The entry into Juan’s ass is not seen due to an inept camera angle. We cut almost at once to the missionary position for a maximum of 3 seconds and then zip on to Eric cumming on Juan. (This has to be the shortest fuck on film—or in life either for that matter—and can no doubt be found in the Guinness Book of Records. Don’t glance away because your cat is barfing up a hairball or you’ll miss the entire fuck.)

In a cheap and crappy set with a single bed to illustrate a barracks, Ben Damon wearing only white skivvies discovers a dildo under his pillow. Enter Trevor Knight also wearing only a pair of white skivvies. I assume he’s an officer. (It’s hard to tell officers from enlisted men when they’re only wearing underwear unless one’s saluting.) Now occurs one of the worst dialogue exchanges in the history of film as Trevor tries to get Ben to admit to being gay. Trevor threatens him—get this, folks—with KP. He also threatens him with “the bestial Moreno”. In what I later figured out was supposed to be a flashback or else just an imagining, we find Ben in the shower. Moreno rushes in, Ben falls to his knees, takes Moreno’s dick in his mouth, and before you can say “what the hell” he’s spewing sperm on Ben’s face. (Another one for Guinness.) When we cut abruptly back to Ben and Trevor, Ben is sucking Trevor. Trevor sucks Ben. Trevor fucks Ben. Even with these two rather attractive performers it’s definitely not memorable.

In a prison setting (the set is considerably better than the one in the previous scene.) young, sexy, and desirable Brett Matthews is awaiting execution. A guard, Nick Capra enters. He’s in ordinary clothes (no money being spent needlessly on a guard costume that would be worn only briefly even if it would greatly enhance things). They are a great looking duo and the sex between them is very uplifting. Brett sucks Nick’s dick. Nick sucks Brett’s. They 69. Capra eating out Matthews’ ass is a thing of beauty. We cut to Brett on his back with legs in the air, and Nick’s condomed cock entered halfway into the upturned butt. (A little anal injection before the lethal injection.) It’s a great fuck and a super scene. Suddenly it’s over and Nick is cumming. Brett follows. Pity that the director didn’t care enough to costume it properly. Still without this scene the film would be a total piece of crap.

A very uninspired threesome with Brady Martin, Corbin Michaels, and a stud known only as “Matthew”. (He’s the lucky one being able to claim anonymity.)

Only one scene—that with Capra and Matthews—passes muster. And that, I expect is due more to the two performers than to anything else.

As I said in an earlier review there are some great films with Gino Colbert as co-director. Left on his own, the results are always second-rate. I don’t think he ever watches anyone else’s films. If he did, he’d have to get better wouldn’t he? But comparing his films of twenty years or more with those of today we can witness no improvement whatsoever. He doesn’t seem to learn a damn thing!

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