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For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro)

For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro)

Studio: Ghost Pro
Category:  Masturbation
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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astroknight's ratings for For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality For Your Eyes Only 2 (Ghost Pro) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/18/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 103 min. (cover states two hours)

Production Date: 7 / 20 / 2004

Director: Tony Porno

Cast: Dillan Lauren, Rumor, Sunshine, Emma, Raven, Legacy, Madison Steele, Kelly, and Kim

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: Women masturbating can be very hit or miss for me. I’m not quite sure what to expect here.

Initial Reaction: It’s limited, but still pretty hot.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of female masturbation who want a variety of female forms

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting female masturbation where everybody has the typical porno body and implants

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay, and fairly typical for early releases from most internet based companies. The audio has a decent balance, but there are a few places where you can hear the girls getting direction from off-screen or a few background noises. The video is okay. It’s nicely lit, but there’s just enough pixelation to be noticed.

Music: The music varies between being the only audio in the scene and resting nicely in the background. It often has a porno feel to it, but nicely changes with each and every scene.

Borderline False Advertising: The cover states a running time of 2 Hours. This is true when you add in all of the bonus footage (barely), but 99% of the other studios out there (at least the reputable ones, and so far I haven’t seen anything from Ghost Pro to make me think otherwise of them) list the running time of the movie rather than of the entire DVD. This lets the consumer make a better judgement of what they’re going to get. I’m hoping this is a one time deal and that Ghost Pro lists the feature run time in the future. This time they get a warning, but the next time I’ll be giving them a half point penalty for it.

Menus: The menus are nicely done. The main menu works in a bit of animation and a clip from the movie. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene as well as the name of the lovely lady in each scene.

The Feature


For Your Eyes Only series collects female masturbation scenes that I’m guessing started as internet scenes. Each girl starts things out naturally and then moves on to fuck herself with a toy. Finally, they look to have an orgasm and wave goodbye to the camera.

Scene 1 - Rumor

Rumor, a cute dirty blonde with pretty little titties, tan lines, and her hair in pigtails, starts things out stripping out of her cute black and red bra and panties to show off her bald beaver. She turns around to show off her ass while playing with it, and then lies back to rub herself a bit more. She breaks out a vibrator to fuck herself with , and gives it to her pussy both kneeling and lying back. She puts it on a pillow and grinds on it before waving goodbye.

This is an okay scene. Rumor has a very nice natural look, and I like that she appears just like your average girl off the street. Unfortunately, she just didn’t do it too well for me here. You could hear her getting direction from off-screen a couple times and she didn’t seem comfortable or used to the dildo she was using. I’m sure that some people will appreciate the natural and unscripted feel of the scene, but I just couldn’t get into it too well.

Scene 2 - Sunshine

Sunshine is a nice looking Oriental who starts out her scene giving a nice little dance and tease at the bar while wearing a frilly black bra and panties with white short shorts over them. She slowly strips down before sucking a jackrabbit style vibe, spreading her legs, and rubbing it across and into her shaved muff. She fucks herself both laying back on the chair and sitting on it backwards before sucking the toy clean and waving goodbye.

This is a pretty good scene. Sunshine has a bit of a rough face, but a nice body. She draws things out nicely, and looks to really get into her playing. She puts some decent energy into fucking herself and gives some nice and believable vocals. The camera has a decent mix of angles, especially for a one camera shoot, and captures Sunshine nicely. This is a hot solo scene.

Scene 3 - Emma

Emma is a round faced and solidly built brunette with a few tattoos and pierced nipples. She starts things out caressing her womanly form through some simple yet sexy red lingerie. Her outfit magically disappears as she lies back in a chair fucking herself with a pale blue dildo. She gives her clit a good rub while fucking herself, and moves on to bounce on it in the chair. Finally, she gives her toy a little oral loving as the camera fades out.

This is a hot scene. I know that some people won’t like Emma’s body style, but personally I thought it was great that Ghost Pro included a girl who wouldn’t be able to go out on Halloween as a skeleton without dressing up. She gets into the scene nicely, and gives plenty of nice smiles. The entire scene had a slightly shy and loving feel like Emma was putting on a little show for Tony behind the camera. Yes, I know that’s what it is, but this show has that amateurish charm that makes all the difference. I really liked this scene.

Scene 4 - Raven

Raven is a long haired brunette who looks like she needs to eat a few pancakes for breakfast. She starts out giving a little show in a white sparkly outfit before diddling herself with her fingers. She slowly rubs her pussy before grabbing a red vibe and fucking herself with it while bending over a table. She also lies on the table and fucks herself before sucking her toy clean and giving the camera a little wave goodbye.

This is an okay scene. There’s something about Raven’s look that just didn’t work for me, and the scene seemed to be just a little too drawn out. I have to admit that Raven did get into things pretty well, but I just couldn’t get into the scene too much.

Scene 5 - Dillan Lauren

Dillan starts things out in some cute baby blue lingerie sitting in a leather chair behind a desk. She softly plays with her nipples inside and out of her top before giving a nice little tease as she strips down. She works herself up to fucking her pussy with a good sized white dildo, and puts out some nice vocals as she fucks herself. Finally, Dillan waves goodbye to the camera after satisfying herself.

This is a very well done scene. Dillan is cute and has a nice body. She really knows how to do a tease, and looks to be naturally into her play as she fucks herself. This is a great scene that’s very nicely drawn out and one of my favorites in the movie.

Scene 6 - Legacy

Legacy is a decent looking girl with a great rack and a shaved pussy. She starts things out in a mesh bodysuit, breaking out her big fat titties and playing with her pussy through the outfit while rolling around and sucking one of her fingers. Legacy even gets a little nasty sliding her middle finger in her ass before giving her pussy the index finger. She grabs a pink dildo next, and after playing with it between her tits and in her pussy, buries it in her ass as she bends over and bites a blanket on the couch. Finally, she gives the camera a great exhausted smile and waves goodbye before it zooms and fades out.

This is another very nice scene. I really like the bodysuit Legacy wears, and although she has a kind of plastic look to her, she’s also very sexy. She looks like she’s naturally enjoying herself, and her smiles help to make this a great scene.

Scene 7 - Madison Steele

Cute brunette Madison starts things out lying back on a bed in a red sleeveless top with a black and white polka dotted skirt. She rolls around with a playful smile as her hand finds its way down to her red and black panties and plays with her goodies through them. Madison also plays with her tits through her top before pulling her top down to show a great natural rack. She slowly loses the rest of her clothes to show off her great natural body and gently plays with her pussy a bit more. She slides a finger in before lifting up her pillow to show a couple dildos, and then picks out the red one and rubs it across her pussy. After a few slides across her pussy she slides it in, and then brings the orange vibe out to rub on her clit while she continues to fuck herself with the red dildo. Finally, she waves goodbye with a satisfied smile.

This is another great scene. I love Madison’s look, and her great eyes and beautiful smile quickly won me over here. She does a great job of drawing the tease out to build heat in the scene, and really seemed to be into both her fingers and her toys. This is a very hot scene, and definitely has me wanting to see more of Madison!

Scene 8 - Kim and Kelly

Tony’s day with nothing to do quickly starts to fill up when cheerleading seniors Kelly, a cute brunette with glasses, and Kim, a cute brunette with a pierced navel, show up at his door trying to raise funds for nationals. They agree to kiss each other if he pays them, and gradually thinks he can find more money if they’ll do more. He has them kiss with tongue, show off what’s under their skirts and their tits, and lick each other’s nipples. He has them rub each other’s pussy quickly before they suggest they strip down and do a little more to raise more money. They kiss on the bed before Kelly kisses her way down to Kim’s bald beaver. Kim takes a turn licking Kelly’s pussy before they sixty-nine, and they finish things up with one last kiss before Tony has them wave goodbye.

As a masturbation scene, this one sucks because there isn’t any. As a lesbian sex scene, it’s great. I’m not a fan of barely legal action, but the girls here do it so well and are so playful that I couldn’t help but get into it. There’s plenty of giggling and teasing between the girls and Tony does a great job as the dirty old man. This is a great scene to end things with, and leaves me hoping that Ghost Pro does more lesbian scenes!

For Your Eyes Only 2 is a pretty hot all girl porno. The scenes have a little diversity in style, but not a lot. There is, however, a lot of variation in the looks of the girls. They go from small barely legal girls to girls with full-on womanly figures, which should mean that most everybody should be able to find a few girls they really like the looks of and a few who don’t do a lot for them. For me, Dillian Lauren, Emma, and Madison Steele were probably my favorites, and they nicely added some nice teasing to their masturbation. The finale with Kim and Kelly was also a great scene, but it felt a little out of place as a lesbian scene in a solo girl movie. The only problem I can really cite with For Your Eyes Only 2 is that the scenes are very similar. All seven of the solo scenes use toys, and there’s a fairly heavy emphasis on them. Toys are a hit or miss thing for many people, and often comes off as a crutch. In future installments I hope there’s a bit more natural play for the girls who can make it work, as well as maybe another anal masturbation scene. That said, For Your Eyes Only 2 is still a very satisfying solo movie, and one that I’d recommend to fans of female masturbation.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery includes several very nice looking snapshots, but they scroll by so fast that they’re very hard to see. There’s also weblinks, a bonus scene, and a trailer for For Your Eyes Only 3.
Bonus Scene - Ashley and Tony Porno

The bonus scene comes from Creampie Cuties 4 and features eighteen year old Ashley. She used to model professionally, and now has moved into the wonderful world of porn. Ashley has a cute face, a nicely natural body, sandy hair, and a bald beaver. Of course Tony gets to grope her, and even embarrasses her a little admiring one of her tattoos. Tony has her pull down his pants and suck his cock to get him ready. He moves on to fuck Ashley doggie and cowgirl style before spooning her. They finish things up missionary style where Tony blows his nutty goodness into Ashley’s pussy before she lets it ooze out with a smile.

This is a decent scene. As usual, Tony shows quite a bit of charm, but the chemistry with Ashley comes and goes throughout the scene. She occasionally looks like she’s into it, but more often looks like she’s there for the paycheck. This ends up as a fairly average scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: All girl, masturbation, toys, anal (toy), DP (finger), and lesbian

Raincoat Factor: High

Condom Usage: None needed

The Bottom Line:

Currently, any of Ghost Pro’s DVDs can be found online for between about $17 and $25 with several stores offering them for around $20. At the low end, this is a pretty good buy for fans of female masturbation. There isn’t a lot of variety to the scenes, but there is a nice variety to the looks of the girls. The technical aspects are pretty good for an amateur internet company, and there’s some nice effort put into the extras. This is a nicely done DVD.

Note to Ghost Pro: Please be a bit more careful with your cover claims in the future. Also, I hope you’re considering putting together an all girl movie or two with how well you did Kim and Kelly’s scene here.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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