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Flower's Squirt Shower 2

Flower's Squirt Shower 2

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Squirting , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Walter's ratings for Flower's Squirt Shower 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Flower's Squirt Shower 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Flower's Squirt Shower 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Flower's Squirt Shower 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Flower's Squirt Shower 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Flower's Squirt Shower 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Flower's Squirt Shower 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Flower's Squirt Shower 2 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Walter  on  12/18/2005
Flower’s Squirt Shower 2
Distributor: Elegant Angel
Production Date: 08/13-08/20/2005
Director: William H. Nutsack
Total Run Time: 110 minutes (Feature) + 54 minutes (Extras)

Flower Tucci
Angela Stone
Tiana Lynn
Sunny Lane

Lee Stone
Brandon Iron
Juan Cuba
Ryan Knox
Mike Blaze
Tommy Gunn
Billy Glide

Picture: Excellent

Sound: Excellent. No music during sex scenes.

DVD Layout: There is a scene menu with 5 choices: one for each scene. The subchapters are well placed.

Flower’s Squirt Shower 2 showcases the squirt filled sexual shenanigans of Flower Tucci. Squirting and anal sex are two of her favorite things, so there is plenty of both in this DVD. In my opinion, Elegant Angel makes the best squirting themed porn that I have seen and this is another solid edition to their soaking wet library. Flower squirts a tsunami in every scene and gets some help from super soakers like Angela Stone and Tiana Lynn. Kat surprised me with a few squirts of her own and Sunny looks really hot cumming hard while trying to squirt.

Scene By Scene Notes:

Scene 1: Flower Tucci, Angela Stone, and Lee Stone (26:13) (5 Stars)

This scene begins outside with Flower and Lee fooling around on Lee’s motorcycle. Flower is wearing some biker chaps with an open bottom conveniently framing her ample tushy. She blows Lee for a few moments before taking him inside her house, where a present awaits him in her bedroom. Angela is the present; she is tied to the bed wearing an open cup corset, wide red fishnets and vibrating panties buzzing away at her pussy. She is a slave to her pleasure, and her moans are barely stifled by the ball gag in her mouth.

Flower continues the blow job which she began outside and then takes some doggy style thrusting from Lee before untying Angela and letting her get her turn. Angela rides Lee in reverse cowgirl for a few brief moments before squirting directly into the camera and apparently breaking the bulb. The screen lights up for an instant when the camera or bulb breaks. Luckily, they found a replacement camera or bulb and the scene is not lost. Angela hops off of Lee and Flower hops back on top for some reverse cowgirl anal. At this point Angela disappears and is no where to be found. Where’d she go? I don’t know! The remaining seven minutes of this scene has Lee and Flower going through anal in all the usual favorite positions before Lee delivers an anal cream pie right up Flower’s Hershey highway.

Scene 2: Flower Tucci, Tiana Lynn, Brandon Iron, Juan Cuba, Ryan Knox, and Mike Blaze (18:24) (3 Stars)

This scene is a combination of two different types of scenes. The 1st 8 minutes of the scene is a girl-girl scene with Flower and Tiana and the remaining ten minutes is a blow bang with Flower, Tiana, and the four guys.

Flower is wearing a hot pink and green bikini and neon pink fishnet stockings and Tiana is wearing a neon pink bikini. Flower rims Tiana. Tiana uses a vibrator on herself and squirts all over the place. Then Flower gets a vibrator and both women dildo themselves with the vibrators and squirt all over each other.

Then the four guys enter the scene and Tiana and Flower blow all the guys. Of course Tiana and Flower are still masturbating and squirting while they are blowing the guys. Tiana and Flower share three of the guys loads to end the scene. I am not sure what happened to the fourth guys load.

I liked the 1st part of the scene a lot. Flower and Tiana look terrific and enjoy working with each other. I didn’t like the 2nd part of the scene that much because blow bangs are not my cup of tea, but maybe you will like it if you are a blow bang enthusiast. Tiana and Flower are ardent cock suckers but some of the guys seem to be more erect than others. More careful editing might have improved this scene. It’s hard for me to give a fair critical review of a scene that features an activity that don’t find arousing, so take this critique with an even bigger grain of salt than the rest of this review.

Scene 3: Flower Tucci and Tommy Gunn (20:43) (2.5 stars)

Flower introduces this scene in a light bra and panties. She tells that she is going to get all three holes filled today by one guy, and that she knows just the guy to do the honors. Tommy enters the scene and she blows him and then rides him in vaginal cowgirl for a few brief moments before turning around and riding him in reverse cowgirl anal. They continue the anal action in the usual positions for the remainder of the scene, stopping fairly frequently for ass to mouth. Tommy switches to vaginal for a few seconds before cumming on Flower’s chest and lower face. He then pokes her pussy a few more times and Flower squirts again to end the scene.

The abundance of squirting is the only aspect of this scene that distinguishes it from other scenes being made by top tier companies in the all sex genre of porn. It is very competently and professionally done, but is the least engaging scene in this movie and not very memorable. As is fashionable in porn these days, there is a lot of ass to mouth for ass to mouth’s sake, which can tend to disrupt the flow of the action.

Scene 4: Flower Tucci and Sunny Lane (17:42) (5 Stars)

This scene starts out with Sunny and Flower kissing outside by a fountain. They move to a beach blanket where Flower pours oils on herself and then pours some on Sunny. They bump their oily tushies together and use their tongues and fingers to explore each other. After seven or eight minutes Flower introduces toys into the scene. Around eleven minutes into the scene a crabby woman’s voice threatens to call the police and Flower and Sunny instantaneously appear inside where they finish the scene. Sunny cums a lot but Flower does all the squirting here. Sunny sits beneath Flower to catch Flower’s squirt in her mouth and swallow it. There is some anal dildo and butt plug play for Flower and Flower does some ass to mouth on these toys.

I liked how Flower and Sunny started off the scene with some soft and sensual play with lots of kissing before the toys were introduced. This softer and more seductive aspect of woman to woman play is too often neglected in porn, and I always like to watch pretty women french kissing.

Scene 5: Flower Tucci, Kat, and Billy Glide (22:50) (3.5 Stars)

Flower walks into room where Kat is sitting on the floor and Billy is exercising on an exercise bench. She accuses Kat of being the biggest slut around and then has her hop up and down on a giant butt plug to prove it. She decides to show Kat how it’s really done and takes her turn on the giant butt plug. They move over to the bench and take turns blowing Billy. Kat rims Billy and Flower rims Kat. They take turns riding Billy in cowgirl vaginal before switching to anal. The anal sex continues for both Kat and Flower in several positions before the money shot finishes the scene.

This was a good scene with a lot of energy from everyone. Kat surprised me by squirting a considerable amount to complement Flower’s frequent gushes.

Bonus Footage: (7:12)
There is 3 minutes of good bonus footage from the 1st scene and 4 minutes from the 4th scene. There is no squirting in the bonus footage, so maybe that’s why it was cut. The footage is as hot as the footage in the edited scenes.

Bonus Scene (27:14)
This is scene 5 from the 1st volume of Flower’s Squirt Shower. Flower starts the scene masturbating with her green dress already hiked up. Flower tells us that one of her favorite things to do is to have sex with two guys at the same time. Guess what happens next. . . two guys appear and have sex with her! They take turns with one in her mouth and one in her pussy or ass. They seem to have a pretty good time. I usually don’t like scenes with more than guy, so I won’t comment further except to mention that those who reviewed the 1st volume of Flower’s Squirt Shower really liked this scene. If you are interested in learning more about this scene, read the AdultDVDTalk reviews.

Easter Egg (0:19)

Behind The Scenes (10:08)

Trailers (9:07)
Flower’s Squirt Shower
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