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Foreign Assets

Foreign Assets

Studio: Wicked
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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oreb's ratings for Foreign Assets:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Foreign Assets overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Foreign Assets Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Foreign Assets Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Foreign Assets Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Foreign Assets Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Foreign Assets DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Foreign Assets A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  3/10/2004

Foreign Assets


All Sex, Foreign, Anal

Starring: Jane, Daisy, Sarah, Sindy, Lucy, Lucy Lee, Denis Marti, George Uhl, Dieter Von Stein, Claudio Villa, Robert Rosenberg

Directed By:Richard Mailer

Running Time:Feature: 95 minutes, Total: 129 minutes


Feature + Extras:7.21





This is a Richard Mailer, European all sex film from Wicked. Counting the bonus scene there are seven sex scenes on this disc. Five of these are worth watching, which is a very nice ratio. The technical aspects are all well done, though the music sometimes gets in the way. The box says all-anal, but two of the scenes are anal-free. All in all I'd say it is worth a watch, and possibly a buy, it should stay in my collection for a while.

Scene 1: Jane

Positions: Cunnilingus, Analingus, BJ, Tit-Fucking, RC, Standing Doggie, RC Anal, Doggie Anal, and Facial.

Description: Jane is lifting weights when Denis walks in wearing only a towel. It is so hot working out that Jane has to take her shirt and shorts off. Seeing her work out in a bra and panties is a great tease. They exchange a little oral and her tits look incredible in RC. She fucks him hard but it is a short segment. She rides him just as fast in anal. He fingers her pussy while his cock is in her ass. The scene ends with a good cumshot right on her tongue followed by some sucking. This scene was a tad short but still very hot.

Jane: 9

Scene: 8.5

Scene 2: Lucy Lee

Positions: BJ, Missionary, Standing Doggie, Standing Doggie Anal, Cowgirl Anal, RC Anal, Spoon Anal, ATP, Spoon, Doggie Anal, and Facial.

Description: This is the European Lucy Lee, not the Asian girl. She delivered an awesome performance in North Pole 39 and I'm looking forward to seeing her here. She is with Robert Rosenberg on his fishing boat. He sweet talks the clothes right off of her body. He talks to her while getting head but the music drowns him out. You can hear her clearly enough when it is her turn though. He deep dicks her in missionary then they go to the ass right away. He taps her ass with the same amount of reckless abandon ass he showed her pussy. This is followed by Lucy taking the lead in cowgirl and RC. Her performance is a bit faked but not to the extent of being annoying. He gives her an ATP in spoon before going back to the ass. They build to what I expected would be the scene's climax, then just cut to more fucking. She sucks his cock before he jacks off onto her face.

Lucy: 9

Scene: 8

Scene 3: Sindy

Positions: Cunnilingus, BJ, Spoon, RC, Cowgirl, Doggie, Missionary, and Facial.

Description: Sindy and Claudio are in another boat scene. The pussy eating is extremely short and he is completely soft at the start of the BJ. I don't think he is totally hard when the sex starts either. Neither of them is very loud so the music really takes the scene hostage. My attention started wandering during this scene. He cums glue onto her chin to finish this non-anal scene. I wasn't impessed with this scene, no one wants to bone a girl that just lays there let alone watch it taking place.

Sindy: 4.5

Scene: 3.25

Scene 4: Sarah

Positions: Cunnilingus, BJ, Missionary, Missionary Anal, Doggie Anal, and Facial.

Description: They are having drinks when Dieter asks to see her body. After going down on her it is his turn and he can't even wait to take off his pants, he just unzips and flips it out for her to suck. She gives an extremely hot blowjob. He pounds her hard on the table for a short time before deciding to ride the A-train. During the anal the camera work stays with the closeups a lot longer and he does tons of insertions. The scene ends with her laying on her back on the table and getting a cumshot onto her open mouthed face. The BJ and vaginal sex were great but the heat level, as well as the camera work, dropped off during the anal. The scene was too short also.

Sarah: 8.5

Scene: 6.75

Scene 5: Lucy

Positions: Cunnilingus, BJ, RC, Missionary, Missionary Anal, Cowgirl, Cowgirl Anal, ATP, and Facial.

Description: Claudio is in another boat scene with Lucy. They kiss and touch each other for quite a while before she gets blown and fingered. This is another short cunnilingus segment and the BJ is pretty tame. She may have had an orgasm in RC. Then he gives her a few thrusts in mish before going deep into her ass. They change position and holes for an ATP. Out of nowhere his dick is back in her ass, then she gets a load to the face.

Lucy: 6.5

Scene: 5.75

Scene 6: Daisy

Positions: Vibrator, Fingering, BJ, RC, Missionary, Doggie, Spoon, and Facial.

Description: Daisy sneaks into a sauna sporting a vibe and goes right to masterbating. George Uhl walks in with the same idea and decides to give her a helping hand. She has black hair and eyebrows, but a sandy blond bush. The collar doesn't match the cuffs as James Bond would say. Once again they don't dilly dally with cunnilingus long before the blowjob, which is also short. The performance starts great and finishes good, so while there is a drop it isn't too bad. She sucks him before he jacks off onto her chin, the cum dripping down to her breats. The scene was a little short but I didn't really notice.

Daisy: 7

Scene: 8


Extra Scene : ?

Positions: BJ, Tit-Fucking, Standing Doggie, Standing Doggie Anal, Spoon Anal, RC Anal, Cumshot

Description: I don't know who this woman is, I thought she might be Jane but she isn't and there doesn't seem to be any I.D. for her. She strips down to some hot red lingerie. They are in a brick room that looks like an old dungeon cell with a big punching bag hung horizontally as a swing bench. He bends her over the bench after tit-fucking her and is fucking her ass in no time. Her belly shows a little in spoon. She gets fucked hard in RC anal and begs for him to cum. He gives her a small nut onto her tits and she sucks his cock a bit to end the scene. She is a fairly hot blonde with big natural tits, too bad there is no I.D. This is a good scene.

Chick: 8

Scene: 8

Star Galleries: Each girl has a gallery where they strip, this is nice for I.D.'s.

Photo Gallery: Two and a half minutes of film stills with music.

Promotional Material: Promo reels I have already seen.

Trailers: Five trailers, none are new.

Free Speech Coalition: 30 second add.

Web Features: As with all Wicked DVD's this one has lots of web extras, but I never look at these.

I would appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques of my reviews.I can be reached at, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

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