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Flight Attendants

Flight Attendants

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Flight Attendants:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Flight Attendants overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Flight Attendants Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Flight Attendants Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Flight Attendants Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Flight Attendants Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Flight Attendants DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Flight Attendants A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/5/2009
Ok fans time to check out a new one from Will Ryder aka Jeff Mullen. This one's not strictly a parody though you might recognize the James Bartholet character in this as a direct tribute to the gay flight dude from the Airplane movies and this movie's also a comedy so again in that aspect it's a nod to the Airplane movie. Most important of all is the cast and this one's loaded fans-- Eva Angelina, Teagan Presley, Lexi Love, Kayden Kross, Sunny Lane and oh yeah how about recently free agent and former Female Performer of the Year Hillary Scott!! Now that's a cast of hotties and there are still more. I was able to catch a little of this one as it was shot this summer, saw all of the Teagan/ Lexi scene and we saw lots of dialogue and you only see the finished product but trust me when I say that hours and I'm talking 10 + were spent shooting this. You might wonder what this involves, well getting the angles right and they wanted several good shots so this added takes to each scene plus you have other problems which crop up and must be dealt with. I have to give kudos to Jeff and Scott for running a tight ship, it can get bumpy and the waters choppy but the guys know what they want and keep trucking until it's done and edited, on it's way finally to your computer or dvd player. So the gist of it storywise is horny flight attendants, airports and you can guess what happens in the friendly skies! Now time to check out some action and yes some story along the way.

So we open with a song, Jeff loves his songs and one plays as we get nice ID's for the people playing in this flick so pay attention but you probably know most everyone shown. So we head to the tower where Eric John's directing in the flight traffic so if you get turned on by air jargon then get ready to get rock hard as we get minute or two of that. Thomas Ward's also in the tower, aka Bill Cosby from another Mullen flick. The two discuss the state of affairs for one airline, Global, which hasn't been doing good lately, there was a crash and subsequently the seats started not to be filled and the rival carrier at this airport, Trans Continental, is kicking their ass in the latest figures. Cut then to an approaching Global plane piloted by Brad Hardy-- a ringer for Tom Hanks I think and also Randy Spears is flying copilot. After an announcement to a nearly empty plane we see Randy put the mike down but not turn it off so the whole plane hears him complain about not getting any pussy! Ahh we do get a nod to the Airplane movie as Brad has an inner dialogue about Randy's speech. So the plane lands-- an hour late and we have an amusing development as a passenger rushes to catch his connecting flight- but before the ramp was connected so he falls out and you hear a splat, then a voice comes in and says Cleanup On Aisle 10!

The next scene takes us to the airport and more specifically the Global break room where Jack Lawrence has called in a few folks on their day off. They really need to raise their game otherwise it's see ya later Global and they're all out of a job. You then see Hillary and Shyla Stylez getting off the plane and the two have a catty exchange with Eva and Sunny who work for TransCon. Phone call and it's Teagan for Hillary mentioning something about two new hires for Global but Hillary doesn't know anything but she's heading to that meeting that Jack's conducting so she'll get details to pass on to Miss Presley. We learn as they go back to the meeting who the new girls are, Misty Stone is playing a black mother of five who gained noteriety for asking the Prez a question and Kayden Kross who was a former Miss Teen America who also was the sole survivor of the plane crash which helped spur the new crisis at Global Air. Many operations later Kayden's ready to reemmerge-- a quick shot of Kayden still wearing bandages around her face-- but also wearing her crown so you can get a laugh there at that image.

Teagan & Lexi Love:

Ok finally some sex as you see Lexi's face buried in that gorgeous ass of Teagans. So we head back to Miami where Teagan and Lexi are- good shot of Lexi's face buried in some pussy, Teagan's now on her back. But they don't stay on the sex scene instead jumping ahead. Ok we really need to stay with some sex here, there can be a thing such as to much story and not enough fucking. We get more of the meeting Jack's leading where the new girls are brought in, Kayden all sexy and beauty pageant ready while Misty Stone's ghetto trash to put it bluntly. You see Hillary then on the phone relaying events to Teagan who is still having her pussy eaten by Lexi but you can't get really get into the sex when you only get a minutes worth before being taken away. There was some music playing too that made some of the dialogue hard to hear at times. Ok looks like we're staying with Lexi and Teagan now. Some fine shots on Lexi's ass, that rosebud so tempting but I don't think it will be licked. The girls do engage in a 69, Teagan on top, so we see that ass in full focus, sadly not licked but a superb view none the less. The ladies then bring in a glass toy for use and each gets a shot at nailing the other's cookie. One thing this scene did do well was give lots of great close ass shots and both girls are blessed with super backsides so that rocked. Didn't like the false start to the fucking but once they left the ladies alone the action was pretty good from the pussy eating, a long 69 and then the toy play to close it out.

So it's back to the Global crew and it's up to Hillary to train Misty and Kayden on how to become Flight Attendants. James Bartholet's here too wearing a dreadful facial mask, it's a white cream looking substance, lol. They have a sit down in the living quarters. Hillary thinks Kayden's makeover will be a piece of cake while Misty will take some work. Misty pipes in with a few choice words and we end up with Kayden't tits out and being sucked by Misty-- Kayden got a tit job from the money she got from the crash settlement. James has a few funny lines here too. Kayden seems to think she's met Hillary or knows her from somewhere and it hits her, she was in that porno about the Bradys, lol. We hear the Brady music but then Hillary cleverly puts it to rest saying nope Teagan played Marcia and product placement time as they just happen to have a dvd which is held up! So Kayden has a blond moment not realising there was a first movie. Cut to later on that evening, Lexi Love's joined them and the talk turns sexual as Lexi is anxious to fuck a pilot, she's so horny now that masturbating sounds good and looks pretty good too. Misty is down for a little self pleasuring while Kayden's the Miss Priss here and doesn't want to engage in such unladylike behavior- but she sneaks a peek!

Lexi & Misty :

So after a long wait for the first sex scene it's a relatively short wait for the next. Jack Lawrence walks in as Lexi and Misty are doing the self dancing mamba and it takes a little convincing-- they promise not to tell anyone but they want Jack's dick! Kayden's still here too but her laptop's opened up and for the moment she's not involved. Lexi and Misty look pretty good as they share polishing Jack's knob, Jeff's shot here was pretty good focused right on the blowjob action. We get a nice shot then as Misty goes up for a seat on Jack's face while Lexi continues the cock assault. Ok we end this quickie, it's just a bj and some pussy eating for Jack with our head pilot launching a load at both girls faces. As the scene heads to fade out we see a shot then on Kayden and she's now fully vested in watching the aftermath, robe opened with her hands softly caressing over her tits so she's not such a priss after all, just needs a little more work to get at her inner Flight Attendant whore!

Sunny Lane:

Moving on we get another quickie as Sunny Lane decided to use a Global plane to get a sample of Eric Swiss's cock. James had been training the girls on how to point out the exits when they walked to the back of the plane running into Sunny as she did the deed! So the movie seems to be hittin a better mix of story and sex. Sunny looks great working that dick and we keep a good focus on her face- some good POV shots here too.

Hillary Scott:

So we take a pause in the Sunny bj to hit Dallas where Hillary is chatting about how good Misty's makeover was with Brad Hardy- he's the Tom Hanks look a like and he comments on Kayden thinking she's a hot piece of ass. This prompts Hillary to respond he's got all the pussy and ass he'll ever need and makes it clear she's referencing herself. A toy play serves as her prop- he's to park his big plane in her moist hanger or something to that affect! Cut to Brad face deep in Hillary's pussy licking and she's piping in with the dirty talk she's known for. Hillary then barks another order, she's the head person in charge here. Brad's cock is out and immediately engulfed by Hills who knows a thing or two about making dicks disappear. In mid bj Brad gets a call and has to bail, emergency flight he has to take but dude you're about to fuck Hillary Scott, ditch the flight but he doesn't so who's gonna fuck our girl as she's all wound up and needs dick! Ok it's a short time later, Hillary's working a climax out when the pool man comes in, the chemicals are all done but she needs his help with another matter! So the pool boy gets lucky, though in this case he's not a boy. More dick for Hillary to suck, some awesome POV shots plus more filthy talk courtesy of the Superasswhore! A brief pussy lick and then it's time to pound that cookie and fret not that ass gets plenty of drilling too before it's all said and done. Some real good open shots too during the doggie and mish anals- you see the insertion perfectly and our guy doesn't fuck around, that ass is totally filled. A real good pop too to Hillary's waiting mouth with cleanup, Miss Scott brought it here bigtime.

Eva Angelina & Sunny:

Ok so the story takes us the terminal where we see Sunny as well as Eva. Eric Swiss who was just ramming his cock in Sunny's mouth a few minutes ago is here too. The trio have a discussion about the Global/ Trans Con rivalry. He seems to think they might rebound with all the positive press while Eva's like nope you'll be history and plus the pussy is better on her side. She offers proof and Eric isn't dumb, diving in to lick that pussy as Sunny is right there looking on. This was a bit to much in the open so they head to a plane for finish this, Sunny staying behind. The Evalution then works on Eric's cock and hopefully this time it will be a full scene and it better be as Eva's going to town here on that cock. Eric gets another go at that pussy too with his tongue and some fingers, Eva's purring even as we hear planes flying overhead. Alrighty we do get Miss Lane involved after all, looks like she'll get another crack at Eric as well as eating out Eva which she does while Eric offers up his dick to Eva's mouth. As the ladies are still engaged we see Eric move around for a look at Sunny's ass/ pussy with a few licks plus finger action. Both girls get a few chances at riding Eric's dick, looking up at Eva's tits/ face as she slides down was among the better shots, some P2OGM too from Sunny here! A standing doggie fuck to Eva with more P2OGM takes us to the pop, each girls face is glazed here, nice going ladies!

Cue a sexy walk! The Global girls are shown strutting through the terminal wearing their hot sexy pink new uniforms and yeah this is a definite image upgrade from their previous look. Will it help attract customers, that remains to be seen. As regular folks look on they see the group of Global girls huddle near their terminal desk and give a nice FU to the Trans/ Con girls Eva and Sunny who stand nearby at their desk. All out war perhaps!Everyone's giddy about the new look, thankfully they didn't dress James Bartholet up in a uniform! Michelle Maylene and Kenzi Marie area also here in the new unis along with Misty, Hillary, Lexi, Teagan and Shyla.

Kacey Jordan:

So we hit the big tower where Eric John and Thomas Ward-- aka Bill Cosby, are directing the flights in. Kacey's in the sexy new pink uniforms and she stands there for a bit listening as the guys do their jobs. One flight comments back that Thomas sounds a lot like Bill Cosby and he has a little fun with it doing some Cosby dialogue. Kacey is pretty brazen here, she knows what goes on up here and she's got a long 4hr flight ahead and she can't wait that long to fuck. Bill Cosby's married, lol, so that leave Eric who asks his bud to cover for him so he can assist this young lady with her problem. The Global crew notices her absence. Evan Stone, a pilot, happens by and tells them about her going to the control tower which takes us back to the young lady in question. Kacey is doing a number on Eric's cock as Thomas sits nearby but the air chatter is silent now save for the planes. Good POV head too from Kacey here which yields a good load fired pretty much in her mouth, it's guzzled down and now she's ready for that long flight. Cut to the flight which is being piloted today by Cptn's Randy Spears and Evan Stone. Evan calls Kayden up to the cockpit to give her credit for going on this flight, Randy concurs saying the young lady's got balls going on the same route that only months ago killed her entire family. There is also a dinner invitation extended which makes Kayden think they're just trying to gangbang her-- you know when two or more men have sex with a girl using all her orifices-- but that's not important right now, another great Airplane reference.

Shyla Stylez:

So Kayden leaves but the fellas aren't alone for long as Shyla comes into see if there's anything she can do to make them more comfortable prompting Evan to say something about her Airborne tits! Seems this trio has done this before in flight but this time we'll use autopilot!! Well they don't quite get the auto set when Randy pushes Shyla forward over his throttle- no not his cock, lol. It causes the plane to go into a severe nosedive and we see the Airplane shot of the passengers screaming and runnin about as the picture shakes. Evan does his best to pull it back up-- guess the autopilot doesn't work quips Randy, yeah I think you're right! During that whole deal you see Teagan twice, once in her pink uniform with the other Flight Attendants cowering as the plane's shaking and then again she's amongst the passengers wearing only her bra and panties-- you have to look hard but you'll see it. So no nookie for Evan as he's going to fly the plane leaving Randy and Shyla to pass the time, how will they fill it! We work those gorgeous tits out followed by a nice ass shot and finally Randy's dick is pulled out and like any good Flight Attendant serving her customer Shyla engulfs it. Randy gets a few licks in too before nailing this sexy mamma. Reverse, cowgirl and hell yeah we get piledriver worked in too before Shyla takes a fantastic load into her mouth, Jeff's got a great shot on it too as Randy lands safely on her tongue!

Kayden Kross:

So we hit Miami, it's nightime and romance is in the air! Since Randy got his freak on earlier the twosome with Kayden becomes just Evan. Kayden is aware of his womanizing reputation but Evan keeps plugging away. I think Kayden was horny for some action after seeing everything so it's no shock that the next shot has her sucking on Evan's dick, some nice slow head here, love that and seems Evan did too. After some fine sword work we get Kayden hopping on for another ride this time no plane just Evan's cock. Reverse was probably the best shot captured and we hit it a couple times but cowgirl makes a late appearance to tie for best shot honors! Kayden takes a great load to her tongue doing some fabulous cleanup sucking too before we're done. The ending has Global back on top so if you're done just get new uniforms and up the sex and you'll be just fine!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

So we have a pretty good flick here. It seemed to take a while before hitting it's stride for the first sex scene with Teagan/ Lexi but afterwards the balance was much better with the dialogue/ story and then the sex. We have a whole separate disc for the extras and anyone who's seen a big production from Will Ryder and Scott David know these guys go all out for you the fans. There is one extra on the first disc, it's the cast and Will on hand for a commentary track which is heard as the movie plays. So now onto disc two. You have a planeload of options here, count'em as there are 8 BTS segments to enjoy and you get a short description of what's in each one. There is also the director/ producer travelogue where Scott and Will recount their trials and tribulations in making this movie, this clocks in at 19 minutes. You also get interviews with a lot of the key players in this from Hillary to Evan, Sunny, Teagan so have a listen at your leisure. So there you have it, another successful flick from Will Ryder and co. Not strictly a parody though you have plenty of Airplane references sprinkled throughout. An easy purchase for fans of comedies as there are plenty of laughs here and some good sex too once they get past the initial few minutes which was laden with dialogue. The cast of girls makes this one worth the time.

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