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Fotzen Fresser

Studio: DBM
Category:  All Sex , Foreign

Released on: 
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FacIan's ratings for Fotzen Fresser:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Fotzen Fresser overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Fotzen Fresser Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Fotzen Fresser Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Fotzen Fresser Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fotzen Fresser Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Fotzen Fresser DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fotzen Fresser A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by FacIan  on  11/27/2002
Fotzen Fresser A Review by FacIan

Fotzen Fresser
Translation: Cunt eater
Studio: DBM
Collection: XXX Point Production
Price: €19
Format: PAL

Actions and Key Words
Action: Straight; Anal; Facial; G/G; Fisting; Toys; DP (toys); Ass stretching;
Fetish: Stiletto heels; Piercings; Shoe heel in pussy; Latex dress; Lingerie; Shaved pussy; Long hair; Gimp suit; Hood;

Initial expectation
I am always looking for new collections to try. I liked DBM's work in Anal Sauger, Top Teens Gallery, Revanche and G-Punkt Ficker. I was looking for nasty action with good quality picture, nice girls and lingerie.

General comment
I like that movie because of the surprises it brings in some scenes. The key words are enough to understand what I mean. The girls are not all that cute but we forget it quickly considering the kind of action they are ready to go for. I am actually right to have given a test to that collection.

Screen shots
You can find screen shots with that review.
The screen shots are here.

DVD perspective

  • Picture: Good.
  • Sound: German. 2 scenes only with direct sound. A lot of bothering music.
  • Menu:
    • Play film
    • Chapters access
    • Diashow
  • Bonus: None! DBM could at least add a few trailers. They have so many discs and collections that a small guide would be strongly appreciated!


  • Time: 91'31''
  • Scenes: 6
  • Girls: 7
  • Cum shots: 6
    • Winner: 0
    • Good: 3
    • Forgettable: 3
  • Fisting: 1

Cumshot quality description : I explain the vocabulary I use. You can check my web site for a full and better explanation.

  • Winner = A cumshot which is very good and you want to see more than once. For example, in many cases the cumshots have no power. It falls down from cocks poorly. If it is one with strong powerful white thick sticky jets right onto a nice happy face, it becomes a winner. ;-o) Hurray! In case the shot is not a facial, a winner is one that gives a visible and nice result on picture.
  • G = Good (everything I like will be good). To be good a facial has to be in/on mouth; on face from mouth to hair. A few drops on chin and falling down is not good!
  • F = Forgettable: a cumshot with no volume or watery or missing the target is forgettable.
  • Watering can = I guy shooting many short jets everywhere.
  • Squirrel = Weak + low volume + watery. A real looser!! Fire him!! Or give him a rest!!


  • GJ = Girl job = The girl makes the guy cuming! I consider that point as a big plus. After all, it is nicer to see a girl making a guy cuming with her mouth than the same guy masturbating in front of the girl's face. So you might have HJ + GJ. That means she makes him cum with her hand. When the cumshot is very good that becomes a winner.
  • HOD = Head Over Dick = Any position looking like the girls head is hard to reach as she is over the dick or the guy is sitting down and she is kneeling between his legs, etc.
  • Voluptuous girl = A girl with a body looking very feminine. A voluptuous girl is not fat, but she is less slim than the usual standard, offering most of the time an enjoyable view to look at.
  • Sound: D = Dubbed sound.
  • Sound: L = Live sound.

There is absolutely no indication about the actors or directors.

This DVD is made of 6 different scenes not connected with each other.

Scene1: A little bit fleshy black girl is taking care of Richard Lengin. This guy is everywhere. :-( If you read my reviews, you must know him.
The girl has a round face and has made her hair straight. She has generous forms, a bit over my idea of voluptuous. She doesn't really enter in the fat category anyway.
I am afraid I have to say that the sound is very dubbed. Bad point!
This girl knows what a BJ is! Cool, soft, slow, active and handless! When the result is there, she will simply ride that cock in CG. The best form of CG: squatting! Very good view from front, letting us see shaved lips. As you can imagine, this girl is also the owner of big tits and her butt is serious. Change for RCG. She kept very few hair on top of big clit. Spoon. Good opportunity to take her ass. As soon as her backdoor is full, she spreads her pussy lips, showing us her pink shell.
I don't know if a dubbed sound can be clever or just interesting but this one is really ridiculous. If you listen to it, she says she has orgasms after orgasms. Look at her face and you know it is a big lie! I don't even know why I listen to that crap!
They move for anal RCG and for anal doggy later. Well guys, I am sorry but I have nothing to say about what happens on my screen, it is boring!
Cumshot: Out of her ass, Richard cums around her asshole. Very visible white drops of cum but very low volume. F
Rate: 1.5 out of 5. Boring! Sound is annoying. Picture is good quality. The best part of the scene is the 1mn BJ at the beginning!
Duration: 14' 33''  Scene#1 Summary: 1.5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Cold D BJ, Straight, Anal None Slow Average 1: F

Scene2: The first image of that scene is a close up on a brunette, licking a cock, looking at the guy's face. She has at least 2 piercings in her tongue. The first impression is that she is probably quite cute but also very surely a nasty naughty girl. Of course, she has too much make-up on her eyes. If you like the green, you'll be happy. Another detail lets you think that this girl is not a young beginner is the way she pinches her own nipple while sucking that dick. Let's see what she has to offer!...
The 2 piercings in her tong are at the top of it. Probably hard to speak with but good to suck with.
Lucky us, the sound is direct. Great!
In these German movies, men often return the favour and take time to lick their partner. It sounds fair to me. So, she lies on her back on the table and put her legs in the air, offering her pussy to the friendly tongue. Nice detail: she wears no lingerie but wears stiletto heels. Black ones, very nice and sexy. I tell you my friends, this scene starts well! By the way, her body is correct, she has nice legs and is not fat or whatever.
First disappointment: her face is not that cute. She is not that bad but still not as cute as in other DBM productions like the Debora collection (cf. Anal Sauger, Top Teens Gallery).
The next surprise is very unusual: this girl likes piercings. But she likes them so much that she has 3 rings in her clit (I have said 3) and one guess where? In this little sensitive place between her pussy and her asshole. Yes pals! Right there! I am not dreaming because I have paused the picture to be sure and this picture is frozen right in front of me while I am writing that! So? What do you say? Come on! Say something!...
Okay, while you are thinking, I carry on! So, she has 4 rings attached to her sex. Her lips are shaved and her pubis has some hair. Surprisingly, these hair are blonde when her head is dark hair. Anyway... The guy inserts gently a finger in her ass, opens her pussy to lick it, etc. His cock is very long. Not that fat but long! He starts by her pussy. Nice view with the 4 rings around. I let you imagine. By the way, if you like piercings, you will love that girl. She also has one in navel and one in a nipple.
She takes him very deep. In/out/in/... It doesn't take long before he makes a move and takes her ass. Deep as well and in/out/... too. Look at this ring rubbing his cock. Amazing! To add some fun he fingers her pussy in the same time. You want some more fun? Stay with me! A finger in pussy with a cock in ass is fun. But what about replacing the finger with the heel of the stiletto shoe? Hum? What do you think? I think that this is really nasty shoe fetishism. Technically you can't see much but the idea is wow! He gives the heel to suck to the girl and reinsert it after. The close-up is better. Amazing again!
They change for anal CG on the sofa. She rides well. He grabs her butt and spread it while fucking her ass. In/out.
They make a move and she now licks the guy's ass alternately with his cock. Not my cup of tea but at least she does it willingly unlike many girls in most of the film with that feature. She even sticks a finger in his ass while sucking him and sucking his balls. You are looking for a nasty girl?...
She wants more and sits again on this long cock in anal RCG. He fingers her pussy on the way. Nothing serious: just 2 fingers. I like the view when she puts her legs in the air with her shoes. The combination: anal fuck, piercings and high heels is spicy!
For the fun of it they change for anal spoon with a good close-up on the action in case you miss the rings. I am pretty sure they talk dirty. He asks her some things and I think I understand something like "do you want me to cum in your mouth?" (My german is getting better review after review.) She approves and it sounds genuine.
Cumshot: Out of her ass, he comes over her chest to give her his cock. She nicely helps with a HJ. GJ: She makes him cum on the top of her tongue. You know? Where the 2 piercings are! Friendly GJ. Good post-cum head. G
Rate: 5 out of 5. This scene is hot. It is full of surprises and they act like they really want to fuck. The girl is not a beauty but her body is harmonious enough to be enjoyable to watch. The fetish atmosphere is great without being too much. The pace is good as well. All of that with a direct sound deserve a very good rate.
Duration: 14' 26''  Scene#2 Summary: 5
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot L Straight; Anal; Facial Stiletto heels; Piercings; Shoe heel in pussy Good Very good 1: G

Scene3: A brunette with a red top/dress in latex with holes for the tits (that she has big), is lying on the floor. She also wears black stockings and black suede boots. Her nails are polished in red. She is masturbating. Her pussy lips are shaved but her pubis is having hair. The sound is dubbed.
A couple arrives. She is a brunette as well. So I will call them brunette1/b1 and brunette2/b2. Both are cute enough for our pleasure.
Brunette2, still wearing her clothes, immediately dives into brunette1's pussy for a nice pussy licking. Nice general view of the 2 girls and the pink spot of the spreaded shell. The pussy licking lasts a bit and you see that she takes care of the little love button. Brunette2 now licks the big tits of brunette1. They kiss each other, etc. Brunette2's skirt has been rolled over her waist. We then can enjoy a view made of b2's butt with a nice lace string, suspenders, white stockings and high heel shoes, over b1's opened legs and pussy with black stockings. Great. The atmosphere is warming up!
During this bloody dubbed dialog, I hear one of them requesting a fistfuck. Did Iunderstand well? Yes pals, I did! Brunette2 has already 2 fingers inside b1's pussy. Very quickly, the full hand is swallowed by that hungry pussy. She now moves inside it while b1 is masturbating. The girls are now in 69, still fistfucking but b2 is also licked and fingered by b1.
Time for the guy to do something. He gives his soft dick to lick to both girls. They share him well, taking care of his cock but also his balls. After a long play of that game, b1 decides to ride the guy vaginal CG. B2 masturbates next to them and takes off her string. She fingers herself but also massages the guy's balls. Well done! She deserves a round! She takes it in vaginal RCG offering a shaved pussy to our view. B1 in not more lazy than b2 and she caresses b2's clit on the ride. They kiss each other as well.
B1 takes place again in CG but for an anal ride this time. The picture is pixelising at that point. Annoying! Otherwise, the action is quite hot. The girls are swaping and b2 takes it in the ass in RCG. Slow insertion down to the balls. The ride is lacking in the amplitude department.
Cumshot: Double HJ+GJ+HOD. The main receiver is b1 getting a bit of cum around mouth. On the other hand, they both give a very good and long post-cum head to that lucky guy. F
[...] The couple leaves and b1 is masturbating and licking her cummy fingers.
Rate: 3 out of 5. I like the girls behaviour. They don't just stay next to the action, they always participate. The action is quite average, nothing bad but nothing too good.
Duration: 22' 18''  Scene#3 Summary: 3
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm D G/G; Fisting; Straight; Anal Latex dress; Lingerie Good Very good 1: F


Scene4: A couple is on a bed. Dubbed sound. The girl is a very cute slim brunette with very long hair (middle of her back). They are both fully naked. She is also fully shaved. You can see that well when he starts licking her pussy. She requests the same for her ass (my German is really improving :-) ). Once wet, it would be stupid to not finger gently that little asshole. So, he does while sucking the clit above.
A vaginal spoon will be the starting point of the real action. We are granted with a nice close-up on her pussy with his cock showing some white spots of female nectar. She caresses her clit with very nice fingers and sexy red polished natural nail.
Time for her to take the initiative with a vaginal CG. Look at her dancing on that cock! Even slim as she is, she posses a nice piece of butt.
The vaginal mish following is hot as well because of her long elegant legs. Nice close-up on the action.
He now fucks her backdoor, still in mish. Sexy close-up on the action with her fingers around. When he slips out her ass they change for spoon and that clumsy guy takes her pussy. Unhealthy A2P.
Cumshot: In spoon, out of her pussy, GJ, he shoots 5 very strong jets of white cum over her tummy, reaching her tits. This is shown in slow motion. Good shot but in my scale: F.
Rate: 4 out of 5. Strange scene: sound is dubbed, action is very standard but this girl is very cute and sexy. I enjoyed looking at her all the scene long. For that reason I give a good rate, even if the sex action is very average.
Duration: 12' 45''  Scene#4 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Warm D Straight; Anal; A2P Shaved pussy; Long hair Slow Very good 1: F


Scene5: In the fetish department, DBM is not a beginner. That scene start with a girl giving a BJ. But if you ask me to describe her face, I will be in big trouble. She is wearing a red hood in plastic or latex or whatever. After asking in the forums, I have been informed that this thing enters in the category Gimp suit. In case you didn't know, you can check my web site for a glossary concerning my reviews.
So, that girl is wearing a red hood, an "empty bra" made of strips and chains. Fortunately, the hood has holes for the mouth and the eyes. I guess it could be worse. She is also wearing some very long black boots with high heels made in the same material as the hood. To me she looks like a fisherman in these things and honestly, I've never found a fisherman really attractive. Imagine yourself (not me!) an early sunday morning, walking along a river to chat up a fisherman in order to fuck him in his boots. What do you think? ... This silence is speaking for itself! Anyway, now that I am here, the best to do is to carry on.
By the way the sound is dubbed.
After the BJ, they start a vaginal doggy. We have our first general view of that girl. She has big tits and a not so "fresh" body. Nothing terrible but nothing really sexy.
The guy spits on her asshole and takes it straight away. He is quite fat and she must feel it. The close up is quite hot! In/out/in/... She gaps! The close-up is...close. Same in mish with many in/ou/... To make it nastier, she spreads her pussy as much as possible in the same time.
Cumshot: Out of her ass, he was already cumming when he pulled out (means GJ). He cums on her thigh, close to pussy. He takes her ass again. Very quickly stopped by the editing. G
Rate: 3 out of 5. be honest, I do not like the hood fetish. For the boots and the fisherman I was joking but it was really the first image I had in mind. I could not resist to share it with you. I try to rate that scene without taking the bloody hood too much in account. Some of you might like that. So, if I judge the sex action itself, it is not bad and the way it is done is quite hot/nasty.
Duration: 8' 34''  Scene#5 Summary: 3
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Strange D Straight; Anal Gimp suit; Hood Good Average 1: G

Scene6: This scene is in the same gimp suit mood but more in a style I can appreciate. A couple is on a sofa. She has black long hair. She wears a red latex top (I decide it is latex as long as I do not know what it is), black fishnet stockings with the top made of shiny material and a very minimum black string. Surprisingly: no shoes but a long semi-transparent black (plastic?) jacket over the red top. Her face is pretty cute.
Her BJ style is slow but convincing. When the guy considers himself as convinced, he takes her mish on the sofa. Her pussy is hairy, including the lips, but very shortly cut. Spoon.
Change for doggy but anal. To make the situation a bit more interesting, they grab a red dildo with a kind of black pony tail on one side. Reviewing such movies is eventually much more difficult than I thought. I have to describe things I've never seen described in other reviews before. So, she takes that pony tail dildo and fucks her pussy with it while she has a real fat cock in her ass. The view is quite hot.
Some more BJ (A2M).
The following anal RCG is sexy. Her inner lips are big and I think that it gives a shot of nastiness to the view.
They change their mind and go for another game: he takes 2 hard plastic vibros. One is very red and one, bigger, is very yellow. With no hesitation, he plugs the red in her ass and the yellow in her pussy. He plays with them together, even playing a very impressive alternate in/out game. That means: red in/red out/yellow in/yellow out/etc. Do you follow me? Take some notes! You get a very good close up of that action lasting quite long! He also plays a both in/both out/etc. So, he uses his imagination! Now what about: yellow in ass/yellow in pussy/yellow in ass/etc. Unhealthy but hot! Last but not least: both dildos in ass! Yes guys! You thought about it but he did it! All of these games have good balance of general views and close-ups. I said last? I was wrong, he also adds a small pony tail in her pussy at the same time.
You like nasty action? You will have some! Now that her ass is quite open minded, he takes the vibros off and stretches this no more tight hole with his fingers. You get a very red shiny nasty spot on your screen! He stretches wide! He uses 4 fingers but you could add 3 more inside. Wow! I cannot really call that sexy but I can say it is impressive!
I guess that the vaginal CG is a real joke for her now. She rides anyway.
Cumshot: Low volume watering can over her face. Nice post-cum head. The result is just good enough to be rated as a G.
Rate: 4 out of 5. This scene is hot and full of surprises. I like to find new kind of action in a scene. If the girl would be a bit more into it, I could give even a better rate. We have direct sound but with a crap music on background. These details make it fall from 5 to 4.
Duration: 18' 52''  Scene#6 Summary: 4
Atmosphere Snd Actions Fetish Pace Girl's behaviour Cumshots
Hot L Straight, Anal; Toys; DP (toys); Ass stretching; A2M Latex; Toys; Good Good 1: G

This collection from DBM is quite consistent. The scenes contain all what you need to satisfy most of the different type fantasies. A bit of lingerie, a bit of stilettos, a bit of latex, a bit of gimp suit, a bit of piercing, a bit of hairy pussy, a bit of shaved pussy, etc. The picture is good and 2 scenes even have direct sound. So, somehow, you cannot be really fully disappointed with that. You cannot probably be 100% satisfied either. From my point of view, if you liked the descriptions you had in that review, you can go for it.

As a general comment, may I ask Mr. DBM to give up with the stupid music we have all the flick long? If we request direct sound, it is not to hear that stupid repetitive 20 same notes during 90mn! Please, give us a break! If you include music, find something entertaining, not nerving! We do not give a shit to this stupid score. A monkey could play what I have heard here! Well...the monkey would be bored after 10mn anyway!

In the same collection, I slightly prefered G-Punkt Ficker and in another style from DBM: Anal Sauger and Top Teens Gallery as both have really gorgeous girls or maybe Revanche.

My global rate for that movie is 3.5 out of 5. Globally satisfied but too much dubbed sound. The direct sound is covered by crap music. Except the very cute one from scene 4, the girls are mostly just cute enough to forget about them. For all these reasons, I give only 3.5. But do not forget that this flick brings in your home some new kind of action. That could be a good reason to get it anyway!

The screen shots are here.

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