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Fleshed Out

Fleshed Out

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Fleshed Out:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Fleshed Out overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Fleshed Out Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Fleshed Out Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Fleshed Out Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Fleshed Out Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Fleshed Out DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Fleshed Out A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/19/2009
Good day porn fans here I have the what I'm pretty sure is the last film Hillary Scott shot for SexZ pictures and it also features a strong cast with the likes of Kimberly Kane, Evan Stone, and Voodoo in the main roles. The story focuses first on Kimberly Kane who is dating Evan who obviously wants more than what he's getting out of his 'relationship' with Kimberly. For Miss Kane's part she doesn't believe in them or love for that matter, she prefers what she sees the two having, a friend's with benefit type of deal.

We get an early sex scene that has nothing to do with the characters it's Mika Tan doing two guys in a dark room. You see plenty of fine dick sucking from Mika who ends up taking both men in her ass as well as her pussy, a dp even before they paint her face in cum. This was being watched by Kimberly and Evan on tv with Mr. Stone getting a few fingers in Kimberly's pussy but afterwards when Mr. Happy is ready for some action she doesn't help out but we get short time later deal where she evidently does suck him off but we don't see it just her head bobbing and then coming up. So off Kimberly goes to her apartment passing outside a Mr. Tommy Gunn-- we only see him standing outside on his cell phone talking and maybe whistling at Kimberly until the very end of the movie, I felt he was largely misused in this role but hey he looked good standing there. Once inside we cut to Kimberly in bed waking up to the sound of her cell going off and by the picture shown it's Evan calling but then Kimberly sees on the tv a porno scene about to unfold so she decides to not answer the phone and watch the fucking-- the scene features the lovely Nikki Rhodes who does a fine job with the cock taking the load on those sexy titties to close it out. We also have Kimberly going through a therapy session in her head debating why she choose to watch the porn rather than answer the phone-- there's some fine footage too of Kimberly masturbating here too.

So now we reach the meatier parts of this flick as Kimberly goes out for a drink, Evan's not around and we find also in this small club Hillary Scott out for a drink & muffin with her man Voodoo. The two are shown to be pretty lovey dovey with the kissing and being in close with each other. We get a shot going thorugh the two seeing they've got an audience, Kimberly is intently watching this and when Voodoo gets up to take a piss we have Kimberly soon following and this starts the whole chain of events which will dominate the rest of the movie. As Voodoo is standing there shaking out the last few drops he gets hands over the eyes and nibbling on the ear-- he thinks it's Hillary but in a few seconds he sees it is not his wife but he is thinking with the wrong head here fans and let's Kimberly continue her descent until she's freed his cock and we get a very nice looking blowjob from Miss Kane who ends up taking the load sorta unexpectedly right to her face. The two clean up and first Kimberly goes out and gets a birdseye view of Hillary who soon sees her man return but to find he's got a hickey on his neck and you can see he's a bit frazzled. Hillary turns to see Kimberly looking right at her with a shit eating grin, she leaves and drives off--- but we have Hillary standing there writing down the plate number and a short pan down to her skirt reveals a badge-- oops she's John Q Law!!!

The movie moves on to Kimberly returning to her loft apt. where she is surprised from behind by two people who we soon learn to be Hillary and Voodoo. Miss Scott starts revealing her edgy side here too using a paralyzing agent to subdue Kimberly and then the verbal taunts/ abuse start and man I've not seen Hillary perform in this way before. By the end of the movie I truly didn't like her character and it's all due to the fine work she does starting right here. Voodoo for his part goes along, he's the hubby trying to get back in his wife's good graces so we have Kimberly helplessly watching as Hillary fucks her own husband right in front of her--- constantly taunting Kimberly over what she's doing. The earlier scenes were a bit darker in tone in how you saw them, to me anyway, while here the action is lit much better and it makes sense due to this being the most important part of the movie. No anal in this scene with Voodoo but plenty of hard fuckin'n'sucking from Miss Scott who does this style of action as well as anyone in the biz. A couple of times they'll bring Voodoo over to slap the helpless Kimberly in the face with his cock or Hillary will pry open Kim's mouth so they can shove his dick in there-- you wanted it before bitch take it now, that sort of thing.

Well we get the two finishing off and they're cleaning up to leave when we see Evan arriving at the apt to check on his friend who's ignored him since the early part of the flick--- he sees her sitting imobile but before he can free Kimberly Hillary has come up from behind and knocked him out with the butt of her gun. It's also at this time that Voodoo expresses doubts about what they are doing and just wants to leave. But Hillary is in full on revenge mode and isn't thinking with her right head so she knocks out Voodoo and cuffs him to Evan. The wheels are spinning out of control now but Hillary forges on and decides to take her revenge out on Evan by fucking him right in front of his woman-- he tells Kimberly he doesn't want to but there's not much he can do but enjoy as Hillary starts working that cock over with her mouth-- not forgetting here fans the verbal abuse which has been going the whole time. This back to back scene for Miss Scott features her first anal action of the flick and we also see that Kimberly is starting to get some movement back in her hands and legs-- enough so that she's able to pick up the gun and pull the trigger a few times after Evan's popped. To bad the gun wasn't loaded, Hillary takes it back and we hit the end of the flick but with one more scene.

Hillary goes outside and Tommy who's been walking in front of the building the whole movie and not doing anything really is called into action-- at gunpoint from Hillary to go upstairs and he gets to blast one out with Kimberly who has her full body functions back. Now it's Evans turn to watch as his woman gets to have her pussy and yes her ass tested by Mr. Gunn's cock. Hillary gets right up to Evan snuggling back against him as Kimberly first sucks off Tommy before taking on his cock in her holes ending with a pop just above her pussy. By this time Voodoo who we thought might've been dead wakes up and takes the fully loaded gun and shoots Hillary in the back, thus seeming to end this nightmare for everyone. We flash forward a few months and Evan/ Kimberly are in bed and she starts to have flashes of what happened that night and she wakes up, sees the ring on her hands-- evidently she and Evan are married now and she starts screaming. While perhaps she wanted a relationship by the movies end I think her attitude has reverted back to it's previous incarnation so will she and Evan last, we will never know as I don't think there's gonna be a sequel. The way she's screaming and looking at the ring and Evan who's trying to hold her tight saying he's never gonna leave her, made perfect sense to end this movie this way. As the screen goes to black and the credits roll we are left with Kimberly's cries of NO, NO, NO.

Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a hard movie to watch, it's not my normal cup of tea at all but there's no denying the performances here especially from Kimberly Kane and Hillary Scott who were both quite good in their roles; submissive- Kimberly and aggressive-- Hillary. The males were strong too in their supporting roles, Voodoo and Evan. I felt Tommy was largely eye candy until the end when Hillary uses him to do her final act of revenge on Kimberly/ Evan. The biggest extra here is a 25 minute long BTS so be sure and have a look. Definitely a purchase for fans of Kimberly Kane and of Hillary Scott-- it's the first time I can remember not liking a character she's played. While she was right to want some payback for what Kimberly's character did she most definitely took it to far but how she does it, the verbal abuse/ taunts were handled beautifully by Hillary. Kimberly starts out a bit manipulative but she certainly gets the tables turned on her as she fucks with the wrong woman's man and pays a dear price.

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