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Four Score

Four Score

Studio: Arena
Category:  Gay
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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wizzerbud's ratings for Four Score:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Four Score overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Four Score Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Four Score Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Four Score Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Four Score Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Four Score DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Four Score A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by wizzerbud  on  2/20/2006
Gino Colbert has done an interesting job in putting together this video, Four Score. You won’t find the hottest and most well known models out there, but you will find models with one thing in common---huge dicks. There is no weinee in the bunch. The video is divided into four different stories, each with its own title. It doesn’t exactly follow the lines of most videos. Each scene is entirely different from the others. .

The video features an Asian guy named Eric Hung as the Asian Sex Machine. Ironically, Eric is not shown on the front cover. The first scene shows Eric coming out in a tee shirt and briefs to do some push-ups. In between doing the push-ups, he takes off the shirt, and takes off the briefs and goes back to the push-ups each time. He moves to the shower where you can see his tight muscular body and this huge hardon--huge as in length and girth. This has got to be the biggest dick I have seen on an Asian guy. He strokes himself for a bit and then moves to the bedroom for a quick jack off and cum shot. I really don’t understand this scene since it was so quick. The scene moves to an art gallery where Eric meets up with Juan Casannova. They get friendly and do some groping and rubbing on each other in the gallery. The scene changes to what appears to be a living room and they are on a couch. They start making out and the clothes come off during the process. First Juan’s shirt comes off and then Eric’s. Juan has a bigger body than Eric but has no real muscle definition. The pants come off and out comes Eric’s huge dick again. Juan is quick to get down and start sucking on it. Eric definitely lives up to his name Hung. Juan can hold his own against Eric in that he has a big cock, as well. Juan continues to stroke himself while he sucks Eric. It is then Juan’s turn to get sucked and so he lays back while Eric sucks on him. These two do a lot of sucking and licking, but no deep throating. The blowjobs really lack any kind of intensity. They move back to Eric standing while Juan sucks briefly. Juan bends over and Eric begins to fuck him doggy style. The background music takes over and we cannot hear anything from the guys, not that they have given us much to listen to thus far. Juan flips over on his back and soon Eric blows his load. Juan has gone soft by now, but he gets it back hard and oozes out some cum. Sorry but I have seen bigger pre-cum loads than this shot. The sad part is the fuck scene, including the cum shot, lasts right at 2 minutes. As I said earlier, this video does not follow the norms of most porn videos.

The second scene is entitled The Soldiers Code: Barracks Buddies. It begins with Ben Damon finding a dildo in his bunk and being confronted by Trevor Knight. They exchange conversation about who is gay, etc. They go back and forth with this and all of sudden we see Ben going into a shower and being confronted by Moreno. Neither of these guys are much to look at in the body department, except for the big dicks hanging off them. Moreno forces Ben down to suck his dick. While porn doesn’t need a serious plot, the writing here is making no sense. After a minute or two (literally) of sucking, Moreno shoots his load. This is Moreno’s entire appearance in this film. I have seen longer piss scenes. The scene goes back to Trevor and Ben and their mindless conversation and soon Trevor’s dick is out and Ben starts sucking. Ben strips while he continues sucking. With Trevor still on his back, Ben kneels over his face to fuck his mouth. The intensity picks up here. Trevor continues stroking his own huge schlong while he sucks Ben. Both of these guys seem to have trouble getting those big sticks hard. Trevor comes out of his boxers and Ben goes back to sucking him. Now we see Trevor fucking Brad in a missionary position. I have to give the cameraman props here as he gets a really good balance of close-ups and full body shots. Ben shoots his load while Trevor is still pounding him. Trevor pulls his out and shoots over Ben’s stomach and chest.

The third scene is called Pardon ‘N Play with Brett Mathews and Nick Capra. Brett is a tight muscled guy with a cropped hairy chest on him. Nick is not looking at his best but still okay looking here. Brett is a prisoner sitting in his cell when Nick walks in and they begin talking. Nick walks over to Brett laying on his bed and Brett begins sucking Nick's cock. Nick starts coming out of his clothes while he is being sucked. Brett’s shirt is opened to show his nice tight chest. Nick occasionally slaps at them during the cock sucking. You sort of want him to grab it and give his nipple a tug or something, but this scene stays away from nipple action. Bret gets naked and he has a big hardon already. Nick reaches down to stroke Brett’s dick while Brett continues sucking Nick. Nick moves down to suck on Brett while Brett strokes Nick. We now see some deep throat action for the first time. Nick Capra is a pro and he shows his skills here. He gives one of the hottest suck jobs I have seen. They move to a 69, but thanks to a small area to work with, the camera stays on Nick sucking Brett since it is hard to see Brett’s face. Nick moves around, throws Brett’s legs back and we get this inane long rimming scene. I have to give the cameraman credit for the way he handled it by starting out at about 5-6 feet and gradually coming in rather than the back and forth we see so often between distance and close-up shots. This rimming scene goes on for way too long---almost 6 minutes. It becomes very obvious that this took a toll on the performers as their level of intensity drops to zero. I can only imagine how long this rimming action actually took place and with Brett on his back and legs up in the air. I might equate rimming and 69 positions with golf--fun to play, but not so entertaining to watch. The rimming finally ends and Nick is standing to fuck Brett missionary style. They are trying to do this across a twin size bed shoved into a corner. This isn’t working so they move to side by side. I am bored by now. The guys look uncomfortable. Nick starts pounding Brett and slapping his pecs and trying to build up to a finale when he finally pops his load out. Brett spits out a small cum shot. The scene ends to show Brett being awakened by Nick and that this was all a dream.

Eros City is the final scene. Matthew (no last name) and Brady Martin pass by each other at the pool and Mathew is looking for somewhere to play while he is away from the wife and kids. Brady tells him about Eros City and maybe check out the videos in the rooms. Mathew isn’t interested and he walks away. We now see Mathew in his room and there appears Brady who is offering his crotch up to Mathew, but Mathew declines saying he doesn’t play for that team. Brady isn’t buying it. Corbin Michaels walks up to them and says they have to close up. On the positive side, these three guys are hot--well-built muscular guys and by far the hottest guys in this video. On the other hand, how do these guys just appear in this dude’s room and what is this closing up shit? Its daytime and what hotel closes during the day and an employee come into someone’s room to announce it. Who writes this shit? This script is so lame. Mathew drops his towel and gets on the bed on all fours. Brady shoves his big dick in Mathew’s mouth. Corbin is stroking his own big cock while he shoves his tongue up in Mathew’s ass. This would have been a good time to add in background music, as these guys are quiet. You can hear Brady some but he is barely whispering his words. Corbin moves around to the side of the bed and starts rubbing Brady’s hot pecs. All of these guys have pecs you would just love to see receive a tongue bath, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen. Corbin fingers Mathews hole while Mathew sucks on Brady. Corbin now stands and Brady sucks on his thick meat. They change positions with Mathew on his back and Corbin sucks on him while Brady feeds his dick to Mathew. The scene changes again and Brady is standing by the window stroking his dick. Mathew is on his back with his legs in the air and Corbin is fucking him while grabbing and rubbing his pecs. This starts to look like a hot scene and 18 seconds later they move to Corbin fucking Mathew from behind on their side. Mathew appears to be in pain. We have yet to see him hard. Brady moves over to face fuck Mathew at this time. After about 5 seconds of this sucking, Mathew starts jerking Brady’s dick. Brady doesn’t seem to be enjoying this as he pulls away a few times. Mathew finally stops and Brady is all soft. Corbin pulls his dick out of Mathew and shoots the best cum shot we have seen in this video. Mathew is now by himself on the bed and finally has it hard and shoots some cum. Brady never does deliver a cum shot. Corbin tells them the coffee break is over and asks that they stick around for lunch. Wait, I thought it was closing time before the sex started. Was the writing this bad? Or were the performers just that bad and nobody caught it? Some small gibberish talk between Mathew and Brady and the scene finally ends.

Extras in this DVD include a trailer for Four Score 2, a slide show, and the cum shots scenes.

This video had the potential of being a hot video and there were some things I really liked about it. If you are content with huge dicks and seeing them sucked and stroked, you will love this video. If you like to see hot fucking, well you may wish to pass on it. The script writing was the worst I have ever seen. The bodies on some of the guys weren’t the greatest, but the dicks were bigger than most videos. I would have loved to have seen these guys show attention to each other’s pecs in the final scene. It’s a shame when you have three hot bodies and no mouth attention to the pecs and nipples. I have mixed opinions on this video as Gino left out a lot of things I hate in a video but he also missed a few things I like to see. Aside from the script, my guess is that most of this video’s problems had more to do with final editing than in actual production. On the cover, David, from Unzipped Magazine, is quoted as saying "Gino Colbert creates more sexual heat in one scene than most directors do in an entire film." Uhh, David, that scene must have been left out of my DVD copy.

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