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For the Love Of Pleasure

For the Love Of Pleasure

Studio: TVX
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Oddobsessionmovies's ratings for For the Love Of Pleasure:
Overall Rating 4 stars
For the Love Of Pleasure overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks For the Love Of Pleasure Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks For the Love Of Pleasure Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex For the Love Of Pleasure Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting For the Love Of Pleasure Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras For the Love Of Pleasure DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality For the Love Of Pleasure A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Oddobsessionmovies  on  5/14/2006
As with the TVX release of (Anna) Obsessed, the film "For The Love Of Pleasure" and the TVX release of said film are very different, so different in places that when watching the uncut version it almost feels like a new movie.
That said, the following is a review of the original uncut version off of a 1986 Essex Home Video tape.

Anyone even marginally familiar with hardcore films of the 1970s has undoubtedly heard of Annette Haven and Jamie Gillis and as familiar as I am with their work, their roles in this 1979 film has always seemed a bit odd, even by 70s hardcore standards.
Jamie Gillis is Simon, a down on his luck, petty thief who makes the mistake of breaking into the home of a woman who, upon seeing him, forces him to have sex with her then shoots him to death when her husband comes home. It should be noted that Jamie keeps his gym shoes on throughout the entire sex scene...
Gillis ends up in the afterlife where he is greeted by Annette Haven (God?) who provides him with an endless supply of women, food, and finery. But there's a twist. So there we have it. Imagine if Jamie Gillis broke into your house and/or Annette Haven controlled the afterlife. Ahhh…Only in the 70s
Although certainly not one of the best of the numerous late 70s X films to emerge from the San Francisco area, For The Love Of Pleasure has a unique visual style that, in spite of the far-too-many sex scenes, gives the film an interesting enough look that it is very watchable from beginning to end. The opening sequence of Gillis in his apartment, and then cutting to him prowling the streets looking for a car to steel, resemble a Scorsese film, and in fact, Gillis has a Travis Bickel look through most of the film.
The acting as a whole is average, but both Gillis and Haven do fine jobs in their not-too-challenging roles. Director Edwin Brown (who also helmed the popular China Girl) does a good job of creating atmosphere and a very pleasing cinematic environment through his skilful use of camera angels and creative sets. There are also a couple of (intentionally) hilarious dialogue exchanges, but the highlight of these is most certainly the sequence in which Haven offers Gillis a virginal high school senior and Gillis spends nearly two minutes attempting to get out of having to have sex with her...

SEX: There is a constant stream of bodies in “various stages of dress and undress, pride and passion, lust and lustiness.” (Quote from Chorus Call trailer)

A/V Quality: What’s to be expected??? Not much. Not as bad as some others though.

CUTS: Now here’s the fun part. There is a lengthy (5 minute) dialogue exchange between Gillis the woman whose house he breaks into at the beginning of the film.
A shot of Gillis pulling a string of fake pearls out of a woman’s, well, ya know.
A dialogue exchange in which Gillis tries to get out of having sex with the H.S. virgin (see above plot for context).
Shot of blood on the bed sheets after Gillis has sex with said virgin…

EXTRAS: I have the trailer, TVX does not.

Who should see it: This is a film that has an interesting enough story to please those who like movies and more than enough sex to please those who like that.

Who should skip it: Those who hate any kind of narrative and those who think that “Anal Lovin’ Cum Drinkin’ Pissin’ Consensual Rape Victims Pt. 47” is better than a movie that took more than 4 hours to make.

OVERALL: A fun little flick that should make almost everyone happy.

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