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Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Forsaken:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Forsaken overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Forsaken Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Forsaken Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Forsaken Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Forsaken Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Forsaken DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Forsaken A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  2/19/2013
**Note – This review is based upon the web version of the film pre-released on Evil Angel's official website. As such, the bonuses haven’t been given a rating here, and there could be some discrepancies between this version and the later DVD release.**

Ash Hollywood awakens alone, desperate, and stained in blood upon the grassy floor of a desolate mountain field. She has no clue as to the origin of the blood soaked into the midriff region of her sundress, nor does she know how she got there. But…it’s clear that she’s going to find out. Such is the gripping opening of “Forsaken”, a brand-new feature production from director / actress Dana Vespoli and Evil Angel. In this exceptional flick, Vespoli weaves a tale rife with dark overtones and macabre themes, as she traces the story of Ash—a young woman lost—who attempts to both re-learn who she is and also figure out the nature of her predicament. With an intense and twisted buildup generated throughout the film, Ash ultimately does uncover the sad and unfortunate truth of her existence, but it isn’t before plenty of hot, dark, and kinky sex unfolds along the way. With a cast including the likes of Dana, Ash, Phoenix Marie, and Samantha Ryan…along with Michael Vegas and Manuel Ferrara bringing the meat in their typically convincing style…it’s hard to imagine that this would be anything but a winner. Indeed, this film is a winner and is as interesting for its plot as it is for its sexual antics, and—dare it be said—it even conjures up images of the timeless classic, “The Devil in Miss Jones”. It’s that good.

Now, for a breakdown…

Scene One:
Ash Hollywood, a petite blonde, awakens in a grassy field cast against a mountainous backdrop. Her white dress is stained with blood, though it's apparently not her own. Save a few intermittent flashbacks, she is utterly dazed and confused. Helpless, she begins to race frantically down a nearby dirt road, aimlessly calling out for help from anyone who may happen to hear her. In short order, she notices the presence of a black Camaro in her path, and she halts immediately. She approaches and finds a mute, black-clad stranger in the driver's seat. With a nod, he agrees to drive her...though not to the hospital or police station that she requests...but instead to a menacing mansion.

The place is certainly eerie, and Ash--initially finding the front door locked--is ultimately brought inside by an equally eerie stranger, Michael Vegas. While he can speak, it is all monotone and cold, and despite his noting that he's a "friend", it's all rather uncertain. Also within, Ash runs into yet another mysterious and unemotional individual, Dana Vespoli. Her abrupt appearance engenders more (and familiar) flashbacks (perhaps they are those of Dana?) and Ash is eventually left to explore the old manor on her own.

In the various rooms, she finds a dancing transvestite and a masked, doll-like young woman who plunges herself with a dildo. She also happens upon a grand gathering of masked and disjointed souls, all setting eyes upon Dana Vespoli and Phoenix Marie. As Ash approaches them, another flashback cuts through in pieces, this time of Dana having rough sex with James Deen and then taking a facial. It's unclear at this point as to whether this is Ash's flashback or one of the onlookers'. It's likely the latter.

Upon reaching Dana and Phoenix, the two come to life and kiss. Dana's wearing a black, ass-less latex skirt and a red latex corset, while Phoenix is in a netted pair of tights and a sequin-outlined, shimmy-fringe red top. The two make out for Ash's viewing, as the rest of the crowd has vanished, and the action gets hot and heavy (though still methodical) from the onset. Dana tears open Phoenix' tights and then fingers (up to four of them), tongues, and bites her backside. In essence, she worships her...inside and out. Phoenix returns the favor, and the anal-centric encounter that follows maintains the same deliberate (and dirty) pace throughout. Before all is said and done, Dana takes a large glass dildo and also part of Phoenix' foot up her ass, and both women test the stretching capacity of one another's backsides with an unforgiving metal speculum. There's plenty of gagging, and the ladies are prone to cleaning off fingers, feet, etc. with their mouths...regardless (or perhaps because) of where they've been. The end of this probing, seductive romp closes out the sequence in style.

Scene Two:
Unconscious, Ash's mind flips back through the fragments of her otherwise lost memory. Cigarettes, flowers, palm trees...none of it really makes sense nor coalesces, but at least there's something there for her to hold onto. Her repose doesn't last long, however, as she's awakened by the moans of a couple next to her and in the throws of passionate lovemaking...or, perhaps, the term "fucking" would better describe it.

Opening her eyes, she finds herself in a large, gaudy bed in the old mansion, lying on her side. Behind her are Dana Vespoli and Michael Vegas. Vegas is on top of Vespoli, sliding into her. With her black latex skirt hiked up around her midriff and a bejeweled choker glimmering about her neck, she accepts him willingly...eagerly. Throughout the oral (some gagging) and intense anal (gaping, ass-to-mouth) sex that transpires beside her, Ash remains on her side, refusing to acknowledge the pair. Indeed, even when Vegas pushes up her sundress and gropes her bare backside, she doesn't respond. As in the prior scene, she seems strikingly dispassionate and indifferent about the whole affair...oddly so, in fact. There is clearly something amiss.

After an impressive pounding, Vegas ultimately unloads on Dana's face and in her mouth. Ever the cum-queen, she swishes his seed about her mouth and plays with it naughtily with her fingers. Quite simply put, this is hot stuff.

Scene Three:
More flashbacks fill Ash's head just prior to awakening under the ominous gaze of Michael Vegas and Dana Vespoli. Trying to once again place a phone call--and failing to succeed--she heads from the bedroom into the bathroom to clean up. A bit anachronistic, the bathroom is distinctly modern, with marble tiling and a walk-in shower. Either way, it's a beautiful setting.

Ash disrobes, enters the shower, and begins to wash herself in its flow. She's in top form here and looking great (particularly with her anime eyes and chic hairstyle), and it doesn't take long for Michael Vegas to enter the scene. She notes to him that she's "scared" and that she "can't wake up"...the plot thickens.

To allay her concerns, Vegas offers her a hand and then takes her with passion. He eats her, and she reciprocates with some oral work of her own (throating, spit, gagging). The vaginal romp that ensues is exquisite, with Ash riding him with precision and Vegas taking her in various positions. Ultimately, he unloads on her ass and back and then, as quickly as it all began, it ends. Michael appears fully clothed and then is gone. Ash puts her blood-stained sundress back in place, and it's off to the fourth scene.

Scene Four:
Fresh off of her encounter with Michael Vegas in the bathroom, Ash hears him and Dana speaking in whispers in the next room. She wants Ash gone, as she finds her "boring", while he notes that they must "help her". Realizing that she's unwanted--and still clueless as to who she really is--Ash panics and races past them and out of the house. As she stumbles her way down the street, she calls out to the various people whom she encounters, yet they can't aid her, as she finds that they're all nearly comatose.

A scarf that she notices on one of them throws her into full flashback mode...back to a recent time in her life when she met Manuel Ferrara. The scene unfolds from there.

Flashback: Manuel is walking hand-in-hand with his girlfriend (Samantha Ryan)--who's wearing the scarf that brought this portion of Ash's memory back. He comes across Ash, her bag having fallen and her things on the ground, and he helps her. Both are clearly interested in one another and, upon a chance meeting the next day, they decide to go to lunch. An immediate affair starts up, with the two seeing one another and, ultimately, making it back to Manuel's home. Ash is in her sundress...without the stains.

The pair hardly makes it through the front door before their passions consume them. Indeed, soon enough, Ash's panties are down around her knees and Manuel's tongue is buried in her ass. After a bit of foreplay on the floor, they move to his bedroom, where the real fireworks begin. What follows is a dirty oral and vaginal romp that even includes Ash spending a good deal of time rimming Manuel. The action here is sexually-charged and enthusiastic, and the choke-driven, up-against-the-wall fucking is off the charts. Finishing with a squirting facial and some oral cock clean-off, this is an exceptional scene.

Scene Five:
It's still the past...indeed, right after the action of the prior sequence...and Manuel's girlfriend, Samantha Ryan, enters the home. She's none too happy to find Ash's stuff and panties in the entryway, and--as she heads upstairs to the bedroom--she has some flashbacks of her own. Her mind races back to various suspicious moments with Manuel--and loving moments, too--and even a sexual one, which plays out and takes up the bulk of the scene.

(In this one, Manuel and Samantha put forth a passionate fuck in the very same bed that he later sullies with Ash. The oral and vaginal action here are erotic, and Samantha brings the segment to an exceptional close by jerking and sucking Manuel to a pop on her face and hands, as well as himself. Hot!)

Of course, Samantha ultimately reaches the door and places her ear up against it...hearing the two lovebirds inside. What transpires next, I'll leave unsaid so as to not spoil the ending, but it suffices to say that things close out on a twisted and unnerving note that's befitting the intense buildup that preceded it.

Wow! What an excellent flick!

Be sure to watch it at the company's site or, better yet, pick up a DVD copy. You won't be sorry.

Note: This review originally appeared on my blog (where I write as Marv Montag) as a series of scene-by-scene reviews.

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